MECHANICS The Metahuman Underground


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The Metahuman Underground, if you want to ignore some technicalities, has existed well... forever. Metahumans have always been hiding; they needed some sort of safe haven. The Metahuman Underground was, at some point, a particular place underground for metahumans to converge. Now, it's mostly a slang term, with a little bit of truth to it.

If you seek it out, the Metahuman Underground is not hard to find. It's a web of connections, people who are in the same boat as you, who can offer goods, training, and even under-the-radar medical attention. As a metahuman, it's good to have connections, no matter if you're an average Joe with a small ability, or a full time vigilante fighting for justice. You need friends.

Following the creation of the registry system, the Metahuman Underground became that much more important. Now that you could be forcibly registered through just a hospital visit, metahumans had to search for other ways to handle injury and normal checkups. Underground doctors and metahuman healers alike banded together to provide service. New and old metahumans alike sought out trainers and classes hidden from the grid, and special equipment to either further abilities or mask them was available.

The Metahuman Underground served as a vital point in history for the development of metahuman kind as it was once again forced into hiding.
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