The Magician's Club~ [Sign-Up and OCC Thread]

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  1. The Story

    Hokke-Kyo Academy for the Gifted is the home to.. "The Magician's Club!" Out of the many clubs in the whole entire school, the TMC is usually ridiculed for its parlor tricks and rather dumb subject as many students would say. So of course many students refrain from joining as they rather have their social status intact.

    But the few that muster up the courage to join are given the surprise of their lifetime. This little high-school club is not about dumb tricks like doves flying out of a jacket and pulling a bunny out of a hat, this club was about real magic. Pyromancy, Illusions, Summoning, Cursing, all of this and many more were included in their course within the two hours they got to meet each day.

    But these weren't the only users of Magic, across Japan many different schools had magic clubs just like this one, some more meaner than others. And some even fight against each other in recent years.


    Hokke-Kyo Academy, often call HK Academy right in the center of Japan. Its a private school well known for their successful students and multiple recreational clubs.

    1.) Romances are allowed. (Its Highschool!)
    2.) Multiple Characters are Allowed.
    3.) There aren't restrictions to how many posts you can have, but they must be at least one paragraph at the least.
    4.) Nothing Mature Rated. We aren't in that part of the forum.
    5.) No perfect characters. You know what I mean.
    6.) Don't make a large plot twist without informing me.
    7.) Cursing is allowed.
    8.) No judging other roleplayers.
    9.) Try your best to keep up, but I understand schedules so..yeah. c:
    10.) Have shit tons of fun~

    Character Sheet

    Age: (Remember your in Highschool!)
    Magic: (Any kind as long as its not to Over Powered.)
    Why did you Join?: (How come _____ joined the Magician's Club?)
    Biography: (How was life like for _____?)
    Appearance: (Anime photos would be liked. But its up to you~)

    Accepted Characters
    Rufia as Melody Amanzaki
    Severusx as Atropa Suzuaki

    Club Positions
    Club President: Melody Amanzaki
    Club Vice President:
    Atropa Suzuaki

    Note From Rufia~
    I decided to make an overall simpler concept for this roleplay. I've learned that most people like simpler Roleplays and some (including myself) love complicated roleplays. I don't mind simple either its quite nice to me. Haha. So I decided to make this one as my first real simple but enjoyable roleplay. I hope you guys love it as much as what I've got planned out. c:

  2. Name: Atropa Suzuaki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Magic: Healing magic? (not totally sure what you meant.)
    Personality: Sweet, quiet, and kind usually. But doesn't get involved with many people. Painfully shy.
    Why did you Join?: She wanted to see if it was real, for people like her.
    Biography: Atropa grew up with her very strict grandma. Her parents died when she was very little, so she had to be raised by her grandparents.
    Around the age of eleven, her grandpa died, which was very sad. She had gotten along with him very well. After that, her grandma became very sour and mean. Her grandma is Christian, and so she took her to church, even when she didn't want to go. She also makes her dress a certain way and speak a certain way, as well as not involve herself in very much. But Atropa secretly likes to do art, read, and swim. Things her grandma does not agree with. Because of her secret things, Atropa has grown up to be very quiet and reserved. She is very shy.

  3. Accepted~

    Do you want a special club position Severus?

    Oh yeah and about the Magic, Any kind of magic can be chosen whether its summoning, or fire magic, etc. The fundamentals would be explained during the club meetings of your chosen magic.

    I'll be doing all that complicated stuff. I may just take the role of the teacher.. Hmm.
  4. Sure~ Can I be vice president? :3
  5. Yeep. c:
  6. Name: Mordecai Shizika
    Magic: Summoning weapons
    Personality:Mordecai is very laid back, often lazy, but despite this gets all A's in his classes which are usually above his class level. he trusts pretty much anyone and despite being a freshman is known by pretty much everyone in the school. he doesn't care about what anyone thinks, thus he dresses differently than most people and listens to a lot of music that is out of style.
    Why did you Join?: he has always liked magic and wanted to see what was up with the club
    Biography: Mordecai was raised by his uncle after his parents died in a plane crash. He was too young to remember them dieing. his laid back nature comes from his uncle teaching him that it didnt matter what anyone else thought and that school was the most important thing in life. He grew up listening to bands like black sabbath, led zepplin, and aerosmith so thats the kind of music he generally sticks to. He is always listening to music(there is even a rumor round school that when he sleeps he puts on punk rock)

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  7. Name: Hiro Namita

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Magic: Invisibility

    Personality: Hiro is a shy person, doesn't really talk to anyone but his parents and a couple of other friends. He is very reserved and doesn't like to give his opinion because he is afraid it will hurts someone's feelings. When it comes to him doing presentations at school he is terrible at him. Often he gets nervous over the tiniest of things.

    Why did you Join?: Didn't have any other clubs to join.

    Biography: (To be completed)