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    T H E L E G E N D O F Z E L D A: The Lost Knight

    The Lost Knight

    The Great Hero, Link, First Knight of Hyrule, has saved his kingdom three times over, from threats each more sinister than the last: the dark rule of Ganondorf, King of Thieves; the chaos sown by the Demon of the Mask, Majora; and the Twilight Invasion by Zant, Usurper King of the Twili. Now, with Zelda reigning over a land of harmony and prosperity, Link is reaching his last years, and wishes to take a grand journey across Hyrule to see the land he saved, and to bid his farewells to old friends.

    Link's pilgrimage was to take six months. It has been eight.

    Queen Zelda, fearful and ill with worry, has put out a call across the land, seeking valient residents of Hyrule to seek him out, offering a royal bounty of rupees and the gratitude of Hyrule's people to reward success. The quest is set out thus: travel Hyrule, find the lost Knight, and return him to Hyrule Castle, so that he may take his rightful place beside Zelda when their time comes.

    The new heroes of Hyrule are to meet in Hyrule Castle's antechamber when the morning sun breaks the horizon, for an audience with Queen Zelda before they undertake their task.

    The call for a new protector of Hyrule has been put forth. Will you answer?

    The History of Hyrule

    Before time, and spirits, and life, there was only the Heavens, and Chaos. Then, three Golden Goddesses descended upon the Chaos: Din, the Goddess of Power; Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom; and Farore, the Goddess of Courage. The three Goddesses frowned upon the Chaos, and sought to form it into something beautiful that could exist alongside their Heavens. To this end, they infused the Chaos with their own powers, cultivating it to their desires: Din, with her strong, flaming arms, shaped the land and gave form to the red earth, thus creating the land that would be known as Hyrule. Nayru, with her wise heart, poured her wisdom unto the earth, giving the spirit of law to the world, and establishing Order in what had been Chaos, creating the laws of science and magic that would govern the universe. Farore, with her rich soul, gave life to Hyrule, creating the beings that would walk the earth, fly among the skies, and swim in the waters. And thus, Hyrule was created.

    With Hyrule created, the Three Goddesses birthed the Hylians, the Chosen Race that would uphold their laws and govern Hyrule, and Hylia, their patron deity, who would watch over Hyrule. Their labors then completed, the three Golden Goddesses departed for the heavens, flying far up into the sky beyond the scope of the universe - and at the point of their departure from the realm of Hyrule, the Triforce was created, a powerful, sacred artifact that held the virtues of Power, Wisdom, and Courage in balance. Legends would tell of the Triforce, the most sacred relic of Hyrule, and its power - the power to grant the wish of any who held Power, Courage, and Wisdom in equal balance within their heart while holding the Triforce. With the Goddesses gone, Hylia was left to watch over Hyrule and cultivate the life that had been seeded; slowly, but surely, Hyrule blossomed.

    Centuries passed. The people of Hyrule grew and matured, watched over by the Spirits, the Goddess Hylia, and the three Golden Goddesses. Peace reigned, and the races sent regular diplomats and emmisaries to maintain good relations between the provinces and tribes of Hyrule. However, peace was not to last; far to the west, deep in the Gerudo Desert, a man was born to the Gerudo Tribe - Ganondorf. His strength and magic far exceeded any other member of the tribe, and in fear of his power, he was cast out into the north of the desert. He traversed the Haunted Wasteland, visiting the Forsaken Pyramid, and then turned south, passing the Arbiter's Grounds as he travelled back to the Gerudo Valley. Upon his return, his strength was unquestioned, and he seized kingship over the Gerudo Tribe - Ganondorf, King of Thieves, his rule only just beginning.

    Ganondorf craved power. His rule over the desert was not enough. He traveled to Hyrule Castle, seeking a false alliance with the Hylian Royal Family - in truth, Ganondorf had heard of the legends of the Triforce, and the power it granted, and he began to develop a plan to seize it, wanting to infiltrate the Sacred Realm and hold the Triforce. While he developed his plan, Princess Zelda was born, and Link's mother left him in the Kokiri Forest under the care of the Great Deku Tree. Unknown to any of the three, their paths would soon cross, and be forever interwoven.

    Ganondorf knew that the path to the Sacred Realm, and the Triforce within it, was sealed in the Temple of Time behind the Door of Time, kept shut by four keys that he would need to collect and use in combination to open the Door - the three Spiritual Stones and the Ocarina of Time, with the Master Sword in its pedestal acting as the final seal. Ganondorf knew of the Ocarina, but it would be useless without the Stones, and so he set out to seize the one stone he knew about - The Kokiri Emerald. He traveled to the Forest and visited the Great Deku Tree, demanding the Stone - but the Tree knew the evil desire in Ganondorf's heart, and denied him his coveted key. In anger, Ganondorf cursed the Tree and fled the Forest, seeking the other Spiritual Stones.

    The Great Deku Tree summoned Link, now a child, and beseeched him to seek out the Stones so that Ganondorf could not. The Tree granted the Emerald unto Link, and instructed him to seek out the Goron's Ruby and the Zora's Sapphire, sending the fairy Navi with him as a companion and guide - and then passed, Ganondorf's curse claiming him.

    With the Great Deku Tree's words in mind, and Navi's guidance, Link collected the remaining Spiritual Stones, and then sneaking into Hyrule Castle to obtain the Ocarina of Time, meeting Princess Zelda for the first time as he did so. Zelda had prophecised Link's arrival in a dream, and willingly gave him the final key to the Door of Time so that he could use the Master Sword to protect the Triforce from Ganondorf - but it was too late. Ganondorf had been watching Link, allowing him to collect the Spiritual Stones, knowing Link would be given the keys that he could not take. He let Link open the Door of Time and take the Master Sword from its pedestal.

    The Master Sword recognized Link, the destiny that was laid out before him and the courage in his heart - but he was young, too young to wield the Sword to defend Hyrule, and so he was frozen in time until he became of age. Ganondorf saw his opportunity and seized it, infiltrating the Sacred Realm and touching the Triforce, ready to have his darkest desires granted - but the Triforce was only for those who held its virtues in balance, and Ganondorf possessed only Power, with little Wisdom or Courage. In a divine cataclysm, the Triforce split - Link and Zelda received the pieces of Courage and Wisdom respectively, while Ganondorf held the Triforce of Power - which, in Link's absence, still granted him the immense magic to tear Hyrule Castle asunder, erecting his own dark fortress on the site of its destruction, and conquering the land for himself, cursing the Temples of the Six Sages, knowing their combined power was the only threat to his rule.

    It was seven long, dark years before the Master Sword unsealed Link. Zelda had gone into hiding, and when Link awoke, only Rauru, the Sage of Light, was there to aid him. Link set out to slay the monsters that infested the Six Temples of the Sages, breaking the curses and awakening the new Sages. With all six Sages returned to power, Zelda revealed herself to Link, and together, they challenged Ganondorf. Link defeated him in a duel of sword and magic, but in his last throes, Ganondorf's Triforce of Power unleashed its magic and transformed him into a monstrous, nigh-invincible beast: Ganon, the Demon King. He attempted to slay Link, but with Zelda, Navi, and the Six Sages, Link fought and won, plunging the Master Sword into Ganon's head, and with the combined might of the Sword and the Sage's magic, sealed Ganon forever in the now-darkened Sacred Realm, the Triforce piece of Power with him, while the pieces of Courage and Wisdom remained with Link and Zelda. Peace returned to Hyrule in Ganon's defeat, and the land began to rebuild itself once more.

    Eight years went by. Link and Zelda passed their adolescence and began their young adulthood. Link began courting Malon of Lon Lon Ranch, eventually getting engaged as the couple's friendship blossomed into a deep love, while Princess Zelda practiced and prepared to take her place upon the throne of Hyrule Castle to rule her kingdom and guide her people. Hyrule was calm, and Link and Zelda remained loyal to the people and the safeguarding of the land.

    Their loyalty was soon demanded of them.

    Evil rose from the East, from deep within the thick, dark treeline of the Lost Woods. A vile, ancient Demon known only as Majora, taking the form of a mask and using a Kokiri child known as Mido as a host, had emerged from unknown realms. Majora invaded Hyrule, despising the peace that has prospered there and hating the people for the love shown to them by the Goddesses - in petty anger and bitter jealousy, Majora called down the very Moon itself to fall and destroy Hyrule in three days, cursing the Four Giants, Guardians of the Land, and sealing them within terrible masks to prevent them from saving Hyrule.

