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  1. | IC | OOC |

    :This is ONLY for posting your sign-up. PUT OOC TALK IN THE OOC THREAD:

    Welcome, please play with us.

    || Background ||

    For whatever reason you got a new cellphone. It was relatively normal, it was an Iphone with our name on it. Literally, your name was on the casing. It comes with this app you once saw in the appstore for 10 dollars but it was on your phone for free. It was called 'The Meaning Of Forever', a dating sim for both guys and girls regardless of sexual orientation. For whatever reason, maybe curiosity, interest, or you had always wanted to play, you opened it and everything went to black. You woke up with a girl in front of you that looked like the perfect little sister, whatever your idea of a little sister is and told you she was your cellphone. She gave you some basic information about the game and that you could call on her for help at any time.

    || Basics Of The Game ||
    • There will be goals in the game, mini quick ones from long ranging ones. They will ultimately help you develop a relationship with your chosen character
    • Every character is like a real person. They may not necessarily like you. In fact they may actually hate you. Your relationship will build and progress over time.
    • There are more people in the game than the originally intended one so now you're relationships might change based on another persons relationship with the character
    • When you fill up Relationship Points with a certain character and reach the ultimate relationship stage with them then you will get the option of taking them back into real life (where time hasn't gone on) or staying in the game with them
    • There are no routes, you may focus on one specific character but you don't get to choose a route to take so you'll interact more with that character.
    • The younger sister looking girl/your cellphone will give you updates on your relationship points and relationships with certain characters.
    • Also do not try to purposely impress and change yourself for each character because they are like real people. They will find out and they will dislike you for it.
    • Your avatar is what you look like inside. For example if you look like a chubby Mexican but inside you feel like a scene anorexic white girl then that's what your avatar will look like.
    • There is no exit button, the game glitched because too many people entered it. The only way you get out is by completing a relationship with a character
    • You have a apartment in the game, the keys are in your pocket when you start the game and you just know where things are and how to get there.
    • When you go to a place like a closet or a drawer a touchscreen will pop up where you can choose what you want.
    • There is money in the game which you use to buy things from the touch screens. You can get more of it by picking up shifts somewhere/working
    || How The Role play Will Go ||

      • The role play will most likely start January 13th 2015 but dates may vary. But my estimated projection is that day, in the afternoon​
      • The role play will be long term and fast paced, there will be time skips and the days will progress at a steady pace.​
      • There are a few locations in the bustling Tokyo-like city you're in. Moonlit café, The Concert Hall, Love!Idol Stage, The Library, Various fast food places and restaurants, a movie theatre and basic things to flesh it out like a bank, a bowling alley, a Dave&Busters (look it up if you don't know) and a mall with different stores. To avoid copywrite the games creators just dropped the first letter of every major corporations. So Mc Donalds is C Donalds and Starbucks is Tarbucks etc and etc.​
      • For all Game-Characters, your character has 100 relationship points to be filled up before someone can complete the game with you and it's up to you how many points a a person gets and when they get these points. But when a person gets points list how many out of a hundred they have at the bottom of your post.​
      • I will be the time keeper so on my posts in big font you'll find what time it is, time will progress fast and unlike normal time. Just keep track of it because your character can't spend an entire day talking to one person​
      • Your character can not teleport or anything crazy. He/She has to walk, take the bus or drive places. But Game-Characters can simply teleport from one location to another and aren't aware of it. They feel as if they walked, drove or took the bus there.​
      • If your character finishes the game with a person just write a conclusion to what choice you made (staying in the game with that person or going to reality) and if you went to reality sum up what happened with that person (happily ever after, break up, divorce etc) and you may create another character to join the game. The game character will simply rejoin the game and continue on and loose memory of that person. If you chose staying in the game then just continue on with your relationship.​

    || Rules Of The Roleplay ||
    • Take any and all smut to private messages or fade to black. IWAKU RULES APPLY as always.
    • Your cellphone will be played by me, try not to cling to it and talk to it too often. Also her name is Miku.
    • Posting expectations is above five sentences
    • Post at least once every three days but if you must be gone for longer just say something
    • You may control up to two characters so choose wisely. I will be controlling more than two because of all the cellphones.
    • You can only have relationships with game-characters, not other real people in the game romantically wise but all of the real people in the game went to the same high school so you may know each other as friends or ex lovers.
    || Available Characters ||

