The Last of Us? (Ice and Seephira)



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Name: Oliver Ware

Age: 29

Bio: Oliver was recently laid off from his job at a big construction corporation. He had a Three-figure job and was living quite a lavish life style. However, once it was discovered that he and multiple others in the corporation had been using corporate money to pay for their vacations and lifestyles, the investors sued them. That’s when Oliver lost everything: his job, his money, and his reputation in the business world. He had very little money to his name and could no longer live his extravagant life. He now lives with his sister while he attempts to find a job; however, his desire for expensive liquor, cigars, and nightlife have not gone away. He has been stealing from his sister and maxing her credit cards in order to continue his way of life.

Personality: Oliver tends to focus on material possessions, exhibits a considerable degree of hedonism, and values a high-paying job over one with a better moral grounding. This hedonism is fulfilled through consistent manipulations and lies at others expense. At the same time, Oliver portrays aspects of both thinking and feeling, adhering to logic but occasionally giving into his feelings. Oliver has an outward appearance of having a cool composition; however, his occasional outbursts in private (particularly to his sister) reveal that he is occasionally deeply concerned with his insecurities of loosing everything he owns after being laid off and furthermore, not being able to make an emotional connection with anyone. He sometimes feels alone in the World, but he is glad to know his sister is there for him. However, desire to look “awesome” to everyone trumps the love his sister has for him, which is why he still steals from her. Overall, Oliver has a deep need to be desired, wanted, and needed by others and he can’t bear the fact that he has come crawling to his sister for help.


Bio: Becca Ware lived an ok life she had a job. Nothing like her brother Oliver's job where he made a six figure income. Right now she was going through a rough patch as well. Money was tight between the two and Olliver just moved into her place to help keep ends meet but he just lost his job as well. At the moment she had not realized he had been taking money from her and maxing out her credit cards. At this moment she was working double shifts to try to make ends meet for her and her brother. Becca was brought up to be kind and take care of her brother and family.

Personality: In some ways the twins were identicle and in a lot of ways they were very different. While her brother focused on material possessions she did not have a lot of items that she owned. Some clothing, jewelry and a few other odds and ends she needed but that's about it. Becca was very aware that he was worried about loosing his items that he owned so that is why she picked up extra shifts until he could find a job so that would not happen. But since she wasn't like him she did not really know how special these items were to him. Special enough so that he would steal her money and max her credit cards. Boy would she get a surprise when she got her bill which was sitting in the mailbox right now. Nothing would change the fact that family comes first and she knows that.
The evening was warm with a cool breeze as Oliver stepped out into the night with his arm around a woman's shoulder. Oliver was wearing a hand made Italian suit with a purple hand crafted silk tie. He and the woman entered a cab that he had called moments before, but the last thing on his mind was the person next to him. Rather his sister was on his mind. He felt a twinge of guilt for what he had done to her, maxing her credit cards, stealing her money. But it was worth it. He knew if he stayed awesome a nice big corporation would offer him a six figure job again. After all, he was an awesome lawyer.

Oliver spent the evening at this Woman's apartment and then left in the early hours of the morning to return to his sister's small apartment. He walked down the busy street listening the sound of police and ambulances roam around. "They seemed to be a lot more active" Oliver told himself as he picked up a newspaper from a newsstand. The headline of today's paper was "Mysterious Infection Spreading: 30 Now Infected" Oliver placed the paper down. "They'll clear that mess up soon enough."

As Oliver entered the apartment he knew he was forgetting to do something. As he racked his brains for what that task was he decided it was to surprise his sister, Becca, with breakfast. Becca worked double shifts and he knew she would be coming home from the night shift hungry. Oliver whipped up some pancakes, bacon, and eggs for the both of him. He silently thanked his mother who taught her children how to cook at a relatively young age. Oliver laid out all the food on the small kitchen table and sat down. He checked his phone for the time. "She'll be here in approximately two minutes." Oliver said making a little wager against himself.
Becca had a long hard day at work and she was on her way home. All she wanted to do was have a nice long shower and go to bed. Yawning she tried to keep her mind on the road and not falling asleep. It was nearly eleven at night and today she even worked two hours longer then normal. Her normally brushed back hair was a mess. Her car had clutter on the seats and on the floor. No time to clean up she thought to herself as he pulled into the driveway of her home. Turning off the engine she stepped out of the car allowing the car door to close behind her.

As she walked up to the front door she noticed the mail box was stuffed and she sighed. She picked out the envelopes and then went to unlock the door. All this could mean was more bills that they did not have the money. She would have to open them in the morning when she had some rest and could think straight. She put her purse and the mail on the table right inside the door. The shower was nice at least she had the next day off and she could rest.