    Link knew that he was once again needed by Hyrule. Setting out, he trekked across the land and slew the creatures that had been created by the Masks of the Giant's curse, freeing them one by one and then calling them to his aid - they gathered, and caught the moon in the final hour of its descent, stopping it from destroying Hyrule. Majora, furious and manic, gathered its power and shed its host, Mido, now strong enough to act of its own accord. Mido stood by Link, withering but defiant - he used the last of his Forest-born life-force to infuse Link's sword with magical power, the power of hope and innocence and the essense of Nature itself. Link fought Majora, and struck it down. Entreating Navi and Zelda, the three used their magic to seal Majora back within the mask it had chosen as an avatar, locking away its power and hatred, and saving Hyrule. The mask was cast into the desert to be forgotten and its powers un-abused, and Link's sword was returned to Kokiri Village, as the only remains of Mido. Hyrule grew quiet once more.

    Hyrule enjoyed two years of peace, spending the time rebuilding their kingdom, and undoing the damage sowed by the Demon Majora. Link and Malon married, and Princess Zelda became Queen, receiving the crown and appointing Link as Hyrule's First Knight in her first act as ruler. The people looked forward to Zelda's rule, her wisdom known throughout the kingdom, as much as Link's courage.

    Both were soon needed.

    Peace was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Midna - the Queen of the Twili - in Hyrule Castle's throne room, weak and near-death, suffering from some terrible curse placed upon her. She begs for Zelda - and when the Queen of Hyrule meets the Queen of the Twilight Realm, she is warned of a coming invasion by Zant, the Usurper King. Hyrule is to prepare for war.

    Zant soon arrives through the Twilight Mirror, swathing across the land sowing chaos and destruction, backed by an army of mysterious and terrifying Shadow Beasts, the cursed inhabitants of the Twilight Realm. Zant makes examples of the leaders of the realm, and marched upon Hyrule Castle itself. Seeing the slaughter of her people should she resist, Zelda surrendered to Zant's invasion. Hyrule was his.

    Link, however, remained free. With Zelda's aid, Link travelled Hyrule in secret, helping the people and rallying their spirits to fight back against Zant. With Hyrule behind him, Link stormed Zant's twisted throne, ousting the Usurper King and defeating him, breaking his curse upon Midna. With the true Twilight Ruler returned to power, Midna and Zelda cast Zant back into the Twilight Realm and freed both Hyrule and the Twili he had twisted into his army - and then, in a final act to ensure no more strife between kingdoms, shattered the Twilight Mirror completely. Hyrule, and the Twilight Realm, returned to solitary peace.

    Since then, Hyrule has known serenity. Its people lived in happiness, once again rebuilding what they had lost, bringing Hyrule back even stronger and greater than before. Zelda ruled as well as her parents knew she would, bringing Hyrule new prosperity; Link watched over the land in his own way, and every year they both ensured the kingdom would remain safe from the enemies that had threatened it before.

    Years have passed. Link and Zelda have grown old, and near their last years. Link, Hyrule's ever-faithful protector, wishes to take one last pilgrimage across the kingdom, revisiting the land he saved three times over, and to visit the six sages and their temples to pay his last respects to old friends. Such a journey was a worry on both Malon and
    Zelda, but Link assured them both of his still-present strength, and his safety. He soon departed on his journey, the route mapped, and the time planned upon - a trip of six months.

    It has been eight.


    The Races of Hyrule

    The Hylians, of Hyrule (Playable)
    The Hylians are a sub-race of Humans, the dominant species of Hyrule, and one that resides near-globally, their absence only truly felt in the inner cores of the homes of the other races of Hyrule. Hylians are the Chosen race, and are faithful to the Golden Goddesses, Din, Farore, and Nayru, who formed the land of Hyrule and gave life to Hylians. Hylians resemble Humans, but are usually taller and have long, pointed ears. While not naturally attuned, Hylians are capable of a variety of magics.

    Hylian dress is usually simplistic and functional, mostly tunics, belts, and trousers with work boots for men, and tunics or dresses with flat shoes for women. Most Hylian clothing is stitched with brightly-colored thread in a range of patterns, adding personality to clothing and making it seem even festive. Hylians are able to learn many different skills, and take on many different careers; skilled farmers, scholars, knights, guards, merchants, and more, have all come from the Hylian people. Hylian skin comes in many tones, their hair many colours, and their figures many shapes.

    Hylians worship the Three Goddesses and the Triforce, as the protectors of Hyrule, as well as Hylia, their patron Goddess.

    The Gorons, of Goronia (Playable)
    The Gorons are a rock-eating, humanoid race that live mostly in Goronia, in large underground cities carved into the mountain range found there, or the natural caverns that have formed over the years. Most Goron are peaceful, content to let visitors come and go. Many Hylians consider Gorons to be of low intelligence, perhaps due to their appearance; but evidence would suggest otherwise, as Gorons are far more industrialized than the rest of Hyrule, working in extensive mines for food and valuable minerals, and nearly all Gorons make incredible scholars - particularly archaeologists.

    Goron are, on average, 8-9 feet tall and double the weight of the average Hylian, with the physical strength to shatter boulders and mine tunnels with their bare hands. Gorons also possess the ability to roll into a ball and launch themselves at incredible speeds - indeed, most Goron cities include many small tunnels used primarily for this purpose to aid quick transport. Gorons are also immune to drowning - it is possible that their rock biology does not, in fact, require them to breath. Gorons are also resistant to heat, allowing them to walk on lava and through fire, and reside in the caverns of Death Mountain with ease. However, they are weak to low temperatures.

    Gorons worship the Four Giants, the Guardians of the Land, as their patron deities - Goron legends suggest that the four beings are simply Megagorons that were granted immortality.

    The Zora, of Zora's Domain (Playable)
    The Zora are an aquatic, amphibious race of fish-people that reside mainly in Zora's Domain, but due to their amphibious nature, may be found anywhere in Hyrule - particularly near bodies of water. Naturally, the Zora biology makes them incredible swimmers, agile and fast in the water, able to swim through currents, waves, and the coldest of both salt and fresh waters. This swimming ability is aided by the Zora's biology, which includes dorsal fins on the rear of their heads, ulna fins on their arms, and webbed feet and hands, as well as gills.

    Most Zora do not wear clothes, as they have little sense of embarrassment or modesty about their bodies like Hylians, certainly helped by their lack of visible external genitalia - although they do take to donning certain affectations depending on their standing. Zora guards wear elaborate ceremonial armour, while the royal and high-class Zora tend to wear jewelry. Zora that have tried to integrate themselves with Hylian culture more fully tend to wear rough, basic clothes in order to avoid making Hylians feel uncomfortable, although all Zora forgo shoes.

    Zoras worship Jabun, the Guardian of the Sea, as their patron deity. Many hope to one day swim in his waters.

    The Rito, of Snowpeak (Playable)
    The Rito are a nimble race of bird-people, dwelling mainly on the tops of Snowpeak Mountain, doing well in the cold thanks to their thick feathers, but due to their innate ability to fly, they can be often found across Hyrule - many Rito are couriers or scouts, able to take the shortest paths between their departure and their destination.

    Rito are not natural warriors, nor are they great in physical strength, due to their hollow bones, but they are quick, and their sharp beaks and claws can cause rapid harm. Rito children cannot fly, as their wings have not fully developed, but beyond 7 or 8 years of age until around 19 or 20, they are able to use their fledgling wings to glide.

    Rito worship Valoo, the Guardian of the Sky, as their patron deity, and many take pilgrimages to the Wind Temple where he can occasionally be found, hoping to gain his favour and one of his scales that are said to possess magic that will let them control the winds for perfect flight. The Rito are often wise, patient, and fair, although they are also prone to bouts of pettiness, flurried thoughts, and itching wanderlust.

    The Gerudo, of Gerudo Valley (Playable, Female-Only)

    The Gerudo are a proud, all-female tribe of desert-dwelling Hylians, residing deep in the Gerudo Desert in Gerudo Valley, the path to which is near-untraceable to outsiders. The tribe was begun many years ago by a clan of thieves who were banished from Hyrule proper into the desert as punishment for their crimes. The clan found the valley, and over the years, the Gerudo grew into their own community, building fortresses from stone.