    %GAME CHARACTERS (you have to be a part of one group)
    ¡REAL PEOPLE (you had to start somewhere in the game)
    example (open)


    || Love!Idol ||
    %Mayu Harada
    ¡Erica Haustur

    Example (open)


    || The Meaning Of Forever ||
    (A band similar to Bring Me The Horizon and Panic At The Disco)
    %George Williams
    %Tyler Stevens
    ¡Addison Summers
    ¡Giovanna Kira Kantian

    Example [IMG (open)[/IMG]

    || Library Dwellers ||
    (All the people who you can find mainly if you go to the library)
    %Rosemary 'Rosy' Tilberg

    !Amillia Aarons

    Example (open)


    || Moonlit Cafe ||
    (All the people you can find if you go to this artsy cafe no matter if they hang there or work there)
    %Marie Jay Carlton
    !Ayden Ericson
    !Emily Lacrosse

    You can have a Game-Character or a Real Person
    Add pictures of real people in the sheet​

    CHARACTER SHEET {For real people}
    Picture of your avatar goes here
    || Name: ||

    || Age: ||
    || Gender: ||
    || Sexuality: ||

    || Personality: ||
    || History: || (Optional)
    || Likes and Dislikes: ||
    || Position in School: || (In your school, Central High, were you popular, unpopular, class president, jock? etc..)
    || Relationships: || (Do you have any with the other people who went to your school and were dropped off in the game?)

    || Habits: ||
    || Love Interests: || ( What do you like in a person)
    || Starting Place: || (Look at all the groups game characters can be in. Your character lands in one of those places, Moonlit Cafe, A The Meaning Of Forever Concert, A Love!Idol concert or the Library)
    Picture of your real self goes there

    CHARACTER SHEET {For Game-Characters}
    Picture Of You Goes Here
    || Name: ||
    || Age: ||
    || Gender: ||
    || Sexuality: ||

    || Personality: ||
    || History: ||
    || Likes and Dislikes: ||

    || Habits: ||
    || Love Interests: || ( What do you like in a person)
    || Group: || (What group are you in?)

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  2. Erica H., teal || Name || Erica Haustur
    || Age || 18
    || Gender || Female
    || Sexuality || Homosexual

    || Personality|| Erica is a friendly person. She likes to talk to people, to get to know them. This could just be the fact that she's naturally curious though. Generally, she's not a shy person, Erica always has smiles ready, and even more hugs to give out to just anyone who seems like they need one. When she's out of her element, or uncomfortable, she looses that confident, friendly aura and instead turns into a rather quiet, indecisive moron who can't think up or down. Thankfully, this rarely happens, so rest assured, Erica will always be there to listen to whatever you need to say, and offer you a good prep talk.

    || History || "Sadly, my life isn't actually all that interesting ... I was born, raised well, dealt with teenage issues - still dealing with them - and ... here we are!"

    || Likes and Dislikes ||
    (Likes) + Reading +Ice Skating +Star Gazing +Plushies +Ice Cream
    (Dislikes) -- Bugs -- Silence -- Indecisive People -- Math
    || Position in School || "Bookworm Lesbian that's out of the closet. If that makes any sense...."

    || Relationships || N/A

    || Habits || None.
    || Love Interests || Someone who is confident - not arrogant - in their abilities and themselves; someone who can stand up for themselves. Maybe ... someone who doesn't bend to Erica's will, like if they had their own interests, their own habits, but most importantly, someone who is honest, trustworthy, independent and self-loving enough to hold Erica's heart while handing their own into Erica's hands.

    || Starting Place || Love!Idol (Concert)

    Real Self PIC (open)

