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    Sabrina Adele Ryder

    Twenty-Five | British | Occupation: Former Model & CEO of Ryder Automotive

    - Father (Deceased)
    -Mother (Estranged)

    Sabrina's father, Roger Ryder, built an amazing company within his short lifetime. He successfully designed and produced automotive vehicles without any proper education in the field. When he married his wife, Elsa, it was the fairy tale ending to his perfect story. A few short years after their lavish wedding ceremony, Elsa became pregnant and eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they decided to name Sabrina. As a little girl, Sabrina's father was completely obsessed with her. He provided his darling daughter with anything she needed and didn't hesitate in giving her the privileges of wealth.

    Throughout the years, Sabrina developed and grew into a lovely young woman with her father's ambition and intelligence. However, she also inherited her mother's unbelievable beauty and allure. Sabrina began modeling professionally when she turned sixteen and absolutely loved the career. She was the field's most accomplished model and she traveled the world for events.

    Life took a tragic turn when Sabrina celebrated her twenty-first birthday. A midnight call disrupted her sleep and Sabrina received the worst possible news imaginable. Her father died of a heart attack, sudden and unexpected. Overwhelmed with grief, Sabrina secluded herself for months from the media and went into hiding. It wasn't until nearly a year later when she returned to the spot light. As stated in her father's last will and testament, she rightfully inherited everything her beloved father had left behind, including his automotive empire.

    Immediately after accepting the position of CEO, Sabrina dedicated herself to studying everything she could about the automotive field. She attended University classes, day and night. Sabrina devoted all her time and effort to establishing her place within the company and officially became CEO on her twenty-third birthday. Sabrina's relationship with her mother became estranged shortly after. She still loves her mother very much, but is suspicious of the elder woman.

    Sabrina was kidnapped and held captive by the Ten Rings for half a year. During this horrible situation, she became friends with a kindly man named Yinsen and even associated with Tony Stark of Stark Industries. Together the trio was able to regain their freedom. Sabrina kept in contact with Yinsen and has taken a vow to honor his dying wish. She is now searching to find Tony Stark and deliver Yinsen's design to him before time runs out. Sabrina is widely known by the media, for both her modeling career and becoming Ryder Automotive's new CEO.

    - Horrible post traumatic stress disorder, physical scars and psychological damage from the kidnapping.
    - Has five tattoos, all hidden, on her body.
    - Wears her father's ring, a family heirloom he inherited from his great-great-grandfather.

    * * *

    Also Playing...

    Steve Rogers "Aka: Captain America"
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    Beatrix Nimitz

    Twenty-Six | German | Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D


    Beatrix grew up as a normal child without a single care in the world until she found out that her father was part of an organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. She grew curious of her father when she turned ten because she noticed that he left early in the morning, and came home really late. All of the times he told her not to go into the study, she finally broke out of that zone and went for it. A few buttons were pushed, and projected screens showed files about people that were the bad guys. Her father found her snooping, and he knew that he couldn’t lie to his daughter. After being taught of what he did for a living, she became interested and she always wanted to be just like dad even if her mother wanted her to be an actress just like she was.

    Her father taught her self defense, just in case something were to happen. Mother was always displeased with the way that her daughter took interest of being an agent, but she knew that it made her happy so she didn’t say anything about it. That life was supposed to be separated from their daughter, but it couldn’t be prevented. What mother didn’t know was that father was secretly training her to shoot guns and become a great agent just like he was.

    When Beatrix turned eighteen, her father went missing in action during a mission. The news had her mother sink into depression, not knowing how to handle it. Looking out for her mother, she put her mother through counseling and programs that would help her. Her mother has a care giver, just in case she has an episode when her daughter wasn’t around. Beatrix went to S.H.I.E.L.D and joined in their forces, which a lot of people knew of her knew of her last name. Fury did not want her to join at first, but then put her to the test, in which she passed with almost perfect.

    For years she has been an undercover agent for Fury, and she has been successful with most of them. Now she was in Germany uncovering something that was crucial to S.H.I.E.L.D. All of the sudden the director calls her to come back to headquarters to reassign her, and she becomes irritated since she was about to uncover something in Germany. Hopefully it was going to be worth it.


    -She may look sweet and innocent on the outside, but she is a hot blooded German woman who is scary to be around when she is angry.

    -Everything she does is for her father, and she tries to catch a lead on where he may be.

    -Has wings tattooed on her back.


    Also playing...


    Tony Stark
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  5. Death, the final stage of life's cycle, is truly bittersweet. It completely ends someone's suffering, but on the other hand, those left behind to grieve experience terrible grief and must accept the finality reluctantly. This hour would be a man's last. His wife and children already gone, he'd be joining them soon.

