The many faces of Zorro

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  1. Amador knew stealth was the only way to get what he needed. The hospital was robbed of their supplies because they weren’t able to keep up with the taxes. The government saw fit to rob them of the limited supplies they so desperately needed, so, the night that ‘Zorro’ heard about it, of course he wanted to do something about it. He’d followed the governor’s men right to the spot they had stowed away the medicine. They would not leave here with it, that much was for certain. Creeping along the wall, Amador listen carefully though out of sight.

    “Yes, we set sail tonight, didn’t you hear the news?” one man demanded, his voice tense and hoarse. They were nervous; they knew that someone would try and steal back what they took either tonight or tomorrow. It was only an amount of time before someone tried. Amador never failed a mission before, though he’s come dangerously close to doing so. He wasn’t alone this time however; he had a couple of his group with him. This would take delicate measures, there was medicine in those crates that could break and ruin. No, this would need to be handled very carefully. Still though, blood would draw tonight. Kind of ironic really that they should be stealing hospital supplies. Reaching into his pocket, Amador pulled out a smoke bomb and threw it, covering his nose and mouth. Though effective on the guards who were choking, it also had the disadvantage to him as well. Rushing in, he let out a war cry.
  2. Enrique sat in a rough wooden chair in the corner of the bar, his felt cowboy hat was sitting on the table next to a bottle of Apache Red Whiskey. He had been taken occasional sips from it and still had not downed half the bottle, he wasnt drunk by any means but he certainly needed to look it. He had gotten word from a mutual hater of the government that a high ranking official was meeting a consort here. He had also heard a shipment of stolen medications was leaving from a port nearby, after killing the official he would head to the shipyard. He figured his ex masked brothers and sisters would be at that ship, ready to swoop in and steal the day. He figured it'd be a good as time as any to see his old friends...

    "Ay! Lets get Capitan some girls!" A soldier shouted. A few others threw up their glasses and laughed as a plump short little man was in between them with women rather taller than him on either sides of him. Enrique grabbed his hat and set it on his head, he tilted it so his eyes were not visible. He watched the old bastard saunter up the stairs to a room on the second floor. Enrique stood from his seat and followed the old man up stairs, he made sure to act drunk and stumbled up the stairs. He had a Derringer in his left hand as he walked up the stairs, his sword was on Ceaser just outside the bar. He followed the old man to the room and after he went inside Enrique waited a bit then entered the room. The old man had his shirt unbuttoned and the girls were naked on the bed, Enrique raised his firing arm and brought a finger to his lips.

    "Quiet Capitan," He said moments before squeezing the trigger, the Capitan fell over clutching his chest and the girls let out a scream. Enrique figured the men down stairs would be alerted by the gunshot but it was still a nuisance that the girls were screeching. He turned towards the door as it was thrown open. He saw a rifle barrel pointed inside, he quickly fell to the floor and rolled aside. The man on the other end of the rifle shot then the weapon jammed. Enrique smiled and sprinted at the man, he collided into the man and rushed him back over the railing. The pair fell down to the first floor and crashed onto a table. Enrique groaned and rolled off the man, who was most definitely damaged. He brought out one of the twins and pulled back the hammer, he looked up as several rifle barrels leaned over the railing and down at him. He threw himself off the table and scrambled for the door. Bullets splintered wood and shattering glass around him as he rushed out to Ceaser. He stuck his left foot in the saddle then threw his leg over the side and drew his sword from the sheathe on Ceaser's saddle and cut the tether keeping the horse there. He pulled on Ceasers lead and he held tight as the beast reared back and sped off into the night. He tried to recall where the docks were from here and sped off in that direction.
  3. Dimitri was drying glasses as Enrique walked in. He poored some Apache Red Whiskey into a glass and casually slid it over to Enrique not wanting to disturb him because he knew he was up to nothing but good. He had his eye on the Captain, a typical corrupt leader and it wasn't until a soldier pronounced some ladies to accompany the Captain, that Enrique saw his opportunity.

