The Meta-Human Aftermath

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Meta Human Aftermath

This will be my last report concerning the events of the Meta-Human War and the events leading up to it. The events started around 1970, that was the first recorded appearance of a super hero. The Meta-Human community steadily increased over the next thirty years. After those thirty years that community collapsed on itself, the cause was an offensive attack by the heroes. Every known villain base was attacked simultaniously, the villains were caught off guard and it looked like the heroes would win easily. It didn't take the villains long to organise an attack of their own, at that moment the world became dragged in. Some countries moved to support the heroes with their military, but others were conquered by the villains, in this way a world war was created.

The war continued for two years before the governments began to grow tired of it. They set up a meeting to try and find a solution, to stop the war. The heroes were angered by the attempt to stop the war they had started to finish villains, and attacked the meeting. Several prominent political figures were killed during the attack. The survivors gathered again, this time in secret, and created a plan.

Thus, the Prodigal Initiative was born. There were two versions of this program. The first was to creat the ultimate Meta-Human hunter. This plan ultimately failed when the hunter was awakened prematurely, resulting in the death of the entire research team, save one.

This researcher worked next on developing a serum to bestow these abilities onto people who would otherwise not possess them. The serum was a partial success, of all the subjects given the serum, only a handful manifested powers, and all subjects developed amnesia.

The subjects that manifested powers were formed together into a team, which was extremely succesful at hunting down and killing the majority of heroes and villains. Five years ago the remaining heroes and villains simply disappeared.

Since that time the Prodigal Initiative has been diligent in pursuit of those old heroes and villains, but has been unable to find any solid leads to their location.

That has not been there only concern though, two organisations with Meta-human attributes have appeared. The first is the Militia, other than the name the only thing we know, is that a few of the old heroes and villains appear to be working for them. They seem to lack any clear motive though, they might save a bank only to rob it a week or two later. The other is the Codex, an organisation of extremely powerful magic users, who have been collecting magical items from across the world.

There is a rumor that is going around that is also disturbing. It seems that corporations are starting to look for Meta-Humans. We do know something of the nature of these organisations, and have named them according to that. The White Syndicate, and the Black Syndicate.

At this point, I am cosing the file on the Meta-Human war.

We are now under a period I am calling the Meta-Human Aftermath.

Character Sheets
Affiliation: (White Syndicate(hero) or Black Syndicate(villain))
History: (including origin of powers, if given the Meta-Human Serum, only five years are needed.)
I have a few things to say
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I will make a character pretty soon. Probably a villain. A hot, sexy, dangerous Villain! ^_-
I shall give you Big Damn Hero to be smitten with your sexy villian, patty...
Interesting...What are the limits on powers? And can a Meta-Human exist that does not yet have any affiliation?
Name: Nick Knupt

Age: 23

(Will include later)

Affiliation: Black Syndicate(villain)

All of Nick's powers use amethyst shards given power through an ancient ritual that requires a substantial amount of time. In this ritual, he pours his energy into the stones and the energy is released when he uses the power contained within. Although he can charge almost any gemstone or even glass (although glass can either shatter, cause distortion, or strange things to happen with the power), he uses Amethysts because of their strong energetic properties. Once he uses a stone it can be re-charged later if it is not destroyed.

Healing- He can heal most wounds by waving a stone over the injury and willing the energy to heal the person. Serious injuries might take more time or more energy (more than one stone)than less serious ones. Healing himself takes more energy than healing others. In the pure art, the energy worker let the craft naturally heal the person. Nick can manipulate the healing process to cause deformities in the body so that the healing can go very badly. A manipulated a healing takes significantly more time and concentration than a pure healing.

Relive Pain-Instead of healing an injury or if there is something that he can't heal, Nick can relive a person's pain for a negligible energy cost from one of his amethysts. Although the pain was transferred to the energy worker in the pure craft, Nick has found a way to store it in the gem he uses to numb the pain instead. The stored pain can then be transferred to another person. If he doesn't transfer the pain to another being, the gem slowly transfers the pain into Nick as it's energy wanes from the cost of storage. To transfer pain into another person both Nick and the other person must be in contact with the storage stone.

Doppelganger- He can cause a stone to create an illusory image of himself or a person he can currently see. The Doppelganger may move or appear to walk and may talk in his voice, but the image must always touch the gem that is sustaining it. If the image is touched, Nick wills it, or the stone powering it runs out of energy the image disappears. Depending on the number of movements/sounds the image makes the image could last up to seven minutes. Charged crystals tend to glow slightly and are far less likely to shatter under stress than other crystals of the same type.

Scying- If he drops a stone into a pool of liquid or sets it on a reflective surface Nick can view a person or object that he has already seen. Clarity, range, and range of view (how much he can see around the object that he is looking at) depend on how much energy he uses to scry with, how willing he is to see the thing he is scrying for (emotions can interfere), and how large his scrying surface is (A huge mirror would give a broader view than the surface of liquid in a coffee cup). He must have actually seen an object or person before in person. A picture of an object is not good enough.

Poof- Releasing all of the stones energy at once, he can cause the stone to explode into a cloud of fine powder that hangs in the air for seven minutes. Although the concussion creates a small wave of force and there is a loud noise the detonation doesn't really do a lot of damage. It is essentially a smoke grenade. These can also be set to go off when someone touches them.

Levity- Nick has seven amethysts fastened into his belt that he can use to slightly lessen the effect of gravity on himself for short periods of time. He can use this to slow falling or jump farther/higher than normal. Once he loses contact with the ground he has no way to direct himself in the air. The effect lasts seven seconds. He can only use this power three times before he has to recharge the stones in his belt. Because of the extra preparation of the stones, the stones can only be used for levity.