    However, before he left to the afterlife, he needed to speak with someone very important. A woman, much younger than himself. Someone that he knew was trustworthy and would be responsible enough to ensure his deathbed request. A young maiden that shared many months with him, locked and isolated within a cave.

    "Sabrina," he coughed weakly, struggling to sit himself up in the bed. A few tubes restricted his movement, but he managed to adjust comfortably. "Please, come in." He motioned her away from the opened doorway. She was a vision, just as he'd remembered. Golden hair of multiple shades, lovely sapphire eyes and black rimmed glasses perched upon her nose.

    She stepped inside the room quietly, taking a seat beside him on the bed. "Yinsen," tears choked her voice terribly. "I'm so sorry for this happening to you....I...."

    Yinsen stopped her, gently resting his shaking hand on top of her own. "It's alright, dear. I have lived long enough in this world." He heard those heartbreaking cries from her, to which he squeezed her hand tightly. "Sabrina, I need your help with something very important."

    She sniffled, straightening out herself. "Yes?"

    Suddenly he dropped a small box into her lap, watching as she read the address aloud. "This is for Tony Stark?" The last time she heard that name, was a few years ago. He had been a captive of the Ten Rings also. However, after his escape, she never heard from him again. Sabrina went into isolation after being given freedom, choosing to avoid the press and work from background.

    "Why does he need this?"

    Yinsen sighed, collapsing back onto his back against the pillows. "Without this....he'll die far too young, Sabrina. I need you to bring this to him. I can only trust you. Please?"

    Sabrina nodded, swearing on her father's honor that she'd complete this task. Seconds later, Yinsen left this world. She wept, embracing his corpse in her sadness. Before leaving, Sabrina arranged a funeral and burial for her dear friend.

    Meanwhile, back in Malibu....Tony Stark's life was in danger.

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  6. Fury better have a good explanation as to why she was being called back to headquarters when she was in the middle of an important mission. What she was uncovering was such a key to S.H.I.E.L.D, but the director personally wanted to assign her. He told her that she was the only one fit for the mission, and that she would briefed when she would get to his office. All she wanted to do was yell in his face, and also hoped that she would be able to go back to her former mission after this new one.

    Beatrix walked through headquarters quickly, wanting to get this briefing over with. People moved out of her way, seeing the way she stormed through the building. Even Natasha stayed out of the woman's way, knowing well that the German woman was a ticking time bomb herself. It confused the agent as to why the black haired woman was back from her mission so soon, but she would question it when she had the chance to.

    "Nice of you to join me, Agent Nimitz," Fury greeted as she walked into the office, his back was towards her. He soon turned to face her, but saw the angry look on her face. "Look, I need you here because you are the one that is suitable for this assignment."

    "Okay, and what is it?" Beatrix questioned, her arms crossed over her chest. "You pulled me away from something important."

    "I am quite aware of that, and I am giving Agent Romanoff your assignment in the mean time," he told her, keeping his arms behind his back. "There is a man that I want you to meet. He is not up to date on his history and I want you to teach him."

    "So, I am going to be a baby sitter then?"

    Fury gave her a slight smirk as he responded, "More like a teacher."

    "Unbelievable, Fury," she said with a sigh, rolling her eyes. "Who is he?"

    "I chose you because I believe he will be more comfortable with you. You will possibly remind him of the women from his time period because of your classic look, but I can't speak for him," he answered, shrugging his shoulders. "You will meet him soon, his name is Steve Rogers."

    This made her eye brow rose. "The soldier of time?"


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  7. Sabrina's journey from Germany to the United States was tedious, but she finally arrived in her desired destination: Malibu. Having never been here before, the only reason why Sabrina came was because this is where Tony Stark has chosen to live out his life. Not exactly a place she finds suitable, but to each their own.

    Tracking Tony to exact location would not be easy. Even though he's quite well known to the public media, even celebrities have their ways of keeping themselves difficult to find. Sabrina has personal experience with this. When her father died, she isolated herself for an entire year. No one knew where she was, or even if she had died. Eventually Sabrina returned to her normal life, only to be kidnapped by the Ten Rings.

    Sabrina searched Malibu for a while, until suddenly happening to see a ginger-haired female walking hastily into a large building. The woman seemed familiar, so Sabrina decided to follow her for a while. Upon closer inspection, Sabrina's theory turned out to be correct. She has seen the mysterious woman before, only once.