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  3. ||Alex||
    || Age: || 17
    || Gender: || Female
    || Sexuality: ||

    || Personality: || Alex is hostile on the outside, using that as a way to protect herself. She is hesitant to open up to people and the ones that she places her trust in have earned it well.
    She is accepting of any sort of walks of life, and once you get to know her, she can be a bit more friendly, but she often gets lost in music or
    drawing, doing something. Only the closest people see that she is actually broken, and no one has yet to stop her.

    || History: || She was raised as a lone child to her family, usually spunky and outgoing, being nice to everyone in grade school. Then suddenly, everything changed. They
    started thinking she was kind of weird and nerdy, and she was being made fun of for it. She began to lock herself in, not letting
    anyone have the privilege of talking to her anymore. She became brittle and cold, pushing everyone away
    and leaving herself in a pit of despair.

    || Likes||
    +Being Alone
    +Feeling Safe
    +Feeling Accepted
    +A way to escape it all

    ||Dislikes ||
    -Feeling Pressured
    -Social Media
    -Popular People
    -Feeling trapped
    -Being Interupted
    -Being Called on
    -Being Hit on

    || Position in School: || The one with her head in the clouds, or somewhere else
    || Relationships: || TBD

    || Habits: || Twirling hair, biting lip, looking down, brushing bangs over eyes when embarrassed, bumping leg up and down.
    || Love Interests: || Someone who will accept her, not judge her, and hold her up because only then will she admit that she is not ok, that she needs help.
    || Starting Place: || Library
  4. [​IMG]
    | | Name: | |
    George Sherman Williams
    | | Age: | |
    | | Gender: | |
    | | Sexuality: | |

    | | Personality: | |
    | | History: | |
    George had a small family. It was his parents, younger sister, Lily, and pet cat, Merlin. They both had 'important' jobs and were quite successful in them. His father was a successful businessman and his mother a well-known doctor. Because of this, everyone around them and themselves expected absolute greatness from George when he was born. They tried their best to guide him in the 'right direction', but he veered off the path and created his own, a more musical one. From then on, his parents discouraged his decisions and detested him. That's when his younger sister was born and his parents got their 'perfect child'.

    But, of course, with having the perfect child came more discouragement and disdain. Even from his younger sister. Phrases like, "You'll never make it.", "You don't have any talent.", and "Music is a useless career." were common in the Williams' household. Finally fed up with everything, George packed his things and ran off. In the end, things worked out and he became apart of a band, The Meaning of Forever, as the lead guitarist.
    | | Likes and Dislikes: | |
    +Band Members
    +Social Media
    +Dying His Hair
    +Corny Jokes
    +Corny Pick-Up Lines
    +Inside References
    +Hats (Beanies, the most)
    +Skinny Jeans
    +Physical Affection

    -Fans Being Sad
    -Rising Early
    -Losing Things
    -Sudden Loud Noises
    -Spicy Things
    -Missing Rehearsals
    -Cancelling A Performance
    -Easter Bunny
    -Abuse (of any kind)
    -People (sometimes)

    | | Habits: | |
    ~Biting bottom lip
    ~Licking bottom lip
    ~Tugging on bottom lip
    ~Rubbing eyes when sleepy
    ~Running hand through hair constantly when nervous
    ~Covering mouth when laughing really hard
    ~Dancing randomly
    ~Making book/movie/television references
    | | Love Interests: | |
    Someone who doesn't really like doing so much. Who would curl up with him on the couch and watch a marathon of Netflix movies, calling it a 'romantic date'. Someone who is in touch with their inner-child, yet is still mature to make important decisions when the time comes. A person who enjoys a good joke or two, even if they are bad, and can stick with him the entire way. A person who will love him for him and not the boy everyone sees on stage. A person that would love him as unconditionally as he would love them.
    | | Group: | |
    The Meaning of Forever
    [Lead Guitarist]

    [Will finish soon! And put some color to it.]​
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  5. [​IMG]
    || Name: || Tyler Stevens
    "You didn't know?"
    || Age: || 18
    "Legally able to not give a shit what my parents say."
    || Gender: || Male
    "I can prove it if you want."
    || Sexuality: || Pansexual
    "I like everyone and everything."

