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  1. Twenty-one years ago the world learned that life could grow to be a thousand times worse than anyone could imagine, and it all happened over night. A fungus, Cordyceps, became the deadly virus that made ones infected hostile, rabid and undead. These creatures have changed over the years and mutated. There are three species or stages thus far, whether that is subject to change or no, no one can be too sure.

    The first stage is the Stalker. Aside from the obvious change in behavior and complexion they have no other significant change on their person. These kind can see and ear but can not smell. All since of smell leaves them shortly after becoming reanimated as the undead. However this does little to lower the threat in which everyone faces when encountering these creatures.
    The second stage of evolution is known as a Clicker. The Fungus that has grown over the brain has finally split the skull and mushroomed out to cover the whole front of the face. They have no eyes or nose. Both for their senses that come along with those loss features are also not available to the Clicker. However they use echo location to find their prey and because it is so a tuned they are twice as lethal in a group. The only option one would have to evade them would be to sneak past them as silent as possible or kill them off one by one. Taking on a whole hoard of alert Clickers will not end in anyone's favor.
    Lastly the final evolution is the Bloater. Like the Clicker they can not see but they have tripled in size and strength. They are rare but they are 'The Worse Case' scenario. And unlike the other species these can spread spores my plucking balls of them off of their backs and hurling them at victims. These spores are potent but only in the area the Bloater throws it. They seems to simply only collect in the designated area and no where else. However someone who is in the cloud of spores too long without a gas mask they will surely turn and become a Stalker. The Infected out number Humans easily but that in no way means Humans are not just as dangerous or more.

    Because this post apocalyptic event has been going on for twenty-one years supplies are scares, food is minimal and kindness is virtually extinct. The strong survive and prey on the week. People inside the quarantine zones are more civil but they are still a far cry from what humanity used to be. People on the outside have reverted back primal instincts and for any with a contentious that can spell death easily. Morals are dead and for most who live by them normally die by them. The wicked and savage survive off of raids or 'hunting'. Survivors scavenge what they can and only fight when needed. And the paranoid kill almost everyone and anyone on sight. (but can you really blame them?) In this world of distrust, primal rage and the undead how will those of Tomorrow choose to live? Their story starts in the United States, year 2034 and the winds of change are starting to kick.


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  2. Malachi closed his eyes, centering himself. Not more tn a few yards away was a clicker. He had no idea what a clicker was doing this far out, or by itself, but he couldn't afford to let it wander. Suddenly his eyes snapped open, his hands on his Sheng Biao. The dart launched from behind the clicker, piercing it through the creature's throat. He gave it a sharp pull, yanking the clicker to the ground. Before it could react, he was on it, falcata in hand, he decapitated the beast, and returned to his hiding place. If others were nearby, he didn't want to be in the open if they investigated.

    A few minutes later, he stood up. Nothing had come. He approached the body and began rummaging the pockets of the creature. It wasn't a good way to get by, but anything he found could help. Unfortunately this one's pockets came up empty, and he was forced to abandon his efforts. He'd already found a few things here and there anyway, including a bottle of rum that had been in a cupboard that had been missed. It was a good find. He'd have preferred whiskey, but rum was good enough.

    Malachi looked out the window. There was supposed to be a quarantine zone nearby that he was hoping to get into, trade supplies if he could. Some quarantine zones wouldn't accept trade from the outside. Wouldn't risk infection, even if the person in question scanned as clean. He was hoping that this one was a different case. He was running low on food, and he had picked up a few things of value in the building he was scavenging that he figured he could get some out of. He just had to make it there. Being a wastelander was a tough life.
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  3. Eryn
    Marksmanship Prodigy
    Roxanne Lockett, better known as Eryn where ever she went, stripped away her thick armor and threw it to the corner of her little apartment. It felt good to be free from what was considered protection, she'd needed the black bullet proof outfit for the tasks given her that morning. The blonde was just coming off duty, meaning she was leaving her official job and crawling back into the rotten underbelly. It had been a long morning and Eryn was just about ready to collapse, however it was only one in the afternoon and she had other jobs to be done. One of which demanded her attention outside the walls. Four AM was the worst time to be pulled from bed, and for what? In order to stand out in the cold and watch their perimeter, guard the main entrance, all that jazz, as well as the job she'd just returned from, that is, crowd control. The military force reigning here with their iron fist had lowered the ration amount for food and, knowing that people wouldn't be pleased, they had drawn their enforcers of their laws to keep their petty subjects in line.

    Their supposedly mindless soldiers had been forced to subdue dozens who had grown angry with the constant struggling, three of them lay dead in the streets. They had been enough to put fear into the rest of them who had watched the girl herself as a monster, and in truth, that probably wasn't far off. Her mind lingered on the glare given her by a boy of perhaps sixteen as he stood in line with his mother, an older woman cradling an infant, she been surrounded by three others. They wouldn't last much longer if food amounts would keep going down, the thought had barely tugged on her heartstrings. So long as she had enough to feed herself and Rose on the odd occasion she was happy, however that wasn't where the line stopped, being in the military had it's perks, it meant she was given more than the average citizen so long as she came in for her shifts on time etc. which she did ever so reluctantly.

