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  1. Welcome, Stranger!
    I'm Hiron, and today I search for roleplay partners that hold one thing in hopefully the same high regard as I do: Lore making. I love to explore the world, history and culture of a world of either a popular or less popular fandom or a world of my own making and come up with more stuff about it, from subtle and sensible to extravagant and a little bit silly. The genre doesn't matter, I can love them all, what I want above all are tales, legends, memoirs, journals entries or everything you can come up mingled with a bit of slice-of life and wonder.

    Anything could happen, a whole world could be our oyster, the idea would be to create something new and to have fun.

    Now, here is the mandatory requirement list:

    No Mary or Gary Sues.

    I expect us both to make good effort in our post, I can understand slow days but crappy one liners are not the way to go!

    I want a good amount of OOC chatter in the form of conversations.

    We must both have fun, so don't feel shy if you want to try something else or just drop it, I'll understand!

    And that's it, I hope to hear from some of you soon :)!
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  2. What kind of Genre do you like the most? I would be willing to make some Lore with you like you want.
  3. I love Historical and Psychological Horror the most right now, but can do anything if there is enough appeal for me.
  4. What kind of History? I also like History (Certain parts of course, not everything)
  5. That's a though one, as I don't know everything of course, but I'm away of Victorian to the fifties and am interested in them, and, by your avatar and signature, I would also love to try some Nippon flavoured worlds, if you want and are okay with some mistakes.
  6. I don't mind mistakes, I can always tell you the correct detail or what not. I would love to do something based off Feudal Japan ^^
  7. Good, then please PM me with any craving or idea you may have for the setting and we'll start from here :)!
  8. Hey, I read this and you seem like someone really interesting to RP with, you have any particular plots in mind atm?
  9. Well, I got more of a craving, that craving being either newspapers or journals, with an old-timey feel to them. If you got an idea that would fit, feel free to start a conversation with me :)!
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