    The Gerudo are trained in combat from a young age, their skills brought up to standard until each member chooses her personal weapon - whether it be a simple sword, a vicious spear, or something more exotic. Gerudo are also taught in the way of the thief, learning how to move quietly and unseen. Gerudo are also natural survivors, as it necessary living in the desert.

    Male Gerudo are rare, and the few that are born are not trained in the traditional Gerudo way of combat and thievery. Many are cast out into the desert to prove their value to the tribe, and few come back. Gerudo are proud, and honourable to their own clan, although their reputation outside of the Valley is not one held in high esteem. Gerudo generally have dark skin, and red hair.

    The Sheikah, of Windfall Village (Playable)

    The Sheikah are a tribe of Hylians that reside in Windfall Village. An ancient clan, tied to the Hylian Royal Family, a select few are chosen to train in the Watchtower of Steel to become Sheikah Warriors, ninja-like soldiers and assassins devoted to the protection of Hyrule's Royal Family - this oath lingers even beyond death.

    Sheikah are naturally attuned to magic, and even the most mundane, non-practiced Sheikah Tribe member can perform basic spells. More trained warriors can cloak themselves, silence their movements, blind their enemies, and teleport great distances with their magical abilities. Trained Sheikah Warriors are also formidable foes, but they prefer to avoid confrontation, instead taking other methods. They are practiced in a variety of weapons, including swords, bows, and throwing knives.

    Sheikah warriors are scarce in these times, with only one or two trainers remaining alive, and even they are old and nearing their end. The Sheikah Warrior way is threatening to die out, and this sad fact is not helped by the trainer's stubbornness in their strict standards for potential trainees. However, there are a few potentials that have been chosen from the current generation of Sheikah.

    Sheikah generally have pale or even gray skin, with fair hair ranging from white to golden-blonde, and their facial features are usually androgynous. All Sheikah have red eyes - it is the surest sign of a Sheikah's lineage. Sheikah are patient, logical, and soft-spoken, often choosing to speak only when they have something of value to say - although there are some that prefers action over words.

    The Kokiri, of Kokiri Forest (Non-Playable)
    The Kokiri are a forest race of children, residing deep within the Kokiri Forest and Lost Woods, watched over by the Great Deku Tree, Guardian of the Forest. Given their ageless nature, it is often thought that Kokiri are spirits of the forest, given true life by the Great Deku Tree, or Hylian children that wandered too far into the Lost Woods and were transformed by the powers of the region, or even fairies that were given corporeal form. Whether any of these theories are true is unknown; however, it is true that each Kokiri has their own guardian fairy companion, and that a Kokiri that left the forest would perish quickly.

    Kokiri are a peaceful, innocent race, never aging beyond pre-pubescence, but remaining alive for unknown years of time. They are a cautious race, keeping secrets from outsiders and shunning those that would integrate themselves into their world without seeking audience and approval from the Great Deku Tree first. They are also innately mischievous in a way only children can accomplish, playing tricks and pranks that are, more often than not, harmless - but some jokes that can, through child-like naivety, bring more malicious results upon the victim's head. Many Kokiri are musical, and all of them are whimsical.

    The Twili, of the Twilight Realm (Non-Playable)
    The Twili are an enigmatic race of magical beings that exist through the Twilight Mirror in the Twilight Realm, a half-shadowed world that their tribe was banished to long ago, and that they have since made their home. The Twili are peaceful, though this is largely irrelevant to Hyrule and those that live there; the Twilight Mirror is shattered into pieces that cannot be recovered, and with it, so to is the only door between Hyrule and the Twilight Realm.

    Long ago, a tribe of sorcerers known as the Interlopers attempted to use their magic to rule the Sacred Realm and take the Triforce for themselves. Displeased with them, the Three Goddesses banished them to the Twilight Realm, where, over millenia, they slowly evolved, abandoning their original desires and adapting to life in their new home, though holding on to their natural aptitude for magic. Twili are humanoid, but strange caricatures of Hylians, with featureless, black-and-white skin, strange runic markings, stretched forms and limbs and elongated necks. They are also intelligent, with a cultured society and technology surpassing that of Hyrule.

    Sadly, while previously the Twili used the Twilight Mirror to visit Hyrule, the invasion of Zant against Hyrule resulted in a second shattering of the mirror, pulling all Twili back to their realm, and cutting off all travel between the two kingdoms.

    The Luminaries of Hyrule

    Link, the First Knight of Hyrule

    The great hero of Hyrule, Link possesses the Triforce of Courage. He has saved the land thrice over from threats each more devious than the last, and stands as a faithful and fiercely loyal protector of the Royal Family to this day. His friendship with Zelda is one that will never die, as it was born in golden innocence and tempered by the fires of hardship and turmoil. Together they sealed away the King of Thieves, bound the Demon of the Mask, and defeated the Usurper King of the Twili.

    Link is married to Malon, keeper of Epona Ranch, a girl he met as a child, and the only person he had to go to after Ganondorf threw him through time, a friendship that blossomed into love. His horse, Epona, is aging but loyal, a faithful mount that has guided him through his darkest quests. He is also close with Navi, a fairy who aided him on his first quest, and soon after came to become a Great Fairy, and then Fairy Queen.

    Beyond his friendships, Link is also a recognized and well-respected emmisary of the Hylian Royal Family, his presence being regarded with great awe in the kingdoms of the Goron, Zora, Rito, and Gerudo. There are no Hylians that do not know of Link and his incomprehensible heroism, and there are no villains that do not quake at the legends of his prowess.


    Zelda, Queen of Hyrule

    Once the young princess of Hyrule, heir of the royal family, Zelda possesses the Triforce of Wisdom, and with it, she has grown into a powerful and fair queen of the land. Zelda is also the Seventh Sage, leader to the other Sages, and holds great magical power. With Link's considerable aid, she has weaved her magic to seal Ganondorf within the Sacred Realm, bind the demon Majora truly within its mask, and shatter the Twilight Mirror.

    Zelda has not married, and as such has no heir, something her advisers are greatly anxious about in her growing age. However, Zelda knows that when she eventually passes, those she leaves behind will maintain the kingdom adequately in her wake, and that when the time comes, the Triforce of Wisdom will choose another, one who will be more truly an heir to the Hylian throne than any child could be without it.

    Though Zelda rarely has time to leave either her castle or Castle Town that surrounds it, she maintains strong diplomatic relations with the other kingdoms of Hyrule and their leaders - the Gorons, Zoras and Rito. Her magic also allows her to communicate with the Queen of the Twili (though little else is possible), and she is held in high regard by the self-ruling Gerudo. Zelda is a beloved and respected Queen, and Hyrule has survived and flourished under her rule.


    Malon, First Maiden of Hyrule

    Malon is the daughter of Talon, a skilled, and now-retired, rancher, who founded Lon-Lon Ranch and tended to it, passing it on to Malon once he realized he was unfit to run it any longer. She is now the sole proprietor, and, having renamed it Epona Ranch, Malon has allowed the ranch to flourish into the biggest in Hyrule, known for its fast, proud horses, and delicious and rejuvenating Lon-Lon Milk.

    Malon is married to Link. The two met as children, and after Ganondorf threw Link through time, Malon was the only friend he had in the strange new world. Link had run to the ranch to find it under the rule of Ingo by decree of Ganondorf, but he won it back for Talon, who realized he could no longer keep it, and retired, handing the ranch to Malon.

    While being the First Maiden of Hyrule, married to the First Knight of Hyrule, affords Malon many privileges and bounties, she remains down-to-earth and often scorns her castle dormitories for the nostalgic comfort and honest work of the Ranch. She remains level-headed, and sometimes advises both Link and Zelda.

    Navi, the Great Queen of the Fairies

    Navi the fairy was and is one of Link's closest allies and his most trusted friend. They met when the rise of Ganondorf from the Gerudo Desert was foreseen by the Great Deku Tree, and she was instructed to seek him out, acting as a companion to aid Link in his quest to defeat Ganondorf. Although initially frustrated to be bound to this duty, and little-believing that the child Link could accomplish what had been asked of them, she soon saw Link's courage, and they became firm allies, forming an inseparable bond.

