The Lucenrai Chronicles: The Fall of Aven

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    Lucenrai, a world with lush summers, and harsh winters, the kingdoms of man have made their claim. Lucenrai is a large continental landmass, and one of the only two known continents in the world, flanked by several smaller islands and landmasses. The heart of the continent consists of an expanse of plains, hills, and lightly forested grasslands. To the north are an expanse of tall mountains and tundra, covered in harsh everwinter forests. West of the heartland is Mediterranean and warm. Down to the south, the land gets considerably wetter, and has large stretches of thick forests, and marshy wetlands. Towards the east, the plains become harsh, turning into a craggy, rocky region which then opens up to a large, harsh desert. Across the ocean nearest the western coast, are small chains of tropical islands, these islands are the buffer zone to the continent of Reyen, a lush frontier land, filled with forests and natural resources waiting to be exploited.

    For years, the kingdoms of man have lived in relative harmony. This harmony has not always been peaceful, small wars breaking out between the different kingdoms, but there was balance, order. To the North is the Kingdom of Ardel, a hardy and proud people, used to harsh weather and hardtimes. In the Heartlands, the ever constant ally of Ardel is the Kingdom of Aven. With its fair lands, large mines, and central location, Aven is the prosperous and diverse and is a generally peaceful nation. To the West is a large mercantile Varyan Empire, famed for their massive trade power and wealth, as well as its access to the rich islands and resources of the new world. To the south, in the great forests is the Kingdom of the Welds. Colloquially known as the Kingdom of the Wilds, the Welds have been rivals of the Aven for centuries. To the east is no kingdom of man, rather hundreds of clans of nomads and raiders.

    Lucenrai is now in a state of turmoil. The Welds, longtime enemies of Aven have suddenly turned to the kingdom for help, desperately requesting aid against a sudden surge of marauding Orcs. Alongside the influx of Weld refugees, Orcish bands have appeared in South Aven and have begun pillaging the countryside. To make matters worse, the Varyan Empire has launched a massive invasion of Aven, seemingly taking advantage of the chaos created by the orcs. With an army armed and armored with the wealth of the mercantile empire and the resources from Reyen, the Varyan Empire has easily swept across the Aven countryside.

    On the brink of defeat, the forces of Aven have been forced back to its Capital city and the nearby lands. With little hope of victory, Aven decides to send its youth- its future, to the north, to seek refuge within the Kingdom of Ardel. In the dark of night, caravans from Aven are sent northbound, with nothing but a scant few guards, mercenaries and older teens to protect them while the remaining soldiers of Aven prepare to hold the Empire at bay.


    This RP will revolve around one of the final caravans to leave the capital city of Aven. A ragtag group of old soldiers, grungy mercenaries, youths and children, we will struggle to survive in the wilderness as we flee from the dastardly forces of the Varyan Empire. Along the way we will be beset by hardship and adversity as we make our way through the war torn countryside of Aven and into the harsh wilderness of Ardel. At times, our story will be light hearted, at other times, it will be dramatic and tense as we attempt to prevail over insurmountable odds. Our characters will face daunting challenges, testing their wit and willpower, as well as their morals as they are pushed to their absolute limits in this struggle for survival. This is: "The Lucenrai Chronicles: The Fall of Aven"

    1. This Roleplay will have above average standards, I will be expecting at least a few, well written paragraphs, and absolutely NO ONE LINERS.
    2. Be sensible and polite in the OOC. Any arguments should be either taken off to private messages, or brought to my attention.
    3. No Mary/Gary Sues. Your characters are heroes, but they are not perfect.
    4. No God-Moding. Your characters are important, but I will not hesitate to injure them if they do something exceedingly stupid. Note, as GM, I reserve the right to God-mod however I like, with the purpose of advancing the plot, or steering it in a specific direction.
    5. This RP is rated M. Violence, and foul language is freely allowed, though for the sake of decency, any sexually graphic acts will fade to black (or will be taken to PM) before it goes too far.
    6. Player knowledge is not character knowledge. Just because you know something (be it through OOC or another person's post, does not mean that your character knows.
    7. As GM, my word is law. This does not mean I will be unreasonable, nor will it mean I will be unfair, but I will expect you to respect my executive decisions.

    Regarding Characters
    IMPORTANT: I will only be accepting up to 4-5 characters (not including my own or the Co-Gm's).

    Most characters will also be expected to be novices, relatively inexperienced, or 'low level' in skill. Characters for the most part will be youths and young adults, and can have some skills- though characters cannot be a master at arms. Alternatively I will allow one or two characters to play an older, more experienced and skilled character, provided that they are adequately balanced, for example, A skilled swordsman, who is now old, and no longer the fighter he once was.

    Character Creation
    This RP will not play out on a tabletop style system, and treasure and gear will be bountiful in this RP. However, for balancing purposes, every character will have a starting net worth of Gald(Currency), and 'skill points' depending on their character class, with this Gald, you can mix and match your starting equipment. If for some reason, your character does not have enough Gald to pick out everything you want, and provided the things you want are for story reasons, feel free to talk to me and we can easily hash out the details.

    Technology and Magic
    Pretty standard Fantasy fare, technology is your typical swords and shields. Steel plates, chainmail, and leather make up the backbone of defensive technology and we can expect to encounter rare and expensive fantasy metals such as Adamantium and Mithril. Magic is also as you'd expect, magical bolts of varying elements cast through willpower and concentration- though not all possess the talent for magic.​

    Character Sheet

    Appearance: Your character's appearance. I prefer art images as opposed to real life pictures
    Name: Your character's first and last name.
    Age: The age of your character, the age range I'm expecting for most characters is 16-20. Old Caravan Guards and Mercenaries will obviously be a little bit older.

