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  1. So I had this idea for a role play but I need a good handful of people to pull it off. Basically I plan on having there be this huge Mansion of wonder and horror that your characters are thrown into. I also plan on having characters go insane and the like. It's run for your life, don't die, escape mystery sort of thing. Anyone wanting in?

    If you want a character please fill out the form thingy or whatever people call it (you can have more than one)

    Skills: (i.e. fast, cunning...)
    Weaknesses: (both of the mind and body)
  2. Ooh! Can I be a guy who goes insane and tries to kill everyone?
  3. Yes, yes you can
  4. can I be a guy who's already insane and is trying very hard not to kill everybody and then maybe the spooky mansion is slowly exchanging my guy's insanity for Violin's sanity?
  5. Yes oh my god that is the creative thinking I am looking for absolutely!
  6. Can I be the person who allies themselves with the strongest and most resourceful person, in order to look out for their own hide? :D
  7. Yes however I would love if people actually started filling out the character sheets so we can start '^u^
  8. Name: Beth Lindsey
    Age: 37
    Gender: Female
    Skills: What she lacks in ambition she makes up in cunning and strategy. The woman is great at looking out for herself and will do whatever it takes to keep herself out of harms way.
    Bio: A simple stay at home mother, Beth has never been good at anything really. She went to college but dropped out because she couldn't keep her grades up, then she got a full time job as waitress in a dead end diner. She worked at the diner for years until she met and married one of her usual customers, a moderately wealthy man who was twenty years her senior. She didn't mind the age difference, she wanted to have a good life and she loved the man well enough.
    Weaknesses: She isn't good at anything other than basic housewife stuff like cooking, and cleaning and caring for young children. Since her husband is rich she never had to do much.
    She tends to sidle up to the strongest person in the room even if she doesn't agree with their methods or opinions.
    She also tends to look out for herself.
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  9. Name: Elizabeth Nelson
    Gender: Female
    Skills: Really good at reading people, very observant. Very computer smart.
    Bio: Elizabeth grew up the daughter of a preacher. She never really partied like the other kids did in high school, she was too busy inside doing school work, reading or working on the computer. She's a very quiet girl and doesn't need the company of another person to be happy. She likes her solitude, not because she doesn't like people, just because she likes being by herself.
    Weaknesses: Incredibly shy, doesn't speak a lot because she has a terrible stutter. Is very scared of spiders, rats and snakes.

    Name: Cameron Caldwell
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Age: 29
    Skills: Very manipulative of people, extremely confident in herself. She is very charismatic with people.Very cunning woman.
    Bio: She knows exactly what she wants. When she wants something she goes for it. And anyone who stands in her way be damned. She has a few skeletons in her closet.
    Weakness: She prefers not to get her hands dirty. Instead manipulating someone else into doing it. She fears pain. Incredibly so. Also is very claustrophobic.

    Name: Miles Hummel
    Age: 24
    Skills: Very fit and athletic. Has jogged every morning since he was twelve. He runs very fast as well.
    Bio: In high school he was very into sports. On the track team, football team, basketball team and in wrestling. Easy to get along with till you piss him off.
    Weakness: He is a people pleaser. Very insecure about himself. Absolutely petrified of the dark. (Though he'll never tell anyone that.) Because he found his mother who had hanged herself when he was six. It was dark and he bumped right into her. Ever since then he couldn't handle the dark. Also he has a very bad temper. When he's pissed the first thing he does is punch something.
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