    Shortly after Ganondorf's defeat, Navi was forced to leave Link's side; her valiance had strengthened her magical power, and she was called back to the Fairy Fountain she was once born in to ascend and become a Great Fairy. She resided in this Fairy Fountain for some time, caring for newly-born fairies, but remained in contact with Link and Zelda, and eventually aided them to bind the demon Majora.

    After this great act, Navi's power grew even further. Her part in the defeat of the foul blight of Majora was favoured by the Goddesses, and in their wisdom, they deemed Navi worthy of rule - and Navi ascended once more, taking the place of Queen of the Fairies, receiving the power and knowledge she required. Though she still helps Link where she can, Navi is now often busy with Fairy business, and her new knowledge often causes an almost alien perspective of Hyrule's woes.

    Darbus, The Goron Chief

    Darbus is chief and leader of the Gorons, their ruler and a fair and strong guardian of their home of Goronia City. Along with the Goron Elders, Gors Coron, Amoto, Liggs, and Ebizo, he keeps order among the Gorons and decides what is best for his people and their way of life. He took his title with unease, as he was thrust into the role unprepared after Darunia's ascension- however, Darbus has since proved his worth and ability as Chief.

    During the Twili invasion of Hyrule, Zant cast a foul curse upon Darbus in order to remove the opposition of the Goron. Darbus was transformed into a fiery monster, rampaging throughout the mine until he was contained in a chamber deep within the mountain. With Gor Coron stepping up as proxy patriarch in Darbus' absence, the Goron people closed the doors of Goronia City as they attempted to find a way to
    dispel the curse. Soon after, Link traveled to the City seeking allies, and was told that curing Darbus would earn Hyrule the aid of the Gorons. With the Master Sword, as well as Navi's magic, Link broke Darbus' curse, saving him and earning the might of the Gorons to fight for Hyrule.

    Rutela, Queen of the Zora

    The Queen of the Zora, who became their most eminent member of the Zora Royalty after her husband, King Zora XVI, passed away. She has born two children - Princess Ruto of the Zora, who ascended to become the Sage of Water, and Prince Ralis of the Zora, her heir.

    While grieving for her lost husband, and missing her daughter dearly, Rutela was a proud queen and a loving mother to her remaining son, commanding the respect of her people for her wise rule and level-headedness in the face of near-overwhelming loss. However, her rule was not to last: while she survived Ganondorf's plot to seize the Triforce, and the seven dark years of his rule, and then the torments that the demon Majora suffered upon Hyrule, she was sadly executed by Zant during his invasion of Hyrule as an example to the Zora people not to oppose him or his dark forces.

    Her grave lies in Zora Fountain, next to her husbands, and both are regularly attended to by Prince Ralis, new ruler of the Zora. Her spirit watches over her son and the Zora people she is lost to, and she often appears to Prince Ralis in dreams to comfort him and help him guide the Zora people. She is happy now, reunited with her husband, able to once again talk with her daughter, and still present for her son.

    Ralis, Prince of the Zora

    The Prince of the Zora, son of Queen Rutela and King Zora XVI, and sister of Princess Ruto, Sage of Water. Prince Ralis currently stands as ruling monarch of Zora's Domain and the ruling people after the passing of his father and his mother's execution at Zant's hand - however, as Ralis has not yet come of age to have had his proper coronation and be crowned, he remains Prince, with his mother appearing in dreams to aid and comfort him, and his sister often imparting wise advice.

    A strong swimmer with an adventurous soul, Ralis spends a lot of time in the waters of Zora's Fountain and the more eastern portions of Zora's River. Much of his time is spent at the grave of his mother,
    paying respects and seeking wisdom from her departed spirit. He has a deep friend in Link, who helped him find the courage to step up to the throne after his mother's death, even through his grief at his lost family.

    Ralis plans an excursion to find Jabun, the Zora people's patron deity and Guardian of the Sea, to seek the courage he needs to lead his people after the loss of his family, as well as to visit the Water Temple that his sister watches over that has been nearly forgotten by the Zora; but for now, he lacks the heart to depart his kingdom, and his home, for too long.

    Akati, Chieftain of the Rito

    The Chieftain of the Rito, acting as the tribe's leader, and also father to Komali, Prince of the Rito, and Medli, Attendant of the Rito. A gifted and adored leader, the Rito people of Snowpeak Mountain respect him greatly, and his word is adhered to without question or doubt. Due to the duties of his position, he is demanding of his people and strict with his family - but he is a loving father, and like any parents, worries about his children. Akati is often accompanied by his lone bodyguard, Skett, a powerful and experienced Rito Warrior.

    Many years ago, Akati took the pilgrimage to the Wind Temple, like many Rito; there, he was further gifted with the rare honour of an audience with Valoo, the Rito's patron deity, and Guardian of the Sky. At the time, the Rito tribe was without a leader, the Demon Majora having slain the previous Chieftain. Valoo saw the valiance in Akati's heart, and in his wisdom, granted Akati one of his scales, and named his line as the next leaders of the Rito.

    Akati returned to Snowpeak as Chieftain and has since gone on to prove himself as a worthy leader of the Rito people.

    Komali, Prince of the Rito

    The Prince of the Rito as named by Valoo, Guardian of the Sky, son of Akati, Rito Chieftain, and younger brother of Medli, named Attendant of the Rito. He holds Din's Pearl, an ancient gem of soothing beauty, gifted to him by his grandmother before her passing. While Komali wanders the halls of the Rito home, he rarely ventures outside of Snowpeak.

    Shy and having little confidence in himself, Komali finds him unprepared for the position suddenly out upon him by Valoo's action. His grandmother was a great source of comfort and courage to him in her life, and with her gone, Komali often finds the world overwhelming, relying now on Din's Peal and his sister's spirit to guide him through difficult times. His father is often busy with the duties of his leadership, and strict with his children, hoping that Komali will one day take the pilgrimage to the Wind Temple much like he did.

    Link's heroism inspires Komali a great deal, and he aspires a great deal to be more like the great First Knight of Hyrule so that he may come to aquire the courage and self-confidence necessary to rule the Rito in his father's stead when the time comes.

    Medli, Attendant of the Rito

    The Attendant to the Mighty Valoo and the Wind Temple, as named by Valoo, Guardian of the Sky, also the daughter of Akati, Rito Chieftain, and elder sister of Komali, Rito Prince. After receiving her title from Valoo upon her father's return from his pilgrimage, she trains for her role as Attendant of the Rito, which requires the keeping of the Wind Temple, and the tending to of Valoo, patron deity of the Rito - the main duty of which is harnessing a harp to play the ancient melody that prays to keep the power to repel evil within the Master Sword. Though young and still unable to truly understand the ancient language of Valoo, she is shaping up to be an admirable and well-chosen Attendant.

    Medli is respected among her race and her home, known to be kind-hearted, compassionate, and responsible, taking on her duties with solemn sincerity, but still lending and ear to those who need it - most often, comforting her younger brother and offering him strength and courage. She hopes her brother will mature and become more self-confident soon, as the time is approaching where her position as Attendant will call her away from Snowpeak - but until then, she lends what aid she can, even if she is often over-stretching herself.

    Midna, Queen of the Twili

    Descendant of an ancient tribe banished to the Twilight Realm, Midna is the current heir in the long line of Twili royalty, and the Queen of the Twili. Recently, she was usurped from her throne by Zant, another member of the Twili tribe, and banished to Hyrule with a foul curse upon her. She used what strength she had to warn Zelda of Zant's coming invasion, and then lapsed into a coma, only awakened when Link defeated Zant and the curse was lifted.

    Midna is beloved among her people, and a caring ruler, but troubles herself little with the affairs of Hyrule and the Light Realm; she sees fretting over a world lost to her people, that originally cast out her people, as wasted energy that is better spent serving the needs of the Twili. However, she remains in contact with Link and Zelda, a powerful sense of respect having been forged between the three, using two secret pieces of the Twilight Mirror and powerful magic.

    To those she likes, Midna is often wry and playful, although she retains the enigmatic aura natural to the Twili people; however, she holds potent disdain for those with a lust for power, such as Zant or Ganondorf, as it was that twisted desire that originally doomed her people.

