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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Rokku Hizori, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]


    we are many.

    We will escape.

    We will conquer.

    Your world is ours.

    You cannot hold us forever.

    The world as we know it isn’t much for the spiritual. Religion and demons are the things of lore and superstitions, and are irrelevant in the modern age. We don’t concern ourselves with magic or such nonsense anymore, but…what can we do when overwhelming proof proposes itself?

    The Legion has been waiting for a long time. No one knows about them, and now, even myth has forgotten them, but they remember the earth, and they know they want out of their prison. They also know how easy it is to stop them. The irony? Not a single human being remembers how to do it.

    Especially not Roberto.

    But he’s stuck in the middle of the war anyway.


    The plot will be divided into chapters, and when a certain point has been reached, the chapter will end and we’ll continue on with the next. There are two sides: Human and legion. ONLY HUMAN OR LEGION! In addition, NO POWERS OR MAGIC WHATSOEVER IF YOU ARE HUMAN! Members of the Legion will have unique powers, and I will give them to you if you want to be such a character, but you're always welcome to through ideas at me!

    So....interested?! XD
  2. Dooooo iiiiiiit.

    I totally wanna be a human and not have powers and shit. I can see myself now...telling off a Legion....pissing them off...

    *Cackles evilly*
  3. Glad you're interested. xD
  4. I hope that easy way is a kick to the groin! xD.

    Needless to say, I am interested in joining. :P. But first, Agasaria! XD.

    -stands proud and tall as a human.-

    Count me in this one!
  7. Definately!!!!! I want in too pease
  8. Is this a modern theme or a more fantasy theme?
  9. It is a modern setting, yes.
  10. can i be a demon child=P
  11. There really aren't children, and the Legion aren't demons, though in this rp, they're what demon lore comes from. You're more than welcome to be a Legion in child form I suppose...
  12. Omg, baby Legion.

  13. LET THE LEGION FREE. All we want is to be part of the wolrd again *evil smile and shifty eyes*