The Long Run

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  1. Based on Lady and the Tramp 2, Wolves Rain and the Survivors Series by Erin Hunter.

    There are two main groups in Forest Villa.

    The Pampered and the Junkyard Dogs.

    The Pampered are dogs that have owners and are cared for every second of everyday of their lives.

    The Junkyard dogs are rough, and lean dogs that were either abandoned or never had owners in the first place. These dogs stay in the undesirable part of town that nobody really liked to spend too much time in. The junkyard dogs however love that place, as it is there home and always has been.

    The Pampered however look down their muzzles at these Junkyard dogs, 'Wilds' they call them. The Junkyard's have their own name for the pampered of course, 'Lappies'.

    It's fair to say that the two groups can't stand each other. But they'll soon need to put their differences aside when all of a sudden, all of the humans in the city disappear, and Forest villa begins to crumble.
    Now the dogs must work together to escape their falling city. Fortunately, the dogs all have one thing in common, they all believe in the old legends of canines who before they met humans, found a paradise called the Long Run. A place where canines can live in peace and harmony.

    The only questions is; Can the two groups work together long enough to reach their destination?

    - Site rules apply.
    - No godmodding. No killing of another person's character.
    - No wolves or wolf hybrids.
    - At least five sentences per post. No one liners.
    - No anime pictures.
    -Three characters per person.
    - No Mary Sues/ Gary Stus/ Debbie Downers/ Donnie Downers.
    - No back stories that include 'Killing of entire family' or 'Being an experiment'.
    - There are two leaders in Junkyard Dogs, The Alpha and the Beta(s).
    - Pampered Dogs do not have ranks.

    Character Sheet:

    Appearance: (pictures please)
    Affiliation (Pampered or Junkyard)
    Skills: [Hunting, Guarding, Herding, Fighting or Show Dog]
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  2. Name: Little
    Age: 1 Year
    Rank: Beta
    Breed: Boykin Shepherd
    Affiliation Junkyard
    Skills: Hunting
    Personality: Optimistic, Loyal and Friendly.
    (Coming Soon!)
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