    The plane ride back was exhausting, not to mention months of poor nutrition made her even more nauseous. When the plane landed in Malibu, she stayed seated as the doors opened. This wasn't her stop. Instead, a dark skinned man approached the room and immediately went to Tony's side. They chatted for a while, Sabrina overheard a few sentences, but paid little attention.

    "Pepper is gonna be thrilled to know you're alright," the man now identified as Rhodes, chuckled happily.

    The woman in question appeared, walking towards Tony with tears present in her eyes. Sabrina wondered if she was perhaps his wife. Then again, while being held captive, he'd never mentioned being married or even being in a stable relationship. Either way, Sabrina cast the thoughts away.

    Without a doubt in her mind, Sabrina knew this woman had to be Pepper from before. Quickening her pace, she followed Pepper inside the building and gently tapped her shoulder. She stepped back, not wanting to invade Pepper's personal space. "Excuse me, my name is Sabrina and I'm looking for Mr. Stark?"

    * * *

    The world has changed. Transformed from what he's known. The past is no longer relevant. At least, not for him to survive. Those that found him were kind enough to offer him housing in their building. If it wasn't for them, he'd be out on the streets without the common sense to last a single day.

    His name is Steve Rogers, a man that should rightfully be deceased. However, looking in the mirror with a freshly shaven face, he was anything but dead. Steve glided his hand along the smooth skin, sighing sadly as he looked down to the table. Placed on the table were a few of his items, those that he'd kept with him during his time of being frozen.

    His military badges, a tube of Peggy's lipstick (she'd given him) and a photograph of her (which he'd politely taken from her military file). These were all the reminders he has. His life is gone, lost to the cruel mistress of time itself.

    "Mr. Rogers?" A member of SHIELD came to his door, knocking gently. He opened it, looking down at the short woman. She smiled, motioning him to follow her down the hallway. Steve did as commanded, his solider instincts still active.

    "Where are we going?" He finally asked, surveying the new surroundings curiously.

    The woman guided him into another room, one he recognized as Fury's office. Suddenly, upon entering the small room, Steve found himself in the presence of a woman he'd thought to be dead. At first, his heart raced rapidly, an excited smile spreading quickly along his lips. However, given more time to observe the woman standing in the center of Fury's office, Steve realized his eyes had been playing a sinister trick.

    This woman wasn't his beloved Peggy. She couldn't be. The eyes were different. She stood a bit taller and was more developed than Peggy had been. However, her appearance certainly fit the era he remembered.
  8. Pepper had been doing some important business for Tony. Well, more-so doing the things that he didn't care to do on a daily basis. She was his personal assistant for a reason because it seemed like she was the only one sane enough to keep up with the man. Some say that she was crazy for doing so, but she had vowed to make sure that Stark had everything that he needed. Of course she didn't mind it, even if he did give her heart attacks over small things. Like how she had to change his reactor the first time, she was never going to do that ever again.

    As she entered the building, she didn't realize that someone was following her. So, when she was tapped on the shoulder, she was a little startled and she spun around to face the woman who got her attention. "Oh," she said in surprise, looking her over for a brief moment. Then something clicked in her mind as she recognized her name for a brief second. "I have seen you before, but then again I have seen a lot of people. What is that you need him for?"

    "And who doesn't want to see me?" came a voice that was familiar. It belonged to Tony Stark. He was walking down to meet Pepper since he decided that he wanted to stretch his legs for a moment. His eyes scanned Pepper for a brief moment before looking at the woman that was also there with her. "Wait a minute, I know you."

    He couldn't forget about the two people he was stuck in that cave with for a couple of months. There was Yinsen, the man that helped him survive, and then there was the girl named Sabrina who took on the role of CEO when her father died. Yeah, he remembered them. Though why would she be there right now?

    "There has to be a reason why you are here," Tony stated as he looked at Sabrina. As he recalled, she didn't exactly live close to him in Malibu. They were two different people that lived in different parts of the world.


    Belatrix hated to wait, but she knew that she had to wait patiently for him. Her hands were behind her back, and when she heard the door open, she glanced over to the man that entered the room. It always fascinated her with how he kept his appearance after all of these years, but that is what the serum did. Steve was a super soldier that will forever be trapped, and that was a little depressing to think about.

    "Well, now that you are here, I can explain what is going on," Fury mentioned, stepping out in the center of the room so he could look at the both of them as he spoke. "Since you have been frozen for a good amount of time, I figured that you will need a history lesson to keep up with your surroundings."

    The female agent just watched Fury as he started to pace throughout the room. She had always hated being stuck in a room for a long periods of time. This was why she was someone who was always out on the field, so this was going to be such a sudden change of pace.

