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  1. Many years ago Scott Bealman was very happy. A beautiful wife, beautiful daughter, a dog and happy little home. Seemed his life was perfect. An old lover of his however was not so happy with his life. She wanted him for herself. She was also very deep into magic. She developed a plot to destroy his life and leave him so broken that only she could heal him. The plan was to attack on a full moon. So in the middle of the night she crept through the house. The first to go was the dog. Easy task. Dragging her nail along the dogs neck, chuckling as the blood began to trickle and stain his golden fur. After the circle was drawn around the neck she tossed it to the ground, the dogs head rolling before her. She kicked it from her way and moved on. She then collected his daughter casting a spell upon her to keep her from making any noise or movement. She took the girl with her to his room. Then she left the girl laying on the bedroom floor while she collected his wife and did the same. She removed their eyes and bound their hands and feet. Tying nooses around their necks and holding them up with magic, just in time for the quiet spell to wear off. It was the girl who cried out first. "Daddy." She cried. He stirred and rose up in his bed. "What's the mat-" He jumped from the bed seeing both his wife and daughter in the air. Their bodies dropping at the same time. He tried to get them down but they were already dead by the time he managed to get them cut down. He looked down into the holes where their eyes used to be. A sob escaped him. Only one. Because at that moment out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of a shadow exiting the room. He stood and ran after it. "WHO ARE YOU?!? WHY DID YOU DO THIS YOU SON OF A BITCH!" He chased the shadow all the way down the stairs. Tripping over something. When he looked down he saw the head of his faithful dog. The shadow stopped before him. He realized it was the the form of a woman. He moved closer and realization dawned across his face. "You. But why?" She cackled. "Because no woman will ever love you like me. And I'll kill anyone who tries. Now, I can make you forget them. You can love me in return. Just say yes. Or I'll kill you." She smiled and waited for his answer. "Kill me." She cried out in rage and slapped him across his face her nails dragging across. He reached up and grabbed her wrist, then pulled a mail opener from the stand beside him and drove it into her chest. She screamed in pain grabbing at the opener. Which began to pulsate and pass a current through Scott's body. She pushed him away after a few seconds of this and pulled it from her chest. "YOU THINK THIS WILL KILL ME?!? STUPID." She raised her arm ready to strike out again. He put his hand over his face to avoid her nails again. But when he did a meraculous white light seeped out of his hand and blew the woman out of the house....

    Over the years Scott fell into a depression. Went into hiding from the woman and eased his broken soul. He grew more and more lonely though. Till the idea struck him. He would create daughters and sons from the magic he realized he had shortly after his family was murdered. He kept the mail opener with him. Assuming his magic came from that. He would never love another woman as he had his wife but he would have many children. His children would all have animals to protect them. However after many failed experiments he realized a woman's womb was needed. He would use his magic to create and send children to unsuspecting parents all around the world, who would birth the children. Their own powers he gave the children for protection would develop around puberty. Eventually a call would be heard in the children's head until they had a dream of him explaining to them who they were and where they came from. That they were to take whichever animal it is that found them and let it guide them to him, his home, a designated meeting place far from any people of any kind. Each of his children would have a birthmark somewhere on their bodies that was in the shape of an S and a B. His initials. But when the children grew old enough to return home they return to find him missing. A message in blood from a woman who had taken him. Will the children find and rescue him in time?

    Characters needed:
    Scott Bealman
    His magical children (no limit)
    The evil ex

    For Scott and the Evil Ex you MUST PM me in request for these. Do not post a CS until I approve you via pm. I'll tell you what is required of your CS.

    CS For the Children:
    Age (Has to be between 13 and 17 some children develop slower and some children receive their powers later as it took years to create his children.)
    Special ability (One or two is fine don't go overboard)
    Personality/Short Bio
    Guiding Animal
    Extra information if necessary

    The story will begin right after they all have their dream and begin their journey to find their father.

