The Lord of Greed (Need Female)

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  1. Hello, this is a roleplay I may or may not have been focusing on instead of working today @.@ First, before I give the plot I will tell what I'm expecting in this roleplay and or hope for.

    - Multiple Paragraphs with details
    - Post at least once a day. Preferably more, if you post every few days or once a week. It is hard to stay interested in the RP :/
    - Help move the story along and communicate
    - I will probably think of more things whenever I get a partner and tell them :/
    - I will be the Male in this roleplay and I'm looking for a Female. If you can play a convincing Female and you are Male, then go for it.
    - I could possible be persuaded to make this FxF

    (YC) is just a poor peasant girl, envious of the Queen of Astir. She hates growing up on the farm, working cattle and helping her family. She wanted more, she deserves more. She wants everything; Money, Power, Men, Clothes, and pretty much everything. Every night before she goes to bed, she wishes for this to come true and it isn't a fairy tail wish. She is praying, hoping that it happens. She believes the more she prays and wishes, the higher the chances it would happen.

    She was right. (MC) is one of the Seven Lords of Hell. He is the Lord of Greed and listens to her wishes every night in his own Palace. One final night, he finally decides that her Greed and Selfishness has reached an all time high, she was asking for so much and she was so greedy. Even as she was poor, she wouldn't share, she would hoard and take and be rude. He grants her wish, she wakes up in the Castle of Astir, the Royal family was gone and better yet. No one remembers the previous Royal Family. She wakes up to servants, clothes, fashion, money, etc. Her wish came true, but there is a catch. The Greed Demon presents himself to her and only she can see his true form. Everyone else views him as a normal human and he promises her that as long as she continues to never change (Stay greedy and shit) then he will keep her wish going. If she decides to gain a heart and be a generous Queen instead of a ruthless one, then she loses everything.

    Of course, that is the basics. He might be persuaded later down the road or maybe even fall in love with her. Shit happens.
  2. Hm... Sounds interesting.. I'd like to try ^^
  3. Did you lose interest in ours? If so, that is ok. I would just like to know.
  4. Sounds like a very interesting line. Im be very interested! Let me know.
  5. I'm interested, if the spot isn't taken already.
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