    || Personality: ||
    "I'm an awkward turtle."
    Tyler is outgoing, which he has to be considering he's the lead singer of TMOF. He likes talking to fans and interacting with them. He hates it when people fangirl over him only because of his looks. He likes to be seen as just a person that his fans can talk to and relate to.
    Tyler is a general nonconformant. He hates society and the media. He doesn't believe anyone actually went to the moon and he's generally a rebel. He can't stand blending in with his surroundings. He comes off as a wild and crazy kid just because of this. He likes pranks and taking dares.
    Tyler, on the inside, is simply broken himself. He's an awkward person who's afraid of trusting people and falling in love. He tends to be colder to people he likes to push them away so they'll never see how broken he really is inside.
    Because of things in his past he tends to be old fashioned in relationships like he asks the father if he can take their daughter on a date and he dresses up slightly fancy. He would never try have sex with someone if it seemed they didn't want it or if they weren't legal.

    || History: ||
    "I guess you needed to know that side of me too..."
    His mom was an actress and his dad was a footballer. His sister's were both popular cheerleaders and his brother a player. So there were a ton of expectations placed upon him that he didn't appreciate. He was shunned because he didn't turn out like they wanted. He cut but he was always too much of a wimp to take his own life. The one time he did try he really almost died and after that started to appreciate the beauty in life more.

    || Likes and Dislikes: ||
    +Fans -Fangirls
    +Music -Pop/Rap music
    +Nature -Too much technology
    +Dares -Someone crazier than him
    +Risks -Boredom
    +Helping People -Dogs
    +Charity -Beggars
    +Sweet Food -Vegetables
    +Naps -Cold
    +Cuddles -Being lonely
    +Bowling -Football, Basketball
    +Mini Golf -Sore winners/loosers
    +Fire -Bugs

    || Habits: ||
    "Being fabulous."
    Flipping His Hair
    Random singing
    Flicking a lighter on and off

    || Love Interests: ||
    "Love me like you hate me."
    Tyler doesn't want much, just somebody that would look past his flaws and imperfections, what band he's in and that wouldn't break his trust. Someone that doesn't just listen to the music but understands the lyrics. Liking to cuddle wouldn't hurt though.

    || Group: || The Meaning of Forever: Lead vocalist
    "I'm that one guy on the radio."
  6. [​IMG]
    || Name: ||
    Addison Summers

    || Age: ||
    || Gender: ||
    || Sexuality: ||

    || Personality: ||
    Due to his naturally gloomy appearance, Addison has never really been given the chance to be himself. In every new situation, the people around him have always pinged him as some antisocial weirdo, when in fact the opposite is true. If given the chance, people would realize that he's actually a very happy and playful person, that enjoys the company of friends more than anything. Because he's always been kept at a distance, however, Addison was forced to resort to finding friendship among online communities, and has come to spend most of his time immersed in online chat rooms and social media or video games, places where he was able to be his friendly self.
    He has since given up on trying to find friends in the real world.

    The appearance of his avatar was generated based on the need to be seen the way he is, without the judgments he faced in the real world.

    || History: ||
    The only people that ever saw passed Addison's gloomy appearance were, of course, his family. The only child to two mothers, he was given all the love in the world, growing up. All he ever wanted was to help spread the love around, but even as a child he had difficulty making friends. Recognizing their little one's plight, his mothers introduced him to gardening as an outlet. He loved it. By the time he turned ten, he had turned the entire back yard into a beautiful array of flowers, plants, and little trees. His mothers always referred to it as a perfect reflection of himself.