    Zant, the Usurper King of the Twili

    A manic and unhinged member of the Twili race, Zant is elder brother to Midna, Queen of the Twili, and by bloodline, rightful owner of the throne to the Twilight Realm - however, his madness was recognised as the time for a new ruler drew near, and Zant was deemed of unsound mind and unfit to rule; his pace as heir was skipped over, and the crown went to Midna. This, combined with Zant's animosity toward his race being trapped in the Twilight Realm like 'insects in a cage', sent Zant in a mad fury, desperate to reclaim his rightful seat of power and lead his people out of their home. To this end, he sought the Fused Shadow, an ancient and powerful relic of the Twili people that would grant twisted power to those that held it.

    Zant seized the Fused Shadow, and with it, cursed his sister and the Twili, banishing Midna to Hyrule, and then leading his new army of 'Shadow Beasts' in an invasion of Hyrule to take back a rightful place in the World of Light; a noble goal, but Zant's mind and the twisted power of the Fused Shadow pushed him to pursue ignoble methods. Many died in his invasion, but eventually he was defeated, his curses lifted and the Twili once again sent home - this time permanently, the Twilight Mirror shattered completely.

    Zant now resides imprisoned in the Twilight Palace, powerless without the Fused Shadow. Midna visits him often, but is met with only cold silence and a passive, distant glare.

    Rauru, the Sage of Light

    An ancient Hylian royal, Rauru oversaw the construction of the Temple of Time just outside the grounds of Hyrule Castle, and created the three Spiritual Stones as well as the Hylian artifact, the Ocarina of Time, that would act as the four keys to the Door of Time and seal the entrance to the Temple of Light, a holy place found deep in the exact center of the Sacred Realm that contained the Triforce, the Golden Relic of the Three Goddesses.

    When Rauru's time to pass came, he ascended, becoming the Sage of Light to watch over his Temple and guard the relic it contained for many years to come. He watched over Hyrule as well, sending forth an aspect of his spirit as a great Owl known as Kaepora Gaebora to visit the earthly plane.

    When the time of Link and Zelda's struggles against Ganondorf came, Rauru guided Link as a child through Kaepora Gaebora, aiding him to attain the keys to the Door of Time and take the Master Sword. Rauru helped seal Ganon, lending his magic to Link's aid.

    Darunia, the Sage of Fire

    An old and honourable Goron, the previous Chieftain of Goronia, and now ascended to the Sage of Fire. His spirit watches over his old tribe and protects what remains the Fire Temple deep within the Goronia Mines. He was, and still is, Sworn Brother to Link and the King of Hyrule, Zelda's father, a deeply serious oath of loyalty to the Goron people. Darunia's son still lives, but is not Chieftain, having refused the position and delegating to Darbus, and he has since left Goronia.

    When he refused Ganondorf the Goron's Ruby, Ganondorf blocked off their main source of food with a terrible monster. With his people slowly starving, Darunia was eventually aided by Link, who slew the monster; Darunia gave Link the Spiritual Stone in thanks, declaring Link his Sworn Brother at the same time. Sadly, when Ganondorf came to power, Darunia's defiance had not been forgotten; as an example to the rest of Hyrule, Ganondorf ressurected an ancient and malevolent dragon, Volvagia, and fed several Gorons to it - when Darunia tried to intervene, he was slain, his spirit ascending to be Sage of Fire after Link returned and killed the dragon, cleansing the Fire Temple.

    Darunia now watches over both Goronia City and the Fire Temple. Darunia helped seal Ganon, lending his magic to Link's aid.

    Ruto, the Sage of Water

    Daughter of the late Queen Rutela and King Zora XVI, elder sister to Prince Ralis, Princess of the Ruto, and long since ascended to Sage of Water. From a young age, Princess Ruto was a strong swimmer and often visited Jabun, patron deity of the Zora, maintaining a close relationship with the leviathan - and she remains one of the few Zora who can say they have had the honour of sharing the waters with the Guardian of the Sea.

    When Ganondorf seized the Triforce, he cursed the Water Temple with a horrifying monster, and froze Zora's Domain, turning the water into ice and sealing the Zora people. Ruto, however, managed to escape this fate, and rushed to the Water Temple to try and defeat the creature lurking there and rid her people of the curse. Sadly, the monster slew her, but Ruto's spirit ascended to become the Sage of Water, her new power flourishing when Link chased after her and struck down the monster in vengeance, thereby cleansing the Temple, and freeing the Zora from the ice prison that had been forged for them.

    Ruto now watches over both Zora's Domain and the Water Temple. Ruto helped seal Ganon, lending her magic to Link's aid.

    Saria, the Sage of the Forest

    A kind-hearted and well-liked Kokiri girl, close childhood friend and confidant of Link, and now Sage of the Forest. More in tune with the forest than any other Kokiri, and in possession of a particularly musical soul, Saria often traveled through the Lost Woods to the Sacred Forest Meadow that lay before the Forest Temple to practice her Ocarina, and to listen to the whispering of the spirits of the forest, even attending to the creeping plant-life that threatened to overgrow the Forest Temple, although she never delved inside.

    When the Great Deku Tree called Link and imparted the quest against Ganon upon him, Saria was first to see him off, and first to congratulate him on his fairy companion. Saria passed her ocarina onto Link as a token of remembrance, and taught him her melody, a joyful, lively song that inspired happiness in those that heard it.

    When Ganondorf's seven-year rule came, he cursed the Forest Temple with foul creatures and a phantom aspect of himself. Saria was abducted into the cursed place when she returned to the Sacred Forest Meadow, and the foul magics within withered her life away. When Link cleansed the Temple, her spirit ascended to become Sage of the Forest. She now watches over Kokiri Village and the Forest Temple. Saria helped seal Ganon, lending her magic to Link's aid.

    Impa, the Sage of Shadow

    A noble and well-trained Shiekah Warrior who personally pledged her service to the Royal Family, and is now Sage of Shadow. Born in Windfall Village like all members of the Shiekah Tribe, Impa was chosen at a young age, and quickly sent to the Watchtower of Steel to begin her regimen. She was a strong and promising trainee, and earned her title soon enough, immediately setting off for Hyrule Castle.

    When she arrived, she requested a personal audience with the King and Queen of Hyrule. Curious, the rulers allowed it, and Impa knelt, pledging her service as a guardian of the Hyrule Royal Family to them personally. They asked her why, and Impa merely gestured to the Queen's womb. Impa had used an ancient Sheikah artifact, the Lens of Truth, while at the Watchtower - and discovered that the Queen was pregnant. Impa explained that she had come to swear an oath to the unborn Princess, to protect her until she died. The King and Queen accepted, and Impa was taken on as the Royal Handmaiden.

    Impa's service came to an end at the beginning of Ganondorf's dark rule. When Ganondorf came for the Princess and the Ocarina of Time she held, Impa stood before him to defend Zelda - and after a long battle, she was struck down, her spirit ascending to become the Sage of Shadow. She now watches over Zelda and the Shadow Temple. Impa helped seal Ganon, lending her magic to Link's aid.

    Nabooru, the Sage of Spirit

    A proud Gerudo, once Queen, but deposed by Ganondorf, the self-proclaimed King of Thieves. She saw through his web of lies, and sought out an ancient treasure deep within the Spirit Temple to topple the false king. To this end, she left Gerudo Valley and headed north - and was never seen by the Gerudo again.

    Witches had followed her. Koume and Kotake, twin sorceresses that had discovered Ganondorf when he was still but a boy, cast out into the desert. They had gleaned a tiny glimpse of his destiny - and had saved him. When Nabooru arrived at the Spirit Temple, they sprung their trap, first ensnaring her and trying to brainwash her to serve as a follower of Ganondorf - but when she resisted, they discarded her, remaining in the temple to prevent it from being used against Ganondorf.

    When Link heard of the power within the temple that could be used against Ganondorf, he journeyed through the desert to find it. He discovered the temple in ruins, Koume and Kotake still holding their curse, empowering Ganondorf. Link fought mightily, slaying the witches and breaking the curse, freeing Nabooru's spirit and allowing her to ascend to become the Sage of Spirit. She now watches over Gerudo Valley and the Spirit Temple. Nabooru helped seal Ganon, lending her magic to Link's aid.

    Ganondorf, the King of Thieves

    Proudly comprised only of women, the Gerudo Tribe send their males out into the harsh desert when they come of age. Very rarely does the desert send something back.

