The Masked Dragon {Ooc}

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Should I add a supernatural element to it

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    Alexandria Catherine Thompson
    She goes by Alexa
    The Bloody Shadow
    Alexa tends to keep to herself. She enjoys spending time at home playing video games and skipping class. She is very intelligent but she gets bored very easily. She has the ability to feel sad but she hates those feelings so she replaces it with anger and hate.
    Before Alexa was born, her father left her mother after getting into a big fight with her mother. He did not want to raise a child and he wanted Alexa's mother to have an abortion since they were only 17 at the time and definitely not ready to have a child but her mother decided to have the baby but soon realized that it was a big mistake after going the first two weeks with no sleep. When Alexa was 5, her mother left her with her strict grandmother.
    Because of her strict grandmother, she didn't really go out much. She had church on sundays and monday through friday were focused on school. Saturday was a day of just studying. She was a straight A student but she didn't have any friends.
    At the age of 10, she started to research this interesting school. It was where students could train to be assassins and she knew that this school was perfect for her. Without consulting her grandmother, she started the application process. She didn't know if they would let a girl like her in the school but after months of application after application, she finally got the acceptance letter.
    Alexa had never been happier and with her mountain of scholarships, she didn't have much to pay the school. She quickly became a very skilled assassin because of how quickly she picked up things and having a photographic memory, she was book smart as well. Most would think of this as a bonus but school was boring to her. It was way too easy and it wasn't until she was 13, when she was able to choose her faction and go out into the field when she started to take things more seriously.
    At the age of 15, Alexa's grandmother passed away causing her to go into a deep depression that was hard to get out of but she finally replaced her depression with anger and hatred. She focused it on training to get stronger. After taking a week off from school, she came back and focused everything on training to be the greatest assassin the world has ever known.​
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