The Lost Riddle, One x One

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  1. Squid's Dice Roleplaying

    The basic Outcomes, how it works

    Roll 2d6 + Modifier

    10+: You do it with little trouble (Describe)
    7 to 9: You do it, but with complications or trouble (Describe)
    6 or less: Failure! Add dangerous complication or trouble, mark XP (Describe)

    It threatens bruises and scrapes at worst: d4 damage
    It’s likely to spill some blood, but nothing horrendous: d6 damage
    It might break some bones: d8 damage
    It could kill a common person: d10 damage

    Level UP
    When your XP is equal (or greater than) your level+6, level up and upgrade one Attribute by one.

    For more information: Click here

    :::::::::::::::::::: Participants ::::::::::::::::::::

    @BlueSquid playing Willow
    @Yanaike playing Yanaike

    :::::::::::::::::::: Character Sheets ::::::::::::::::::::




    Strength (CHA): 10 (+0)
    (DEX): 14 (+1)
    Constitution (CON): 11 (+0)
    (INT): 5 (-2)
    Wisdom (WIS): 10 (+0)
    (CHA): 14 (+1)

    Load 11/14
    Leather clothing with fur for warmth (1)
    Large leather sack (1)

    Thick furs for sleeping (2)
    Waterskin (1)
    Smoked elk meat (2)
    Long Bow made of Elk Antlers (2)
    Fine wooden arrows (1)
    Sharpened rock, resembling a knife (1)

    Physical Description

    From where she came from, the grand North, Willow wasn't different from the others. Fine freckles on her pale skin and ginger hair, she look definitely related to the Northerns. Willow had a vigorous and athletic body that developed itself from the many elk hunts that she took part of with her people. Her hair was long and wavy, but braided as it went down along her back. Her upper body strength was exceptional and her legs were though as rock. Through her light blue eyes, you could nearly feel the coldness of her home.
    Background History
    Willow's story began when the men of the West came upon their lands and pillaged their home and people. It was sudden, everybody was sleeping and woke up in terror as screams of suffering were echoing through the village. She could barely recall the scenery, as flames and smoke, now hunted her memory. She had to run... everybody was running in fear... she managed to hide while her people tried to defend themselves. The Northerns were exceptional warriors and hunters but that day, didn't go their way. The raiders had in their possession, blasters of great potential, designed to take life with a blink of an eye. The people who managed to escape, ran far East, where they managed to build a new start for themselves... Willow was part of that group. Nowdays, they all look for a brighter future and new opportunities. This is the reason why Willow and a few others, have raised their hand to be designed explorers, in search of prosperous lands.


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  2. Name



    Strength (CHA): 4 (-2)
    Dexterity (DEX): 16 (+2)
    Constitution (CON): 9 (0)
    Intelligence (INT): 16 (+2)
    Wisdom (WIS): 10 (0)
    Charisma (CHA): 8 (-1)

    Load 7/7

    Clothes & accesoires, see physical description (1)
    Backpack (1)
    2 daggers usable for dual-wielding (1)
    Slingshot (0)
    Cabbage (1)
    A couple of dice (0)
    A deck of cards (0)

    A book with horror stories (which she should have brought back to the library 121 days ago) (1)
    Filled water pouch (1)
    Some lumps of coal (1)

    She’s quite small, around 4’11’’ inches maybe (150 cm) (to the top of her hat is about 5’5’’ inches/165 cm), but I’m not really good with heights. She has a light skin colour, long brown hair and light brown eyes. She has this brown haired tail (think monkey-tail but longer). You can easily tell Yanaikes emotions from looking at the tail. When she’s sad it will just hang on the floor, but when she’s happy she will wag the tail. She wears a white sleeveless dress, shaped like an anime-styled mini-skirt below. Over that she wears a black leather-ish jack with a big zipper. From under her dress goes the earlier mentioned tail. On her feet she wears soft white boots, making almost no sound when touching the ground. Actually it’s like she’s floating on a thin layer of air instead of really making contact with the floor. On top of her head she wears a typical black witch hat with a pair of pilot/steampunk-like goggles strapped around it, only using them when racing or as sunglasses. Finally Yaniake wears a silver necklace under her jacket, shaped like a heart. When it’s cold Yanaike might also wear a pink scarf, else she will keep it in her backpack.

    Talking about character, Yanaike might be the most difficult person to describe. She’s very unpredictable: the one moment she’s thinking/doing this, the other moment she thinks/does something completely different/irrelevant. Despite that it isn’t difficult to influence her thoughts/movements as a strong well-placed opinion will easily convince her and making her think it’s the truth. She also thinks out-of-the-box and sometimes (seemingly random) she uses objects for different purposes, or uses alternatives (hammock instead of bed). In one way Yanaike can also be just like a pet. If you don’t give her enough attention or if you talk bad to her she will start to feel lonely and starts to think she’s not wanted, she will then close herself off from other people and eventually she will walk away. Direct confrontations also often result in her doing the same. However, if you do things that will please her (helping her out, talking positively, giving her a lot of attention) she can become a great friend with spontaneous hugs to their friends. Yanaike is super smart. You can even consider her to be a geek, since she loves to go to libraries and read all kinds of books. New technologies fascinate her. Especially computers, even though she considers computers to be a collection of all bad features of humans: they are so simple-ish and so easy to hack for her. Last but not least mentioning is Yanaikes speed. It doesn’t matter if she’s hacking a computer, racing (she can keep up with racing bicycles) or learning new things, Yanaike will always do it very quickly.