    The girl often used the extra food to trade however giving it away didn't happen, at most there would be a bargain. There was no charity left in the world, Eryn was no exception. She was in the washroom now, undershirt and all was what was left as she went about washing her face with a worn towelette and a bucket full of icy water. Peace probably wouldn't last very long, the big shots like her dad sat on the top of the pyramid eating like pigs and the gap between them and the majority of people, the lower class was practically non-existent. That middle zone was where Eryn sat, the girl was part of the small middle class, leaning more toward poor due to not being the favorite of the reigning authoritarian power. She sighed as she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her pale blue eyes bore into her reflection, she'd been told of what was now considered fairy tails, heard from people who had been around on that day, people who remembered life from before, back when people had cared.

    Was this really all that was left? People like her? Worse? Dare she hope better? She shook her head and went back into the room where her armor they scattered. A quick trip to the bedroom (insert quotation hands here), which was only a few feet away. Her 'home' was nothing but a three room place. One room was the bathroom she'd just left, and it was tiny, the other was the living room, a coffee table, dresser, radio and couch sat there alone, this place doubled as the bedroom because the couch pulled out into a mediocre bed. The third room was her kitchen, also tiny, and attached to the living room. It was vacant aside from a small fridge that had a deadbolt on it to prevent people from stealing. Food was precious, even to her who had more than she needed.

    She stopped by the dresser, opened the top drawer and grabbed the first shirt she saw, she did the same thing with her pants on the bottom drawer. Loose-fitting jeans with a faded cameo print and combat boots, black v-neck and vest with her hair tied back and her belt hung around her hips, carrying her gun and such. She stopped by the fridge, gathering together a bit of food to either trade or snack on herself. With that she was done, the girl checked to make sure she had her necklace, it held a locket, her dogtags and her keys, after that was done she went through the checklist in her head as she moved to the door. She tucked the necklace in after using it to lock the door behind her, setting off for the slums in town, namely where the wall was guarded weakest as well as where her merchandise was most valued.
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  4. [​IMG]The building that Aiden finished looking for supplies had already been raided and it was the third building he had went into. The most he found was a medium sized blanket that was in the closet stuffed up on the top shelf on someone's destroyed apartment. His shoulder was stiff from hanging onto a bent bar when he was trying to keep out of sight from two scavengers. It wasn't like he wouldn't take them out but they both had weapons and it was most likely a death sentence if he rushed them. He would use stealth to take them out one by one. Since it was a little past morning Aiden wanted to get a few more apartments in or even some stores before evening cause when it got dark that when things got hectic. Most people thought that the undead were a huge problem, and while that was true, other people were far more dangerous. After adjusting his backpack on both his shoulders so he could be more equip, Aiden reached for his baseball bat and then headed out through the fire escape.

    Since his father died Aiden never really stayed in one quarantine zone. He began to feel caged in and he didn't really like being told what to do, especially by people who only cared about themselves. He sighed looking over the fire escape and from a slight distance he could see one of the scavengers heading towards his direction. It was exactly what he wanted. He held his breath and leaned back out of sight allowing the man to get a couple of feet in the alley between the two buildings. He was obviously mad at the other man for some reason and went to cool off. His mistake. Aiden watched the man keep walking and cursing while kicking light things which would attract walkers. When he saw the right opportunity Aiden jumped off the fire escape landing on the man with a hard thud. Aiden already had the upper hand and crashed his fist into the man one good time causing his head to crack on the concrete. Aiden then put the man in a sleeper hold and pulling the man around the corner and out of sight.

    Thankfully the man had decent loot and he picked up his rifle with eight shots, a black mask, food and meds, and his jacket and cargo pants. Aiden figured he needed new clothes and that guy was left for dead anyway. Searching the unconscious mans pockets Aiden found a lighter which he was thankful for as well. In a split second he heard the cry of a clicker and then dead silence but not before the other scavenger called out his buddy's name. Aiden didn't want to stay to find out who was the cause of that noise or the other man so he left and figured that if he snuck though the back of the quarantine zone he could make it to his friend who would let him stay for awhile until he went out looting again. They had more of a bargain. Aiden would sneak out and get gear for them and Roach could sneak him in and give him shelter and whatever Aiden needed.

    As he saw the quarantine zone from a distance he knew that the guards would be on watch from the front and sides so there was no other choice but to head through the back where the slums were. There wasn't many people out but that was the off part since you never knew who was watching and who wanted to attempt to rob you. Aiden brought his hands to his face for a second and then looked around before adjusting the hat on is head. His shirt was slightly ripped and the jacket that he wore over it was ripped on the arm as well with the exception of a few blood stains. His jeans were still good for the most part as well as his tims. As he made his way though the back Aiden listened out for the sounds of footsteps. He only heard three so Aiden slid in and looked around. There was two footsteps close to him and it was a brute man who had already proceeded in the direction on his home and a woman who was already turning the corner.

    The last pair of footsteps he could see a woman's figure coming in his direction. Above his head was a watch tower but since nobody usually checked back here he was kind of taken off guard. She was obviously a guard and Aiden wasn't sticking around. He walked in the same direction the woman went and prayed she didn't see the loot he had on him. Once he turned the corner he slipped through an empty house and then down some stairs. After making three sharp turns Aiden knocked three times before the door opened and Roach pulled him in.
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  5. Her surroundings were quiet. So quiet in fact, she could imagine a bird calling in the distance. The wind was light, the only sound it made was the rustling of the leaves and weeds cracking through the old pavement. The trees around her were bare, the dead leaves scattered and blowing across the ground. This had been her view for the past five miles. And she loved it, it was peaceful, and no infected had interrupted the beauty of it. She wanted it to stay that way, but she knew better than that. There would always come another to mess it all up. She could see a curve coming up on the road. She wasn't quite sure where she was or where she was headed, but she was definitely eager to find out.