    "Steve, this is Agent Nimitz, she will be giving you history lessons and help you get in par with the technology we have now," Fury told the super soldier, motioning over to her as he said her name. "I hope that you are okay with this."

    Belatrix had glared slightly at the man with the eye patch before she looked at Steve again. She understood that he needed the help that he could get, but there were other agents that could have helped. All she hoped was that he was a fast learner.
  9. When Tony came into the conversation, Sabrina's face instantly brightened and she adjusted her glasses with the tips of her fingers. "Hello, Tony." They weren't exactly friends. However, sharing a cave with someone for many months, it builds a relationship that's unlike anything else. They learned to depend on each other. They needed each other to survive and in the end, together they escaped.

    Sabrina approached Tony, politely walking past Pepper and took him by the arm. "We need to talk." She commanded, dragging Tony off in another direction. Once the pair were separated from prying eyes and listening ears, Sabrina announced Yinsen's death.

    She allowed a moment for the information to sink in completely. Tony owed Yinsen his very life, surely he'd be greatly effected by the elder man's passing. While she waited, Sabrina caught the faint glow of the Arc Reactor beneath his several layers of clothing. Curiosity overwhelmed her judgement, giving her the courage to gently press a hand to Tony's chest.

    "You've rebuilt the Arc Reactor," she commented aloud, tracing the design with her fingers. "It seems much more efficient now, I'm glad." Sabrina removed her hand, stepping back and swallowed the thick knot growing inside her throat. "How have you been feeling lately, Tony?" She quickly added, "Be truthful. Yinsen was concerned about how your body would adjust to the Arc Reactor, so he sent me to check on you."

    Not entirely the truth, but enough for now.

    * * *

    Steve listened to everything his commander, as he saw Fury to be, said with great intent. He understood Fury's reasoning for bringing in another agent to bring him up to date with the new world, however, Steve wasn't expecting this agent to be a woman. Not that he has anything against a woman being his teacher, he just hadn't been prepared for this.

    "I understand, sir." He obeyed Fury, bowing his head slightly. Steve then turned his attention to the raven-haired female. He offered a kindly smile, extending his hand and waited patiently. "It's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am. I'm Steve Rogers." Everyone knew his name by now, but Steve followed through with the manners he'd been taught from a young age.

    "Now," Fury called out to them, "First thing is to get Steve registered under an alias and get him assigned a new place to live."

    "I can't continue living here?" Steve questioned, not settling well with the idea of being forced to relocate.
  10. Pepper was just about to say something, but Sabrina pulled Tony away for the moment. She just stood there awkwardly and scratched the back of her neck before leaving the two to speak to each other. Still, it was strange to see someone of Tony's past come and talk to him, since it rarely happened. It must have been of something important.

    When Sabrina spoke of Yinsen's passing, his face fell for a moment. He couldn't believe to hear those words. Stark owed him a lot for saving his life. Without that man, he could have been dead for all he knew. Then the reactor was made to keep him alive and kicking without the help of a car battery. Living in that cave for those few months did really put him down in the dumps when he thought about it more later. Especially after seeing his weapons used by terrorists. Made him go crazy for a moment in his life.

    "I wish I could have saw him before his passing," Tony commented, still trying to let the news run through his head. He always wanted to thank Yinsen more, but they all went their separate ways after they got out of captivity. Though when she brought up his Arc Reactor, he simply rose a brow. "I am doing dandy, peachy rather," he told her. "I am still alive, right?"

    Okay, maybe he was lying, but it was nothing that he couldn't handle. He just need to make a better reactor for himself, but he didn't know what else that he needed. To be honest, he didn't know what else to do, and he has been doing research. He just didn't want to worry Pepper, and that is what he has been trying to hide from her for the longest time.


    The female agent gave Steve a kind smile when he introduced himself to her. It was a nice gesture that he did that, and it proved to her that he was still stuck in his time period. She wished that more people were well mannered like he was, but those days seemed to be gone. "Since we are working together my full name is Beatrix Nimitz, and it is nice to meet you," she introduced as she shook his hand.

    She listened to Fury as he went on about changing his alias and then relocating him. When Steve asked his question, she let out a small sigh. "Just for safety reasons," she told him, and then grinned. "Besides, it is fun to pretend to be somebody that you are not sometimes."

    "Since you are so keen on doing that," Fury added on as he walked to his desk. "Anyway, the reason why we are doing this is to make sure that no one bothers you two. Only I and a select few other agents will know where you two will be in case something happens. Other than that, you will be in a stress free environment."

