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  1. The smells of the cantina were, to put it bluntly, atrocious. Pungent death-sticks were lit in tight, cloistered corners were gamblers plied their trades. Liquors that were edible to all aliens (and not so much to others) steamed out from tall and short glasses. Some of them were even mixed up, thought if the cantina-goers or the bar workers cared, it wasn't visible. Droids waddled in every few minutes, but were tossed out moments later whole-- or in pieces.

    "Grin's ready to see you, Garrick," came a voice from over the shoulder of a human-looking individual that happened to be sitting at the alcohol-soaked bar. A plate of nuts sat in a shallow puddle, but they didn't look anywhere near the appetizing side of anyone's food-scale.

    "About damn time!" the human said, throwing back a short glass of amber-coloured liquid. He hissed in both pain and satisfaction as the liquid burned another hole in his gut, and slammed the glass down on the counter. He spun in his stool and faced the individual-- a short, squatty-looking bat-man-creature-alien with a flat head and wide, flared nostrils, and yellow eyes that had a dulll luminscence. It was slightly over a metre tall, and heavily armed--and armoured.

    Garrick--Zayin Garrick, that was his name--followed the alien as it waddled across the cantina. It crossed the threshhold of an archway, onto a floor that was several inches higher, and it was like walking into a new building. The smells ebbed away, the booths were quieter, and there was a small stage of holograms that were pantomiming a band.

    The little bat-man lead Zayin over to a large table near the stage, nestled next to door clearly marked 'EXIT' in green basic. Surrounded by women first, then armed guards, sat 'Grin' L'keh, so named for the matching scars at either end of his mouth, curving up and over his cheeks to make a grotesque smile. He was a blue humanoid, with bright red eyes and crimson hair: Chiss.

    "Good on your delivery, as always," Grin said with a smile, never taking his eyes off the busty Twi'lek girl to his left. The Rodian girl on his right desperately tried to get his attention by smooshing her exposed cleavage against his shoulder. It didn't work.

    "Damn straight!" Zayin said, shoving a hand into his bantha-hide jacket. The hem of it just barely went past his waist, and the shoulders were thick and broad-set to accomodate his already broad shoulders. Zayin was tall, two meters at least, and had brown hair and blue eyes. A thin beard covered his jaw, which covered surprisingly soft, handsome features.

    Blasters came up, and Zayin held a hand up. "Hey boys, calm yourselves! Just bringing the goods..." The other hand in his jacket came up slower, revealing a small item in a non-descript brown envelope. Zayin leaned down and delicately set it on the table before sliding it forward.

    Grin's eyes seemed to light up--literally--as they sat on the item. He shoved the girls to either side away and snatched it up greedily, and opened it just barely. He peeked inside, squealed delightedly, and shoved the envelope into his lap.

    "Give 'em payment," Grin said, going back to his girls-- the Rodian this time. A Gamorrean stepped forward and threw a sack at Zayin. With a puzzled look on his face, the human opened the bag, only to drop the cloth sack to the floor and hold up the golden Hutt statue.

    "What the hell do I do with a relic?!" he roared angrily. Blasters came up instantly, and Grin's eyes focused on Zayin. Zayin regretted his tone, but only barely. His other hand was still at his side, and now itching towards his own blaster.

    "Sell it, trade it-- I dunno, do somethin' with it. It ain't mine no more. I got it appraised at twice what I owe you. I just... can't move it, for some reason. So it's yours! You got that fast ship of yours, the Cortana, so take that to Republic space and sell it there."

    Zayin's eyes darted from side to side, counting. He made sure to count the guy behind him too.

    "... Eh, fine," he finally relented, his voice surprisingly chipper as he lifted the sack from the floor and shoved the golden Hutt back into it.
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  2. Platinum hair fanned out over a table, no doubt catching filth from the right side where there were puddles left unattended. The person attached to the hair cared little about it, though. A human shaped female sat face down, nose squished against the table's dirty surface while she buried herself in misery. A few observers assumed she passed out drunk, but the truth was that she was sober. There wasn't any amount of money to be found on her, so she was mostly just taking up space until they threw her out.