    As the years passed, however, and Addison was pushed further from his peers, he grew further from his garden, soon pushing it aside altogether as he gave up on making friends, and letting it die.

    || Likes and Dislikes: ||
    + Friends
    + Affection
    + Jokes
    + Reading
    + Video Games
    + Social Media
    + Cool weather
    + Animals
    + Plants
    + Music
    + Horror movies
    + Comedies
    + Being happy

    - Liars
    - Hypocrites
    - Being alone
    - Thunder storms
    - Sad movies
    - Being sick
    - Cheaters

    || Position in School: ||
    The strange, quiet kid

    || Relationships: ||

    || Habits: ||
    Chewing on the end of writing utensils
    Skipping breakfast
    Spending too much time online
    Playing with hair
    Late night snacking
    Talking to himself
    Telling lame jokes

    Nervous habits:
    Chewing on fingers
    Scratching neck or cheek
    Tugging on hair or clothes
    Rubbing side of nose

    || Love Interests: ||
    Addison's ideal love interest is someone who does not judge during an initial meeting. Someone who lets their opinion of another slowly form over time, and be left unaffected by rumors and accidents. He would like someone he can openly be himself with, and joke around, and spend time together without worry. As an extremely self-conscious person on the inside, he also needs someone who can reassure him when his thoughts and fears start to prod at his mind.

    || Starting Place: ||
    A The Meaning Of Forever Concert

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  7. [​IMG]
    || Name: || Mayu 'Mayuyu' Harada
    || Age: || 19
    || Gender: || Female
    || Sexuality: || Pansexual

    || Personality: ||
    She's a confident, high energy and happy person. She's very confident in what she does. She's one of the most popular love!idol members (#3 out of about 60 of them.) but she doesn't let it get to her head. She loves all of her fans and often interacts with them. She tries to be a good example to all of her fans so she doesn't drink, smoke or do anything like that.

    She's always smiling on stage but she smiles off stage too. She finds beauty in the misery and sees the glass as half full. This makes her extremely trusting to the point of hurting herself. She tries to make up for this by trying to put the blame on herself.

    On and off stage she's high energy. She's always moving and dancing. She's also doing things like bowling or going to arcades. She never stops moving when she's in a group but alone or with just one person she feels free to relax sometimes. She's often humming under her breath even when she's relaxing.

    || History: ||
    She is rather normal. She was raised in a home with two parents and two sisters. Her family was poor and Mayu loved to sing. She became an idol because she wanted to and because she wanted to send her family money and help put her siblings through college.

    || Likes and Dislikes: ||
    +Kittens -Dogs
    +Cuddling -Being yelled at
    +Stargazing -Aggressiveness
    +Relaxing -Being bored
    +Singing -Bad singing
    +Happy People -Seeing people sad
    +Making People Smile -Making people sad
    +Cold Treats -Spicy Foods
    +Walks -Being too stationary
    +High Energy -Low Energy
    +Gameshows -Being ordered around
    +Reality Tv -Golf
    +Sweets -Being hungry
    +Anime/Gaming -Being judged

    || Habits: ||
    +Randomly dancing
    +Stroking her hair
    -Laughing when she's nervous or sad

    || Love Interests: ||
    Someone who can keep up with her. She's active and cheerful. She doesn't want to be held down. She is fine with taking time to relax and cuddle but not all the time. She wants to be able to rely on that person and depend on them while not having her freedom restricted.

    || Group: || Love!Idol
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  8. W.I.P.

    Game Character
    Marie Jay Carlton


    || Age: ||

    || Gender: ||

    || Sexuality: ||


    || Personality: ||
    Sassy may as well be her middle name, and Grumpy should be her first. She's not exactly the most approachable person out there but don't let that give you the wrong idea. While at first she comes across as a person with a mean disposition, she's actually quite nice. That is, if you can get pass her wall. She's pessimistic, cynical, and untrusting thanks to being hurt in the pass. Once you get pass it you'll find a girl with a bright smile and a kind heart. Who dreams big a dances wild. A girl who wants to run, explore, and live her life to the fullest. You'll find her wounded heart, and, hopefully, you will fix it.


    || History: ||
    Marie had a rather run of the mill childhood. She was daddies little girl, spoiled beyond belief, and wanted for nothing. She was thought how to read and right early, and inherited her fathers love of literature . Come her sixth birthday however he walked out of him family. Devastated her mother closed off, and she herself tossed her fathers books, the ones he left for her, into the fire place in anger. She never got back into novels, and only reads them when school requires it.

