The Mafia Needs Her

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  1. Name:

    Angel Marie
    Funny, Stubborn, quiet, can fight back,
    " I know they want me but they have to work hard. "

  2. Name: Daren D'Lioni
    Age: 22
    Job: Youth Soccer Coach
    Personality: Mysterious, Quiet, Stud, Crude, Cocky
    Quote: "I'm everyone's type."
  3. uhm hello im new here can you tell me how role playing works?
  4. Well um for ome you dont post on here since itz one on one
  5. You making the first post Roses?
  6. You can but I thought he was the son of the mafia.. is that right?
  7. He is. But he's gotta have a part time job as well right? Or is that bad?
  8. Its ok it can. Be a cover
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.