The ritual that he uses to energize his gemstones takes around five minutes and he can charge many stones per ritual (As many as he can see and concentrate on.). He can use this ritual charge any translucent solid with varying effectiveness. Generally polished gemstones give the best results, but he can charge crystals, salts, and glass. Larger stones can carry more energy.


The craft runs deep in Nick's family. As far back as anyone can remember the head of the family has taught the children the way of. The talent was nurtured in the children who were able to use the craft whereas the children who never able to use it were made to forget about it or sworn to secrecy.
When Nick and his twin brothers became old enough the duty fell to their grandmother to teach them. At the age of five they were taught the fundamentals and by age seven Nick and his brother Joel were able to use the craft to energize stones and heal. Their brother Benjamin was never able to use energy work to do more than pour an insignificant amount of energy into very pure gemstones. Although he was not made to forget, Benjamin's training in the craft stopped.
No one could give an explanation why the oldest couldn't use energy like his siblings. Their grandma said it was just not his path to become a healer, then again Nick didn't particularly want to be on the healing path. Their elementary school, middle school, and high school all three of them scored the highest marks on exams. They were inseparable at first but Benjamin and Nick grew apart from their brother as they grew into their teens. Their parents and grandmother decided that Nick and Joel should go into the healthcare field so that they could be closer to the people they would help. While Joel loved that he was going to be a doctor after he got out of school, Nick hated that his destiny was being chosen for him. In his eyes, his brother Benjamin was the lucky one who got to choose his own career. Then again, Benjamin was never the one that stuck out. Although he wasn't particularly neglected, he wasn't "special" like his brothers.
By junior year in high school, both Nick and Benjamin were fed up with the family. Nick hated how controlling they were and Benjamin couldn't stand their indifference toward him. Both resented Joel. In the family's eyes he could do no wrong. It was around this time that Nick and Benjamin started selling energy work and causing havoc together at their school. Together they were a destructive force to be reckoned with. It gave them a feeling of control that they didn't feel at home. Both of them were brilliant and they were making a substantial amount of money until their brother found out.
Joel immediately told his grandmother and shortly after Benjamin couldn't remember anything about the craft or the work he and Nick had done together. Infact, most of Benjamin's memories with Nick had been altered for the worse. Benjamin didn't seem to remember being particularly close with Nick at all. Yes, he still remembered they were brothers, but Ben was cold toward Nick and close to Joel from then on. Nick barely got tangible punishment, but losing his brother and closest ally was very hard for him. To make matters worse he found out that Joel was the one who had done it. Apparently their grandmother didn't teach Nick how to alter memories "for exactly this reason".
Nick's ties with his family deteriorated quickly after the incident. While his brothers went to University in the nearby city, Nick went clear across the country to be as far away as possible. He continued his studies in medicine more out of function than desire. He figured if the family was going to pay for it, he may as well take the schooling. He couldn't deny that he had a talent for healing people. While it was difficult for his classmates, the medical knowledge stuck in Nick's mind and stayed there. Nick is still a medical student working towards his degree. Right now he works at a nursing home hating every minute of his job. Although he can be very bitter, he feels compassion for the patients. It is his co-workers that he dislikes. They don't seem to care about the residents and it irks him.
He decided to join the Black Syndicate mostly out of spite after he heard his brother Joel was joining the White Syndicate. His family was just so proud they had to tell him, and Nick hated it. They also told him that they knew of a few of the "incidents" that he had caused. The robberies, the man sent to the hospital with his mouth seamlessly sealed up, miraculous healings, and last Christmas when all of the salt dropped by the city's trucks blew up on the road causing chaos. His family disapproved of it all, but they had nothing to threaten him with. It was a deep family law never to harm another worker of the craft. Nick is not particularly evil, but sometimes a little chaos can go a long way to improving his mood.
Quiet one, there isn't really a limit to power, but you I would ask that you balance the powers with an appropriate weakness.

Alexander, looks good so far, just need the bio.
Name: Jacob Scratch
Age: 33
Appearance: Jacob has three different physical appearances. The first is his human form, which has black hair that hangs over his face, grey shirt, black jacket and blue jeans. His other forms are his "angelic" and "demonic" forms.

His angelic form comes out only when he is on the hero's side. He has golden robes with silver-white hair and glowing skin in this form.
He is also known for having large wings in this form as well.

His demonic form is basically a raging monster. He is coated in small black plates and is nearly twice his original size. His eyes are a burning hot white.

Affiliation: Is currently a member of the White Syndicate, but is being tempted to change. May not be a hero for long

Powers: Human, Jacob has none. He is powerless until he chooses a side, and each side has different abilities.

The angelic form can fly with the help of its wings and can regenerate living tissue with the touch of his fingers. He can create swords and spears out of light. Jacob can heal himself in this form, but only with his fingertips.

The demonic form has different powers entirely. He can teleport (no farther than 100 feet) and he can create a field around himself that repels matter. This field is effective in warding off attacks, and producing powerful blows. He cannot regenerate in this form, relying on his bony armor to protect him.

History: A former mercenary. He worked for whatever side he felt like at the time. The heroes were reluctant to have him, because of how fickle his nature was. He admits to feeling a sense of rightousness killing villians, and a cruel sense of pleasure in slaying the heroes. After a while he decided it was time for him to choose a side already, and decided that a hero's life was good for his soul.<!-- / message -->
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