    Groaning quietly, her head turned, exposing a mature feminine face that was white as chalk. She blinked at the sore sights that were across the room, her silvery eyes struggling to adjust after hiding in the dark for that long. The girl was certain she just woke up from an accidental nap.

    Hugged against her stomach was a messenger style bag. It contained the one valuable thing she had left, so she was determined to keep it safe until she knew what to do with it. Prying it from her hands would prove to be a challenge, though. While this Echani seemed to be down in the dumps, she would be quick to break a thief's fingers with her own raw strength.

    The clothing she wore was comfortable and dark in colors, appropriate for fluid movements and camouflage. Keelu wasn't one to stay in one place, or be bossed around. So she was always on the move, acting as her own boss. Except lately, she'd been doing a terrible job of managing herself...

    Keelu Elgrin lost track of how long she'd been stranded on this planet. A series of unfortunate events completely erased all options she had, and then her following efforts only made matters worse. She was becoming quite the popular troublemaker around here. Keelu swore that if she ever made it out, she'd never come back here! Ever!

    Making a grouchy scoff at an employee who started to eye her, she pulled her hood over her head to block the view of her face. They were starting to notice that this customer was not a customer at all. One discussed the issue with the other until a decision could be made, as to who should be sent over to deal with her. Meanwhile, she was looking around the place for someone she could stalk out of here, and potentially mug for their wallet.
  3. Zayin rumbled underneath his breath as he stepped through that little archway, forgetting the several inch drop and nearly falling flat on his ass as he was hit by the wall of stench. He would swear up and down that there was a force-field up just for smells!

    He grabbed the lapels of his bantha hide jacket and adjusted. The form-fitting leather sat snug on him and over the Mandalorian-iron vest he wore--hidden, of course--underneath. To all looking though, he had a dingy bit of linen shirt with a V-neck, the buttons undone and showing hints of skin. His pants were a shade of dark blue, his boots black and rough-looking.

    He tucked the satchel close to his belly, having already figured the establishment not the place to already hock the thing, and strode out the doorway and into the wide cargo expanse of the B'razha Spaceport. It was a funny thing, having such a dirty and dingy bar attached to a dirty and dingy spaceway. Who wanted drunk pilots?! But... Well, that was the way of things.

    There was a heap of droid scraps to one side of the doorway, and a crowd of half-drunk to full-drank spacers on the other side. If he had made his way down one side of the wide expanse he would travel past merchant stalls, food vendors, even a few thieves and forgers before eventually finding his way to the B'razha city proper. Going the other way would take him past a personnel elevator, a cargo elevator, and all number of docking bays.

    His was 94. And docked there was the beautiful, illustrious, half-broken, curvy, shiny, dingy, hard-to-part-with Cortana.

    The Cortana (open)

  4. Keelu had an eye for shiny objects. Within the darkness of her hood, a cheshire smile split across her face, her silvery irises gaining a twinkle as she followed a sparkle that walked out the door. The fellow was hiding it the best he could, but she saw that glimmer through the slight gap of his satchel.

    Due to her focus being solely on the mystery item, she had only a few seconds to examine the owner himself. There was a rugged appearance to him that suggested he shouldn't be underestimated. Also, he walked out of the off-limits section of the dank bar. Keelu knew what happened beyond that door; valuable transactions.

    After double checking the whereabouts of her equipment, which wasn't much to begin with, she hopped up from her seat so she could pursue the treasure owning stranger. Before she could make even three steps to the door though, she was stopped by a Quarren who asked her in his native tongue if she expected to leave here without paying.

    Keelu held up her hands defensively, "Whoa whoa, easy. Uhh, I don't have any money, but could--!" Before she knew it, her left arm was smacking his hand out of the way as a set of claws made a move to harm her. The Quarren muttered with frustration towards her ability to predict the movements of her enemies. "Don't get lippy with me, squid-face! You started it after all!" Keelu barked with an accusing finger, that same hand then snatching one of his face tentacles into a tight bind. She scrunched her nose and stuck her tongue out insultingly, then gave the slippery thing a tug before letting it smack him right in the face. The bartender exclaimed with anger, distracting her from the brutish cyborg who came up behind her. Everyone in the bar had their eyes on her now after she let out a scream, having been caught in the unbreakable bind of a prosthetic limb.

