The Legacy

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  1. Long ago, before myths were myths, and legends were legends, there was a land called Pangea. Pangea was the first form of Earth. Pangea had many mythical creatures in it. Every mythical creature we speak of today was there. Our dreams had to originate from somewhere. There were five kingdoms. The good, Sylestia and Topheni and the bad, Destren, Pandera, and Seneca. The three bad kingdoms were small, but powerful enough to hold back the light kingdoms. The the two good kingdoms were big, but could barely hold back all three of the bad kingdoms. All of the kings and queens are against each other. Nothing will change their minds. Only their children are able to stop them.


    Only two royals for one kingdom, one boy and one girl. You can only own 1 royal.

    Character Sheets:

    Age:15( Marrying age)
    Looks: elf_girl_by_senryuji-d5qtz33.jpg
    History: She was kept locked in her room most of her life.
    Rank: Princess
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.