    Vera grinned as she rounded the curve. There was tall buildings in the distance, she could see them now. At the moment, she had everything she needed. Weapons, food and water, those were the essentials for her. But looking through abandoned buildings was always fun. Finding small objects, jewelry, children's toys, family pictures. It all intrigued her. Even better if she found more weapons, food and water, but those were rare now. She climbed over bundles of rubble on some of the destroyed pavement. It was places like this where people tried to bomb the dead things away, but none of it worked. They cities just turned to ruins because of it and the infected still roamed.

    As Vera pushed through the old rusted cars and rubble, a sound caught her attention and she froze. It wasn't human, she could tell by the sounds it made. It was a stalker. Or three at the most. A hand moved instantly to the gun on her back. It was her favorite weapon, but probably not the best one to be using right now. The bayonet, though. She'd found it with the gun, now she kept it on her belt for faster access. Vera moved to a crouch, silent. She listened a few more seconds to figure out where exactly they could be. To her left, behind a car. She crawled around to where she could see it. There was just three, like she guessed. But they were harmless, to her. She could sneak past as if nothing had ever even been through there. She was that silent. She pivoted, still at a crouch and found her way around the rubble, leaving the infected behind her.

    Soon she was at the first building entering the city. Her eyes scanned the buildings for potential and her ears open to find danger. She walked down the street, moving with silent steps but with the same confidence as if something couldn't jump out at any minute and eat her.
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  6. Dravin walked close to the wall of the deserted street. She adjusted the strap on her C-7 and kept walking she could hear clickers far off in the distance but she payed them no mind. she came to a corner and looked around it surveying the area. A few runners who were easy enough to deal with if she had to. Looking to a car she darted to it quickly and began to move quickly from cover to cover. Stopping by a pillar on the opposite side of the street she started from, she looked up and got her bayonet in her hand as she moved to the building lobby. the door creaked as she applied pressure and looked quickly to the runners who shuffled around. She quickly opened to door minimizing the sound and then quickly went inside.

    Once inside Dravin stopped and listened. after few minutes she began to move to the stairs then before she began the climb, she put her gas mask on then tested the seal and was happy with it then she began to climb the stairs. she began to sweat at the 6th floor, by the 20th floor she was close to the top she guessed. she stopped as a dark apparition came into view, it was an undead but the fungus had grown out fully from its head. it was dead now but this is why she wore her gas mask. she walked past it taking care not to stir the air to much. she got to the 25th floor then slowly opened the door. she walked onto the floor her bayonet leading the way. she didnt want to use her weapons in case of attracting to much attention undead or otherwise. She began to sweep the floor and found no one. putting her bag down she began to make a sleeping spot for the night.
  7. "My child, the sun"
    The Military Compound Apartments

    "You are not going to train with him and that is final!" Robert yelled, his face a brilliant red as he towered over Rosie. Shrinking back against Stephen, who held her shoulders, she frowned. Tears beginning to well up in the corner of her eyes. "Daddy, why are you--" Everything slowed down in that moment, the man's hand reared back. Rosie had a few seconds to react, so she pushed Stephen away and she dropped to the floor, scrambling back. Her elbows scraping against the wood of their flat. "COME HERE YOU LITTLE--" Stephen grabbed their father's shoulders and shoved him against the wall, his instincts to protect Rosie kicking in. The young girl didn't need a warning or any directions to tell her to get up and run. While her two family members argued and struggled in the other room, Rose grabbed her bag and blindly shoved a few armfuls of supplies into the bag. Dad is just drunk, don't cry, just run, crying won't fix anything, its okay, Roxy will help you, just run. Her thoughts ran on a mile an hour as she threw open the window to the scaffolding.

    "Sunny... is that you... honey?" Rosie looked back to see her grandmother holding out her hand to the air. Grandma Sophie was dying, slowly fading away day by day not that Robert cared, or even Stephen for that matter. They both saw her as a crutch. Hopping from the window sill she hurried over to her Grandma's bedside. "Gramma, its me." Sophie's eyes fluttered open, the cloudy blue searching Rosie's face. "He does love you darling, you must know that. He loved Sarah. He misses her." The old woman began coughing harshly, Rosie grabbed a bottle of water from the bedside table and held it to Sophie's lips. "Gramma you have to--" Gramma put her fragile hand on Rosie's arm forcing the girl to lower the bottle. "Honey, you need to go your own way. You need to save your sister. Your father and brother have their fates sealed." Another coughing fit. Rosie blinked, and then without another word she nodded and kissed Gramma's forehead tenderly. "Okay Gramma, go to sleep. I love you." Rosie whispered, still holding Gramma's hand as the woman fell back to a deep sleep. The door to the small room was flung open as Robert stood in the doorway, fuming.

