The Lost Riders

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  1. So, I have this in mind:

    A sort-of apocalypse scenario, not after but during the end of the world, where ancient beings are swarming across the earth. You're part of a Special Operations team specially trained to take down those giant monsters. Something like mixing up Battlefield, Dragon's Dogma and Skyrim video games all together.

    Honestly, who wouldn't want to sky-dive out of an airplane onto a dragon's back and take it down mid-air?
  2. Honestly I think you'd get more interest in the fantasy section for this Roleplay, but I love the plot.
  3. Yeah, I guess. But I don't really like group rp so I thought here would be the best place to post it.

    Anyway, I see you are interested, so, tell me: Any questions or suggestions about the RP?
  4. I have a question or two. How exactly would the members of this task force be chosen? Would they have special powers and such?
  5. Well, not really. I wanted to keep it modern themed... But now that you say it... There may be someone blessed with the powers of the ancestral Gods, who in their last breath granted all they might to a single human being in order to gave the humanity a last chance to redeem themselves and prove, that even under the worst circumstances, they can hold the line.

    Mmmm... Yeah, kind of took the concept from the Dragonborn... But hey, is still valid. ; )
  6. Haha I like it. It's a good storyline.
  7. So, anymore questions?

    Would you like to be the 'Dragonborn'? "I swear I will come up with a different, yet, still cool name for it. )
  8. Well I would like to start off not knowing my power if that's alright.
  9. Sure thing. Tat will keep things even more interesting; )

    Just give me until tomorrow and I will get it started, Alright? It's a busy week.... An almost done busy week, luckily...
  10. Sure thing. I'm glad to start this plot. It's also been busy for me and my weekend could potentially be busy as well.
  11. I'm sorry I'm trying to get posted but I'm very sick right now.