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  1. In the world of humans, demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, elves, fairies, goblins, and other creatures of legend must hide their identities, blend in. However, one apartment complex in each city and numerous hotels cater to these creatures. In the midst of all this secrecy there is a band of creatures that want to come out to the humans. They want to take power and enslave the humans. However, the key to their ascent, the only one who can release their leader, has been missing since a child. Now demons of all kinds come out of the wood works to retrieve a young girl named Kai. Now her only chance for survival, keeping the creatures of the night secret, and defeating the power hungry demons is a demon assassin who usually doesn't care about anything unless he is getting paid.

    I need someone to play the demon assassin. My partner would come up with abilities and weaknesses for their demon. I would like my partner to also prepare a character sheet.


    this is my character---
    Name: Kai Hartman
    Personality: Strong willed, confident, brave, sometimes abrasive, leans towards being a Sanguine Phlegmatic.
    Abilities: Can walk through walls, unlock door, and she sometimes is able to use telepathy. She however, cannot always control her telepathy abilities, and in moments of high stress sometimes causes incidents and destruction.
    Weakness: She can't always control her abilities or her emotions. Vulnerable when concentrating on her abilities as it takes a great deal of focus. Abilities drain her energy and can leave her unconscious.
    Likes: Sweets, cats (particularly Bombay Cats), reading, cooking, pastel colors, and good cooking. She also has an interest in old weapons.
    Dislikes: Being alone, the dark, thunder storms, spinach, and the feeling of being hungry.
    Fears: the dark, being alone, and the demons hunting her
    Pic:. kai.jpg kai.png
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.