    While being dangled upside-down, Keelu struggled in the human cyborg's grasp, throwing her fists in all different directions. The man sighed with annoyance while he gave her a shake, prompting the Echani to clutch her bag tighter to her stomach. However, she did lose two lone credits that fell from her pocket. She blinked at the floor, "Huh... I didn't even know I had those!"

    "Well, they're mine now." She grimaced at the metal man as he scooped up the money with his free hand, then carried her all the way to the doorway. "This isn't the last of me, you jerks! I'll come back here and beat you to death with my own hands! I don't need to cut off my arms and replace them with metal ones just to beat your big ugly--hey, you could have set me down more gently!!!" fumed the angry girl, who was carelessly dropped on her ass once they arrived outside. She winced when the doors were slammed, getting the point across that she was no longer welcome.

    Keelu scrambled to her feet, her hood returning to her head before she started a jog to go searching for the scruffy treasure man. The rage caused by the bar owners fueled her fiery steps as she weaved through crowds, all the while thinking about how inconvenienced she was by that dilemma. Soon enough though, she found her target. Enough people were pushed aside to allow her better view of the surroundings.

    A black cloth was tucked around the lower half of her face, further reducing the white glow of her face. She stealthily moved from behind objects and walls, curiously pursuing the man all the way to the spaceport. Great, more drunks to work past.
  5. Docking Bay 94 was a medium sized bay, with the Cortana taking up a good portion of it, along with a number of cargo boxes. Grin's parcel wasn't the only thing Zayin had brought in to B'razha, though it was the most profitable--if he could move this stupid... statue! The rest of the crates were filled with textiles, food, medicine... the usual.

    Droid-cranes were loading a small crate of things now. B'razha was known for trinkets and artifacts, much like the one that was in the sack around Zayin's body. He was shipping now several luxury pots that each had their own crate, so his cargo bay was going to be light--but full. He was also restocking on personal supplies, like food and fresh water. He was thinking of a foray into deep-space at some point. Maybe not... soon. But... soon.

    Something caught his eye, and he turned his head quickly. He only saw droids though, and heard nothing but the whirr-hiss of servos and hydraulics. He stood, staring for a moment, and finally made his way up the boarding ramp, shutting it quickly behind him. The cargo ramp, however, was still loading its final haul.
  6. Keelu had her back pressed to the wall, earning her the occasional suspicious glance. Most were too busy to pay her more than a look, though. Sighing with relief, she made a peek around the corner to see where this stranger had gone. She noted the number of the docking bay, then settled her eyes on the space vehicle. "Ooooh," she whispered against her mask, her eyes widening to take in the full view of the ship. A ship that was being restocked with supplies!?

    Quickly, she retreated back to her spot against the wall, having gotten the sense that he would be turning around. Keelu waited for just a moment, knowing he would have to board his ship at some point. During that moment, she made the decision to stowaway. She could sneak herself in there, then throw him overboard and make off with everything. Not once did it cross the Echani's mind that she was way in over her head. She never completed her pilot lessons, also she had little idea about what she'd be up against.

    When she stepped into the entrance, she could see the final crates being loaded. She made a dash for the ramp, using stacks of cargo to hide behind when the droids were facing her direction. After a quick peek, she expertly rolled towards the loading ramp, coming out in a squatting position so she could spring onto it. Right as it was closing it, she dove into the cargo bay to sit amongst all the goods.
  7. Zayin rolled his neck around a few times, working the kinks out, as the door hissed shut behind him into an air-tight seal. He paced around the length of his ship as he pulled the little Hutt statue out from the dark blue wool satchel that was hung around his neck. He looked at it intently, really studied it outside of the dark and the hazy environment of the starport cantina. Its eyes glittered with tiny red stones, catching the light and reflecting it in multi-coloured light. It caught him once, and he was momentarily blinded. He figured quickly how to angle it so it wouldn't catch him again.

