The Maze (in character)

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  1. ((Okay guys, welcome to the in character thread. This post holds the starters for the HUMAN characters as well as a repost of the rules

    ~Literate responses. I need good grammar and detail. Each response must be two or more sentences long. Starters should be much longer.
    ~Players should reply at least once every three days unless they're busy. If they're busy I need to be told so I make sure nothing important happens around your character when you're gone.
    ~No God-Modding
    ~No Mary Sues
    ~Death/killing is allowed but no killing someone's character without their permission

    Okay, let's start))

    Kyle- Your head is spinning, the air is cold. As your vision clears you can see your breath clouding in the air in front of you. Your body is wracked with shivers and you feel as though you've been asleep for ages.
    A voice echoes through the maze, bouncing off the stone walls. It's pitiful and sad, the voice of a young girl.
    The path in front of you in clear of traps as far as you can see, so are the walls.
    The sky is black.

    Glen- You stand calmly in the maze. The hedge walls seem to hum with life, it's warm and above you is a clear sky.
    You look around, the path you're on seems over grown, there's some movement in the grass. Over the grass vines slither and grab you by the ankles. They knock you down and wrap around your body, squeezing so it's hard to breath.

    Syra- The sudden warmth and green walls confuse you. You walk around for awhile but find nothing but more of the same. Eventually you happen upon a boy being wrapped tight in vines, his face is purple from lack of air.

    Ren- the cold glass numbs your face as you lay on the ground. Rolling onto your back you're faced with a familiar sight: another you. No, it's just your reflection. You're surrounded by them, all reflecting into each other, endless tunnels of mirrors.
    In one you see a quiet figure standing behind you, she has glassy eyes and pale skin. A little smile is plastered on her face. It's confusing, she only appears in one mirror and not the others.

    Erksine- Spinning, dizzy and dazed. You look around and see nothing but swirling colors. It's nauseating. You feel almost nothing as if it doesn't exist, the only thing that seems real is the ground beneath your feet. It squeaks as you move and you realize you're running.
    Colored glass surrounds you, faint reflections can be seen in it.
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  2. Ren:

    Ren slowly opened her eyes to see the cold, grey floor beneath her. Where am I? I don't think I landed on the sidewalk when I crashed. She slowly pushed herself up to a sitting position, rubbing her eyes, then looking ahead only to see a reflection of herself. Ren quickly stood up and backed away from the image of herself, only to bump into another mirror. Well, this is certainly a weird place to end up. Ren looked around casually, not too worried about what was going on. I have to question the choice of all these mirrors, though....Of all the things they could have put in here, they had to choose mirrors. Those stupid things that make me self conscious when I just glance at 'em. Ren subconsciously rubbed her arms, where many scars from self harming hid under a red pullover knit sweater. At one point, trying to figure out where the exit was, Ren noticed an odd mirror. Instead of Ren's reflection, it held the image of a strange young girl. What? I'm not the only one here? That's just a little off right there.... Ren looked the girl straight in the eyes, barely noticing how glassy they were, or the pale skin around them.

    "Do you have a name, kid?"
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  3. The various mixture of vibrate colours nauseates Erskine as he frantically runs around the colourful maze, feeling dizzy and confused. It felt like he has been stuck in there for days on end but in reality it was he just got into the glassy prison. He didn't know what to do or how to get out of this mess, he just kept running. Eventually, Erskine stopped as he ran out of breath, only to feel a cold and eerie vibe between the walls of mirrors. The ginger boy slowly stepped back and leaned on the mirror before suddenly a cold, bony hand held on to Erskine's shoulder so tight that he couldn't move and an arm tightly wrapped around Erskine's torso. The tall boy screeched before the hand on his shoulder cover his mouth to muffle his screams. Erskine squirmed in fear as he felt pressure on his throat, making it hard to breathe.
  4. Ah, he really, really needed to start thinking things through before barging headfirst into them. As it was, Glen was undeniably in the worst situation he'd ever himself gotten into -and he'd gotten himself into a lot of situations. Specifically one involving a hamster and bad decisions. But it wasn't time to think about that at the moment and Glen tossed it from his mind, concentrating instead on getting deep -or, well, as deep as the vines would allow- breaths before he passed out from the lack of oxygen. It wasn't too bad, honestly -hard to breathe, but nowhere near impossible. He had to get out quickly, and then he could finally pause to consider his situation and think of all the silly things he shouldn't have done -namely, walking into curious hedges. Really, what possessed him to imagine that that was in any way a good idea? Well, whatever he'd been thinking -or haven't been thinking, more likely- didn't quite matter at the moment. Glen had a Swiss Army Knife that he brought along with him for all his midnight walks. You never knew what you might run into, after all.

    As he was straining against the vines to reach it, Glen heard tap-tap-tapping of footsteps. Pausing for the moment, turning his head a minuscule amount, Glen spotted a brown-haired girl from the corner of his eyes. It seemed she'd just came across him. Glen blinked at her twice in greeting, and then returned to attempting to reach for his knife -now, why was his pocket so far away? He would speak up and request for the newly-arrived girl to help him do it, but Glen was already straining for breath as it was and he didn't think talking -and, consequently, wasting breathe- would do him any favors.
  5. The girl in the mirror smiled at Ren and shook her head. She walked closer and pressed her hands on the glass, it was like she was stuck inside.
  6. Ren:

    Ren looked at the girl quietly.

    "I'm going to guess you want me to get you out of there? Well...if I have something I can use to break this mirror you're in, and all the mirrors around it, I can probably work something out. Unless you don't want me to break the mirror. In that case, I don't know what to tell you kid."

    All of a sudden, Ren noticed something near her leg, specifically, the cat that she swerved to avoid. What's this thing doing here? She sighed, then looked up.

    "I'm going to go look for something that'll break these mirrors. I'm guessing you can't move from mirror to mirror, so you might as well stay here."
  7. Ren:

    Ren started to walk away from the mirrors, the cat following her. She looked down at it. "Why are you following me?" The cat seemed to shrug at her question, not that it could understand what she was asking. She kept walking, bumping into a few mirrors on her way.

    If this room was made of anything but mirrors, I would have found something by now, and I wouldn't be as self conscious too, Ren thought, irritated. She takes a few more steps, only to see the girl in the mirror. Did I seriously just walk in a circle? Well, there goes that plan of finding something to break the mirrors....