    While this did put a damper on her happy go luck nature, she was still quite bright and open threw the rest of her childhood. Her bright magnetic personality. She managed to get quite a few friends and a boyfriend as early as the age of 12. Her best friend betrayed her by turning on her at age 15, telling her she didn't deserve her boyfriend and a number of other dark things. She ended up causing Marie to shut down even more. And eventually ruin her when she cheated with Marie's boyfriend.

    She dated him for six long years, and new him even longer. He was there for her when her father left, and had been with her from day one. He ended up breaking her heart (as mentioned) just a few months back. Betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust the most once again, she hasn't been the same since.


    || Likes and Dislikes: ||

    +Rose lipstick
    +Bad jokes
    +Anything apple flavored
    +Out doors
    +Up beat music
    +Bad horror moives
    +Making up lines to muted movies
    +Night time
    +Dark humor
    +Good arguments
    +Rainy days
    +90's cartoons
    +Hydrangea flowers
    +Climbing tree's


    -Know It Alls
    -Peanuts(has an Allergy)
    -Rainy days
    -Heated or overly warm weather
    -Romance movies
    -Not being taken seriously
    -Showing weakness
    -The Ocean
    -Small spaces
    -Orange soda's
    -Reading for fun


    || Habits: ||
    =When in deep though she pinches at her neck or pulls on her eyes, it's been know to leave marks that get mistaken as hickies. It can get rather irritating at times.

    =She's a snorter. When she laughs, she snorts. So she tries not to. If you make her laugh and point out her snorting theirs a fifty fifty chance you might get smacked. Depends on how much she likes you.

    || Love Interests: ||

    || Group: ||
    Moonlit Cafe​
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  9. CHARACTER SHEET {For real people}
    || Name: ||Amilla Aarons
    || Age: ||16
    || Gender: ||Female
    || Sexuality: ||Lesbian

    || Personality: || The girl is rather...complicated. On the surface in the game she seems to have a personality of a rebel, who doesn't take shit very well. who goes against the grain and authority and such. Though also at times can act like who she really is: An awkward, nerdy geek who has trouble with socializing. Deep inside she is a conflicted girl who has a religious and homophobic family. And she is Lesbian
    || History: || She was raised in a religious but loving family. And went with their stuff for awhile. However she found out that she was into girls. After awhile she came out to her parents, and instead of acceptance got hit with rejection. she was subjected to ex-gay therapy until CPS stepped in. Not long after she ended up here.
    || Likes and Dislikes: ||Likes:Sweets, music, books, tech, video games, cute furry things. Dislikes: Rejection, "Therapists", getting touched by strangers, sour things, working out, slimey and/or scaly stuff.
    || Position in School: || the wallflower geek/nerd, pretty unpopular
    || Relationships: || None (message me if you want them too)

    || Habits: || nail biteing, playing with her hair, putting in her earbuds and listening to a song, singing a bit.
    || Love Interests: || She just wants someone to see her for who she is, someone she can trust and rely on, someone who could give her strength
    || Starting Place: ||Library
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  10. |Geo|
    || Name: Giovanna Kira Kantian ||

    || Age: 18||
    || Gender:Female ||
    || Sexuality: Bisexual, leans towards men||

    || Personality||
    Geo is a relatively calm girl. She is the strong silent type, keeping her mouth shut unless she has
    something to say, and when she does speak, cross your fingers to dear god that you didn't piss her off, because she will not hold back. Her speak is usually harsh
    or rougher. She shows more though actions than words and she is fairly tall, standing at 5'10". She has had a rough past, and she doesn't like talking about it a lot, since it was very emotional to her. On the off chance
    you do get to see that side of her

    || History||
    Geo grew up in a small family that was very tight knit. Her grandparents lived with her family as well, and all of them loved Geo dearly, and she loved them back. Though she didn't express it much she truly did love them. But before she had an actual chance to say it, there was a house fire. Her grandparents could not escape, and it sent both her and her parents into a deep depression.