    The rest of the statue was smooth, and carved immaculately. It was a heavy piece for how small it was, no bigger than a baby's head. He looked closer at the face (dodging those stone eyes), and could make out the tiny wrinkles and detail of the Hutt. It was perfect in how every minor piece was inscribed! He spun it around, noting more of those wrinkles, and looked close at the 'bed' the Hutt was sitting on. He noticed there were two tiny incisions, thin as a pinky nail, and peering into it he could make out-- well, nothing. He fished into his utility belt and pulled out a little light, and could barely make out workings of electronics. It didn't look like anything he was aware of.

    "Antique junk," he mumbled, and stuffed it back into the wool sack.

    He draped the bag over the back of his roomy, thickly-cushioned pilot's seat and turned to his droid co-pilot. The droid was attached to the chair, a large boxy monstrosity with several arms sticking out of it all working different controls panels in perfect concert. A 'neck' was attached to the top, angled forward with a single telescopic-like protrusion that served as its head and face.

    "We all strapped in and ready to go?" he asked.

    "I dunno, berg, what you thinkin'?" the droid asked in a high pitched voice, completely devoid of the tinny or mechanical nuance that accompanied droid speech patterns. Zayin gave him a blunt look before gesturing at the panel.

    "Let's go!"

    The engines were lit afire and the Cortana made lift-off.
  8. The curious woman looked between the various boxes she sat amongst, in search of two things. Something to hold onto while the ship took lift off, and a crate with a food label of some kind. On that filthy planet, she struggled to maintain a healthy diet, hence her inability to take on those two barkeepers who tossed her out like she was trash. Had she been properly nourished, she probably could have won that fight.

    Keelu hunched down against the wall, hands gripping a bar that stuck out of it. Only when the Cortana was making a steady flight through space did she let go. She made a quiet thud against the floor before crawling across it, her head popping over a few of the crates so she could watch the doorway. Then she fought with one of the boxes until the lid was finally removed, allowing her to dip into the rations and wolf down whatever she could. Food was fuel to her, including foods she wasn't fond off. Fortunately, whoever this guy was, he had decent taste in edibles.

    A curled hand pounded lightly against her chest, supporting the flow of gas that made it up to her throat, then was released through a quiet exhale. No need to alarm the ship's owner with her famously loud belching. Crumbs were dusted off her shirt, left in a pile on the floor amongst disposable containers. Now was the time to do her investigating. There was a shiny gold treasure waiting to become hers, and this ship would be a nice improvement for her life too.

    As she wandered the corridors, holding her travel bag as close as ever, she searched for directions that could point her in the right way. Keelu didn't know how well the ship's security worked, but so far no alarms had been triggered. Light footsteps managed to find the right direction to the cockpit, where she assumed the rugged looking man would be.

    Keelu made a crouch so she could tuck herself into a corner, enabling her to peek very carefully at the pilot seats. What first caught her attention was the bag hanging from the main chair, bringing a toothy grin to her face. If she was quiet enough, maybe she could snatch it up! Rubbing both hands together, she inched towards the pack, the crouch making it look as if she were walking like a crab. An arm extended for it, her hand feeling around the inside of the satchel while a cautious glance was made to the droid co-pilot. 'Don't look, don't look, don't look...'
  9. "Who the hell are you, toots?" came the strangely-accented voice from the droid co-pilot. It didn't have to look; it had complete access to everything that was the cockpit. It knew the moment the weight and temperature had changed, and while it didn't have security control, the droid could at least strike a conversation.

    "The crusty berg didn't mention bringing a female companion on board. You look like you might stink. He give you a bath yet? 'Cause if he has, oh man, someone needs to teach him that is not how you deal with ladies. No offense, but I wouldn't want to copulate with you while you look like that. That dumb berg though..."

    "What about that "dumb berg"?" grumbled Zayin as he stumbled into the cockpit. He wasn't wearing his bantha hide jacket anymore, nor did he have on the Mandalorian vest. He did, however, have his hip belt on-- complete with blaster and assortment of tools. His hands, however, were occupied by a cup of kaff and more than one sweet pastry.