    Dimitri grabbed his guns from under the bar and placed them in his back pocket in case of need. He had grown up with sword fights, making bombs, helping the good when he could but he often endangered his family. Dimitri had the utmost respect for the brothers and sisters and their works so he provided weapons and bombs for them when needed. A favor for a favor that one of the ladies of the blade had given him, saving his family.

    He was really working at the bar tonight because he had got thrown out a couple nights prior due to a fight. For the record he won, but the bar owner insisted that he couldn't come back unless he helped out for the next two week.

    Dimitri watched Enrique as he followed the captain upstairs and soon enough a gunshot was heard. Everybody dropped below the tables or ran away as Enrique came flying through the railing and onto the table below with the soldier who was not getting up anytime soon. The several soldiers then approached the railing, guns pointed towards Enrique. He knew Enrique could get away but he was nervous, ready to divert the soldiers if need be but as soon as he heard his horse rear back, he knew he was off and okay. The soldiers scrambled over each other to get outside but it was too late.

    "Alright time to leave." This incident was nothing new. Fights breaking out. Gun shots. The bar owner asked the men to leave so that they could fix up the bar, a chore I would have to tend to for the next couple weeks. The Lieutenant, angry at what had happened grabbed the old bar owner by the shirt.

    "You clean this up. I will leave when I wish, and you will give me and these gentleman all the liquor you got you hear?" The Lieutenant said spitting at the ground.

    "I think you best be leaving. How do you think that'll look if you beat up on an old man or rob him of his business. Plus if you drink it all now, there will be none for next time you want to drown yourself to forget about your egotistical soldier status to which you get paid little and have very little respect from your comrades so therefore I ..." Dimitri approached him and went to remove him off the bar owner but the soldier shoved Dimitri against the wall, hand gripped around his neck and a few soldiers behind him.

    "You disrespectful piece of shit." Dimitri smirked and punched him across the face. The other two soldiers went to attack Dimitri but he evaded both, throwing more punches. Two more soldiers joined and grabbed him, punching him across his face and then in the gut to knock him down. The Lieutenant stood up and wiped the blood off his nose. He walked up to Dimitri who was trying to get loose and beat him multiple times until he couldn't stand anymore. "You know why I'm sparing your life. Cross me again and I'll make sure your brother feels this pain too with your mother watching and then I'll end you" Dimitri helped them with weapons and was the only source of them in the area. Dimitri was also one of the finest weapon makers in all of the countryside, little did they know he provides his finest works for the brothers and sisters, who they have been hunting for quite some time. "Let's go" The Lieutenant signaled his men to leave when one of the soldiers came up with a rifle and knocked Dimitri upside the head. The world then became black as he lied, head bleeding on the bar floor.
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  4. Alessandra Brunetti & Vito Brunetti

    The carriage skipped lightly over the stone, making both brother and sister jump lightly. Being somewhat used to driving in the carriage while playing the lady she had to play during the day, young female, Alessandra of the Brunetti family, she successfully maintained the balance through the skip and sat there calmly, not moving even one crease of her dress (Ooc: The dress). However, her rebel brother, not being used to the same, being almost 190 centimeters tall, and somewhat still in the grasp of merciless hangover, slammed his head against the carriage roof every time it bounced. River of almost impossible profanities, mumbled in a pure and speedy Italian language, followed every kick he received. Alessandra rolled her eyes, but chuckled. She was very well aware that, back on the Sicily, she used to be worse and tended to make even her profanity-prone brother to shame. It was one of the things that she founded tempting in playing both lady and the tramp. During the day, she would do her duties as any other lady of the town would do and during the night, she would be doing all what she wanted to do, including to swear like a sailor. Vito Brunetti didn't really care. He was almost the same man in both ways. Just a plain trickster with fast pick-pocketing fingers, even though his tactical skills, when he wanted to present them, were something that people would envy him of. Alessandra tucked a fiery-red wisp of her hair (Ooc: Hairstyle) behind her ear and cleared her throat. "Dear brother, if the carriage man was able to hear you now, he would be utterly surprised how such a lady bares the company of such insolent and rude scam like yourself." Vito straightened his crooked vest (Ooc: The suit) and smirked deviously, which made his light-blue eyes glitter. "And if the carriage man was ought to find out what things the said gentleman was forced to handle, that came from the said lady, I am pretty sure he would justify every profanity to this poor soul." They glared daringly at each other the moment before they burst out laughing.

