The Life Story of Khang

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  1. Since we have all come to enjoy the antics of Khang doing whatever it is that he does, here's a look back at the past few months he's been here:

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  2. yeah...I'd say that roughly summarizes it..
  3. Ah...historical accuracy.

    Rare these days :P
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  6. Henrietta d’Arc

    The deep thrum of her own heartbeat pounded incessantly in the back of her head. One beat at a time, a dull pressure which poked the back of her skull to remind her she was still alive despite her punishments. Henrietta was tired, oh so tired, and her limbs floated uselessly in the confinement of the underwater grave she had been banished to at the bottom of the Seine river. Water filled her lungs and rendered all of her curses useless, yet she still moved her lips to curse Rouen and all those she once fought beside, those who allowed her to be thrown away as if they had not once been brothers in arms. Moments of consciousness came and went, but revealed little as far as the passage of time was concerned.

    The moment faded into black, and Henrietta was at the mercy of the darkness as it swallowed her whole. Had it been another year? Two? Or had the centuries slipped through her fingers like sand in an hourglass?

    "...not awake yet." A voice reached her ears. She felt strangely heavy and as Henrietta struggled to compose herself she realized that the rhythmic thrum of her heart was absent from her skull. Gravity was affecting her tired body, and as she whispered her curses she could hear her own raspy voice breaking through her lips. "Pendragon is supposed to be here in five days, inform the Count he'll still be one knight short for his mission."

    Henrietta slowly opened her vibrant green eyes and was greeted with some of the strangest sights she had ever seen. Metallic objects with strange flashing numbers and symbols, bright lights which seemed to be fueled by something other than flame, and she was at the center of it all. The lid of her coffin had been removed, nowhere to be seen in her small chamber of a room.

    "It's been almost four months, I think this witch has her own agenda." Two voices laughed gruffly together.

    She gripped the side of her coffin and slowly pulled herself into an upright position. Two men were at her feet chatting amicably back and forth about Henrietta's state of being. Well, previous state of being. Confused and angry she stumbled out of the stone coffin for the first time and landed with a heavy thud on the floor. It was only then that the two men noticed her. She was already forming a curse on her lips when the taller of the two came forward with a silver whip in his hand.

    It was only the beginning to a startling new conquest.

    Count Landgrave wouldn't be short one knight after all.

    Henrietta sat at the back of the room near the heavy wooden door with a thick silver chain wrapped around her wrists, a precaution after the first impression she had given to the two men who had been tasked with watching over her slumber. It seared her skin when she moved, but was ultimately necessary to restrict her magical abilities. When she awoke, the first thing on her mind was a curse, and from that moment on she had been forced to wear the chains. It seemed that the Knights Templar weren't fond of witches, even if she wasn't a full fledged sorcerer.

    Henrietta hadn't said more than two words since waking up, and was too tired to argue when she was offered up as a knight to serve on a mission to help save the world. Monsters and all things apocalyptic plagued the earth and Henrietta was no stranger to pestilence. She understood exactly what it meant to be a monster in the eyes of man.

    Thick purple bruises underlined her eyes from her time in the Seine river. For someone who had slept for nearly 600 years she still dreamed longingly of a soft bed to lay her head on. The witch was dressed poorly in a long white tunic, akin to something she might have worn underneath her armor in battle. They told her she could have a suit of armor once she had earned it. At her hip was the lost broadsword of Joan of Arc, attached tightly by a thick brown belt that cinched around her petite waist. That much they had allowed her to keep, or at least, Henrietta wasn't willing to part with it so easily.

    As Pendragon and Landgrave bickered about tardiness, Henrietta looked around to the rest of the supposed knights. The lot of them was supposed to defend the world from monsters and somehow reclaim what little light humanity looked to. Somehow they were supposed to pacify the calamity that had spread across the globe like a plague from a Pesta. A witch, a handful of revived knights, and a Pendragon out of a fairy tale.

    Henrietta shifted in her seat once, wincing at the pain in her wrists. She waited for someone to address her, but no one did immediately. So it was all she could do but wait and listen to the details of her first mission.

    At least it was going to be a damn interesting ride.

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  8. Khang's first date:

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  13. This is a little known chapter in Khang's Life:

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  14. [​IMG]

    Above, we see a rare picture of Khang as a child.

    We go on to him in later years...

  15. Such a dashing lad.
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