    "Who the hell are you?" he grumbled more, torn between making a mess of catastrophic level, and letting this stow-away get the best of him!

    Interior of the Cortana (open)

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  10. Silver orbits shifted in the direction of the conversational, and strange sounding, droid. A quizzical look struck her face while her fingers curled around the golden idol hiding within the satchel. The look slowly morphed into a neutral expression, then an annoyed glare. The insults didn't bother her so much as the implication that she should be tended to by the man who owned this ship. Even though she was bad at it, Keelu took care of herself and only herself!

    As she straightened from the crouch, she had an arm pulled back to be the start of a punch that would likely make a hole in the sassy droid's body. "Shut UUUU---oh?" Her fist stopped partway, paused in the air as she turned her head to see the human standing there, looking straight at her. The shiny hutt statue was held at her side; no sense in hiding it. If she couldn't hide from the droid, she doubted she managed to steal the item unseen...

    Keelu's brows knit together while her lower lip curled out, her focus moving between the consumables in his hands, his utility belt, and his face so she may recognize it for future encounters. That is, if he didn't shoot her to death first. She would prefer him to strike her unarmed, but this wasn't exactly her home world with its rules.

    The grumbled question sparked a natural reaction of raising her arms, with the figurine still in hand, making it look as though she might attack. She learned about a person better through combat than she did through small talk, however she didn't make a move. "Don't worry about it," Keelu told him in a low voice, punctuating with a grouchy snort. This just wasn't her day. While eying him like a person with nothing to lose, she made a side step so she could view him from a different angle. What was she thinking!? Come on here to steal the figurine and the ship!? Yet again she was reminded of how impulsive she was. "You best keep to your snacks."
  11. "Well, yeah, I am," he muttered, staring at her with relaxed eyes as he munched on his sweetened pastry. The albino features set him on edge; he knew she was Echani. Echani had a terrifying reputation across the galaxy as terrifying fighters, no matter the situation or circumstance. He gave her a wide berth, circling around her, and while his eyes were relaxed-- they were laser focused.

    "So, I guess I just picked you up. You want that shiny statue there, huh? What you willing to do to part for it?" He munched again, his mouth full as he chewed loudly and set the other sugary donuts down on a panel next to him. His left hand was empty-- it wasn't his shooting hand-- but now he had a free hand.
  12. Keelu was confused, though not visibly. Since she was so very young, she was told to keep her stare as serious as possible. It wasn't intimidating this guy, from the looks of it, but at least he knew she wasn't fooling around. What confused her was the calm demeanor, and him casually consuming his goods. She held her ground still; no one could be trusted.

    Her eyes shifted to that of the golden idol, then settled back onto whatshisname. During that brief look to the statue though, she finally had a chance to get a better look. The shape resembled a Hutt, and she could feel some strange but interesting details on the surface. How curious, she thought. Almost as curious as the other valuable she was hoping to exchange for something of use or need.

    "I'll do whatever I have to do," Keelu answered with confidence, her fingers making a tighter curl around the golden Hutt. The longer she shared this space with him, the harder it was to not initiate a showdown of some sort. "And if you want it back, you will just have to come get it. Shoot that thing, though?" Her nose scrunched while she flicked her gaze at the blaster hanging from the belt. "I'll see to it that you have to wear an eye patch for the rest of your life."

    That sounded more badass in her head, but whatever. An eye patch would be an attractive accessory for him.
  13. Zayin sighed frustratingly. It hadn't been a very good day. Of course, it wasn't bad, but with Grin stiffing him on the payment with a little Hutt idol-thing, things weren't good, either. The payment for that hard-to-aquire parcel was supposed to set him well above his profit-margin for the timeline! He was supposed to be surfing the galaxy, traveling to planets far and wide, exploring, not...

    ... dealing with this!