    Vito was the first one to come to his senses once the headache reminded him he still has to get over his last night's late-night bourbon drink. He pinched his nose bridge and sighed lightly. Alessandra knew perfectly well what that meant. Serious "brother to sister" talk. Even so, she pretended she is not expecting it. "You know, you really should ease on the drink." There then came the expected answer. "I might have, if you stayed out of the trouble last night." Alessandra leaned forward and spoke lightly. "Out of the trouble?! That "trouble" last night was my darn mission!"
    "I know that, damn it. But you do not take care of yourself." The mission was a success. Infiltrating a residence of a trafficker was proven a success. He would never hurt another woman again. Even so, dangers that Alessandra went through for it were more than Vito could handle and all the things he couldn't handle, he resolved with drinking. "Look who is talking."

    "It isn't the same, Al." Alessandra narrowed her eyes at him. "What is that supposed to mean? How come it is of any difference?!"
    "Because why?"
    "Because I'm the..."
    "Because you are the man?!" Feeling of being chased into the corner, along with the headache, made him snap even though he never meant to. "Yes!" Glaring at him for an awkward moment, she herself was surprised that she got surprised by his words. It is how he was thought. To protect her like she is a thin paper leaf. She never hated him for that. It was different from depending of someone, but his tone made her frown. She was hurt even though she never accepted to show it. "Oh. That is how it is then." She crossed her arms and pouted slightly. "Well, I bow to no man. Not even you." Her face made Vito chuckle. "Oh don't do that." He knew her antics very well. "Stop what?" She smirked. She was busted.

    Soon enough, the carriage reached it's destination, and Vito knocked on the velvet side behind him. "I do believe, this is where you go out, ma'am." Alessandra nodded and hugged her brother tightly before the carriage doors opened. "Stay safe." She whispered and he smiled lightly, hugging her back. "Hey, I am Brunetti. Nothing can harm a Brunetti, remember? We have our own lucky star." And she believed it. There was no other explanation how he managed to survive all the things he did. "And of course, show them who is boss." She landed fist on his shoulder just like she always did. The doors opened and the carriage man offered her a hand. She nodded to her brother. "I will be seeing you, brother." Vito put on his hat and tipped it. Soon after, the carriage was on it's way. He still had time to catch up with the action. Frankly, he couldn't wait.

    Alessandra Brunetti

    She walked gracefully down the street. Her tall and slim figure for sure turned some heads, but her piercing glare prevented anyone to look at her for too long. Strangely enough, she was deeply respected by both, ladies and gents that found her an example of how lady supposed to be. It was funny how people were easy to deceive with as simple thing as clothing and posture. Her medical knowledge allowed her to be of a great help both to her brothers and sisters and for other people in the town. It also gave her the alibi for roaming around the dirtiest places to be in the town. This place was no different. Before her mind even decided where to head to, a running figure made up her mind for her. The guy on the horse abandoned the surrounding place as fast as he could. "Aren't we in a hurry eh?" She shook her head, before a group of men, seemingly soldiers, exited the nearby bar. As curious as she was, she approached the building and peeked inside in her usual, nonchalant and lady-like fashion. "Hello? Anyone alive in here?" Nobody paid attention and she darted her eyes across the room. A group of people gathered around someone on the floor. As soon as she identified the figure, her face turned pale and she went in storming. All those Italian language profanities now ran through her mind. She was very well aware that the soldiers that just went out were not to be challenged.