    Dropping the woman's hand she stood up suddenly and whirled around grabbing the window sill, before she felt an iron grip around her shoulder. Whimpering she was yanked back, her father grabbing her throat. Fear ran through Rosie's body as she scratched at Robert's hand. "Why did you do it Sarah? WHY?" His grip was tightening. Beginning to see black spots, she wasn't prepared to feel the harsh unforgiving floor under her coughing body so soon. "DAD STOP!" She recognized Stephen's voice. "DON'T YOU TOUCH ME BOY!" Vision blurred, the young girl crawled brokenly to the window. Hand clasped at the edge, she pulled herself up and over the concrete edge. "SARAH!" Her father roared brokenly from the floor, Stephen had him pinned in an arm leg lock. His brilliant blue eyes locked on her for a few second, Go. Without further prompting, Rosie holding tight to her bag, leapt onto the scaffolding. Her father's broken screaming fading in the background as she climbed down each ladder to the ground.

    Out of breath, Rosie leaned back on the brick of the building gasping a mixture of breaths and sobs. Sinking to her knees, she gripped the gravel and dry heaved. This had been the hay that broke her father's back. A bottle of vodka and Rosie's decision to wear her hair like her mother had. In a braid. How could she have known, her mother had died before Rosie could even cry in Sarah's arms. Feeling tears burn at her eyes again, she forced herself to stand. Fighting the dizziness of adrenaline low. Hiking her backpack up, she began in a slow jog to the military headquarters where her sister was.

    Rosie caught the attention of the guard on duty this early in the morning, luckily it was James. One look at Rosie and James could see there was trouble with her father once again, waving her through Rosie nodded and smiled weakly. Jogging through the gates she pushed her way past a throng of military men. Looking around she tried to see if her sister was outside yet, was it too early? "Rosie girl?" Spinning around she saw that Derek was calling her, a worried look in his eyes. The man was close with General Roman from another compound, the one she was born in. Whimpering softly before she ran into his arms, Derek stiffened looking around before kneeling to level with the girl. "Rose what's wrong?" Then it clicked. "Your sister left earlier for the slums." Grabbing Rosie's small hand in his, he pulled her through the yawning squadrons toward the alleyway between the headquarters and the fence. Rosie tripped several times, Derek's hand the only thing keeping her right side up.

    Finally they reached the hole in the fence only a few knew about who traveled a lot under the radar. Like Eryn. The duo half walked, half ran through the buildings ducking and dodging earl risers looking for Eryn. That's when Rosie saw her sister's near white blonde hair near a stall. Releasing Derek's hand, she darted in her direction. "SISSY!" She cried, barreling directly into her sister, arms clinging to the older girl. Derek caught up, not even remotely breathless. His expression grave.
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  8. Life. What was the meaning for it all? To simply survive, to exist, to live? People would wither away into nothing, almost turn to dust before ones eyes. To most living was a day to day struggle that was worth all the heartache, pain and slow decay. If there was no enjoyment, no joy why do they continue? Why does the human race fight even if all hope is lost? Maybe, because to lie down like a dog and give up was too much to ask, too easy to do. To give into the staggering odds was something many were incapable of. It is not in their nature to give in. Pride, instinct, self preservation, greed, malice, insanity. The list of reasons continues to grow but one thing is for certain. They will fight, they will suffer and...they will die.

    Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky ~ Rabindranath Tagore

    The sun rose slow that day, it's lazy rise to sit upon its throne in the sky set a low shadow down on the city it hung over. Clouds rolled in just as sluggish, not a hint of haste in their migrating movement. Time seemed so still. As the days light shined it fell upon the heart of one who rejected the rust and rot of the 'living world'. This world was a dead one and to survive most darkened their color, dimmed their light and became something that would be unrecognizable to their past selves. This was life and it was a place with far fewer joys than one would come believe. "Guess it's huntin' time," said a voice, darkened by hate and cruelty. "Yeah. Lets do our morning rounds so we can get a head start on the others. Hell if we bag enough loot we'll be able to sit on our asses for the rest of the night," remarked another, coldly. Even so, even if life had far fewer joys now it didn't mean life should hold such little meaning. Caden was a scavenger but of the more clever kind. He'd steal from those who'd done deeds of the wicked to supply himself with gear and food. He wanted to do more than steal from them and occasionally punish them for their cruelty but there were two things that were true that he'd have to live with. One was that there was an exceptional amount of them, easily out numbering him. Then there was the obvious, he survived off the things they did. It was shameful but he set up a code for himself so that the burden on him would be less. Children were not allowed to be harmed, this much these raiders knew. Caden ever caught wind of them murdering a child, ten of their men would suddenly all go missing over night. Then be returned stripped and burned to the bone like they did to their victims. It was a message to them that he wasn't going to allow it. Second was women. He couldn't stop them from killing them, he knew this much. But if their deaths came quickly and there was no act of violation involved the raiders wouldn't get a surprise visit from Caden. Third was their actions. If they were going to raid he couldn't stop them, they would continue regardless. This was the only way they knew how to survive. If their actions were done so swiftly there was no punishment involved. But if they beat a person slowly to death out of simple enjoyment then Caden would be ready for his night shift and take the bastard out. They all knew of him and he to them but as for knowing exactly what he looks like or who he was they weren't entirely sure. There was a time they'd seek him out to kill him themselves so they'd no longer have to tip-toe around. But they were given a rude awakening when they found out Caden was the better hunter at night.