    He sipped at his kaff, drinking the heavily caffeinated drink in heavy gulps. It was lukewarm, thanks to an old, dingy machine, and drank blank, thanks to his handful of sweet little pastries he had picked up prior to seeing Grin. It was supposed to be his victory treat. Now...


    "I don't know who you think you are, girl, but this here is my ship. And while I can be accommodating, I don't like to be threatened here on my ship!" He had been jabbing his mug-filled hand at her as he spoke, spilling.

    "And I don't like the idear of eye-patches, thankyouverymuch." He sipped again as if to punctuate.

    "Anyways, I don't have to get nothin' back. It's still mine, you're just holdin' it. Hah!"
  14. Keelu was watching that mug cautiously, her hand about ready to slap it right out of his fingers. That might as well have been a threat, jabbing it in her direction as if he wanted to do harm. A rather childish comment followed a casual sip he took of the warm beverage. Arching a brow, she looked to the item she had stolen, then scoffed.

    "I don't see a name on it," she retorted. Though her voice carried a murderous tune, she was being just as juvenile about the situation. "You're just afraid of what I'll do if you try to take it from me!" Though he didn't know who she was, he seemed to know what she was. Maybe he was being careful, or trying to plot a way to overpower her. She'd be able to guess better if he'd do less talk, more action.

    The idol was quickly stuffed into the bag she was wearing, where it could sit safely with the other valuable she had. Perhaps she could interest someone in a deal. Two pretties should help get her out of the funk she was in. That is, if she got out of here with them in tow, let alone alive.

    She made a sidestep while keeping a concentrated stare on the man, where a twinkle of mischief could be seen. That's when she decided to sprint in his direction, a fist wrapped with tape punching the mug so it would turn to a mess of shards and unfinished kaff, some of which sprayed over the control panel. The only thing in tact was the handle still in his fingers. That very same fist launched at his face, but paused simply so she could extend an index finger and flick his nose.

    Cackling like a madwoman, she zipped off to the side, powerful legs carrying her out of the cockpit so she could be chased down, or find a place to hide. Whatever came first, she supposed.
  15. Zayin was proud of himself!

    He saw the punch coming, he really did! Or at least, that's what he told himself. The quick distraction to smack his mug was what gave him the time he needed to pull his blaster in a quickdraw and gun down her abdomen into molten slag.

    At least, that's what he could have done.

    But he didn't do that. No, he got flicked in the nose by some.. some... little bloody girl, who had stolen from him, and she darted away! After she had displayed melee superiority! He was no slouch in a brawl, and could take down more than a good handful of men out there, but still-- he didn't need reminders that Echani warriors existed that could whup his ass from here to Coruscant.

    "Haha, you dumb berk, she got you!" came the droid's nasally insult.

    "Shut up," Zayin roared as he slapped a panel next to the cockpit door-lock. It slammed shut with a hiss as security protocols took over. The man pushed past an assortment of chairs before plopping down in the pilot's chair and locking himself in. After secure, he flipped on the intercom.

    "This is Cap'n Zayin Garrick, of the Cortana. We may be experiencing... turbulence!"

    He dropped them out of hyperspace then. They floated in black nothing as he turned down the gravity from .99 to .20 and laughed as he began a series of wild maneuvers.
  16. A glare was cast at the ceiling, as if that were where his voice was coming from. Well, now she at least had a name to stick to the face. She wouldn't have to beat it out of him herself.

    "Oof!" Like he announced, there was turbulence. Keelu's body was tossed down a corridor, another tilt of the ship forcing her to suddenly ram against a wall. Nothing would let her feet stay planted to the ground! To make the second impact less of a pain, she curled into a defensive position so she could protect her weaker areas. Feeling a cold metallic surface against her back, her arms were suddenly thrown out while she rode the motions of the ship.

    Another toss of her form sent Keelu zooming past the locked up cockpit doors, closer to where the room to his escape pods were. Much as she'd like to hijack one, there was no chance she'd get past the doors. However, she did latch herself onto a length of piping so she could stay in one spot for at least a damn moment!
  17. He had set the gravity low, but now low enough to beat her half-to-death in the wild maneuvers he had just made. A few bumps and bruises, and a concussion if she was unlucky, but she was Echani. She was not only used to bumps and bruises, but she was enhanced. Those same bumps to him were scratches to her!

