The Limbs Market OOC

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  1. The Limbs Market, deep into the city of Veronelle, the capital of the Agilyn Solar System.

    Everything is sold there, from artificial company to new limbs and other 'Perks' everything is legal and that is what brought the Agripine Corps to do a new project: The Limbs Festival where citizens will have a chance to change their whole being in exchange for their worldly possessions, starting anew in the tenebrous market. Everything will be provided to them, from food to shelter as they will struggle to make the perfect body and win a place amongst the Masquerade, the aristocrats of the city. The perks given would be monumental, as the members of Masquerade are the top of Veronelle's hierarchy and can do whatever they want in the System without fear of retribution.

    You are an Unfortunate, one without place in the market or in the Masquerade and could use the opportunity given by the Limbs Festival to expend your fortune... the question is, do you have the guts to sacrifice your very being for Excellence?

    This is a world where everything can be done to one's self with the right amount of money and connection, a world commonly referred as BioPunk. I'll be your guide in this advanture, please be patient and carefully craft your initial shell.

    Initial Appearance:

    Choose one of each of those:

    Wealth or Connections?
    Adaptability or Charisma?
    Health or Sanity?

    Please also choose one perk between these five:

    Speech, Knowledge, Wisdom, Patience or Courage.

    This self will be everchanging, but to change is to know what one was as well as to who one will become.
  2. Interested! will you just be guiding the RP or taking part as well?
  3. I will be guiding it, thank you for your interest!
  4. no problem :) i'll make my character sheet soon, how many people were you looking to join?
  5. A small group, I'll start as soon as I get two people interested.
  6. Name: Stepharon Danzia<o:p></o:p>

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Initial Appearance: Short spiky dark hair, wears a white muscle shirt, jeans with many oil stains, steel toe boots, 5’9” not overweight/buff but big muscular build

    Personality: Humble, Chivalrous, Proud

    Benefits: Connections, Adaptability, Sanity

    Perk: Courage<o:p></o:p>
  7. I am also interested.

    Name: Jade Hawthorn
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Initial Appearance: Black, silky, shoulder length hair. Light blue eyes. Small mouth. Pale skin. Tall and thin. Rather attractive. Wears a pair of plain black goggles on her head. Dresses in whatever is fashionable.
    Personality: A vapid flit with just enough cunning and guile to be dangerous.

    Choose one of each of those:


  8. Name: Islwyn Rhydderch
    Age: 64
    Gender: Male
    Initial Appearance: A dark grey old man from the streets with a thin figure but a bad back. He tends to be haunched over nursing his spine.
    Personality: A "silly old man" with a few conspiracies in his head. If he knew people, he'd get heard. He feels he knows something that others don't, and thinks he knows the only way to survive is to overthrow the "corrupt government" and all that. Could be considered senile.


    Is it okay if I script him to die? Assassination, accident, you decide.
  9. Sure, just tell me when you want him to die.

  10. Name: Isaac Blankenship.
    Age: 21.
    Gender: Male.
    Initial Appearance: Isaac is a slender built young man. He stands roughly six feet tall and only weighs about 155 pounds. His short-cut black hair rests above his icy blue eyes which hold a glint of wisdom about them. He is pale complected, and sports a full-sleeve tribal tattoo upon his left arm.
    Personality: Isaac is quiet, cool, and contemplative. He will often look for alternate routes or paths when in a bind and is known to be a quick thinker on his feet. He is loyal, and will defend those close to him fiercely.

    Choose one of each of those:

    Wealth or Connections? - Connections.
    Adaptability or Charisma? - Adaptability.
    Health or Sanity? - Sanity.

    Please also choose one perk between these five:

    Speech, Knowledge, Wisdom, Patience or Courage? - Wisdom.