The last person to post here wins!

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  1. This is a creative writing challenge. Write about whatever is on your mind or just something creative and try to be the last person to post! But don't just ramble a short one sentance post. Again, THIS IS A CREATIVE WRITING CHALLENGE to be the last person that posts here!
  2. Okay, so if you've read my status, then you'd know that a really cute guy asked me to the end of year formal, which is on Friday. I don't know much about him, except he's a frienemie of a friend, and I'd hardly said two sentences to the guy in the last six months. His name is Ryan, and we were standing next to eachother in the lunch line, and he introduced himself and we chatted and then he asked if I was going. I said no, not unless someone asks, and he said, so you want someone to ask you, and I said yes, and he was like, then will you go with me? and I was all okay, and so now I'm going~! We talked a little, and he just popped out of the blue, You really are beautiful, and no one's said that to me since like third grade, and I'm sooo excited.

    Okay, so I kind of rambled, but you did say whatever is on your mind, so there~!
  3. Yep! Lol. That's pretty much just how this goes! :)
  4. So I'm new here and I never played this game like this before, at least not like that because usually, I only see it's less evolved little brothers. I think this is a nice idea, much better than everyone just saying "I win!"
    Also, I thought Larerani's story was very cute, so here is my own little story, even if it's not much of one.
  5. I'll be honest, I think I've become temporarily obsessed with OFWGKTA. O.o