    Personality: One of the more important parts of your CS, give me a good taste of what your character is like.

    Backstory: Important, but not as important as your character's personality, give me a small summary of your character's history and bio.

    Skills and Abilities: Here is where you put things your character can do/are good at, as well as what magic abilities they have (if any). Magic is a rare talent and is difficult to master. If you intend on making your character a user of many weapons- chances are s/he won't be a master of magic.

    Equipment: Here is where you'll give me a list of your character's equipment, weapons, and armor- if any. Remember, you're playing refugees and raggedy caravan guards on the run- not a mobile armory.
  2. Excellent... I hope. I'll say I'm intrigued and I sincerely hope this takes off.

    That said, I do have a character in mind that I shall create some time later!
  3. Hey Viet. Have been looking for a good fantasy Rp. I will have a magic user Who isn't good with anything but a short sword. Give me a short time to write this up.

    Would you rather her be a Mercenary? Maybe around 19.

    If this blizzard gets me out of school tomorrow it will be up then.
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  4. If she's going to be a mercenary or a guard I'd rather them be somewhere between 20 and older. Though I want the focus of the RP to be on the teens in the caravan
  5. I'll have her be 17 which I was originally going to do.

    Do you want me to have her narrow her magic into a specific element or just Arcane in general.
  6. (WIP)
    Victoria Watson

    Age: 19

    Victoria a girl raised for 18 years in the Varyan Empire, is a prideful girl that usually sticks out from the ordinary woman and basically the whole crowd as well. She takes pride in her dueling skills that she has been actively training in, however she admits that she has a great deal to learn and still requires a long time to master. Being raised in a wealthy community allowed Victoria to indulge herself in many activities that many people often could not do, as she always had a tutor which helped her. She was an adept pupil and was trained in many areas however she never went as far as she did with dueling. She was a girl who wanted to be well-rounded with still being good in the skills that she covered, and refrained from doing too much, instead focusing on what she was currently practicing to further advance herself when she wasnt being taught by anyone. Socially, Victoria is a silent person who often doesn't partake in conversation however, she can handle a very deep conversation if needed only trouble is the other person has to try and keep it going or it ends short. To close friends she is a more talkative friend who is quite adventurous and is very energetic that has a trouble of standing still sometimes. To people that she has a romantic eye out for, she usually remains with the quiet side of her being generally more shy around them preferring that if she isn't found out that she likes them, then all is saved.

    Backstory: Important, but not as important as your character's personality, give me a small summary of your character's history and bio.

    Skills and Abilities: Here is where you put things your character can do/are good at, as well as what magic abilities they have (if any). Magic is a rare talent and is difficult to master. If you intend on making your character a user of many weapons- chances are s/he won't be a master of magic.

    Equipment: Here is where you'll give me a list of your character's equipment, weapons, and armor- if any. Remember, you're playing refugees and raggedy caravan guards on the run- not a mobile armory.​
  7. If this is still open, could I join. I have an idea for a magic user.
  8. Oh well. Bumped with my CS. Wanted to wait to see what's the gender distribution like, but I guess I'm done waiting!

    Cenora Hin, Yellow
    (Artwork by ChaosRingen of DeviantArt)

    • Name:

      Cenora Hin








      Parents (Pierce and Lisanna Hin)

      • Elementary Magical Training
      • Elementary Schooling

    • Personality

      Cenora is introverted by nature, but has no problems operating in social situations. As a person, she is generally liked for her kindly and approachable demeanor. However, she can sometimes come off as weak-willed and a push-over. Nevertheless, given the fact she is hardly one to bear grudges, this is an aspect of her personality that others frequently exploit. Fortunately, to her credit, her kindliness and easy-going attitude earns her plenty of goodwill - which endears others to her.


      Born to Pierce Hin and his wife, Lisanna, a native of the Welds, Cenora was raised with love and attention showered upon her by her protective parents. Owing to Lisanna's Weldish heritage, Cenora was often bullied at an early age. This was exacerbated when she found out that she possessed magical abilities. It came to light when she finally lost it while being bullied, knocking one of her bullies into a coma (that would last a year) and wounded four others. It took no small amount of pleading and some palm greasing to have the authorities overlook this incident.

      Fortunately, the family's general shop was a relatively successful one and the financial impact was not as severe as it could have been. For Cenora, she would go on into a magical academy in the capital city of Aven. Thus begins a phase of life for Cenora that she would call her 'fondest'. Regardless, her academic performance in the academy was less than stellar. She eventually graduated from the Elementary Level of Magical Competence.

      However, before she could continue on into Intermediate Level, the political situation took a turn for the worst leading the authorities to dispatch caravans towards the Kingdom of Ardel. Cenora had the luxury of getting into a caravan with both her parents.

    • Elementary Level Magical Competence

      Cenora is capable of manipulating the basic elements (specifically and only Earth, Wind, Fire, Water). Offensively, she is capable of sending bolts of fire, gusts of wind or torrents of water. With the element of Earth, however, she is only able to use it defensively, either creating a protective layer of earth or a thin wall of earth. Even then, these spells rely on her concentration, which is easily broken.

      Emotional Stability

      After the incident with the bullies, Cenora had learned to rein in her emotions, keeping a cool head in most situations. As a result, she may sometimes seem detached from certain situations but it allows her to remain calm in the face of traumatic events.

      Speed Reader

      Having had a lot of time on her hands in the magic academy, she had cultivated a habit of speed reading, allowing her to read at nearly ten times the speed of an average reader. This allows her to learn new spells from spell tomes more quickly than the average person. Nonetheless, mastering the spell in question is a separate matter altogether.
  9. Womp. To be honest, I forgot I had this one starting up....

    yall still interested?
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