    During the day he raided their hide out. Slipping in when he could and taking what was needed. This was his current task. "
    Alright well lets get goin' then, I'm already tired thinkin' about it," was all that was said before the door was shut and the two had left the room. Up just above the room was a fair sized hole that gaped through the roof. Caden knew where their supplies were and being able to climb like he could made accessing their treasure trove almost child's play, almost. Half of the group would stay, a quarter of the others would patrol and the rest would guard their base. It was rare Caden had to kill any of them and he avoided doing so as often as he could. It saved on time, bloodshed and trouble for him. If he didn't have to kill them then it wasn't worth his efforts to do so. To most this passive way of living would be seen as weak or cowardice but Caden simply disliked killing others. It was that simple. Avoid it when he could but do it without hesitation if the situation would arise. The punishments were a form of justice to him and when he was angered it made dirtying his hands easier. Was it justified, no, even he was aware. But did they pay for what they had done, he'd like to think so. Doing this gave these people a consequence to their actions and this world was swirling about without order, which it desperately needed. It was a crude way of law but these were crude individuals, they would respond to nothing else. Caden listened intently for a time while he was crouched down on the roof top. His body moved cautiously as he loomed over the makeshift entrance. Once he was satisfied with the low level of activity he slid off the roof and clung onto the edge of the hole. Muscles ripped and tightened at his slow descend, his body sticking out in the middle of the room. As he lowered himself he let a hiss of breath out quietly and finally reached the floor with his boots. The moment he made contact with the ground he lowered himself and put an ear to the floor.

    There he could hear muffled voices and conversation throughout the building. He figured there was at least ten to a dozen still within the buildings thin walls but he wouldn't have much trouble getting past them. This was their home, their hide out, they were comfortable here and this meant that their guard was down. Complacency can kill. This was what kept Caden on high alert and it is also something that had saved his life more times he dared to count. Pulling his head from the cold surface of the floor he leaned against the wall and softly pulled open the door. It seemed no one thought to keep an eye on the top floor, lucky him. The next room over was vacant and looked to have some items he could use at his disposal later. A half a bottle of gin, partly used nail file, a box of shotgun ammo and three old candy bars. Caden took what he found and stuffed it away into his pack. The next couple of floors were guarded which demanded caution. When it came to stealth Caden was exceptional and quite literally soundless. When he reached the hall to the stair well he pulled out his machete and proceeded to make his way down. Like a shadow cast on the wall he silently passed by the few guards standing at the door way, this backs turned toward the stair well.
    These guys feel way too at ease here. Caden easily passed the two without detection and hurried to the next room available. However when he got in he became aware that he wasn't alone. The snoring of a slumbering raider filled the small make shift bed room, his arms wrapped around his shotgun tightly. That'd be useful but might not be worth the risk right now. Another weapon would be great but he would have an opportunity where it was more ideal. For now the man could keep what he held so dear. But that didn't mean the rest of his belongs weren't up for grabs. There wasn't much but the few thing he did gather would be more than helpful. Bandages, a bottle of alcohol, medical scissors, and a couple more clips of ammo for his gun were found. Top it off there was some literature he could read while he spent some time in his own hide out. For the time being he didn't bother reading the titles, simply took them up and eased on into the hall to listen for any others that maybe on this floor.

    There were three others but they were farther down and Caden wasn't going to chance his luck for the day. As for the bottom floor there was the most and he knew the reason why. Most of their good findings were stored in the basement and it was rare he could get in and actually browse the selection before grabbing. Today wasn't going to be a day were he could take what he wanted at his leisure. Most days he couldn't even get in their vault of goodies without some form of confrontation. It looked to be that today was going to be another one of those days for him. Part of him grunted in annoyance and unwillingness but he knew if he hadn't made this stop he'd likely starve. He HAD to eat today. Caden was on three days without food and a couple candy bars wasn't going to cut it as a whole hearty meal. Main floor had at least eight men wandering about and they all were in inconvenient areas. Three were relaxing on warn furniture that was posted right in front of the front door.
    It's obvious that won't be an accessible escape route, not that it really was an option from the start. The next two wandered the halls and stopped to mingle with one another every now and again, pointless jabber among scoundrels. Two were outside pacing back and forth from the front of the building to the back keeping up on patrol and the last one was out of sight. Caden didn't like that. He felt more comfortable knowing where all his targets were before acting. Should there be a moment he slipped up and found himself in the company of an alert raider, with enough fire power to make a sloppy wet mess out of his head, could easily write off the very last day of Cadens life. So the question was, kill and barrel through the numbers as quickly as possible, alerting the others above. Or do his best to sneak past but have a high probability of being caught and have to evade a full on assault onto his person. Death seemed to always be in the equation, regardless if it were himself or them. It hung above his head like a dark cloud, a omen that constantly reminded him that bloodshed wasn't far behind.

    A diversion however would work splendidly. Most of the windows were broken so it wouldn't prove to be too difficult to throw something and alert those in his way to go else where. Slipping down he snuck over to a large oval desk the inhabited the back of the room, closest to the stair well. It was convenient but didn't suffice as proper cover if he was found out. The pillars of the building were go places to temperately hide for a moments time to move through the room. But his choice of clothing didn't quite blend him into the scenery and because of his bulk, the size of his body would be a treacherous task for the foundation of that building to hide. So their only purpose was to hide him for only but a passing moment while he attempts to move about the large room. Looking behind the desk he rummaged around searching for anything he could find to throw out of sight to lure those in the room out. He gathered up a few empty bullet shells, bits and chucks of rubble along with a tiny toy car. It was time to see if his plan would work. Caden wasted little time after checking where the raiders were to start. His first throw bolted out the window closest to the three lounging about. The metallic clink of the bullet casing bounced off the wall of the neighboring building, his throw whipped too quickly to know where the trajectory was from. "
    What the hell was that," questioned one as the other two blankly stared out the window trying to get a glimpse of any movement. Now it was time for the second throw. While they were watching else where Caden used the toy car to make another sound, one different for the previous to alert them once more. Again they all looked, this time taking up their arms or resting their hand easily over their weapon of choice, "Ok, you heard that right?" "Yeah I heard that one, lets go check it out," suggested one as he stood up to investigate. Then a third was launched and it was enough to make them all stand up with tense expressions and aggravated nerves, "Spread out! I'll check outside from where the first sound went off, you two check the third. Someone wants our attention, we're gonna give it to them."

