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]✩ Tsukiko ✩
"Oh my, getting a little shy? It can't be helped~ You're in the presence of excellence after all."

General Information

Tsukiko Inari

Tsu/Tsuki, Nari



Sexual Orientation:
Closeted Bisexual

School Year:
2nd Year

Role in club:


5'7" and hopefully still growing, Tsukiko has dark violet hair he inherited from his mother, and gray-blue eyes more like his father. At the moment, there's no denying Tsukiko's nor his twin brother's lineage to the main family's relief. With long, tame hair he usually puts up in a ponytail, Tsukiko isn't one to shy away from fashion.

His closet ranges from regal clothing, vests, ties, uniforms, anything to fit an "elegant" picture of being a prince. However, when he can, he spends his off days snuggled up comfortably in a kimono. Most days, his hair is strung up by a silk ribbon or rope-like hair accessory.


The most accurate way to portray him is to suggest he could be considered an eccentric, head-strong individual. Tsukiko has the ability to sneak eloquent foreign words into his vocabulary and absolutely showboating his capabilities. He heavily exaggerates his movements to display a dramatic effect. Overall, Tsukiko can be loud, over-the-top ridiculous, and though he attempts at flirting... Well, he does his best. However, there's also an elegance to the way he behaves, raving on about 'morals' and 'chivalrous' behavior.

Certainly, at times he can be a little dense. However, if he figures it out, he can become a stammering, flustered ball of mess. Tsukiko surprisingly knows shame. One can even go as far as to calling him scaredy-cat and in reply, he'd pretend he's not by showing off to a further degree... Bluffing certainly is his strong suit. However, a key component is that Tsukiko is an honest, straightforward individual. It's safe to say that almost every old-maid game he plays, he loses.

  • Rhinoceros Beetles​
  • The Limelight​
  • Watermelon​
  • Kenshibu​
  • Flowers​
  • Hanafuda​

  • Horror Movies​
  • Geese​
  • Waterfalls​
  • Spicy Foods​



Born to a shrine-owning family, Tsukiko was raised to adore the outdoors. He'd scramble to collect the shells of cicadas', rhinoceros beetles to take care before eventually releasing it, getting his feet dirty with mud and bringing random acorns home... That was the kind of childhood he dragged his brother into.

However, as he grew up, the duties slowly began to pile on and the big personality he'd cultivated couldn't fit in the mold his father had prepared for him. Performances he loved to put on for the old ladies who came to the shrine was now rewarded with cleaning punishment. Misogi, dutiful scrubbing of shrine floors, swordsmanship practice, his father would do anything to get rid of his energetic spirit. It wasn't benefitting of someone with the Inari title-- someone who was supposed to soothe the gods rather than rile them up.

Unfortunately, it didn't work and what he succeeded in creating was a head-strong, prideful individual who took every punishment given and spun it into a lesson for himself... Which motivated him further in acting exactly the way his father detested. It's safe to say they don't get along, but in Tsukiko's eyes it can't be helped.

Really the reason for joining was simple for him-- he wanted to spur on a love story as great as Juliet and Romeo! Orihime and Hikoboshi! What better place for an over-the-top individual to fit in then a strange club from the start! He'd stake his family name on bringing at least a few couples a maddening love that would last perhaps for eternity!




Chihiro Inari -
The youngest and only daughter of the Inari family. Though she spends a lot of time in the middle of her older brothers arguments, she also spends a lot of time yelling at Tsukiko herself as well. She has always had the rare talent of being able to tell them apart and she has a softer personality. She has a good relationship with Tsukiko though she has a lot less tolerance for him than Koichi does. At eleven-years old, she is friends with Luna Kousei (Solaris's sister).


Koichi Inari -
Tsukiko's older twin brother. He has a much more introverted nature and ends up getting dragged around by his younger brother. He often gets mistaken for Tsukiko and it causes him a major headache. If he didn't decide to cut his hair when it got much too long, the two are practically indistinguishable. The two bicker, but overall they have a good relationship.



  • During his 1st year, Tsukiko spent a good amount of time running away from the kendo club.​

  • Tsukiko owns a dog named "Pochi" and the Inari residence thanks their stars that they burn so much energy together.
  • The flamboyant individual is terrible with technology. Leave him in a room with the television and he'll somehow find a way to glitch a game or get a sophisticated toaster to light itself on fire.
  • Tsukiko typically puts on dance-performances at the shrine during special, or scheduled events.
  • As children, Tsukiko certainly was the ring-leader that lead his siblings straight into trouble.
Souma Saitou

Theme Song:
Hatsune Miku, KAITO - Ohedo Julia-Night

Nagao Kei

Audio Playing:
Navia Theme Music - Unofficial Operation (tnbee mix)

Name:Misty Aurora Jade

Nickname (if any): Water dancer Mrs sarcasm and more

High school year: 2nd year


Age: (14–18) 16 turns 17 in a few months.


Sexual Orientation:Straight

School Year: Role in club: Member

Personality: Normally calm and collected, but can be really bubbly and hyper as well, more so when she's tired of covering it up. She does her best to carry herself properly, but not in a snobby way. She loves learning all kinds of new things. She avoids pointless fights most of the time, but when it can't be avoided or she really dislikes a person, she cuts them down with sarcasm and such.
She is comfortable in her own body and doesn't care if people stare at her body as long as they don't touch it without her permission. In her culture, people sometimes hug and kiss each other on each side of the cheek. Some find it weird, which is to be expected. She likes meeting new people, but at the same time, she likes her own space as well.