    Background History
    Yanaike fled at a young age from her home, to escape from the strict regime of her mother and search for her divorced father. During the search for her father an accident happened to Yanaike that gave her her tail, magical powers and certain animal-like instincts of which she refuses to admit she gained them during the accident. She eventually found her father, a few years later, in a distant region, fighting in a civil war. Her father was surprised to see her, and the changes that had happened to her (both normal changes (grown up) and the changes of the accident), but most of all he is glad to see his daughter again and he promises her that from now on they will travel together.
    Unfortunately a few days later her father is killed in the civil war, leaving Yanaike the silver heart-shaped necklace which contains a picture of her and her dead if you open it. Traumatised, Yanaike flees again, withdrawing herself to the nature.
    Because she didn’t have any parent during critical phases of her youth, she’d never learned certain moral values.
    Nowadays Yanaike lives a kind of nomadic life, with a love-hate relationship towards humans. On the one hand she admires the books they write and the technical knowledge she gains from them, on the other hand she thinks humans are foolish and limit their selves by boring rules. She travels through the woodlands from village to city to village and lives from thieving and whatever Mother Nature has to offer.

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  3. (Writting finished)

    Willow's heart was beating fast as she was running away from a couple of hunting dogs. She recently has encountered a band of men who, for some unexplained reason, unleashed their fierce hounds on her. Speeding through the foliage, she could hear the barking animals near her vicinity. As she took a moment to catch her breath, she looked back in the distance, but couldn't see the dogs yet. She was definitely fast, but the unleashed beasts had incredible endurance as well.

    DEX Roll: 2d6+1: 9 (You do it, but with complications or trouble)

    Heavy breathing, carrying a huge backpack with goods, Willow staggered and lost her balance. As she fell on the dirt, she tumbled down a descending path and luckily breezed by a few tree trunks! Her descent was short and she finally hammered herself on plain ground.

    Fall damage: 1d8: 8

    Recollecting herself after the unforeseen fall, she screamed in pain as she felt agony in her left hip. It was certainly not good news as she had a hard time getting up on her feet. After the fall, Willow's body was quite bruised up, including a few cuts on her arms as she tried to deflect the branches in her way down. Resting her hand on her hip, she looked around with worry, gesturing her head hastily. As she went to grab her bag in front of her, she looked away in the distance and saw a shabby wooden cottage. It didn't seem like she could hear the barks for now, with haste, she decided to find refuge to the cottage, in hopes that it wasn't owned by those men!

    Nightcrawler threw 6-faced die for: running away faster (DEX) Total: 8 $dice $dice
    Nightcrawler threw 8-faced die for: It might break some bones: d8 Total: 8 $dice
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  4. (Writing finished)

    The previous night...

    Yanaike's feet were feeling unusually heavy, as she trudged trough the forest. She had difficulties keeping her eyes open as she was tired from the long walk that had taken her almost the entire day. Without taking any break she walked in an almost straight line through the forest. She just wanted to get as far from that village as possible. In the beginning it was a nice pleasureful walk. She was enjoying the nature life and the little animals around her, coming out of their hiding spots, curious to this weird girl. That was then, but now since the sun had gone down: it was dark. The little animals were sleeping. Or hiding perhaps? Yanaike knew that it was dangerous to walk alone through the forest during nighttime. Even though Yanaike was not afraid of such dangers, she knew that sooner or later she had to find a suitable spot for sleeping.
    At that point she noticed a little cottage in the woods, illuminated by a beam of light coming from the moon, shining trough an open spot in the tick forest. Yanaike tried identifying the cottage, trying to find out if it would be a possible place to sleep.

    INT: Identify (2d6+2): 6 (Failure!) +1XP

    But she was just to sleepy to be able to clearly identify the cottage. Her vision was blurred as her eyes kept constantly closing. Yanaike stumbled towards the back of the cottage and there she collapsed, falling into a deep sleep.

    WIS: Waking up in alertness (2d6+0): 4 (Failure!) +1XP

    Yanaike was in a too deep sleep to notice that another person was approaching the cottage.
    Yanaike threw 6-faced die for: Identify (INT) Total: 4 $dice $dice
    Yanaike threw 6-faced die for: Waking up in alertness (WIS) Total: 4 $dice $dice
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  5. As Willow arrived to the cottage, she peeked at it from the bushes and it appeared to be unused. The building seemed decrepit and not well taken care of. Carrying her luggage with pain, she hurried and tried to find the entrance as fast as possible. She looked over at the rising sun and smiled as she felt blessed for surviving her recent encounter. She wasn't fully safe yet, but at least she was well alive. As Willow walked around the cottage, she jumped out of fear! In front of her was a person asleep with a long monkey-like tail and a big black hat! Without hesitation, Willow grabbed her sharpened rock, resembling a knife and pointed it forward. After inspecting the situation closely for a brief second, it appeared like the individual was asleep but Willow kept her weapon pointed forward, still... somewhat... unsure. To her left, were the stairs leading to the cottage's entrance, but she didn't want to wake up the person. Not knowing if the sleeper would be a threat to her, she stood there, frozen and not knowing what to do.
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  6. (writing finished)

    WIS: Waking up in alertness (2d6+0): 8 (you do it, but with complications or trouble)

    Yanaike woke up after hearing some sounds. With the sleep still in her eyes she looked around to see what woke her up. She noticed a girl with long red hair and cold blue eyes.
    "Oh, hi there!" Yanaike mumbled, yawning, and not seeing that she had a pointed rock in her hand, ready to strike any moment. She wagged a bit around with her tail, waiting for the girl to introduce herself.
    Yanaike threw 6-faced die for: Waking up in alertness (WIS) Total: 8 $dice $dice
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