The Meaning of your Ambitions~?

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    At this point in my life, everyone's pressuring me to decide on what I want to do in the future, what my dreams are, and what I want to make of my life~ but are ambitions what define you, anyway?

    Are your dreams the ones that will create who you are?
    What do your ambitions mean to you? How do you know which ambitions are more important ?

  2. I have no ambitions, I take life as it comes, and It never stops coming. No idea where I'll be in a year, even less where I'll be in two. Got tired of people trying to put me i box they could understand. Must we always be looking for something better? What happened to life: the journey? Whats wrong with being happy with what you have in a world of consumerism and striving for dreams made of shadows and hope.
  3. I think certain minds require ambition in order to keep focus.

    If I didn't constantly cling to and reinforce my ambition to publish a novel, I'd become a blubbering wreck consumed by despair and with no direction in life.

    Ambition gives me an enduring dream of something more than what I am, plus a constant reminder that I am on my own unique path.
  4. Ambition? This is my first thought:

    To be serious, though, I don't really have any ambitions. I have goals that I set for myself, and I work hard to achieve those goals. I'm rather hard on myself, so it's in my best interests to be successful.

    I just don't like throwing the word "ambition" around. It's like when someone says they're an "aspiring actor." Don't just aspire, get out there and do it.