The Mary Sue Story

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  1. Generally a group RP with several roles…Anyways, the main character herself is in fact, a Mary Sue, in look, and personality, but not entirely in terms of her powers, oddly enough. (may be a plot point?)

    She moves into a new town and starts stirring up drama in her new high school, namely between 3 different people.

    1) a Popular/Jock?

    One of the Sue's 'targets of love.' Her 'main love interest.'

    2) an outcasted guy?

    One of the Sue's 'targets of love.' She just likes this one for the sake of 'keeping things interesting' or something like that… O_O

    3) an outcasted girls, friends with the guy?

    The outcast girl is actually well written, and serves as a complete opposite of the Mary Sue, trying to get through life best she can…And the mary sue is taking the two guys she's been crushing over for most of her life away from her! D:

    Anything that can be added on?
  2. I'll take one of the male roles. I would probably be better suited for the outcast type, but I could play an arrogant jock, too. Let me know, ok?
  3. ((I apologize in advance for the cramped-ness of this post. It wouldn't let me create new paragraphs!)) Hello. I could attempt the outcast girl. She is the complete opposite of Mary Sue, correct? If so, here's idea #1--I'm thinking of a girl with a defensive attitude that is hard to get along with due to her reputation of being weird. She won't be ruthlessly picked on in highschool, but perhaps she will know what it is like from earlier in her life and thus she is a bit prickly. She is probably much more normal than she seems, but comes across as a bit cuckoo because she says random, strange things. Massive mood swings probably affect the way she acts as well. This girl will be passive aggressive and very jealous of Mary Sue. Typical underhanded girl comments will run rampant. Her looks will be a little above average, but on a daily basis she appears as dull and average because she doesn't bother to clean herself up. Idea #2-- The weird kid. Weird hair, weird clothes, weird actions, the works. But the catch is in her personality, which is sunny and innocent. She just likes weird stuff and does weird ass things like... maybe collapsing in random places to take a nap, or spinning down the hallways humming disney songs. She will be energetic and carefree, with a tendency to say whatever she wants in moments of high emotion. What would make her the opposite of Mary Sue would be the dark side lurking behind the sunny facade. The dark side would include irrational thoughts and emotions that lead to little hissy fits when she feels things that she doesn't know how to express in an appropriate way. Example: she feels very threatened by Mary Sue, so when she next encounters Mary Sue she unleashes a barrage of poorly concealed insults and then dashes off. If she didn't wear weird clothes and lots of makeup, this girl would appear cute and harmless, probably baby-faced.Whatcha think?
  4. …Go with either one. You won me over at 'I' XD

    But seriously. You've got a good idea there! :D