    Ganondorf's power was clear from early on, and he was cast into the desert sooner than any other Gerudo male - but he journeyed through and came back, stronger than ever, seizing unquestioned rule over the Gerudo. But this was not enough for Ganondorf; he desired the throne of Hyrule, and the Triforce it guarded.

    Ganondorf, through deceit and plots, managed to seize one shard of the Triforce, the relic splitting itself at his touch - the Triforce of Power. With it, he conquered Hyrule, and began seven dark years. Fortunately, the holders of the other two shards - the Hero Link and Princess Zelda - were able to defeat Ganondorf.


    Majora, Demon of the Mask



    The Land of Hyrule


    Hyrule Castle
    The ancestral home of the Hylian Royal Family, located in the center of Hyrule Castle Town and guarded by the Hylian Royal Army. It is the Queen's seat of power, and often host to diplomats and leaders alike from other races and provinces, quiet discussion carried out peacefully and guided by Zelda's wise hand. The castle's architecture is a point of pride of the people of Hyrule, and many come to see its gilded spires and elaborate marble halls.

    Hyrule Castle Town:
    A bustling town that surround Hyrule Castle, and the economical and cultural capital of Hyrule. Surrounded by a moat, it is accessible only by one of two drawbridges and only while the sun in in the sky. Filled with markets, shops, houses, and always crowded during the day, Castle Town is a commercial hub, with buyers and sellers from every corner of Hyrule.

    Epona Ranch:
    A cattle and horse ranch, previously known as Lon-Lon Ranch, now owned by Malon, Link's wife. While not the only ranch in Hyrule, it is certainly the most well-known and most successful, hiring out horses, carriages, and other means of transport, while also making a tidy profit on the ranch's famously delicious - and rejuvenating - Lon Lon Milk.

    A riverside village named after the Sage of Light, an old Hylian Adviser, for his valient deeds. It's home mostly to Hylians, but due to its riverside location and proximity to Zora's Domain, there are Zora that have made their nest here as well.

    A small hylian village directly south of Hyrule Castle, named after the poor Kokiri Child chosen by the Demon Majora to act as its host, and who fought against the Demon's hold until it discarded him. It's a friendly town, and a popular mid-way rest point for those travelling from Castle Town or Goronia to Lake Hylia.


    A town nestled against a small cluster of hills, cliffs, and low mountains, named after the Sage of the Forest, a young and virtuous Kokiri girl. There's a small mining operation running out of the town, but nothing on the scale of Goronia's production.

    A cliffside village named after the Sage of Water, and old Zora princess. It's location beside the main road between Gerudo Valley, Lake Hylia, and Windfall Village afford it fair traffic, but it is otherwise unremarkable.

    Kakariko Village:

    A large village located at the foot of Death Mountain, Kakariko was founded by Sheikah, and hides the secret entrance to the Shadow Temple within its graveyard. Its windmill is the largest in Hyrule, and draws from deep beneath the ground through the town's well to supply the village with water.

    Death Mountain:
    A huge mountain range that makes up most of Goronia Province, and the peak of which is Hyrule's highest geographical point. A constant black ring of clouds surrounds the top of the Death Mountain volcano proper as it spews heat and ash into the air. Goronia City, the main home of the Gorons, has been carved deep into its side.

    Goronia City:
    The capital city of the Gorons, and a cavernous labyrinth that holds the majority of their race. Despite being carved deep into the side of Death Mountain, and only reached by a long trek up Death Mountain Trail, Goronia City is, much like its inhabitants, friendly to outsiders and welcoming of visitors.

    Goron Mines:
    An extensive series of tunnels and shafts carved, dug, and eaten into the depths of the Death Mountain range, the entrance to which can be found within Goronia City. The Gorons use these mines for food, gems, valuable minerals, and to siphon the heat that emanates from deep within Death Mountain.

    Fire Temple:
    Built long ago by ancient Gorons as a place to worship the Spirits of Fire and the Four Giants, the Fire Temple has since been integrated with the Goron Mines. While the temple is not forbidden to other races, the lethal heat of the core of Death Mountain prevents nearly any non-Goron from exploring its sacred halls. Darunia, the Sage of Fire, watches over this place.

    Shadow Temple:
    An ancient temple built by the Sheikah for reasons unknown - although theorized to be an early training grounds for the warriors of the tribe - the Shadow Temple soon came to be used as a place that absorbed and concentrated the negative aspects of Hyrule and kept it at bay in order to keep the peace of the land. It has been long decades since the temple has been put to use in this way, though the aura of these dark feelings still remains - and the temple is mostly avoided as a result. Impa, the Sage of Shadow, watches over this place.

    A small town nestled on the borders of Goronia, named after the Sage of Fire, a previous Goron Chief, for his noble actions. It is mostly populated by Gorons and Hylians, but is also a popular resting place for Rito pilgrims heading to the Wind Temple due to its midway location.

    Windfall Village:
    Nestled in a deep valley and guarding the only passageway through the mountains to the Wind Temple, Windfall Village is home to the Sheikah Tribe, and is populated almost singularly by them - were it not for the constant presence of Rito pilgrims passing through.

    Wind Temple:
    A temple built by the Sheikah and Rito to worship the Spirits of Wind and shelter Valoo, Guardian of the Sky. Long ago, this temple was also used as a site for sages to pray for the power against evil to remain within the Master Sword, in conjunction with the Earth Temple. Many Rito take a pilgrimage to this holy place to pay fealty to their deity, Valoo, and hope to receive a scale from him. Valoo, Guardian of the Sky, watches over this place.
    Outset Village:

    A small, lake-side village that houses a modest but friendly population of Hylians. Despite its small size, it is the closest settlement to both the Water Temple and the Earth Temple, and as such hosts a wide variety of races from all corners of Hyrule that come to rest on journeys to either of the temples. Most of the residents are capable sailors, due to the lake-coast road being long, winding, and un-kept, causing most people to take boats across Lake Hylia to reach the town - most of the town's money comes from a ferry system.

    Water Temple:
    An underwater temple at the deepest point of Lake Hylia, built long ago by the Zora as a place to pay fealty to the Spirits of Water and Jabun, Guardian of the Sea. Due to the temple's underwater location, few outside of the Zora bother to gather what is necessary to enter - which includes permission from the Zora Queen. Ruto, the Sage of Water, watches over this place.

    Earth Temple:
    An old temple built by the Rito and the Zora to worship the Spirits of the Earth, and a sacred site wherein sages prayed for the power against evil to remain within the Master Sword, in conjunction with the Wind Temple. It has since fallen into disuse and subsequently disrepair, and is rarely visited by either of the races that originally built it.

    Flood Temple:

    A temple built over the river by the Gerudo, used as a source of water and to monitor the river's water levels. In times of drought, it has been used as a place to pray to the Goddesses for rain, and a place to divert the river in times of flood.

    Watchtower of Steel:
    A large, circular tower constructed of stone and metal, hidden in a valley north of Lake Hylia. It is used exclusively for the training of Sheikah Tribe members who have been chosen to become Sheikah Warriors, ninja-like masters of combat and espionage, and sworn protectors of the Royal Family of Hyrule. It is said that when a Sheikah Warrior nears the completion of their training, they are taken to the top of the tower, where an ancient Sheikah relic judges their innermost heart - and that a Sheikah that has evil lurking within them is immediately executed.


    A dusty town close to the river, built and carved into the stone of the valley it resides in, and named after the Sage of Spirit, a strong and righteous woman who once led the Gerudo Tribe.

    Mother & Child Peaks:

    Two massive stone pillars that rise up from beneath the sand in the Gerudo Desert, one slightly larger than the other. Despite the oddness of their presence, they look naturally-formed, being huge, rough chunks of rock erupting from the ground - whether they are remnants of an ancient civilization, however, has often been an entertaining source of chatter among the people of Hyrule.

    Arbiter's Ground:
    An ancient and crumbling fortress, once built by the Gerudo as a prison, now the site of the once-again shattered Twilight Mirror. The Arbiter's Grounds are awe-inspiring, and echo with the ghosts of a dark, untold history.

    Haunted Wasteland:
    A rarely-visited northern portion of the Gerudo Desert, it is said that tormented spirits gather in this place, haunting and stealing the life of any individual foolish enough to trek through these desecrated sands.