    "So, when do we leave?" she asked, looking up at her director.
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  12. If Tony refused to be honest, then Sabrina would just wait until the lies became impossible to speak. She'd linger in the area, honoring Yinsen's final request, but not forcing Tony into admitting his true withering condition. He'd confess the truth soon enough. If Yinsen's equations were accurate, Tony would be facing a dangerous situation within a month's time.

    "Ah," Sabrina smiled sadly, averting her eyes from his own. "I'm glad for you, Tony." She knew he was lying, perhaps even to himself. Stepping away from him, Sabrina glanced back curiously. He looked healthy, by general standards. However, she knew it wouldn't much longer until he began showing physical symptoms of the poisoning.

    "Yinsen's funeral is next week, if you'd like to attend?" She had arranged everything, including his burial in Germany. "I know he'd like that. I was...with him during his final moments." Tears attacked her eyes, lining the brim of her lashes. "He...he was suffering and now can rest peacefully."

    * * *

    "Soon as possible," Fury demanded, handing a few documents into Beatrix's hands. "These will be sufficient for his new alias. We've decided on the name Stephen Anthony Rodrick."

    Steve frowned, not exactly thrilled to be changing his name. After all, his mother had chosen Steve for a specific reason. However, he wasn't going to argue against his commanding officer. Fury made a decision and Steve respected it. Even if he did disagree on the name.

    "Answering to Stephen will not come naturally." The blond-haired man noted aloud, sighing heavily.

    Fury watched as the solider's demeanor shifted, his military reserve shattering slightly. Even for someone like Steve, designed for combat and the tribulations of war, he's still human. His humanity has never been in question. Still holding true to his traditional teachings, Steve obeyed his position and walked to the door when Fury dismissed them.

    Immediately, once Beatrix joined his side, Steve opened the door and held it ajar. "After you, ma'am."
  13. Tony certainly did have an uneasy feeling, but he wasn't going to act on it. It was just strange how it seemed like she was there to help him out with the poison affecting him. This was certainly not going to be brought up to Pepper, or she would just worry about him dying. As long as he found his way of surviving, she didn't have to find out that he was dying. Though it was going to be noticed as time went on.

    When she mentioned Yinsen's funeral, he just gave a slight nod. "Yeah, I will go," he told her, "But I will warn you now, I am not good with that type of stuff." Funerals were just not his thing. No one was a fan of them, and he certainly wasn't. Especially if it was for someone he was close to for a couple of months. If only he stayed in touch, and maybe he could have helped Yinsen in some way. It just seemed like everything was coming in too fast.

    Then he noticed the tears that brimmed her eyes, and he didn't know what to do. All he did was put his hand on her shoulder. "He is with his family now, I remember him telling me that he missed them," he said, and he knew that was going to set some type of trigger.


    Beatrix just held the documents in her hands, and she just allowed it to happen. She was going to be forced to do this little assignment, so it made her aware that she wasn't going to talk Fury out of anything. When Fury said Steve's new name, she gave out a little chuckle, but quickly hid it. Stephen was still close to Steve, but she guessed that it was still fitting to him. As Steve said that he was uneasy about his name, she placed her hand on his arm gently.

    "Don't worry, Stephen, you will get used to it in time," she mentioned.

    The name did feel weird saying, but she will get used to it. She said a "thank you" as she walked out the door as he held it open. It was nice that he was being a complete gentleman, she had always loved that quality in a man.

    "So, do you have any questions for me before we start?" she questioned, glancing at him. Might as well get some things out of the way before she had to start teaching him some things.
  14. Sabrina jolted herself away from Tony's reach, not comfortable feeling his hand on her shoulder. Even though his gesture had been an attempt at comforting her, she politely asked him to avoid touching her in the future. Ever since the kidnapping, she hates to be touched by others. The Ten Ring's men, well, they found her body appealing and didn't treat her very kindly when they'd take her to the private cells for their own enjoyment.

    Thankfully, Sabrina is barren and incapable of having children. Having to bare the child of those criminals, the shame alone would have driven her into inescapable madness. Sabrina sighed heavily as the horrid memories resurfaced, causing her to shake visibly. Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, Sabrina offered Tony a sincere smile and offered to treat him with lunch.

    "Come on, Mr. Stark." She teased playfully, winking. "Let me take you to lunch, for ol' times sake?"

    With nothing else to do at the moment, it seemed to be a fine idea. Besides, she noted with a growling stomach, she was indeed hungry.

    * * *

    "Questions?" Well, Steve had many, actually. However, speaking so openly to someone he barely knew, wasn't exactly the easiest thing for him. As a solider, he'd been trained to be divulge personal information. Now, even with his prior position retired from the United State's military and now sworn loyally to SHIELD, Steve still held true to those teachings.

