The Long Road Home



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Jason adjusted the pack on his shoulder as he stepped off the bus, the soles of his shoes touching concrete for the final time this 26-hour trip. Home. His gaze drifted over the small town, noticing that not much had changed in 13 years. Caroile's Diner's still open. Haven't had that pie in a while. He smiled as the memories came flooding back. He and Jannie...every afternoon after school...Jannie...A locke of sandy brown hair fell into his vision as he crossed the street and entered the diner.


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"Can I have a coffee, no sugar or cream, and grilled cheese? Thank you." Evageline, otherwise known as Eve, shut her menu and slid it to the waitress standing behind the counter. Her long road trip across the country took her to diners like these, and she yearned for the diversity in food that her home town offered her. "Thank God I'm going home," Eve thought with a smile. The long trip she was taking made her realize why she yearned to live in the city, and she regretted ever taking it for granted.

The waitress came by with Eve's coffee and set the white mug in front of her. Eve picked up the cup and took in the smell of caffeine. "Yup it smells like a terrible cup of coffee." She took a sip and then went straight for the cream and sugar that happened to be in front of her. When she was done sweetening her coffee, Eve swiveled around in her chair and stared out of the window. This town was just like the rest of them: quiet, people-less, and boring.


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Liandra, more commonly known as Lina, was on the same 26-hour bus ride as the man, but for different reasons. "C'mon, guys. This is our stop." she motions to her fellow bandmates, Zavier, Aurelio, and Jazmine. Their band was the Dark Ninja Seekers, and they had gotten quite a fanbase in their own hometown, a city north of this town. And here they were, trying to expand it by throwing free concerts in small towns dotted across the country.

The band hops off the bus, gathering several odd looks from the townspeople. Each band member had their own funky style that was different from anyone else's. They each carried an instrument, Lina with her guitar, Zavier with a cart where his drums rested, which he had to pull out of the handicapped entrance for the bus, Aurelio with his electric violin, and Jazmine with her bass. "You ready to bring some life to this dead town, Dark Ninja Seekers?" Lina asks her group. At their enthusiastic replies, she smiles, already getting pumped for tonight's show.

They saunter into the cafe, all ordering plain black coffee. Lina notices a teenaged girl looking at them with awe splayed across her face. She motions the girl to approach her. The girl is wearing mostly scene-emo clothes with hair to boot.

"Omigod, are you really the Dark Ninja Seekers? I love your band, they are the best thing ever! Can I get your autographs?"

"Of course, Little Ninja. Who are we making them out to?" Lina pulls paper and a pen from her bag.

"Jessamie." The girl says enthusiastically. After the band finishes writing their autographs on wherever Jessamie wanted, including up her arms and on her face, Lina says, "We're preforming at the graveyard tonight at nine, you coming, Little Ninja?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world!" Jessamie announces as she dashes off, most of the occupants of the cafe staring.

((IDK if this fits in with what you wanted, I just had enormous writer's block and this was my only solid idea))