The Leviathan


Ike Sapphire

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Ok so this is actually going to be the first story that I will actually continue on, on this site so long as the number of good responses exceed the number of Bad responses. Also while this is still up here I need to know how to center my title so that I can edit this and get it centered. Anyway Read enjoy if you like it then good if you don't like it well that's good as well.

The Leviathan

---I was being taken off into a jail cell; the last thing I could remember was being knocked out. The last word I heard was Leviathan whatever that is… speaking of which where am I and what happened to all the others that were with me. “Hey you, what is a kid like you doing in a jail cell?” I got up steadily to see who it was. “Uh who said that?” I kept turning my head once to the right then to the left, once I turned my head right again a face appeared. I was startled and hit myself on the bar of the cell door. “Ha, ha, ha sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh. Besides that yeah it was I. Oh and before you go asking the name is Bane.”
---I stood back up and went back over the bars. “That wasn’t very nice to laugh.” Before I could say another word he began talking again. “Heh yeah I know but hey it is dangerous here… why have you come here in the first place.” “Huh? Oh well I… I was resisting and they knocked me out, and before I knew it I ended up in here. Well that’s to say where ever here is.” I looked down at the ground. “This place, well it’s called Leviathan and it’s an air ship. It’s being piloted by the general Bruno. By the way little man I never got your name yet.”
---I looked back up “My name is Lin Ritz” “Ha, ha, ha, ha that is quiet an odd name, but Lin why don’t you and I bust out of here. I’m sure you would rather live than die wouldn’t you?” I looked back and nodded in agreement. Before I knew it he had busted down the door *screech* “Ah, what is that dreadful noise.” While covering my ears “That would be the alarm, I’m sure the guard who has the key should be here.
---*clank, clack, clack* “Halt prisoner there is no escape for you.” “Heh, heh you know all you guys really piss me off.” Bane raised his fists into the general area when you begin a fist fight, but that was the thing. How can Bane win against a guy who has a gun? “Resistance, I have been ordered if one would do it that I have any right to shoot.” Bane began to charge dodging all he can of the bullets. Soon as he reached the guard he took him out with one fell swoop of his fist
---Bane walked over with the key in hand and opened the cell. “Come on Lin time is wasting and we need all that we can get.” I took Banes’ hand and stood up. This is where our journey began.