    Any suggestions? Questions? Feel free to ask. Also I will be needing assistance on this. Someone to kind of help me run things while I'm not here. The children can be approved if this partner finds them suitable but Scott and the Ex go through me. Just ask... I don't bite. ^.^
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  2. Name: Cassie
    Age: 14
    Abilities: Can speak to animals, grows gills underwater to avoid drowning.
    Bio: Cassie is a very graceful girl. Always seems to say the right things at the right times. Always happy to help someone in need. Yet inside for the longest time she felt like something was missing. Even though her parents were very well to do, and she never was told no for anything, she felt saddened by this feeling. Till she had the dream.
    Guiding animal: Dwarf Calico Cat
  3. Name: Rena
    Age: 16
    Special ability: Telekinesis, Can Jump High and Further than a typical Human
    Personality/Short Bio: Rena is a quiet girl who generally tends to be careless of what happens. Lost a game? "Who cares." Death? "Doesn't bother me." Though on the outside she may seem selfish and dark. But she has no problem opening up to those she cares about because deep down she is calm and caring. Rena grew up with working parents and her mother was always silent and reading a book. She had no problems with her parents but at school it always seemed if it could be a problem it was. Bullied, detentions, missing homework. All happened to her and frequently. But one night she had a strange dream like someone was calling, when she asked her mother what it meant since she was very literature oriented, her mother explained it was only a dream. Like jumping better was just a skill and Telekinesis was from the imaginative mind. That was it for Rena, she was going.
    Guiding Animal: Spider
  4. Accepted! I surely thought no one was interested in this!
  5. I am sure there are others it just takes time :) If not maybe rearrange your RP to be smaller.
  6. Yeah I suppose so. :)
  7. Interested. I can get a CS up within the next day or so, I think.
  8. Name: Kyo Alavondai
    Age: 15

    Special ability: Sensory Manipulation (Sight and sound)

    Personality/Short Bio: Kind of shy and quiet, he has a little trouble connecting to people at times, but can be very kind and friendly to those who actually spend time around him. He doesn’t mind helping others, but isn’t that confident in himself yet. He favorite flowers are catkins.

    He lived a fairly happy life with his family until the age of eleven, when they died in a car accident. After living for a year and a half with an aunt who didn’t want him and treated him terribly, he was abandoned and left to fend for himself for two years. He lived in an empty house after being abandoned, and because of his overacting powers, the house was rumored to be haunted. He still has some trouble controlling his powers, though he improved over the two years he lived alone. When he loses control, his powers affect others negatively, but he always gets the worst of it, seeing and hearing things that others won’t in addition to whatever appears to them. He sometimes ends up in waking nightmares and trances as well, during which he is the only one affected by his ability. He wears a bell on his right wrist and often carries around peppermints to help keep control.

    Guiding Animal: Black Fox


    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Extra information: He cannot stand any food that appears to have a face. Normally, he will eat just about anything that he can consider food, but if it looks at all like it has a face, it’s over. This may be because of what his powers have done to him in the past. He also cannot talk, so he tends to write down anything he wants to say.

    His mark is under his right shoulder blade.
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  9. Name:
    Katarina Guardiola


    Special ability:
    Ice/water manipulation.
    Weak to high temperatures/fire and able to resist low temperatures easily and survive in them.

    Personality/Short Bio
    Katarina was born into a large Italian family who ran a local zoo. When she was born it was discovered she had problems with her eyes. Born with terrible sight for the first few years of her life she was just considered clumsy. This was until her blue eyes began to show signs of her sight deteriorating. This stopped by the age of ten but she was stuck with glasses, much to her own displeasure. By eleven she had began to help her dad within the zoo grounds and her mother as she took care of the animals health. By thirteen her parents brought home a leopard cub who was orphaned due to the mother abandoning it. They raised it and Katarina and the animal grew close. At fourteen she discovered her powers over water which caused her to develop them to change waters form although she became fond of the ice manipulation which she now deems her main power. After a year of training her abilities in secret she received a letter that confused her.

