The 'Lucky' Four

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  1. 'Lucky' Four-

    Your character is a Master. Your character has owned many pets in his life, liking to train them, break them, and use them for his own pleasures. One day at a big auction, you see four new pets were being sold all as a 'package deal.' A neko(half cat), an Inu(half dog), a Kitsune(half fox) and a half bunny boy(I forgot what they were called :P) Some were more rebellious, and the others were more shy, submissive. But your character was determined to break all four of them into perfect submissive pets.

    **I will play the four pets ^.^ you will be playing the master, you can have more than one character if you want, introduce your characters friends maybe, doesnt matter to me ^.^**
  2. I'm interested but just a question are they all male or no?
  3. Yeah, they will be all male. I prefer playing males more cx
  4. I dont usually do MxM but I'm feeling different kind of like testing the waters a bit. Shoot me a pm when you get a chance so we can discuss more.