    Many things about this world confuse him. Beginning with these current methods of communication, he's not sure how they work. Yet, everyone seems to use them quite easily. Baffled by even the simplest technology of this time, Steve conceals his discomfort with a frown. He doesn't want to present himself as an idiot. Even though, that's exactly what he thinks of himself.

    "Are you..." Steve's words fell deaf, his thoughts jumbled. After a few moments to gather himself, Steve tried conversing with her again. "Are you a normal agent of SHIELD or are you..." He tried to imply without vocalizing it. He motioned with his hands, "Special?"
  15. When she jolted away from his touch, he quickly apologized. Tony didn't know why he thought that it was a good idea. She was still going through the trauma, he could tell. Of course he wasn't going to mention it to her. His hand went down to his side, and he fell silent for a moment to recollect his thoughts. He took a deep breath before exhaling, then he looked at her as she was calming down as well.

    At the mention of lunch, he gave a slight smirk and then nod. "Sounds great actually, I was going to ask Pepper to get my lunch, but I think going out will be more suitable for this occasion," he mentioned. "I am quite expensive, I hope you remember that."

    He wasn't joking though. With a shrug of his shoulders, he motioned her to follow him out of the building. He was going to call Pepper later to make sure she didn't lose her head over him leaving the office so soon. "I will drive," he told her, giving her a wink.


    "There is no reason to be nervous around me, Steve, I am a normal person just like you are," Beatrix told him. She noticed how uneasy that he looked. It seemed like that he wasn't used to asking questions, and she knew that he had many. If he didn't have any questions, that would just worry her because she would be asking millions of questions after waking up from a frozen slumber.

    When he asked her what kind of agent she was, it made her laugh slightly. The way he asked amused her with the way he used his hands to ask the question as well. "I am an undercover agent who specifically reports to Fury, and I have been doing this since I turned eighteen," she answered, shrugging her shoulders. "My father was actually an agent, but he went missing when he was out on a mission and no one knows what happened to him. So, doing missions for Fury helps me with tracking down my father."

    She glanced up at him, giving him a grin. "I know it may look like that I am not an agent, but looks are deceiving."
  16. Of course she knows about his expensive tastes. He's Tony Stark and his lavish lifestyle is quite publicized. He doesn't settle for mediocre and never has. Sabrina followed him outside and immediately approached his car with widened eyes and a huge smile at her lips. "Is this really the..." She was speechless. He drove a model of car produced by her father's company. A swell of pride filled her chest.

    Without thinking, Sabrina carefully surveyed the car for any imperfections. None were to be found. "You take excellent care of this car." She wouldn't expect anything less, though. These specific model of cars were her father's own creation. He spent several years perfecting their design. It was the last vehicle he released before his sudden death. Gliding a hand across the smooth surface of the hood, Sabrina's memories resurfaced. Her eyes closed, a peaceful smile playing at her lips.

    "Daddy!" A grinning child came running towards her grease covered father, not caring that her new dress quickly got stained as she jumped into his arms. She overheard her mother's disgruntled cries in the background, but paid no attention. She was far too interested in her father's newest creation. He explained everything in perfect detail, taking into consideration her limited knowledge.

    "I want one, daddy!"

    Her father chucked, embracing his darling daughter tightly. "Someday, someday I'll make you a very special model...just for you."

    Sadly, he never got the chance to fulfill his promise.

    * * *

    Steve fell silent as Beatrix recited her story. He felt saddened to know her background was tarnished with such tragedy. Of course, he's familiar with loss. He wanted to ask more questions, gather further information, but that would have been rude. To be so invasive to her personal life. Steve decided otherwise, simply nodding and directing his thoughts elsewhere.

    "You're still skilled in this field, if you report directly to Fury." He complimented, acknowledging her qualifications. "Being an agent, of any degree, is not an easy task. Nor is different from being a solider." Regardless of gender, Steve knows these positions are to be honored and held in high regard. They came to the doors and once they opened, Steve was once again thrown into unfamiliar surroundings.

    People stopped, casting him glances every now and then. Shifting nervously in his shoes, Steve tried to carry himself with an air of confidence. Sadly, that's never been his forte. Even after becoming enhanced into a super solider with the serum, his insecurities have remained. Steve tried to force himself into the background, hoping to blend into the general public. However, when you're nearly 6'4" with an outdated appearance for this era, that's not so simple.
  17. Tony let a chuckle come from lips as he unlocked the car. "When I saw that he released this car, I bought it on day one," he told her. All he wanted to do was to support the company, and that is what he did. The cars were fantastic in his eyes, so he knew that he had to get his hands on one of them. "And of course I maintain it, that is how I am with everything that I own," he told her, shrugging his shoulder. Being a gentleman, he opened the door for her. He could be nice when he wanted to be.

