The lone wolf

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  1. Dakota gave a loud huff. He was getting beat but he always would win, he made sure of it. "Alright, so you have the eight ball to sink." Dakota said to the loud mouthed warlock he was playing against. "You know, I can easily sink the three I have to before you can sink your measly one." Dakota said to him. The warlock only crossed his arms, and Dakota leaned over the table, and with one hit, he"Thats two!" Somone in the crowd said, who was watching the game. "..Actually he sunk all three." Said another. Dakota got up and chalked his pool stick. "This is for all the marbles, Jace." Dakota said as he looked over at the Warlock. "Yes, yes it is, actually, you'll be out of five hundred dollars." "Please, Its my turn, and I never lose." Dakota snarled, it the eight ball and it bounced off the corner of the pocket, and rolled right into the other one, complete opposite of what he was hoping for, but nontheless, it got in.

    "Pay up."

    "Fine..." The warlock snarled and flung the money onto the pool table, in which Dakota collected. "Thank you."

    The warlock left and the crowd couldnt get enough of dear old Dakota. Especially the girls. "Oh Dakota! You're soooo good at pool!" "Yeah, handsome." "Now now girls." Dakota gave a sly grin and sat at the bar, paying for a beer with the money he had just won.
  2. Livvie pulled open the bar door and slipped in. She brushed her dark locks out of her eyes and glanced around. Smirking she weaved her way through the variety of people and sat at the bar. Over the chatter she could faintly hear the music from the jukebox. The barman moved up to her and she ordered a beer quickly. After handing him some money she took a long swig of the cold brew.

    "Ah, that is exactly what I needed." She muttered, then took another drink.

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  3. Dakota glanced over looking at the girl who had just entered. Normally with his wolf nose he could get a sniff at what she was, but she was different. Was she human? Wolf? Vampire? It made him a little frustrated but he didn't let it show. He just took another sip of his drink and watched her from where he sat. He hoped she wouldnt notice him, but it was hard for someone not to notice another who was looking at them with deep purple hues, such as his.
  4. Livvie flashed her Crimson eyes Dakota's way and cocked her head to the side a little. Her intuition told her that he was trying to figure her out. No one could tell exactly. She was a rare kind. Wolf and Vampire. She has vague memories of her past. Never figured which of her parents were what. They we both killed just moments after she was born. Her nose kind of itched as a way to tell her he was wolf. She took a small sip from her drink and set the bottle down on the bar. She smiled simply at him and asked, "Need something stranger?"
  5. "Huh?" He blinked and then realized he had been staring at her for a good while. "Oh...Oh! I em..." He looked around and took a swing of his beer, then set it on the table. So hard that he almost broke the glass, he could hear it shatter a little. " I dont need anything. I am just..." He looked at her some more and tilted his head. "Something is...different..." He said in a low whisper only she could hear. "N-not in a bad way or anything..."
  6. Livvie let out a small chuckle and locked her eyes onto him. A few of her dark locks had made their way back into her face and she pushed them aside once more. "Is there? I haven't really noticed much of a difference." She toyed with the bottle in her hand, her ears perking up at the different sounds around them. "So tell me, what exactly is different?" She was curious about his answer. She has heard some wild rants before that deemed entertaining.
  7. "" He looked at her, inching closer as far as he could while sitting in his seat. "What...are you?" He looked at her, watching her locks fall in her face, just as his did. He did a hair flip and it all settled back down in their normal place out of eyes. "Sorry..." He said, leaning back in his seat.
  8. Livvie turned her body to face him slightly. She crossed her slender athletic legs. "Well that is a first. No one has ever asked me what I am before." She glanced over at the barman who was still standing in front of her. She noticed he kept taking peeks at her. She smiled at him, nodded slightly and he jumped a little surprised and moved to a different part of the bar. She then looked back at Dakota, "I've only ever got some half-cocked ideas thrown my way. So you really can't figure it out? Well perhaps I can give you a hint. I've been called many things, my favorite as of late is hybrid." She then took another sip of her drink. She kept her eyes on him, and yet paid close attention to the movements of everyone around them.
  9. "Hybrid?" Hybrid, eh? He looked at her, and then got out of his seat and walked over to take the seat directly next to her. He looked at the beauty with a smile. "Well...until I figure it out, lets" He smiled, his canines flashing. "My name is Dakota..." He brushed his hair out his eyes and put an elbow on the table, and his the back of his hand on his cheek. He looked around a little at the others that wandered the bar, but his main focus was on her.
  10. "Hmm.. My name is Livvie." She continued to toy with the bottle in her hand. "So you want to talk. I'm guessing as a means to figure out what I am. It's a nice tactic if done right." Dakota peaked her interest. He seemed like all the other males she has come across but something was a little different with him. She licked her lips and took another drink of her beer. She could feel eyes on them but ignored it. She was used to people staring, she was a rare one after all.
  11. Dakota smiled. "No, not to get to know what you are...." He hid a blush that was slowly trying to creep across his cheeks. "I meant I just want to talk...get to know who you are. Not what you are." He smiled. "You're....interesting." He said, pulling out his wallet, and slipping the bartender enough to pay for his drink, and her drink as well. "Just a nice gentlemanly gesture." He said, taking the last sip of his beer before it was all gone.
  12. "Oh, I see. Well that is kind of you." She had to admit he was cute in his own way. She could tell by the glares from the women standing behind him that he was well liked. Interesting... Hmm.. Livvie thought to herself. She decided to humor him. "Well then what would you like to know?" She asked him simply and to the point. She finished off her beer and set the empty bottle on the bar.
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    "Favorite color?" He laughed, throwing his head back and smiled, laughing a deep, rather attractive laugh. He winked at her. "Come...lets get out this bar. Want to go for a walk?" He asked, just wanting to spend time with her.
  14. Livvie laughed also. "Well I don't know. I don't make it a habit to leave some place with someone I just met." She smirked. She wasn't sure it was a smart thing to do. She didn't trust people and had her reasons not to though she did feel oddly comfortable with Dakota.
  15. "Come on..i dont bite." He laughed at his joke and smiled at her. "Though if you don't I understand. Stay away from stangers." He chuckled. "Though,..friends are all strangers at one point, are they not?" He asked, sticking his hands in his pockets. "If you want to come, thats fine, if not, thats okay too." He said, getting up, and heading out the bar.
  16. Livvie shook her head and laughed to herself. She had to hand it to him. He was rather convincing. She followed him out of the bar. Smiling at him she said, "You made a good point inside. Well played." She moved passed him and slowly started walking along the building, enjoying the feel of the breeze against her.