    If anything, he'd level the playing field if she decided to get... feisty.

    Zayin dropped the 'nose' of his ship forward, sending them throttling down. He felt the restraints tighten against his chest as he threatened to go 'splat' against the viewport. Keelu would have felt her feet dangling towards the cockpit entryway.

    The Captain then spun his ship to the left, barreling out. The stowaway's feet would settle onto the flooring, but at .20 gravity, it would be a strange sense of unsure vertigo as the maneuver also would have pulled on her. It was a bit like jumping while in an elevator.

    Finally he settled out, and flipped a screen to his left.

    "Head out to the hobby deck. It's got the big holochess board next to some chairs. Set my little, uh, thing on that, then make your way back up to the bridge. Put your hands behind your back, and we'll see about talking like civilized pirates.

  18. Well, at least he wasn't going to come out here to try and handcuff her or something. He must have known already that she'd try to break his arm for trying such a thing. At the same time, she knew her impulsive behavior couldn't go without consequence. The logical, though weak, voice in her head told her she shouldn't recklessly do whatever she wanted.

    Both arms were extended out as she tried accommodating to the strange way she had to walk. At some point, he gave her a break. She had to take a moment to adjust herself after all those shakes, though. Looking up to nothing in particular, she unleashed a grouchy snort. "I'll show him civilized, straight up da ass..." she mumbled to herself, making an aggressive upward motion with two fingers as she started going to the place he expected her to be.

    The idol was removed from her pack, as was the other item she had. She looked between the two curiously, brows knitting together as a show that the gears in her mind were turning. The two items were tapped together a couple times, seeming as if, maybe--

    "Eh." Keelu put her piece of loot back where it belonged, and left behind the shinier one. Once she made it to the bridge, she indeed had her arms behind her back, but they were curled into tight fists that were full of unspent rage.
  19. Put her in handcuffs was exactly what he was going to do!

    When he was sure she was as docile as she was going to be, he made the jump back to lightspeed. The droid was about to say something, but he made a movement with his hands, followed by a, "Zip it!"

    "Dumb berk," the droid mumbled, causing Zayin to double-take with a dark look before turning his attention to the Echani behind the bridge door.

    He took a minute to find the stuncuffs-- they were comfortable, and would not hurt her so long as she didn't move. Turn either one too many degrees however, or try to pull, and they would be zapped with the equivalency of a stun blast. It would be enough to at least put the tough woman on her ass.

    Cuffs in hand, and an actual blaster in the other, the door slid open.

    "Hey there, girlie. Alright, nice and calm there, and we won't have any casualties, right? We're just... noble people. Civilized people."
    He slid the cuffs on her, and sighed in relief as they hummed to life. He slid his blaster in the thigh holster and nudged her forward. "Let's go have a sit down."

    When they made it to the lounge, he made a despairing noise. He had thought hiself clever in subdoing the woman. Looking at his lounge in the complete and utter horrific mess it was in, however, had made him wish he had done nothing to begin with.
  20. Keelu brought her wrists to her face to examine the atrocities he dared attach to her. The stupid human was probably too afraid of her! Though she was snarling on the outside, she was smirking on the inside. How scary she must be if he felt the need to put these high-tech gadgets on. The moment she was freed though, she might have to hurt him, or else there would be many unresolved issues.

    The moment he nudged her, she spun around to show a fiendish glare, lips pulled back to show a strong set of chompers like she was a wounded wild animal about ready to bite. "Don't. Touch me." Her voice carried a murderous tune that assured she would not be so merciful next time. Now she might not seem so civilized...

    Huffing to herself, she turned away again so she could follow obediently to wherever he was taking her. They arrived in the lounge, which was as much of a mess as anywhere else, she imagined. She picked a spot to stand in that wasn't piled with junk, then lowered to sit in a crouch. Keelu needed to be seated in a private bubble, so to speak, or else communicating with her like a civilized being would be nigh impossible.
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