    He waited for her to get into the car before he closed the door for her, and then entered on the driver's side. "So, where shall we go? What are you in the mood for?" he questioned as he turned on the car, wanting to make things easy on her. It was mostly what he wanted to do every day, so it was kind of nice to let have someone else take the wheel. He wasn't sure if he liked it, but he was going to let it happened.


    "That may be so, but I always imagined things a little different," Beatrix told him with a shrug. She wasn't going to dwell on it any further, even if she did wish that her father was still around. She tried not to think about her personal life when she was at work because it would start to dwell on her, so she just didn't do that.

    The agent looked around, seeing that people were staring at Steve as they walked through the halls. With a roll of her eyes, she walked a little faster and motioned him to follow her. "I hate it when people stare, it's very unsettling to me," she said, bringing him down the hall. She took out her badge, scanning it on a reader, and a door opened.

    Lights came on automatically, showing that they were in a small office that was decorated in an old-fashioned way. Much so it was styled the way an office would look from his time period. Everyone knew that she was unique by sticking to the fashion of the 40s, as well as the culture of the time period. She always thought it was a classier time than the modern age.

    "This is my office, in case you need me if we aren't together, I will be here," she told him, soon motioning to a chair. "Sit down for a moment, I have to finish some paperwork before I take you to your new living quarters, and don't worry, I am sure that your stuff is there already."
  18. Sabrina happily joined him in the car and buckled herself into the seat. When Tony offered her the decision to pick their destination, she giggled aloud. "Well," a slender finger glided across her lip. "Unlike you, Mr. Stark, I'm not so concerned with price and rather enjoy the comforts of fast food." She wasn't lying. Sabrina eagerly prefers a greasy cheeseburger and fries to the elaborate varieties her fortune can afford. "I know you won't settle for anything less than $85 a plate, so please," she smirked teasingly. "Take us wherever you so desire."

    She wouldn't complain, regardless of where he chose. He is driving after all, even if she has offered to pay. Sabrina relished the chance to be in her father's designed car, something she'd never gotten the opportunity to do as a child. Once her father died, she discontinued the line. For Tony to actually have one of her father's cars in such prime condition, well, it touched her heart in a way it probably shouldn't have. Sabrina isn't usually someone to be sentimental, but she has her moments. Everyone does, even Tony. Then again, she's never seen that display with her own eyes.

    "So, I'm surprised you even recognized me." It's been a long time since they last encountered each other. "My hair was quite longer when we met last." She caught her reflection in the mirror, briefly visualizing the hip length hair that used to cascade from her head. After obtaining her freedom, Sabrina sliced her hair extremely short. It used to be a pixie cut, but has since then grown out. Casting a glance to Tony, a small smile crawled along her lips. "You do clean up rather well," she teased, gently poking his cheek with her finger. "I must say, dirt and grime doesn't suit you, Mr. Stark. This, on the other hand," she gestured to his new appearance. "Is rather handsome."

    * * *

    Steve was transported to his own era when he entered her office. Everything, even the curtains hung above the window, reminded him of his former life. Startled at first by the uncanny resemblance, Steve stood motionless in the opened doorway. "This is your office?" He certainly wasn't expecting her to decorate in such a way. Besides, she may have captured his time period perfectly, but that doesn't mean she's actually part of that era. "Why are you so attracted to the 40's?"

    A stupid question, but something that popped into his head. She didn't seem to fit in with the modern times. Even her personal style of dress, which he found quite flattering, was dramatically different from the other women he's encountered. She doesn't appear to be a fan of the current trends. Although, Steve prefers her to be this way. It's...comforting, in a manner of speaking.

    While waiting for her to reply, Steve hesitantly began towards the chair where she had directed him to sit. Sapphire eyes continued to survey the room, taking in the smallest details and converting them to memory. The colors, patterns, all brought back pleasant memories of his childhood and early adulthood. Her office held a warmth, much like herself. In fact, if not for his own knowledge, Steve could have been back in the 40's. Everything was perfect.

    Except, that foolish desire would never be realized. Despite the decorations and Beatrix's appearance, this wasn't the 40's. No, that era has long since gone from history. And yet, for a brief moment, he allowed himself to think otherwise.
  19. Tony thought for a moment about the food, wondering where was it that he wanted to eat. Well, if she wanted the comfort of fast food, then perhaps he could make that happen. It wasn't going to be fast food, but almost close to that. With that thought in his head, he just went ahead and started to drive in the direction of this destination in his head.