    The two both nodded to the first as they went their separate ways. Caden waited for them to be a fair length apart before headed for the back side of the first. He seemed to be the ring leader so if he were to be taken out maybe it was unnerve the other two, making them easier to sneak up on and eliminate. While the duo were occupied Caden made his way dangerously close to the lead, his foot falls uttering not a single sound in their wake. Finally he stood directly behind the unaware male and gripped him with fierce force. The thick girth of his arm closed around the front of his neck and was then jerked harshly against his throat. He struggled for air and gasped while his arms flailed about uselessly to stop Caden from choking him out. But soon enough his vision had faded and he grown limp against Cadens muscular form. Setting his now slumbering body on the ground Caden moved back inside and headed for the halls, ignoring the clumsy duo outside. The other set of raiders were still chit chatting, paying no mind to the activity that was transpiring. Caden knew it was only a matter of time for the guards outside to find the passed out man and blow his cover. Finding a quick solution Caden repeated his previous tactic and hurled a stone down the hall way to get them both to turn their heads. When they had Caden was quite literal on them, crashing their skulls together with a harsh thrust of his right leg. The one that took the initial hit was knock out cold, or dead, Caden couldn't really tell. The only thing that was certain was that he was no longer a threat. His friend however hadn't gone down as quickly as he did but was dizzy and disorientated by the sudden surprise attack. When he glanced up to finally lay eyes on who was attacking them he was met with the sight of the end of a dark colored boot before it was lights out for him as well. Cadens quick acting rewarded him with some time and all he was worried about was that X factor, the lone male that he couldn't locate before hand. When he made his advance to the basement he was soon met with the last member of the group he would have to incapacitate. Unfortunately for Caden he was alerted by the sound of his buddies beatings and charged Caden immediately, slamming him against the cold brick wall.

    His breath was instantly kicked right out of his lungs when he was charged, not expecting the assault to come so swiftly. Then he was given a few rough punches to the torso, face and gut before regaining control over the situation. With both hands he grabbed the mans head and slammed his own cranium against his foes, stunning him monumentally. A good shove made him stumble, almost tumbling to the ground. But he gathered himself enough to see Caden was ready for him as took a defensive stance. Because naturally a defensive stance looks un-intimidating to an inexperienced opponent, only those familiar with a skilled style of fighting would know that this wasn't a stance to take lightly. Judging by the cocky grin that pulled at his enemies lips he had little to no idea what Cadens next move would be. This was a good thing. He came for him a second time but Caden was far too prepared for him this time around. Cadens left foot slipped back then, his right hand reached out and twisted the wrist of his opponents left arm. With a single strong spin of the hand he was whirling in the air and quickly meeting the concrete of the rough basement floor. His body crashed with a loud thud and Caden stomped on his face to silence him, stopping any cry of pain that might have come. Again Caden was left to wonder if he had killed him or simply knock him unconscious but having no time on hand to check. Wasting no more of this precious time he gathered up several cans of food and stored them away into his pack, filling it at least half of the way. That should last him for the rest of the week, he wouldn't have to do this again until he got low again. The window to the basement was large enough for him to slip through and once he watched for the patrolling guard to pass he made his move and hastily escaped the small base camp. Taking to the buildings he climbed the towering establishments and reach the roof top of vacant office building. He took a breath and relaxed, sitting down to check through his pack to examine his findings.
    Just another day in paradise.
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  9. Her steps were quiet. Even as she stepped over crumbled pieces of buildings, her boots made no sound at all. She could hear the slight breeze make it's way around and through the empty buildings. She looked up at them in amazement. The things humans used to be able to build. She loved it, she was intrigued by each and every one of the buildings. She liked to think if she'd lived in those times, she would have grown to be an architect. Make designs and buildings for others to admire.

    Vera stopped moving abruptly when she heard a noise. She could tell it was a couple of feet forward and to the right of her. In an alleyway. She rested her palm on the hilt of her bayonet and continued walking. She was confident they wouldn't hear her. If anything, something would be able to see her in the middle of an empty street. When she was leveled with the alleyway, she stopped. It wasn't a clicker. It wasn't moaning and groaning, but it was definitely a noise. It was humans.

    Vera didn't care. She'd ran into unfriendly humans before. She'd also ran into the friendly and she wouldn't judge anybody until she knew it for sure. A human was a human, and she hadn't seen one in a long time. Not a living one. She set her hands on her hips and shifted her weight onto one of her legs as she tilted her head, looking down the alley. She knew the sound came from behind the dumpster halfway into the alley and she just waited. Eventually, half a head poked out, most likely to check if she was still there. But what they found was a girl, staring right at them. As soon as the man realized she knew he was there, he lifted a gun and stepped out from behind the dumpster, moving towards her. Then a second man popped out, following the first. "Well, what do we have here?" The first one said as he exited the alley. That's when Vera could tell this wasn't a friendly group.