Around ten in the morning is when she woke up to the smell of the wonderful breakfast her brother just made. Putting on a loose hoodie and jeans she started down the stairs to see her brother. "Something smells amazing." She said smiling at him and sitting down at the table and looking at the food that was sitting there in front of her. Picking up the fork she started to eat her food. Even though she had a good night's rest she was still hungry. "Thank you this is really good." She said looking at him as she was eating her food quite quickly. Soon she would open her mail like she always did in the morning. Little did she know that some kind of disease was spreading around the small city where they lived.
Oliver grinned. "Family first. Right?" He started to clear the dishes. "Anyways. I had a pretty awesome evening with....Um....Ashley? Or was it Alison?" Oliver said confused of the name of the girl he slept with last night. "Anyway, ! I hope work wasn't too stressful for you. I did call in a few favors last night and I got an interview tomorrow at Chase Bank. They know about me from the Herbert case and they are really interested in me." Oliver entered the kitchen and yelled "I think everything will go back to normal. Really soon." Oliver started washing the dishes. It took him a few minutes to finish everything. Oliver exited the kitchen rolling he sleeves back up and noticed a large stack of mail on the table next to the front door. "Shit" Oliver said aloud. He started to panic. "Becca's going to find out I'm fucked....No. Act naturally. Claim they're false charges. Go change like you're going on you're hike, as usual." Oliver thought. He entered his room and put on an old Nirvana t-shirt, a pair of hiking shorts, and tennis shoes. Oliver exited his room and stopped dead in his tracks. The mail left the table and was.... "Becca!" Oliver called out nervously. "Ummmmmm...." He was at a loss for words.

"I'm fucked" were the last things he told himself before all hell broke loose.
Nodding she watched him collect the dishes and put them away. "As mom always taught as." She laughed slightly as she knew he was drinking again and could not remember her name. "You always forget their names don't you?" Getting up she stretched and watched her brother. "It was tiring yes. I hope you can get a job soon. I don't know how long I can keep this up for. I wish you luck in the interview. I really hope it does go back to normal." Little did she know that soon she would be eating those words that just came out of her mouth. When her brother went up the stairs she knew he was going to go for his hike like he always did in the morning. By the time he came back down the stairs she had already opened some of the mail and was looking at her statement. "What the heck is this?" She called out waving the paper frantically around and glaring at him. "Don't you understand we don't have that kind of money to spend?" There were thousands of dollars racked up on he bill that was already quite high. She was putting items on it and paying the minimum balance just to keep ends meet.
Oliver decided to play the innocent route. "What do you mean?" Oliver walked over to Becca and looked at the statement. "What the Hell!" Oliver exclaimed. He started to read the statement trying to find something that he could get himself out of this pickle. "You spent 868$ at Nordstroms?" Oliver asked incredulously. "I mean I know I have spending habits that I'm use to, but I have never spent that much money on clothing on your dime!" Oliver started to pace back and forth thinking. "And why have you been going out to eat so much? We have food here! Mom taught us how to cook for a reason, Becca. Christ!" Oliver yelled. He started to pray to every God he could think of that he bluff and derailing of the conversation would work.
Becca knew without a doubt that she would never spend almost a thousand dollars at store when she had no money. Something about her brother's answers were off and she knew it was him. Who else would it be? He had access to her credit cards and money. "You know damn well that I don't shop at Nordstorms. Also why would I eat out I know we have food here. Plus I have no time to eat out with me working double shifts." She threw the bill down on the able and crossed her arms when she does when she is mad. "I want an explanation." It was one thing to spend her money but it was another to lie right in front of her face. His words pierced her 'Family comes first.' Yeah now that doesn't seem very true with what he was doing.
"And you think I shop at Nordstrom's?" Oliver started to laugh. "I am awesome. I buy expensive suits that are hand crafted! Hand crafted, Becca! You think I would shop there?" Oliver knew his bluff wasn't working. "I have been cooking here forever! I understand we're tight on money. I've gone out to the clubs, bars, and cigar lounges, but I've only been getting cheap Macallan scotch. I have cut down my spending by a lot. I haven't bought a single suit since I've been laid off. My suit guy is getting worried too. I also go in for a monthly fitting and it's been, six months. Six!" Oliver yelled the last word. He was about to lose his mind. He didn't feel awesome anymore. He couldn't buy expensive scotch and cigars for himself and his colleagues. "I am not happy living this kind of life. I have nothing good to show off to seem important!" Oliver said. "I am trying my best to get a job to repay you for everything and you sit there and accuse me of lavish spending?" Oliver pretended to be offended.
Becca threw up her arms. He just pretty much told her that he was doing this himself by going to bars, clubs and lounges and cutting down on his spending money. The only money that was left was on her credit card which now was one hundred dollars over her maximum limit. "I know it's you doing it and lying is just making it worse. How could you lie to your own sister? The only family you have left." She picked up her purse and keys and started heading towards the front door wanting to get away. That was the last time they saw each other before the infection got worse and spread through more of the city.

