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  1. I am looking to do a lycan (as in permanently shifted werewolves) plot based loosely on this song:

    The plot would be that the alphess, or queen, of the lycan pack takes an eye to the omega after he fights for the pack, slaughtering dozens in the name of pack honor. It is a sort of forbidden romance, as an omega is the lowest of the pack, the filth if you will... expect there to be blood and gore as well as bitey and scratchy sexings. Yea, this is a sort of bare bones idea but with a decent partner I think we could do something interesting!
  2. Im kinda interested. Which role would you want to play?
  3. Well I was assuming I'd play the male omega...t
    Also on a note of any "dominant submissive" ideas, this is supposed to try and blur those... So small 'fights' for dominance and the like.
  4. alright, sounds kinda interesting. [i like the song by the way] Any details you wish to cover or talk about? any guidlines?
  5. Well would you prefer a medieval, modern, or future setting? I can do any. Guidelines wise I can't say I have a whole lot... I work with whatever's given to me be it muliple paragraphs or a sentence.
  6. Okay :) I ususally like to play in medieval settings but if we could make the others really interesting it'd be fine with me. I generally write a paragraph or more, i like to keep mine long. I do like descriptive sex scenes ( assuming there will be a few) and I can do violence. (not sure how well though haha)
    But the whole point of this would be the omega trying to fight his way up to be beside her right?
  7. Medieval it is, expect a decent bit of blood and violence as I, personally, want to exercise my ability to write it.

    That is the main idea, be it him rising through the ranks or an affair.
  8. Okay, I'm not sure how good i will be but I'm willing to try :) are we going to be playing more than one character?
  9. I figure we'd end up playing some Betas at times but I dont necessarily see a need to permanently double.
  10. alright, sounds good. So what would your characters name be? and what will they be like.
  11. Ferrus.

    Personality wise, strong minded, cocksure, tends to get himself into trouble by being a shade on the reckless side trying to prove his worth and become more than an omega. Has a deep seated depression due to the inherant worthlessness of his rank and the fact that the others see him as nothing more than an extra mouth and expendable.

  12. Sorry it took me a little while to find ones I liked. Ive never played a Lycan before so I'll let you pick which one you like best since it was your idea :)
    I'd like her name to be Wynona. I think its very Alphess :) Since she is the 'Alpha' of the pack she'd have to be very dominating, but i'd like her to also have a sort of gentle side, or maybe a better word is sympathetic. She can see things for what they're worth, which would explain why she has her eye on the omega. She would see potential in him, no?

    The_Oath.jpg warningcry.jpg Scenting_The_Wind_by_Goldenwolf.jpg
  13. I am fond of the first one. The traits you have chosen are all fine in my opinion. Any final questions?
  14. are you willing to start it?
  15. Aye, I am, grant me a moment or two and I shall have it up.
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