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  1. Welcome to The Master's Game plot area where your ideas will effect the game overall if interest piques.

    The Master's Game is based heavilly off of The Angel's Game as seen in the web series created by APCollection on YouTube. For those of you who know of it, or have watched it I'm a huge Slender man/Zalgo lover.

    This RP idea is something currently in progress on another site and has yet to take off on account of the site I originated on being a social site rather than roleplay. As I'm unable to provide a link to the role blog I will copy/paste it onto the page.


    Taker - Taker is a being from a paradoxical dimension with the ability to hop from one to another at any given time. He can create "illusions," distort audio and visual on electronics with his pressence and appear at any given time in any given place.

    Destroyer - Destroyer is the embodiment of terror. Those that see his true form are left with severe mental trauma and appear to bleed from the eyes and mouth. He has been known to take on the identity of humans in order to observe in safety.

    The Dreamer - The Dreamer as she likes to call herself, is something of an oracle who knows the outcome of major events approximately one week prior to their happening. She uses this ability to ensure her teams victory. She has no real physical ability other than her incredible stealth and speed; this in turn has left eye witnesses with only a foggy memory of her appearence. Most report a girl with long black hair, pale skin who wears a white dress and a pink bandana over her eyes.

    The Observer - The Observer is a man known for his skills with technology and his ability to watch in plain sight. His trade applies best to stealthy trespassing into peoples homes where he leaves bugs to keep an eye on players. His appearence; however, rarely in person is said to be short, curly, black hair, black rimmed glasses, tanish skin, a black t-shirt or sweater, and jeans.

    The Operator - A master of riddles and espionage who quite frequently forces his way into empty homes of players to leave puzzle pieces. Unlike The Observer his entry techniques are less than graceful on account of his massive stature and strength. He is frequently seen by past players and seems to have no problem with this. Eye witness accounts say he wears a gray hoodie, a white mask and black jeans.

    The Benefactor - The Benefactor is a seldom seen being whos identity is still up for debate. With a average height and lanky build he/she is the epitome of creep typically chosing to make its home under porches, in the woods or in train tunnels. Extreme flexibility and the ability to produce blood chilling shrieks accompany its ability to get itself into the oddest of places and positions. However what little of it was seen by past players implicate its attire consists of a black hoodie, black mask and black skinnie jeans.

    The Messenger - A man of great height, endurance, strength and an almost impossible pain threshold. His "hobbies" include breaking and entering, assault, trespassing, creeping and leaving hand written notes in players rooms. His dress is that of a white hoodie, a white mask and black jogging pants.

    The Unknown - The Unknown got her name for obvious reasons; however, past research points to her being-possibly-hundreds of years old. No one is entirely sure of her appearence, but know it is a woman when they recieve messages on their phones and computers of a singing girl. She is said to be the harbinger of her Game Master.

    Rooks - Rooks typically fit the bill of fighters who are hot-headed and quick to attack. This leaves them prone to mental manipulation and psychotic episodes that result poorly for their team.

    Bishops - Bishops are informants that do little in the category of confrontation. They're usually meek and level headed trying hard to stop their Rook counter parts from rushing off into a fight. As suggested they are major recipiants for cryptic messages and play the role of piecing them together.

    Knights - Unlike their name, Knights are evasion specialists that normally take the task of documenting strange happenings during the game. They're easilly startled and would rather distance themselves from Game Masters and Writers rather than confront them head on. As such their internal navigation is impeccable even in the thickest of woods.

    Pawns - Pawns are temporary characters that will flux in and out of the game. However they are the driving force for Pieces ensuring they continue in the game under direction of the Writers. This may include abduction, bizarre messages and being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Pawn personalities may range from strong, meek, silent, depressed, funny and so on. They are an essential role in seeking extra information on Game Masters and Writers.

    Above you see roles posted in blue; these are open to fresh ideas. With the help of a Miss Layne from Cbox I will be attempting a stab at a fresh new idea starting first with the plot, and a foreshadow of the final chapter viewed through the eyes of a Piece player. Rules and such will be worked out and posted in the game thread if enough interest picks up.

    Black, black all around him. Clinging and pulling at his very being in attempt to tug him in all directions. He could hear the sounds of a chaotic struggle, but was unable to see the source. Horrible, deafening screams that sounded far from human pierced the blinding darkness; the sounds of sickening snaps and terror coming from every where and nowhere all at once. Brandon knew he had to move; knew he had to find out where this was happening for he could here her in the clutches of the commotion.

    "Brandon! Help me! Ahhhhh!"


    He cried and rushed towards the origin of her voice, yet it seemed not to have a point of existance. It seemed as if it were inside his head. He grunted and fell with a clamorous thump onto a cold concrete floor only to taste the blood that trickled from his lips. His hands scraped along the ground searching for something to give him bearings in the bowels of the dank, dark place. Something, anything! Ah ha! Brandon thought as his fingers gripped a smooth, round length. Thumb pushed up upon the switch and birthed a strong bubble of light. He whipped the illumination around thoroughly analyzing, albeit at a distance, the various shadows cast by the support beams and pipes that seemed to move on their own. He felt as if something were there waiting on the threshold of inky black to drag him off into the night.

    The flashlight rose to capture sight of a low hanging pipe that he'd run face first into and the miniscule spot of blood from his lip being wretched apart on impact.

    "Ah shit!"

    Scrambling to his feet Brandon made his way down, down farther into the industrial crypt. He could hear beetles and rats scurrying within the walls around him, and soon laid eyes upon the mark of The Operator. Only one way to go and that was left. He couldn't help but wish he had at least a stick to defend himself with. He didn't feel safe in the aura of light, in fact he felt quite the opposite. He was the most visible thing in there and felt exposed; vulnerable, yet he moved ever onward to the source of the screaming.

    It grew steadilly louder and soon the young man discovered it was not one, but many voices crying for help. Jake, Steph, Zach, Bobby, Bri! They were all in there! Those things had them all! Just then an eerie silence consumed him and the light flickered before slowly fading.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck! Work damnit!"

    He cursed profusely as he slammed the heel of his hand against the side of the object. Another spasm of flickers until it finally came on. There it was standing before him. The Taker. That gaping, bleeding mouth and shaggy shock of black over its eyes. Its proportions were in no way human; it looked like it had fallen victem to The Rack some ages ago. Pale skin and oh God that smell. That horrible fucking smell. Rotted flesh and bone dripped from the spine serape, and here and there he could hear the gut wrenching pop of infected pustules that raised from its cursed hide. Only a moment passed to let him gather the horrific image before him when finally his eyes dropped to the mangled figures pooled at its feet. Was it? No, it couldn't be!

    Above is posted an excerpt taken from my notebook where the final chapter is written. This story will go in minor arcs that dictate the way following chapters are written. And below will be a general description of The Master's Game.

    The Master's Game is much like multi-dimensional chess that incorperates many key players whom are given puzzle pieces. The game takes place in the year 2012, but players are given glimpses of the possible futures and are frequently transported from one universe to another where they meet the dopplegangers of close friends. Nothing is ever as it seems as reality warping, or pocket realities, are forced upon players to test their will and mental resilience. Starring several protagonists this game is filled with plot twists and turns entirely up to the imagination of the participants as they work against their will to further the advancement of their Game Masters only to learn that in the end they're trapped in a demented board game played out by powerful beings. Which team will win?

    Feel free to leave suggestions for rules and characters.