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"Jesus Christ! Becca..." Oliver said. She exited the apartment. "Fuck" Oliver yelled. He sat down on the couch and laid down. Oliver moaned "I'm an idiot. Idiot. Idiot." Oliver turned on the TV and watched a few hours of TV before closed his droopy eyes. He drifted off to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Oliver woke up to the sound of someone banging on the apartment door. Standing up and turning the TV off, Oliver noticed the clock on the wall said 9:46 PM. When Oliver was stressed he tended to fall asleep for long period of time, so it wasn’t a surprise to him that he fell asleep for 8 hours. Oliver walked over to the door and looked through the key hole. There was figure at the door who he didn’t recognize. Leaving the chain lock on the door, Oliver opened the apartment door.

Suddenly an arm forced it’s way in reaching for Oliver. “What the Hell!” Oliver yelled attempting to close the door. “Back off!” When the person didn’t respond, Oliver decided to take drastic measures. “If you don’t move your arm, I will break it.” Oliver then pushed the door against the person’s arm. When they didn’t move it Oliver kept pushing the door in until her heard a sickening crack. “Jesus! I am so sorry!” Oliver stopped pushing the door and let the arm keep moving about. He tried to dial 911 on his cellphone; however, Oliver got a message telling all civilians to evacuate their homes to the nearest safe zone. “What?”

Oliver turned on the TV once more. The Emergency Broadcast system was on. “The infection has spread. Don’t come in contact with infected. Lethal force may be used. Proceed to nearest safe zone.” Oliver never felt more confused in his life. “Lethal force?” he asked himself. Oliver looked out the apartment window and saw people running down the street from what it seemed was from something. There was a car burning in the street and it provided enough light for Oliver to see someone tackled by another person. The person on top sunk their teeth into the one on the bottom. “Holy shit…” Oliver said aloud.

There was a loud crack from the door as the chained snapped off from the door. A person came running into the room, towards Oliver. Oliver reacted quickly and threw a punch which made contact with the persons face. They stumbled backwards tripping on the armor the couch and falling backwards. “Listen I don’t want to hurt you.” Oliver said. The man from the couch got up and tried to grab Oliver. Countering, Oliver grabbed the man’s head and slammed him into the wall. “Last warning” Oliver yelled. running to the kitchen and grabbing a steak knife. The man, a little dazed, started to walk towards Oliver. Blood was oozing from his head, slowly. “Back off!” Oliver yelledThe man was attempting to grab Oliver. In retaliation Oliver brought the knife down into the eye of the man.

“Holy fuck” Oliver said feeling sick. He wretched for a few minutes, but had nothing in his stomach to throw up. Oliver needed to talk to Becca. He pulled out his phone and dialed her number and listened to the ringing. Waiting, waiting to hear his sister was okay, from whatever this was.
Her first day off of work was ruined because her brother would not just fess up and tell the truth about what he did. A few tears fell from her eyes as she started the car then pulled out the driveway. Where would she go? There was no family around she thought of going to a hotel with what little money she did make off her pay check she just got. She never spent any money for herself so one day at a hotel wouldn't hurt right? Quickly she started driving to the cheapest one she could think of off the top of her head.

Because of all the mess that had happened at the house she had left her phone on the table beside her papers. That would be a big mistake in a little bit when she would not be able to reach her brother. Getting up to the hotel she locked her car door and opened the door to the hotel. "I need a room for a night please." She said leaning against the counter and giving the man her information and credit card to pay for the one night. It was surprisingly cheap. She had nothing with her and would probably need to go out later to get some food.

A few moments later she was on the way to her room for some peace and quiet. Normally the siblings never fought but when they did it was pretty bad. She did not order television service. She put the key in the door and then locked it behind her. Sighing she collapsed on the bed and closed her eyes. What were they going to do? How would they manage to pay off her entire credit card bill? She tried to get her worries out of her mind she was just going to make herself sick with stress. A few moments later she was starting to fall asleep she really did need it.