    Her mom stayed out more often, going on business frequently. It came as a shock when they got a divorce, but Geo said nothing. In fact, from that day she was a wall of silence.She often pulled things over her face or keep her mouth pursed shut. She spends most of her time, yelling at people in her head or just thinking in general. She bottled up every single feeling that she had ever felt after her grandparents and kept it to herself, and refused to go to any sort of therapy. Since she never actually went to therapy, after a while her aunt, who took custody after her parents divorced and her father went into a drunken black pit of despair, signed her up for a karate class. She soon shot to the top ranks of the class, because she did not have to do more than grunt and let out anger. She fell in love with Japanese culture, their form of fighting and all sorts of weapons from there. She continued to discover things, like she liked driving cars, the occasional drink, and drawing. She was pretty big on drawing, but in secret, she would practice her singing. She would play either her guitar, the cello. She often found it calmed her and helped keep her calm.
    She is found in the Cafe, either playing the cello
    or drawing something or someone.

    At some time while she was recovering, she found a man who she thought was the one, her soul mate. Unfortunately, he was lying. The whole time he kept telling her he was loosing money, and he would go spend it at the clubs when he said he was at work. He mooched off her until she became suspicious, and found his text to one of the three other girlfriends he had at the time. Of course she immediately dumped him, but she did it in public and shamed him. Even now she gets a few whispered about it, and since it was only a few years ago, she is still feared for it.
    She is bullied often by the cheerleaders, but continues
    to bottle it up, feigning neutrality.

    || Likes and Dislikes||

    +Alone Time
    +Keeping Calm
    +Her height
    +Spicy food
    +Throwing stars
    +Japanese culture
    +Japanese Fighting
    +The Meaning of Forever (Got good music)
    +Her guitar
    +Piano(She isn't very good at playing it)
    +Soft Jazz
    +Deep Songs
    +Good Lyrics
    +Comfortable silence
    +Holding Hands
    +Stolen Kisses
    +Adorable Moments
    +A good drive
    -Cheesy Puns
    -Broken Wheels
    -Social Media
    -People who can't keep their mouth shut
    -Feeling worthless (Which is almost constantly)
    -Bright Light
    -Broad daylight
    -Broken Bones
    -Getting in Trouble
    -Being beat bloody
    -Feeling sick
    -Rap Music

    -That stupid song called Friday
    -Loosing her Headphones
    -People trying to talk to her while she is listening to Music

    || Position in School||
    The Strong and Silent Smart Kid
    || Relationships||
    She had a few friends, but she never kept them for long

    || Habits||
    -Messing with her hair
    -Playing with her piercings (She has three in each ear, and one in her belly button)
    -Looking down
    -Cold Hard Staring into space
    -Bouncing her leg when nervous
    -Hair Flick
    -Messing with her hands when bored
    -Clenching her fists when mad
    -Sometimes her left eye twitches when she gets super mad
    -Biting her lip
    -Grunting and Growling rather than speaking

    || Love Interests||
    Geo likes someone who would be taller than her. That is kind of a stretch but it is kind of nice to look up for once instead of down. She likes men with hair,
    no offense baldies. She likes being able to depend on them, and not have to say anything. She wants someone who is down to cuddle a lot,
    and listen to music, because she loves cuddling. She wants
    to be able to trust him, skate with him, maybe joke around a little
    She will be willing to open up more to someone she can completely trust in, share stolen kisses, and a lot of romantic crap that most people think she hates.

    || Starting Place||

    Meaning Of Forever Concert

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  11. Game Character

    || Name: Rosemary Tilberg (Rose or Rosy for short.)||
    || Age: 16 ||
    || Gender: Female||
    || Sexuality: Pansexual (usually prefers guys though)||

    || Personality: Rosemary is persistent and hard working, once she puts her mind to being able to do something, she will work very hard to be able to do it. She can't stand not being able to help others in pain, and loves to make others smile. ((I know her personality seems a bit one sided ATM but it will become more complex as it goes along))||
    || History: Rosemary is a figure skater ((there isn't a visits or ice rink, but she thinks that every morning, early, she goes and skates)) she works very hard for her sport and has become fairly good at it. She is an only child, and loves to volunteer at places. She adores Classic Rock and just about any kind of music, but unfortunately she can't read music or play any instruments. She also is a bookworm||
    || Likes and Dislikes:
    +Music -Hockey Players
    +Reading -Shopping
    +Cooking -Cleaning
    +Help others -Bullies
    +Rain -Pessimists
    +Apple Flavored things -Watermelon||

