The Magic Of Sewing

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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!

Judith sighed softly as the carriage hurried along it's way, the sound of clicking hoves hitting the cobblestone street filling the air. She knew that her parents had meant the best and that they had only done this for her protection but to send her away to become a seamstress? Now that was over doing it a bit. She understood the risks of being a magic user in these times, she had heard plenty of the burns from days of old and the people of england were no less judgemental and frightened than they were hundreds of years ago. Curse her luck of being the only child to inherit the magic on her parents and curse her family for being so over protective. She could not turn back now however, letters had been scent and she was now going to be living with her new teacher and her son. Hopefully they weren't nosy people or else she would have to refreshen her knowledge on the memory alteration spell.

The carriage began to slow as the shop came into view, another sigh slipping form her lips as it seemed that her fate was sealed. The carriage stopped in front of the shop and the driver was quick to hop down and open the door to her carriage, helping her down to step into the streets. She walked up to the shop door, noting the quaint and simple look it had before opening the door. A small bell sounded, alerting anyone who was near that someone had entered. She looked around the shop curiously for a moment, glancing at the fabrics that were on display. She couldn't help but wonder what they people she would be staying with were like since she had been raised in a rather well off home. She would have to do her best to not seem spoiled in anyway, least that make her seem rude and not worth their time.

Robert was in the back of the shop, looking over the inventory and sorting what was out of order so it could be retrieved quickly should the need arise. The new pupil of his mother, some girl named Judith from family that SEEMED to do okay for themselves, would arrive today. He had no idea why the girl needed the education in needlework, though he had a few suppositions. In the end though, it was not any of his business, and he had better things to do with his time than idly thinking about a girl he hadn't met yet. It was at this point that his thought process was interrupted by the bell that hung above the door in the shop, warning him of potential costumers and other visitors.

Dusting off his hands, he got up and walked through the door-less door frame into the main area of the shop. He briefly pulled a hand through his half-long, chestnut colored hair when he saw who had entered. She wasn't really his type, (a firm chin hinted at a stubborn personality) but she wasn't unsightly either and it never hurt to maintain a proper look when it came to selling stuff regardless. He calmly walked towards the middle of the reasonably small shop and clasped his slender hands together before looking the girl in the eye.

"Good afternoon, Miss. How may I be of service to you today?"
Judith turned at the sound of a voice and came face to face with a tall man, he seemed out of place in the shop full of dresses and lace but she assumed that he must of been the son she had heard about when she had been speaking wither her parents. She smiled politely at him as she turned to face him completely and shooker her head.

"I'm not a customer actually, I'm the new pupil of the seamstress...Is she around by chance or am I here at a bad time?" She questioned lightly, wondering if she had come at the proper time of if her parents were just rushing her out the door and made her come early.

She adjusted her tiny hat slightly as she looked up at him, standing tall and straight as she looked over him quietly. She hoped that his mother wasn't too busy at the moment, she still had her bags to get out of the carriage and she wanted to have everything put away before they could start nosing around her things. It would be bad if they stumbled upon any of her magic items.