What seemed like only moments later but really was an hour later she was awoken by screams coming from outside the hotels. Becca was so drowsy she thought it was the television from the next room over and she lifted her hand to bang on the wall above her head. Moments later she realized what was going on and it was coming from outside her window. Opening the curtain she peered into the darkness from the dimly lit neon sign from the hotel she could see a bit of what was going on. People running for their lives and other people stammering towards them. One looked like it had it's leg broken. "How?" Her voice was cut off as she continued to watch the scene unfold. Patting her pockets she rummaged through her purse as well trying to find her phone. "Shit." She said out loud knowing she had left it at home. That was it the one with the broken leg was heading right towards her and she did not know what to do. She had no weapons on her.
Oliver hung up as soon as he reached Becca's voicemail. Oliver paced around the room thinking of a way he could find his sister. He needed to apologize to her for his stupid actions and his lying to her. Furthermore, some crazy city wide quarantine was happening and he had no idea why. Oliver looked at the dead body on the floor, which made him nauseous. Oliver turned from the body and sat down on the couch. "I need a plan of action." Oliver told himself. "No! I need to find out what's happening in the city."

Oliver hurried over to his laptop. Opening it and launching a browser, Oliver found the media was smitten with the idea of a 'zombie infection.' Oliver was skeptical, but then remembered the 'thing' he just killed."Oh. My. God." Oliver said in awe. A new sense of urgency to find Becca over came Oliver. He ran into his room and found a baseball bat he had signed by the Red Sox. He grabbed a large hiking backpack he owned and exited the apartment building.

People were running and screaming everywhere. Oliver decided he could meet Becca at the one place they both knew. A tree house their father built for them in the woods when they were 6 years old. The old Ware house was on the other end of city in the suburbs, but he decided to make the long journey. Oliver headed off sprinting taking side streets and allies in order to avoid large crowds. His years of being obsessed with Zombies might finally come in handy.
Quickly she turned around her room not knowing what to do. Something was going on and she could not see anything she could use as a weapon. Opening cupboards and drawers she found nothing and there was no kitchen for knives. By this time the zombie outside that was running towards her had hit the window and she jumped slightly. What was going on? No television in the room and she did not bring her phone. She always brought her phone with her how could she forget this time? The window cracked slightly a small shard hitting the floor right near her.

Little did she know this thing right by the window was an actual zombie. Her brother made her watch all those videos about them when they were younger. She always got mad at him when he asked her to but she did anyway. "What's going on?" She said as the person did not stop trying to get into the window the person's eyes were vacant. Quickly she turned around and headed out the door into the hallway. People were running around screaming and then she heard the word zombies. Could that be? All those videos were fake weren't they? Did zombies actually exist? Shaking her head she started running out of the hotel.

After running a few feet she decided to calm herself down and take a few breaths. What about her brother where would they go? Maybe she should try to get back to their house but would he already be gone? That's where she would try first the tree house not coming into her mind yet. Moments later she opened the door and running outside the zombie that was trying to get her earlier turned towards her and she picked up pace. Opening the car from a distance she was able to get in with no problem. Putting the key into the ignition she backed the car up quickly and then turned on a dime.
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Oliver had been walking for an hour and he finally reached his families old house. He had a few close calls with zombies, but he attempted not to make a lot of noise when walking and that seemed to help. He figured they had better hearing than sight since the Zombies kept bumping into each other. He made a mental note thinking this hypothesis could come in handy down the road.

Oliver decided to loot the house later since he felt exhausted, so he continued to the back of the house where the backyard melded into a forest area. He entered the trees and made the short trek to the tree house. It had gotten old with rotten wood since the the couple who bought the house had no young children. Oliver climbed the ladder to the tree house. He used his backpack as a make shift pillow and closed his eyes. "Becca....Please find me soon." Oliver whispered before drifting to sleep.
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A little while later she arrived at the house and people were running around. There was a few zombies outside of the apartment so she got out of her car and ran as fast as she could to their apartment. The door was unlocked and slightly opened which was weird for her brother. "Ollver?" She called out and she was taken back by an awful stench from the body he took down. Walking into the room she noticed the corpse on the floor and turned awake to throw up. It was obvious Oliver was not around anymore.

When she came to her senses she rummaged through the kitchen drawers to find a long sharp knife. What she thought were zombies she quickly figured out it was. Oliver would not kill someone unless he had to and the look of the man showed he had been 'dead' for quite some time. Now she could hear some moans from down the hall and she thought it would be best to get out of here fast. The tree house came into mind she smiled at that memory and started heading for the car. Now there were more undead walking the street. Quickly she got to the car and started heading towards the old tree house.