    || Habits: messing with her lips ((idk what to call it, it's actually a habit of mine...)), swiping at her nose (used to the cold, and no tissues, put it together) ||
    || Love Interests: || Someone willing to support her in any venture she goes on, and they will never tell her she can't do it. Someone as happy and content as she is, or someone she can make feel good. She wants somebody willing to cuddle occasionally, and listen to music together.
    || Group: || Library
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  13. You guys still open?
  14. Yea id like a male spot too
  15. Male characters in general
  16. I don't feel like doing reading all that e.e too lazy
  17. [​IMG]
    || Name: ||
    Emily Lacrosse
    || Age: ||
    || Gender: ||
    || Sexuality: ||

    || Personality: ||
    Brave, Determined, Reliable, Cool, Fun, Trustworthy, Playful, Helpful
    || History:||
    Find out in rp
    || Likes and Dislikes: ||
    She likes wolves, skateboards, having fun, listening to pop music, and being with friends.
    She dislikes annoying people, being forced to do something, death, her parents, her past
    || Position in School: ||
    The skater girl
    || Relationships: ||

    || Habits: ||
    Bites bottom lip when concentrating
    Hums when bored
    Taps anything
    || Love Interests: ||
    Bad boy type
    || Starting Place: ||
    Moonlit café
    Her real self (open)
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  18. So I made 2 for the price of one lol hope you all like them

    Caelian Ackers


    || Age: ||
    || Gender: ||
    || Sexuality: ||


    || Personality: ||
    Beautiful and chic, she is also very strong, determined, as well as humorous, and a goof ball. She is extremely loyal and protective of her friends. She has a sensitive and loving nature. Despite having a confident exterior underneath it all Caelian was very insecure, neurotic, and upset that she could never say the right thing to make guys fall for her. This tended to make her an overachiever at times.
    || Likes and Dislikes: ||
    +Playing the drums
    +Hanging with friends
    +Anything sweet!
    -Fanatic Fans
    -Being put down because of being a girl
    -Being stationary for to long
    -Being Ignored

    || Position in School: ||
    The social butterfly
    || Relationships: ||

    Friends with every one and any one she came across!

    || Habits: ||
    Biting her lip
    Tapping her foot to an unknown beat
    Staring off into space
    Tilting her head while talking
    Playing with her hair

    || Love Interests: ||
    Caelian is looking for someone who can put up with her weird sense of human and goofball nature. A person who can put up with her fast pace speaking and lifestyle. Caelian needs someone who can accept all her little defects and love her for her. She wouldn't mind cuddling now and then.
    || Starting Place: ||
    A The Meaning Of Forever Concert (Drummer)

    The Real Me


    Ayden Erickson

    || Age: ||
    || Gender: ||
    || Sexuality: ||


    || Personality: ||
    Ayden is a quiet individual who is passionate about music. He is the type of person that can get along with just about anyone. He does not enjoy conflict and will do anything he has to in order to avoid it. Ayden has been called the Romantic because he loves love. He can act cocky but he really is just a softy who will melt for just about anyone which makes him a bit naive.
    || Likes and Dislikes: ||
    +His guitar
    -Being in the dark (in an intellectual sense of the phrase)
    -Most Technology other than his phone
    -Being ridiculed
    -Stage fright

    || Position in School: ||
    Class Vice President
    || Relationships: ||

    Doesn't really talk to anyone other than his cousin Caelian.

    || Habits: ||
    Bouncing his leg

    || Love Interests: ||
    Ayden is looking for a girl who enjoys being serenaded, because him and his guitar are glued together at the hip. He loves to go on random adventures whether it be to the mall or out to the park for a walk. Ayden is a romantic and will do just about anything for a girl he loves.
    || Starting Place: ||
    Moonlit Cafe

    The real me
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