The Memories That Torment Us (Supernatural/Fantasy MxF RP)

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  1. Okay. Azure here. I'm looking for an Rp partner for this idea. I'm a demon who can't remember anything about my past. Now I'm on earth, stuck in human skin, currently unaware of my abilities. I need a female partner for this Rp.

    Character Sheet;

    Name: Akuma Kuroho
    Age: 20k
    Human Body Age: 17-ish
    Height: 6'' 2'
    Weight: 163 Ibs. Demon Weight: 1/2 Metric Ton
    Hair: Gray
    Eyes: Grey. Awakened Eyes: Red. Demon Eyes:Yellow
    Species: Crusher Oni
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    Bio: Akuma is a Crusher Oni, A Japanese demon usually summoned by humans in order to "Frighten" their enemies. He had been summoned quite a few times. During his most recent summoning, Akuma was supposed to destroy a gang-related Oil Refinery to solve a feud between two gangs. During his massacre, He ended up punching his way into an active boiler (While his fist was covered in oil from earlier in his rampage). The resulting explosion sent Akuma flying and he suffered a massive concussion against a telephone pole. The damage he recieved forced his body into a human state, sealing off his demon powers until he would recover his strength. But, because of the massive head trauma, He lost all of his memory prior to that moment.

    All Akuma can remember is his name. He cannot remember anything about his life as a demon nor his powers. The Rp will start off with Akuma lying unconscious in the street and being found by your character, then being brought to her house to see if he is alright. The setting is in an American Town in Central California. I'd like your character to be a senior in a High School where they require Uniforms (:3). This Rp will take place in a conversation. But I would like for you to submit your Character Sheet in this thread. Include at least one image of their appearance with the CS. It's okay to have your character be demonic in heritage, but they should be at least partly human as they would be attending a human school. If they do have Demonic Blood, please include an image of them in their Demonic form and do as I did and include special sections in the CS to describe their Demonic appearance. Thank you.

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  2. Hi~
    Sounds interesting! I whipped up character if you'd like to rp together.

    Name: Darcy Flynn
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 127 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Species: Human
    Bio: Darcy lives with her father and older brother. She has an older sister too, but she's off away at some expensive school or something. Darcy never really talks to her much anymore, so she doesn't know a lot about her sister's whereabouts. When her and her siblings were younger, they were inseparable. They were best friends who did anything and everything together. But as time went on, they grew apart. Her mother passed away when Darcy was in her early teens. Ever since then the Flynn children became distant. Darcy's sister ran off, and her brother, despite being only two years older than she is, doesn't even talk to her. It's not like Darcy cares much anymore. She thinks her good for nothing older brother is boring and lazy and she doesn't really enjoy his company as much as she used to. Her and her father have a normal relationship, it's not anything remarkable, but they're not very close.

    Other than her dull family life, Darcy is pretty normal. She goes to school, has a good amount of acquaintances, gets decent grades, is okay at sports, there's really nothing special to her. She's outgoing and a little too brash at times, but her heart's generally in the right place.
  3. If the spot isn't taken here is my character.

    Name: Arista Flynt

    Age: 18

    Height: 5'3

    Weight: 53 kg


    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Teal

    Personality: Arista is a girl with a lot to keep her busy with, books, research, travel. Arista is brave and out going, she has a soft spot for animals and children. Arista has a bad habit for skipping class to go look for ghosts and artifacts.

    Bio: Arista's family are well known Historians, who have been looking for ancient mysteries and myths for years. Arista 's parents died in a tragic plain accident on their way to Egypt, where thy wanted to find demonic or ghost activity. Arista now lives with her Grandma, Grace, and her Grandfather, Thomas. Arista loves researching the things her parents went to look for and take them even further. Arista has succeeded to find some arifacts her parents could not.

    Species: Human
  4. OMG XD the beginning to her bio had me thinking of the beginning of Frozen with "Do you want to build a snowman" lol. thought that was funny. You're in! Expect a message from me.
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