Likes: Dancing,
Metal work,
Video games,
Learning new skills and things from others with reason

Many people from old money because she finds them to be utter snobs, though she understands it's because of Aya's parents and people that gave them a chance that they have a better life now.
Ignorant people who don't know they are ignorant.
Flat soda unless she has a tummy ache
Undercooked or over cooked food

Crush: TBD

Relationships: Aya has worked with her mum and dad

"Misty's life has been anything but calm most of the time."

When they lived in England, they had to move around a fair bit due to the work being limited where they lived in the countryside.​
When they moved to Japan at the age of thirteen, Misty was given a scholarship for her woodworking skills that she posted online. Misty's parents did odd jobs for a while as they planned to move and set up landscaping from back home here in Japan.

Due to their hard work, the landscaping business took off after two long years. Her mom specialises in steel and other metal forming work, but due to the company she worked at going bankrupt because of a lack of funds, she was laid off.

A few months later, word of mouth got around about the great job they did for other rich people in Japan and ended landscaping for Aya's parents. As usual, they made sure to do their best at the project they were given. To their surprise, they grew close to Aya's parents, and they offered to help them invest in a steel factory as one of the main investors.

She avoided Aya when she could because she thought Aya was a waste of oxygen and it would be too much of a headache. She also didn't like the way she treated the staff, though she kept her mouth shut on that front.

Voice (optional):

Theme Song (636) Fire Force - JOKER [ AMV ] - Amend - YouTube

Is Hiroki's most recent next-door neighbor

but well built and taller. Has a black cat called Nio who hates Aya just as much as misty does. misty taught him to say fuck off aya in meows and other bad words. Nio is motherly to younger animals​
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Name: En Kusari

Nickname: None

Gender - Female

Age - 15

Height - 4,9

Sexual Orientation - Doesn't mind.

School Year: 2

Role In Club: n/a

Personality: Curious, quiet, reserved and aloof. Always enjoys her time in the outdoors or on a porch where the fresh air can reach her. Considerate of those around her, happy to lend an ear. If she listen's, she can imagine it in her head, enjoying painting the world and story as she hears them.

Like's: Walk's, napping, listening to the sounds of the world around her, company of friends, a warm drink, snack's, her father, the quiet, warm day's, headpats. Simple exercises, trying to join in, Snow, heavy rain and fluffy animals. A fan of rhythm games and very good at them.

Dislikes: Loud people, abundance of noise, those who underestimate her, things being moved when she leaves them in places.

Crush: None Currently

Relationship('s) - Parents: Both parents spend a large chunk of their time working, leaving little room for them to spend time with her, even then she still loves them both. Understanding that running a business is a time consuming task, knows that if they had more time, would spend it with her. Her father run's a colossal web of iron mill's, foundries and workshops around the world. Her mother assists him as a secretary while working, becoming her loving mother the moment work ends. En does her best to help around the estate despite having staff for that, ensuring her maids/butlers never feel anything but a part of her family, as bigger sisters and brothers.

Voice: Soft, Silky smooth, quiet and sweet.

Theme -

Extra: En, although does her best to act as though she is not, is blind. She travels everywhere using a black-iron cane topped with a sculpted sleeping red-panda's head for her to rest her hand on. It acts as her walking guide. Her hearing is far more developed due to her lack of sight, relying on her ears and even her nose to tell what is where and assist her in getting around. Despite worry from her mother and father, En assures them that she wants to be able to do some things on her own and show some independence, and so she does her best to have a simple routine of small excersises before going about her day. If she needs anything, requesting money from her parents is simple, however tries not to abuse it as she hates the idea of becoming corrupted by the wealth her family owns.

Bio: En had did all she can do lead a happy childhood! She remembers her time spent cuddling with her father and mother. Helping her mother cook, clean, shop and even some handicrafts! She spent as much time with her father, carrying papers between his work session's, bringing him snacks, little drawing's she had made and learning some of the dynamics of industry. It was when she turned 5 that due to a medical condition, her eye's went dull and she lost her sight. Even though distraught, her parents and estate maids did their all to make her feel normal. It was a rough period, struggling to adjust to sightless life. Her father had her black iron cane made for her, her favoured animal the red panda topping it. She never let's it go, one of her treasures.

Even with her dull eye's, she learnt the layout of her home to the level of detail where she could walk it without her cane. One would even think she could see where she was going. Her parents learnt to leave things she placed alone, knowing she left it there because she knows its there now. Even to this day, she still spends her time at home helping her mother cook, clean, craft and shop. Particularly enjoying trips to the store when it rains. She still does her best to draw little pictures for her father, help carry his things when he is at work and absorbs his advice like a sponge.

She often enjoy's school life, although it does come with it's up's and down's. A public setting with no sight has earnt her quite the little group of bullies. It is only natural, and yet still she does her best to keep her head high. So what if she can't see? She will still do her best to make friends, enjoy her school life and the company of dear friends. She often finds herself being one comes before to talk of their day or aspirations, an ear and comforting aura, welcoming any to come and sit with her.