    Forsaken Pyramid:
    A dark, formidable stone pyramid constructed long ago by some ancient tribe, now surrounded by the Haunted Wasteland. It's believed that the pyramid was cursed with a dark and terrible magic when the builders, an ancient desert tribe that predated many of Hyrule's residents, were wiped out in a horrific sandstorm, causing the troubled sands that surround it. Little is known about the Forsaken Pyramid and its surrounding area, but much is speculated.

    Spirit Temple:
    An ancient temple built long ago by the Gerudo of generations past, used as a place of worship for a long-forgotten deity, and used as a place of prayer for mercy from the harsh desert. Since then, the path to its grounds has been forgotten by all but a few, and it has not been tended to in many decades. Nabooru, the Sage of Spirit, watches over this place.

    Gerudo Valley:
    The home of the Gerudo Tribe, found in the southern portion of the Gerudo Desert, west of Hyrule Castle and north of Lake Hylia. The Gerudo have built themselves a society in this great grotto of sand, and Gerudo Fortress, a massive stone complex built for the training of young Gerudo female tribe members, stands strong and proud as their capital.

    Kokiri Village:

    The home of the Kokiri Race, and the home village of Link, the First Knight and Hero of Hyrule. Watched over by the Great Deku Tree, Guardian of the Forest, the village is populated by the child-race of Kokiri, who entertain themselves daily with the whimsy only children can capture, and are protected by their fairy companions and the Great Deku Tree. Only the Kokiri know the safe path through the Lost Woods, and it is notoriously difficult to secure reliable escort.

    Deku Palace:
    The home of the Deku Royals, found far beyond Kokiri Village, deep within the forest. Due to the Deku people's natural distrust of Hyrule's non-forest races, only Deku and chosen Kokiri are allowed to enter the Palace or walk its grounds, while all others are explicitly forbidden, the gates guarded at all times.

    Lost Woods:
    A thick, mysterious region of the Kokiri Forest, the Lost Woods is a maze of trees home to many creatures and beasts, and hiding the only path to the Forest Temple, a path only known by the Kokiri. It is said that anyone who enters the Lost Woods without a fairy or a Kokiri guide will become lost and transform - children into Skull Kids, and adults into Stalfos.

    Forest Temple:
    A temple built by a forgotten people deep within the Lost Woods in the Kokiri Forest, used to worship the spirits of the Forest. Fallen into disuse, it is rarely visited by the Kokiri due to its distance from the Great Deku Tree, and it has long since overgrown with vines and plant-life. Saria, the Sage of the Forest, watches over this place.


    Zora's Domain:
    Home of the Zora, their domain is a watery cave system that has been carved out for use, and a society built inside. The main entrance lies behind the Sleepless Waterfall, an outpouring of water from Zora's Fountain that sources Zora River, and is often closed to many, the Zora too proud and too private to open their doors to travellers of all kinds - however, free passage is always granted to those that play or sing the traditional melody of the Hylian Royal Family. Zora's Doman is ruled by the Queen Rutella of the Zora, and after her, her son Ralis, Prince of the Zora.

    Zora's Fountain:
    A large fresh-water spring lying behind the Zora throne room, accessed only through Zora's Domain. The water of the Fountain flows through Zora's Domain and down the Sleepless Waterfall, sourcing the Zora River and other small streams, eventually connecting to Lake Hylia, the largest body of water in Hyrule.

    Snowpeak Mountain:
    A huge, frozen mountain northeast of Death Mountain, Snowpeak is home to the Rito, who withstand the heights by their bird-like nature, and the cold by their thick plumage, and also the solitary Yeti race. The path to the peak is long and winding, featuring cliffs and caves alike, and few dare to attempt the hike for fear of their lives - as such, the Rito home is a private, secluded place, and were it not for the Rito's natural wanderlust and frequent pilgrimages, Hyrule would barely know of them.

    The New Heroes of Hyrule

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    Rules and FAQ

    Rules on Character Creation:
    - Sheets are to be sent to the GM (Roman) by PM. Any non-approved sheets posted directly in the OOC will not be considered, and I will ask they be removed.
    - Applications will not be approved until the GM has had proper time to look over the sheet and deal with any glaring issues before allowing it. Please keep this in mind when your sheets aren't immediately cleared for posting.
    - Players are permitted only one primary character. This character can die and be replaced, but good reason must be given to the GM for the action to be considered.

    Rules on the Out of Character Thread:
    -Respect the Game Master. The GM’s word is final, and if a law is laid then do not argue or disregard it. Likewise, do not ignore Guild Moderators or Admins. Failure to adhere will result in ejection from the game and a polite request not to return.
    -Respect your fellow players. Debate and constructive criticism is fine; flaming and outright nastiness is not. If you feel there are glaring issues with another player that must be addressed, contact the GM privately. Failure to adhere will result in ejection from the game and a polite request not to return.
    -If a quarrel arises between players, either ask the GM to adjudicate, or take it to a private format. Do not use the OOC Thread to quibble among yourselves.
    -Feel free to chat, but try not to let talk unrelated to the game run rampant.

    Rules on the In Character Thread:
    -Posting at least once or twice a week is expected. Try to post in the OOC Thread, or message the GM, if extraneous circumstances arise which make such activity difficult. Characters and their players that become inactive will eventually be removed from the game.
    -Do not take control of another player’s character without express permission from both the player involved and the GM as to the extent of the actions. Doing so will be counted as God-Modding or Meta-Gaming, and will be considered a serious offence. Killing another character without permission will result in removal of the post, immediate ejection from the game, and a polite request not to return.

    -No OOC posting in the IC Thread. That’s what the OOC Thread is for. Obviously.

    Is this a Canon RP?
    Yes. This RP takes place within the Legend of Zelda universe, borrowing characters, locations, and lore from the series.

    Where/when does this take place in the LoZ universe?
    The events of this game take place many years after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with the events of both The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess having occurred as well. The game will encompass nearly all points of the Hyrule Map. Both the events of Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess, and the map itself, have been modified and streamlined to compile the events, characters, and locations of multiple entries into the Legend of Zelda series while remaining cohesive and keeping the soul of the series intact.

    Can I be a 'Non-Playable' race?
    No. The two 'non-playable' races listed are listed for completion's sake, and they have their own reasons for being non-playable.

    Can I be a non-listed race?
    I will not accept any original races, but I may accept non-listed but still canon races on a case-by-case basis if you so desire to create a character that is a member of a lesser-known species.

    Can I be a Canon character?
    No. Important Canon characters will not be partaking in the quest, and will be met along the journey, controlled by the Narrator.

    Can my character use a gun/vehicle/other modern technology?
    No. There is no such technology present in Hyrule. Transports are horses, wagons, and boats, while weaponry and tools are forged or crafted. The realm's prolifent magic has eliminated the need for advanced technology, and so the developments simply have not been made.

    Can my character come from somewhere outside Hyrule?
    No. Hyrule is the world, and beings outside of it are unfeasible to the residents. Termina, and other such parallel worlds, are unknown, if they exist at all.

    Can my character come from somewhere their race does not generally reside?
    Yes and no. Dependent on your character's race, your place of birth will often be fixed, but where your character grew up can be changed. Zora, for example, can be born anywhere there is water for the eggs to hatch in, and so are not confined to Zora's Domain; but Gerudo will always be born and raised within Gerudo Valley.
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  2. Welcome one and all to the Zelda Fandom RP event of the century!
    I kid, of course, but I invite any and all to read, submit a sheet, and come and join in the fun in Hyrule in our quest to retrieve Link, the titular Lost Knight!

    If you're not a Zelda fan, or are interested but don't know much about the series, have no worries - all the information you need to be ready to play is available for you, and if there's anything I haven't covered in the FAQ, ask me here or shoot me a PM and i'll be happy to clear anything up for you!

    I hope you read, enjoy, and join soon after. A quick disclaimer though - to allow time for character creation, and also for the holiday season, the IC won't be launching until the new year. Hopefully I've supplied enough intrigue to keep you around until then!
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  3. Have a bump! Still looking for interested players, make your voice known !
  4. Are there anyone else interested in this? Because I am!
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  5. I'm very interested and excited! Can't wait for it to start!
  6. Interested. I hope this can still survive. I should send you a char sheet by Tuesday night.
  7. How many people will we need to start it off? I can spread the word!
  8. I guess it was just timing after all.

    With you three and a potential fourth that I know, we have enough for a small group of adventurers. I was looking for a player group around 6, perhaps 7 people, but depending on the characters submitted and the level of player dedication, I believe this story could work with 4.

