The Lorien Saga

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  1. Lore

    Sixteen years ago, on a planet whose greenery is slowly graying, whose water is tainted by shrapnel, whose core is slowly cooling, one last airship docks in the bay of a ravaged launch area. A large group of roughed of militia members holding large canons guard ten children along with ten adults who hurry their way onto the ship, onto their salvation. The sky is bombarded with sounds of bombs and it almost seems that the sky is bleeding due to its red tone explosions can be heard from everywhere and anyone could tell it was pure chaos.

    As the ninth pair steps into the glowing ship a loud crack resonates through the air. The tenth adult wraps himself around the small olive-skin girl that walks beside him as the guards began to shoot at a slim ship heading straight towards them.

    The measely canon shots bounce off the clearly advanced airship as it hovers above the ground like a helicopter would. Thirty or so gruesome looking aliens drop down, they have a bald head much like a human, well, except the shark gils that accompany to the sides of their nostrils, their pitch black pupils, their sharp white teeth, and their intimidating tatoos drawn all over their bare scalps. "Mogadorians!" A soldier shouts as he aims his handheld canon at the charging crowd of aliens. The mogs charge at them with glowing blades and canons of their own and it isn't long before they manage to penetrate the line of soldiers. The tenth pair is frozen in their spot, the little girl crying into the arms of the man that held her.

    "Go! Go! Leave Lorien!" The tenth man shouts at the airship as the mogs slash the soldiers around them in pieces. One of the adults fearfully starts the closing mechanism of the doorway, her light blue eyes plagued by distraught. As the door only reveals a crack of view she sees the tenth adult stabbed straight through the back with a blade. She runs with teary eyes towards the deck and everyone notices her.

    "Number Ten and her Cepan are dead. We have to go now!" She shouts to them between her sobs, the adult at front starts flipping different switches found on the control board and soon the engine comes to life, glowng panels at the bottom of the white ship glow and next thing you know the ship speeds away. Some of the children rush to the windows and watch the dying planet they barely managed to escape.

    They land in the midst of a thunder storm. The ship slowly hums out until the engine stops and the nine pairs walk outside. They pass along clothes to each other, that resemble modern Human clothes. With a few solemn goodbyes and hugs the nine pairs turn into different directions from each other, and begin walking. The fog concealing them from the eyes of the others.

    As they spread across the world the children are taught by the adults. The children learn that they are special Loriens who will begin to develop powers as they grow, legacies. The ten (nine now) of them are suppose to ascend as the next generation of Lorien Elders. They learn that they are called Garde and that the adults are the Cepan, their guardians.

    Years have passed by now. The Mogs had followed us and now even the slightest attention or news about anything out of the ordinary the Mogs come and see if its one of the numbers, they get here quick. They are smart and they are hell of a hard to evade. This proved to be too much for number two and one. On their time here they've been found and murdered. The others know about this because as a number dies a intricate burn patterns itself onto our ankles, burning down to the bone.


    Loriens - A race found on the planet of Lorien. They are like humans but morea advanced technology wise along with the ability to have a special child everytime one of the elders die, called Garde.

    Garde - Special Loriens who are born to become the next elders of the planet, the next rulers. They develop special powers called Legacies as they mature. Mogadorians hunt them relentlessly as they are the only thing in the way of conquering Lorien.

    Legacies - Special powers that develop by the years. The Garde were sent to earth to train their Legacies in battle so that they can retake their world.

    Cepan - Guardians of the Garde, they are their mentors and are told to teach their children of Legacies and such. They are to risk their lives for the Garde no matter what.

    Mogadorians - Aliens who fight relentlessly and violently. They live in complicated labryinths of stones found in moutains and such.

    Lorite - A material used to make the pendant each Garde wears.


    [1.] No GMing charaters besides your own
    [2.] No Perfect characters.
    [3.] Nothing too mature should be shown on the thread.
    [4.] Cepans and Garde are usually the playable races. Important mogs will be controlled by me unless you ask permission and I think you can pull it off.
    [5.] No using charcters from the novels. OCs please.
    [6.] No over-powered charaters. They need to be balanced.
    [7.] All posts need to be at least a paragraph's length.
    [8.] Multiple charaters are allowed, but no more than 1 garde and 2 cepans. Unless we need spots to fill.
    [9.] Do your absolute best to post often. No posting order at the moment because I want this to progress and a okay rate. This is subject to change though.
    [10.] All other basic roleplay rules. Message me if you want more information on the subject of the roleplay/rules etc. And yes this is based on the novel series of I am Number 4.

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