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  1. There's a street where I used to live that was famous for being a secluded, little-patrolled street where couples would go to "Park" *wink wink nudge nudge*.

    Your challenge this time is to come up with a place in the locality of your story that the young folk recognize as a location where they can go and not be disturbed - whether it's for personal getaway time, a romantic rendezvous, getting high, getting drunk, or even just hanging out where the fuzz won't get up in their grill. It can be a bar, an alley, a forest, a park, a street, or even a cave!

    Place's Official Name:
    Place's "Street" name:
    Describe the place's appearance:
    What do the young folk usually go there to do?
    Do the police know or care about it?
    Do most of the adult population know or care about it?
    Has it always been the same physical location?
  2. Place's Official Name: Young Escape

    Place's "Street" name:
    Kiss and Tell

    Describe the place's appearance:
    Young Escape is a hidden place in the town of Nightwatch that can be found on the edge of town under a cliff overhang. The small area is shaped like a V and it extends a little ways into the cliff side, around fifty feet. Luckily the spells that will be mentioned in a few moments also provide enough light to see relatively well. The walls are pure stone all throughout the cave.

    What do the young folk usually go there to do:
    It varies greatly. There is actually a sign in the cave where certain actions are listed and each have their own number. Whatever a couple or group does they get to write on the walls of the cave. Actions vary from kissing to more... private matters and from just hanging out to camping with friends away from adults. Every activity you could think of has a number on the sign. You have to bring your own markers or paint though. You write down the name of the people that did the activity with you then you write the number of the activity and circle the names and the number. When the circle is done the markings become part of the stone where they are locked forever. However, each person must write their own name to prevent lies. Otherwise when the circle is made the name vanishes.

    Do the police know or care about it (parents question included):
    Oh they know about it and they care, they just can't do anything about it. The main spell of this place, put there by a young man when Nightwatch was built, is basically an age restriction. Anyone that has left their teenage years behind them is physically incapable of coming within forty feet of Young Escape. The spell was put there along with the others by a young mage to give him and his lover a place to escape from the adults. Of course he thought it out. There are many spells on the cave.

    The lighting spell so people can find their way in the night.
    The age restriction spell to keep away the adults.
    A calming spell that makes anyone in the cave or within the range of the magic unable to do anything or even think violently. This is to prevent it from becoming a place for violence and crime away from the law.
    Teleportation blocking spells so no one can get in when they shouldn't.
    There was also a protection spell cast. That way the stone of the cave could never be broken or anything else there for that matter.
    All electronic signals are also blocked from inside the magic range.
    Complete magic blocking spells that even effected him. When inside the range of the spells no magic could be performed so the sanctuary would always be safe. This was the last spell cast.

    Has it always been the same physical location: Always, it was there when the town was built and it is still there today.
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