    A smile spread across her lips anyway. She had to play it off with enough time to get out of there. "Good evening, gentlemen," She said back to them as they neared her. "You wouldn't mind telling me where I am, would you?" She asked in a light tone.

    The men had grins on their faces and they definitely didn't look glad to find a new friend. She could see the hunger in their eyes as they looked her over. The first man's eyes were right on her back, eyeing her backpack and the gun strapped across her. The second man had a different idea, looking her body down and back up. "We should keep this one for ourselves, Harold." He muttered to the first man.

    Vera scoffed and rolled her eyes at the one who spoke. "I'm sorry, just trying to get on with my day here," She said, keeping the smile on. "If you can't help me, I'll be on my way." She pivoted on her heel to continue down the street, but Harold grabbed onto her arm tightly, pulling her right back.

    "Oh honey." He said with a dark tone. "You're staying here with us. Take off your bag, give us the rifle." He ordered her.

    But Vera wasn't good with orders. She laughed and shook her head, "Sorry, I'm going to need it for later," She said, trying to unclasp his hand from her arm. But he had a tight hold. She tried keeping her confidence, but when she realized how strong the man was, her smile faded.

    "Come on, Harold, let's take her right here, we don't need to share..." He said it with such hunger and Vera knew exactly what he meant. She had a feeling women didn't pass through here often. Harold was grinning now and she knew he agreed with the other man. She tried pulling her arm out of his hold one last time, grunting and trying for a punch to his chest, but she's never been good at fighting, "Get off of me!" She yelled throwing weak punches at him. She swung her arm back, grabbing her bayonet and swinging it forward, but the second man grabbed her wrist tightly, making the knife drop, clattering on the ground.
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  10. Eryn
    Marksmanship Prodigy

    Eryn tossed her bag through the fence's hole, as she slipped through the marked off area that separated the slums from the rest of the Quarantine Zone, she did her best to avoid catching her clothing on the overgrowth or barbs, thorns and such. The girl slid through before taking her pack back over her shoulder, and trotting toward those she knew were interested in purchasing what she had to offer. She remained silent as she passed through the endless rows of those considered to be the lowest humans can be, she didn't glance at them, no time to feel a pang of sympathy, not that she could anyway; pitying the weak had been beaten out of her, in this world only the strong survive, and she was that if anything... Pickpockets, thieves, thugs and prostitutes began to become rare or unseen as she moved onward toward the area that organized crime groups claimed as their own, they had the goods she wanted--and even if they didn't, they knew how to get them. Though meeting in their territory was always a risk Eryn know it was one worth taking, of course she did by no means trust the men, she could manage a trip to barter goods due to her fairly powerful connections. As the girl entered the alley way that held their base's entrance she paused. No guards. They always had guard. Always. Something was wrong and so she crept toward the doorway let herself in. It didn't take much exploring to find the limp bodies of three men, she pressed her fingers to their neck in an attempt to find their pulses. One lay dead and her heart dropped into the depths of her stomach and lay there.

    As she checked the other two she wasn't sure on whether to be relieved or fearful. Being found here was bad news and so she took in a breath, stood and moved toward the exit from whence she came. Suddenly a voice came from behind.
    "What did you do?" He demanded quietly as he gazed upon the bodies "You bitch, what did you--"
    "Nothing" She said with narrowed eyes as she shoved past him "It wasn't me"
    He laughed with a note of anger
    "And you expect me to believe that when you're caught in the act?! With our goods having gone missing and you carrying a bag of supplies. You should learn to lie better"
    He lunged to grab her and she narrowly dodged, bringing her leg down on his head and knocking him the the ground. In the blink of an eyes she was on him, gripping his thick mane of greasy brown hair at the back of his head and using her hold to slam his face coarsely into the ground once before she pulled her knife and slit his throat. He was a liability, and she couldn't risk getting pinned for something like this. He was out, his spirit gone and she was on her way, glancing over her shoulder cautiously as she fled. She would have to settle for stalls and petty merchants today, no time to hunt for any better salesmen... back through the scum of the slums she went, stopping by an old friend to barter.

    As she finished taking the agreed price for what she had offered, the familiar cry of a youthful female voice caused Eryn to turn on her heel, her eyes widened and she saw her sister racing toward her and wrapping her arms around her in an embrace. She blinked and she slowly looked down at her and patted her head
    gently. Eryn's eyes darted up to the man who she'd just run from; Derek wore a somber expression, one that told Eryn too much, yet not enough. His very presence here was unnerving, even if he was one of the only people she trusted, one of the only people she could consider a friend she was still on edge... she shifted her gaze to Rose, then leaned down and picked the girl up into her arms as Derek caught up, not even remotely breathless. Eryn shifted Rose's weight in her arms and took her free hand to move her bag to the side in order to talk.
    "I would beat you senseless for escorting her here if it wasn't for how much she's shaking... Why did you bring her here--? Is...Is it...?" She paused, drinking in his expression "I'm going to kill him. I'll gut the fucking bastard!"
    Eryn growled in a low voice. Though she had no details she knew that it was something awful to be able to spook her sister like this. Eryn muttered an apology to Rose, though she'd been exposed to such language Eryn still preferred to keep the cussing to a minimum. She remained silent, though she wished to ask for exactly what had went down, the severity and such, she couldn't ask that of her now. She instead turned her gaze to the boy, demanding what he knew for a later time, before she requested he take up the bag and carry it back to the fence for them while she was unable to do so. Lingering about could result in bad company showing up, she had a sneaking suspicion that someone had witness her fleeing the crime scene, and when their friends showed up demanded blood and compensation she wasn't prepared to do what needed to be done.