    Pushing several men away, she got treated with some highly sexist words she didn't even paid attention to. It didn't matter. Attack on on of their own was always personal and the most important. She grabbed Dimitri and turned him face up, slapping his face. "Rise and shine." When she got no response, she ordered to the closest man. "Sir, bring me the bucket of cold water and a towel. Chop chop!" She struggled so hard not to go out of the role she was playing, but the man's snarky comeback made it even harder. Alessandra reached up and grabbed him by his vest, pulling him down on his knees. She did it with a forced, polite smirk. "I believe I asked you nicely. I am a medic and unless you know better about what to do, you better get the heck out of my way and do as I say...sir." Persuasive as she was, she added. "I treated your wife. You really think she would appreciate knowing how well you get along with these ladies around here?" It worked and soon she got what she asked for, proceeding to waking up Dimitri. She remembered her brother's snappy words. Well, Dimitri was a man too and look now what happened...

    Vito Brunetti

    Loud shout out made him groan. He was late for the party. The place was taken by storm and now in chaos. Even so, Vito took his time and whistled while approaching the facility. The window closest to the action was a bit too high for him to jump it at his first try, and judging by the smoke in it, he wouldn't last a minute. Instead, he prolonged it a bit longer, tying a piece of cloth around his mouth and nose. "Well now, that only leaves the entrance." The rock flew through the window, shattering it. "Off and away." He laughed out as he was sprinting towards the wall and up the wall, reaching the window swiftly, almost like a cat. From there he climbed on the beam and aimed for the guard that was about to surprise one of his comrades. More than anything he hated cowards. Hitting from behind was probably one of the most cowardly deeds a man could do. No honor in that. He descended from the beam and pinned the attacker to the floor with his body, knocking him out.

    Greeting his comrade he got up and dusted his "Zorro" suit off. "I have to admit, that was fun. But gotta work now." Seeing the crates of supplies he felt disgusted by those people. Passing by their leader, briefly stated. "Sorry I am late." He ran forward, towards the crates, doing his best and using his swift fingers to open them and prepare supplies for the safe retrieval. Disoriented men approached him while he was opening the crate and swung with his sword, not being able to aim with the cough that constricted his lungs. "Please, miss. I do not have time to dance with you right now." Finally, getting bored of evading him, Vito cracked his neck and landed a decent fist blow into the man's nose just before he got back to the crate. "Though I am indeed flattered." He laughed out before getting back to work.

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  5. Dimitri lied there until the one and only Alessandra Brunetti walked in. Not consciously able to know it was her at first, he woke immediately to a bucket of cold water along with some blood dripping down his forehead. He sat up slowly and shook his head to get some of the water off and ran his fingers through his hair and looked up to see Alessandra. A smile emerged from his lips. It had been a couple months since he had seen her.

    "Fancy seeing you here Miss Brunetti. Do you often come to the rescue of pathetic bar tenders like myself?" Dimitri smirked and stood up slowly feeling pretty sore and a little woozy from being hit on the head, but he has felt much worse in the past, nothing new. He looked at all the people in the bar still and shook his head. "Ladies and gentleman, I am sorry for the inconvenience but we are closed as of now, so if you will please escort yourselves out the hole in that wall because the door was shot to pieces that would be wonderful." The elderly owner walked by and Dimitri placed his hand on his back. "I'll clean this up. Go get some rest sir." He smiled and escorted him out, no one was left in the bar but them.

    Dimitri walked over to Alessandra and gently grabbed her hand and kissed it as a kind gesture of thank you, respect, and hello. He was very fond of Alessandra especially because he was forever in debt for her saving his mother and brother.

    "It's been a while since you've been around Alessandra. You didn't miss me too much did you? I can tell you your slaps haven't gotten softer a bit." He smiled and winked, rubbing his cheek. He was unconscious when it happened but he could feel the aftermath of the slap, he has felt it many times from many woman, but none were like hers. She had this fierce way about her but in this fierce manor, she was so elegant and graceful. She was extremely skilled with the sword, swift and quick to a strike, after all she was the leader of the sisters of the blade. Powerful with her walk and confident in her ways, men fell to their knees left and right at the sight of her. No man stood a chance against her. Despite everything incredible that she is, she was the most beautiful woman Dimitri would ever lay his eyes on. Everything about her he admired, and he would do anything in this world to repay her for saving his family.

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