    Katarina is a kind girl. She tends to get worried over those she has befriended even if she knows they are safe. She is almost like a 'mother hen'. Despite this is often kinder towards animals due to growing up around them. Being young and sheltered the girl is quite naive and ignorant. Katarina is normally calm despite the situation she is in although she is quite easy to hurt even if she doesn't show it. Shy and reluctant to be the one to start a conversation she will remain quiet and just be supportive a large majority of the time.

    Guiding Animal:
    Snow leopard


    Extra information:
    -Likes the flower lilies.
    -Favorite colour is a very light shade of blue.
    -Her eyes are 'cloudy'. This often leads people to ask if she is blind.
    -Hates her glasses and so only keeps on pair.
    -Prefers the winter over summer.
    -Likes to read.
    -The 'S and B' mark is upon the back of her neck, hidden behind her hair.

  10. Name: Neil Thompson
    Age: 17
    Special ability: Can induce fear in people, or cause them to hallucinate seeing/experiencing something they fear, for short periods of time. However, this ability will not work if he himself is particularly fearful or sad.
    Personality/Short Bio: Neil was raised just outside of the suburbs. He was poor enough to be envious of the houses that he passed on his was to school, but wealthy enough to be thankful for the house, good temperatures, and other first world country conveniences he had. When he was born, his parents weren't married, and shortly thereafter his mother ran off with another man. Neil has heard this story and seen a photograph or two of the woman from her teenage years, when he was born, but can't remember anything about her. His father was rather neglectful, which resulted in Neil learning how to take care of himself. At school, he turned into a trouble child, and dropped out within a month of turning 16. He quickly got his GED and started working for various local businesses. Inevitably, Neil would manage to terrify a few customers and, after a few times, get fired. Currently, he is between jobs.
    Despite the life that Neil has had, and his rough demeanor, he isn't actually a mean person. He is wary, and does what he can to 'survive', but can be a good friend. He is loyal to his friends, and mistrustful of strangers. Neil is also a very proud person; despite being a high school dropout that can't keep a job, he iss the last person to ask someone for any sort of assistance or leg up.
    Guiding Animal: Rat
    Appearance: Lean, and of average height.
    Extra information if necessary: His mark is just behind his left ear.
  11. Name: Yura Ozawa
    Age: 15
    Special ability: Telekinesis, and flight
    Personality/Short Bio: Yura is an orphan she never knew who her parents were. The other orphans looked up to her because of her kindness and wisdom. She didn't really fit in at public school so she was homed schooled by the adults who were stuck watching her while the others are at school. When she was alone in her room she always watched the birds carefully for she would wish to have a family like them she particularly loved the Ravens.She shared with the birds things she never told anyone else. She had a dream shortly after she turned fifteenth. It had a man who explained everything to her. Even though it was a dream she was pretty convinced. But it wasn't until she noticed that sometimes when she was alone she could move things with her mind and levitate or fly for her to finally decide. It was time to leave the orphange and find her real father.
    Guiding Animal: Raven

    Appearance:Face's features:
    Body:Average height, boney structure body built, but isn't as weak as she may look.
    Extra information if necessary: Her mark is on the back of her left hand.
  12. Name Leo Zeku
    Age: 16
    Special ability: Can read minds. However, he can not turn it off so he tends to wear headphones to block out the noise as it tends to give him a headache if he does it to much.
    Personality/Short Bio: Leo was born into a rich family. He parents, thrilled to have a heir to the fortune placed him in a private school and have the best tutors around. His parents also traveled a lot which led Leo to be raised by the staff. He did great in school due to being able to hear everyone's thoughts during a test but would then have a migraine for the rest of the day. He is shy and doesn't like attention but is also rebellious when he gets the chance. When he had the dream, he chose to follow it because he didn't want to stay in the life he was in now.
    Guiding Animal:Ferret
    Extra information if necessary
    His mark is on his left shoulder blade