    When she started talking about her appearance, he shrugged his shoulders. "I guess that I never forgot your face," he replied, paying attention to the rode as he drove. Even if it has been a long while since they last saw each other, he wasn't going to forget what she looked like. They were stuck in that cave after all, so of course he was going to remember her. Plus, he kind of looked her up a couple of months ago to see if she was doing okay. Just one of those things.

    "Hey, you have to remember that I couldn't really shower in that place," he told her with a smirk, glancing over at her for a moment. "And I know that I am handsome. I am genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist after all, I have to maintain appearances sometimes."

    He grinned at her, and soon looked ahead of himself. After fifteen minutes of driving, they finally got to their destination. It was a small diner that he actually stumbled upon one day. Well, he never went in, but he heard about the food. "And will this be okay or should we go find something more fast?"


    Beatrix gave a shrug of her shoulders as she sat at her desk and turning on the computer, the only updated thing in her office. "I think it is calming, plus my mother was actually fascinated with the era as well," she told him, smiling a little as she mentioned her mother. She loved her unconditionally even if her mom drove her crazy. "She taught me to be a proper lady because my father already taught me to be an agent, she wanted me to have some class."

    She opened the file on her desk, starting to right something down. This had to be done before she left headquarters so she could hand it over to Natasha. Fury didn't want to do it himself, so she had no choice. It was a pain, but she still had to do it. "Are you okay with it?" she questioned, glancing up at him from the paper as she placed her pen against her lip.

    Now she understood why Fury wanted her to do this mission. She was the only one in the office who fit his description. Though he could have been comfortable with other people, but more so her. It was still strange though because she felt comfortable with it. Even if she wasn't from the era, it seemed like she understood him.
  20. "Oi, don't inflate that ego of yours too much, Mr. Stark." Sabrina warned, adjusting her glasses. "Wouldn't want you to have a brain aneurysm." She should have known he'd absorb any compliment given, but even still, she didn't regret her actions. When he pulled into a small diner and asked for her approval, Sabrina nodded. "This is perfect." She got out of the car and walked on ahead of him, waiting patiently at the door.

    Thankfully this diner was fairly vacant, so they wouldn't have to deal with troublesome media. Especially for her. Sabrina has been avoiding the public's eye for quite some time lately. When they got inside, after being escorted to a window side table seat, Sabrina reached for the menu greedily surveying the choices available. She may have a prior history of modeling, but even she can appreciate tasty food.

    "So, what are you having?" This felt weird, if she were to be completely honest. Out to lunch with somewhere that shared a cave with her for several months. Not exactly a normal thing to do. However, nothing in her life has been normal since that day. While waiting for Tony to decide, peering eyes caught Sabrina's attention. Apparently someone recognized Tony and was gossiping like mad in the kitchen.

    Sabrina chuckled into her hand, dropping the menu. "Must you always attract so much attention?" It was difficult for him not to, she knew that. Their waitress returned, a fresh coating of makeup on her face and Sabrina smelt recently applied hairspray as well. Is it really necessary to freshen up before taking someone's order? Oh, of course. When that person is Tony Stark.

    "I'll have the three eggs, scrambled with cheese please. Three slices of bacon, three sausage links, white toast and coke." The waitress completely ignored Sabrina, her emerald eyes never once leaving Tony. "Oh and a million orders of chocolate cake while you're at it." Sabrina joked, finally catching the woman's attention.

    "Wait," the girl shifted nervously, eyes dropping to Sabrina. "What?"

    * * *

    "Oh," Steve jolted from his trance like state at her words. "It's very soothing, actually, ma'am."

    Even though he knew that she wouldn't get angry if he called her Beatrix, old habits are difficult to break. When she glided the pen across her lip, Steve forced himself to look anywhere other than her. Those types of innocent gestures, they enticed him. He knew there was paperwork to be done and focused his attention on the task at hand.

    "So, what exactly do I need to sign for this to be completed?" Steve wasn't looking forward to changing his name, or adopting a new life, but he at least wanted the freedom to leave SHIELD's headquarters. Nothing felt more uncomfortable than being constantly surrounded by agents. For once in his life, Steve just wanted privacy. He's never dealt well with popularity or being the center of attention, even after becoming known to the world as Captain America. Steve is a simple man and always will be that way.

    "I understand why I must change my name," that made sense to him. "But, do I have to change my appearance as well?" Steve has grown accustomed to his body, despite it being artificially made. His blond hair and blue eyes made him easily recognizable, though. Which is why he expressed concern. "I don't mind wearing wigs, but I'd rather not dye my hair if at all possible."
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