    I'm not looking to take a character role, as I often don't in RP's I GM, preferring to remain a narrator of sorts. But we'll have to see.

    Edit: of course, the more interested players there are, the more people there are to see where my painstakingly-coded widths all got shot to hell when I discovered that blog posts are not the same dimensions as threads. So it's a balance game, really.
  9. I'm interested ^^
  10. Once again, I underestimate how much other stuff I have to do.

    The sheet is almost done. I just need to finish editing all the unnecessary details(that I'll still use for characterization) out of her backstory and review the questions I have for the GM to make sure I'm not overstepping with certain ideas about why she'd get involved and how.
  11. I might join. Don't quote me on it.

  12. | Name: Leoni Sheldsen |

    | Race: Hylian |

    | Age: 23 |

    | Appearance: Leoni stands at 6'1", he weighs roughly around 182 lbs. He has an athletic build because of his height, straight blonde hair that goes down the back of his neck. He keeps the hair out of his face, his eyes are a vibrant blue color and he has no facial scars. On his chest is a scar that runs from his left should down to his abdomen, though it is hidden underneath his armor/clothing and only shown when he removes it. Overall, he is an average height/weight for his size and kind, but his looks are a bit more 'pretty' and 'feminine' and doesn't resemble a warriors look. |

    | Home: Hyrule |

    | Biography: Leoni was born into a small family that ran a bakery in Hyrule. He was the only child of Richard and Meria Sheldsen. He was taught the basic skill of kneading dough, age five, to help his Family out around the bakery. In his spare time, or times of kneading, he would listen to tales of brave warriors and knights. He daydreamed of becoming one, but how small and poor his family was he would never be able to afford any sort of equipment to become one. His Family, though supportive, told him to forget about his dreams of becoming a knight and focusing on the Bakery and Family, making sure they survived and didn't go poor in the winter.

    When Leoni turned eight years old, his Family was hired by the Royal Family of Hyrule to become their personal bakers. They were honored and the pay rise was something they couldn't turn down. They moved into the Castle, given a small living space and free access to the royal kitchen to bake bread an other fine goods. Now living in the castle, and seeing proud warriors and the weapons/armor/equipment. His desire to become one intensified, but he was too young and naive to even think about asking his Family for a wooden sword.

    Age twelve, his Father passed away due to a stroke. He was depressed, and the bakery was all on his Mother and him now without his Father, but the Royal Family wasn't heartless and hired a few hands to help around the kitchen to help. There wasn't any problems with the bakery anymore and his Family flourished, income wise, but Leoni couldn't help himself. He stole a few rupees and bought himself a wooden sword. He would train in secret, but one day he was caught by Rikar, a Hyrulian Knight. Rikar wasn't impressed by the boy's poor swordsmanship and took him under his wing. Before teaching him, he had to get permission from his Mother first and after much coaxing and begging, his Mother agreed.

    Leoni become Rikar's squire and trained under the Knight. Over the years he grew better, more experienced in the art of battle and chivalry. He listened to the tale of Link so many times that he felt like he knew the man and how brave he was.

    Now he is 26 years old and Link has gone on a pilgrimage, but it was only suppose to last 6 months, not 8. Queen Zelda is worried and sent out a message, and a reward for joining together and finding the Hero of Hyrule, but Leoni isn't going to help for the reward, but because he is a Knight of Hyrule and must help his Queen in her time of need. |

    | Weaponry: Long Sword, and a Shield.|

    | Additional Equipment: Dagger, Bandages, Hylian Necklace (Hyrules Eblem on it).|

    | Skills & Talents: Baking & Cooking, Swordsmanship, Excellent Hearing.|
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  13. [​IMG]

    | Name: |
    Daruga Goron

    | Race: |

    | Age: |
    26 years of age (Young Adult)

    | Appearance: |
    Like most of his race, Daruga is a mountain of a creature, a towering wall of burnt orange muscle, belly, and rock. Large tan rocks spike out of his back, head, and shoulders, and he has the beginnings of a mane-like beard growing around his chin. His eyes are a deep, polished looking indigo, almost like gemstones in his broad and distinctly fish-like face. He has no ears and tiny slits for his nose, giving him a rather simpleminded look. Until he gets angry, that is. Light beige tattoos cover his arms and face, swirling tribal designs that are mostly concentrated to his forearms, and disappears under the loose, enormous tan tunic with short sleeves and made from a course, plain material that he is commonly seen wearing. Daruga is roughly 8'5", and almost 280 lbs, most of the weight either contributing the bulging girth of his stomach, or the hulking muscles that wrap around his arms, chest, and legs. Daruga has a scar going down his entire right arm from a wrestling match with one of his brothers back on Death Mountain. The fighting wasn't meant to injure one another, but he'd been flipped into a rock, and it cut his arm.

    | Home: |
    Death Mountain

    | Biography: |
    Growing up on Death Mountain, Daruga was raised in the brotherly culture of the Goron. He is the son of one of the previous elders, and thus takes his people very seriously in hopes that he can fill those honored footsteps one day. Well-liked amongst his peers, he spent his youth wrestling and slamming around his friends, and getting slammed around by them in return, and as an adult, he eventually took up the role of a craftsman. A blacksmith, to be more specific. Using his flame-retardant body, he was able to become a relatively skilled smith and used this to help travelers who might need some weaponry or armor. Recently, he's taken upon the desire to investigate other cultures, which led him out of Death Mountains to answer the call to assist finding the Lost Hero.

    Naturally, as a Goron, he didn't need much preparation for his journey to help the Knights of Hyrule. He doesn't require a weapon with his natural strength and fighting capabilities, and his food is pretty easy to come by. All he needed was the shirt on his back and his smithing tools, and he was ready to go. On the first leg of his journey, before the call to Hyrule Castle, Daruga took a slow, almost aimless route. Leaving Goron City, he first headed toward Castle Town, stopping in Kakariko Village and Daruma, then stopping for a bit at Epona Ranch to try the milk. Finally, he made it towards the main city of Hyrule, where his tourism was finished after learning the plight of the First Knight of Hyrule.

    | Weaponry: |
    As far as weapons go, Daruga only uses his sheer strength (and that awesome ability to tank anything in front of him) as his weapons.

    | Additional Equipment: |
    Daruga carries a toolbelt around his waist, usually covered by his large belly, that holds his smithing tools. He also carries a sack of small, fist-sized rocks "in case he gets hungry". He can and will carry things for smaller characters that are incapable of carrying a lot, however, on request.

    | Skills & Talents: |

    • Eats Rocks: This is a literal skill, in his opinion. Daruga doesn't have to bother cooking (or really searching that hard) for his food. In fact, most of the time it's literally laying on the roadside. He's not very picky about his rocks, either. He's quite a big eater, however, and requires a lot of large rocks to power on a creature his size.
    • Powerful: Due to his Goron heritage, Daruga is a powerhouse of a character, able to smash rocks with his bare hands and virtually overpower his enemies with little issue, as well as act as a sort of pack-carrier for some of the smaller members of the band. However, unless he's rolling, he moves rather slowly.
    • Smith: Most Goron are known as craftsmen, and he is no exception, with his particular talent leaning in the creation of armor and weaponry, if you can supply him with the materials.
    • Breathes Underwater: As Goron are made of a silicone-like material, Daruga can breathe underwater, therefore he's incapable of drowning. However, he cannot float, and he cannot swim.
    • Hardy Traveler: While not the most seasoned traveler in Hyrule, Daruga made it from the Goron City over Death Mountain all the way to Castle Town. He's not low on stamina, as long as he gets enough to sustain himself.
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  14. I'm very sorry to everyone who tried to spur this RP and wrote some wonderful characters but I've recently gotten busier at work and I'm about to take on some new training that will last a few months, and my own existing RP commitments are sadly taking priority over starting new ones, whether they be my games or anyone else's. I am, therefore, closing The Lost Knight, pending a relaunch further in the future.

    Until then, I wish you all the best of luck in coming ventures and I'll keep your names on a list for if and when The Lost Knight returns.
  15. I understand. It happens to me a lot.

    I hadn't been this excited about an Iwaku RP in a while. So, yes, definitely let me know if you decide to relaunch it. I might try to go for a tamer concept next time. :P
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