  11. Living in this world isn't that bad, i mean at least i don't get yelled at by parents anymore, who am i kidding i need that right now. Wake up! wake up stupid, His eyes shooting open as a loud bang came crashing into the dark room knocking over the cans which he set up. " Shit shit shit shit " His hand sliding onto the metal baseball which laid on the mattress, his hands tight around the base causing the leather to rub together making a small noise. His heart racing his body shaking slowly as he sat there the silence in the room making him feel uncomfortable. He reached his hand out toward the curtain that covered the window and tore it down allowing light to flood into the room, illuminating a small squirrel chewing at one of the cans " You stupid mother fu-" A body then lunged from the dark corner that the light could not hit. " Oh god! " He fell back as the body bit into the metal baseball bat " You smell worst than my shoes! " He screamed struggling under the body. Turning to his right forcing the body into the floor he yanked the bat from its mouth and slammed his boot into its jaw line holding its face to the floor he smirked " FOUR! " he brought the bat down as if it was a golf club and slammed it into the head of the creature as he moved his boot, the head turning to the side and letting out a groan. He brought the bat back once more and slammed it into the center of the skull breaking it. and smashing in the brain, causing the creature to immediately stop moving and allow the last breathe to flow from it. " What a way to start the day " He stumbled back and grabbed the wall sighing.

    " How did he get in....this place is no longer safe i have to move "

    He grabbed a large body holster off the wall and slid it around his bare chest, the scars along his body showing out in the sunlight as he let a sigh go, he slid his weapons into the appropriate holsters on his body and stretched as he grabbed his shirt off the floor and wrapped it around his arms tightly, making it padded. He walked towards the dark and walked through a small pathway were a door used to be, he made it along a long metallic path which could be made out in the dark as a hanging walkway. The sound of groaning and pushing could be heard below him as he made his way across, He grabbed a large tarp hanging on the wall and yanked it down allowing sun to run into the room revealing a small group of bodies just walking around in an odd pattern. Yeah yeah its weird to have all these creatures roaming around were you sleep, but it helps him escape easier, as they come in they cant get out when he closes the door behind them. it also helps the people trying to survive in the world as most of them starve to death standing in there. He chuckled as he walked along the walkway he walked to a door which had a destroyed staircase leading out of it, he walked down slowly stretching his legs out before reaching the point were there was no more stairs. It was about 8ft off the ground and this was his only quick way of escape. He took in a deep breathe and leapt outwards from the steps, his body quickly pacing towards the floor. His feet just beginning to touch the floor as he forced himself forward into a roll, and grunted as he stood up and broke out into a run from this large factory in which he was staying in. He ran down the long road cutting his breath so he would not tire out his mind focused on finding a new place to stay.
  12. Caden was pleased with his loot and put all his new findings back into his warn pack. For now his things to do for the day was complete, he could hang out at his hideout for the rest of the day if he liked. However Caden was an active man and even if it was the apocalypse he'd skip a day to stay indoors to relax out in the sun on a nice day like this. When the wind kicked up it gave him a slight push, urging him to move, to run, to join it in the chase. Caden scanned the area for any raiders first, before taking on the elements invitation. With cat like grace he plunged over the edge of a building and landed on the top of another, his body steadily pumping blood through his veins. As his arms pumped his knees came up high, making his strides long and fast. Soon after the rush of adrenaline joined the fray and Caden's speed was boosted. He wasn't being chased but by any on looker that would be how it looked if they were to catch the sight of him now. Diving, rolling and slipping through anything and everything that became an obstacle was second nature to him. Caden felt as if those moments when he was running, running like this he was truly free. Free from the binds of daily survival, of the horrors that plagued their planet, of the possibility that this was their untimely extinction. This, this simple act of exertion and speed made it all fade away and left him with only his heightened instinct and unmatched haste. If life was only this simple, this grand, this...

    Caden halted and immediately dropped to the ground, the sound of voices alerting him easily. They weren't close nor were they far off, but he could take an easy guess they weren't friendly, much like most people in this day and age. But when the sound of a females voice burned over, what he assumed, the two males voices he narrowed his eyes darkly to hear, "
    Sorry, I'm going to need it for later." At first it didn't sound like an aggressive confrontation, if anything it sounded like a disagreement of sorts. But when one of the males spoke up Caden closed his eyes in defeat, knowing full well what was to come next, "Come on, Harold, let's take her right here, we don't need to share..." It didn't need to get spelled out, it was too obvious what his aim was. Caden took a short breath, he could just leave, ignore the situation and press on.If he were like everyone else he was sure that's what he would have done. But Cadens displeasure for these kind of acts welled up inside of his chest, gripping him with the roughest hold, tightening very time he drew breath. Yes, this was familiar. Caden then went into auto-pilot and allowed his body to do the rest. Drawing back his bow and arrow was placed between his thick fingers and took in a long breath. Holding it he steadied his aim and got ready to launch a death blow. When the woman screamed in fury, "Get off of me," her demand was granted as the next sound was the whipping sound of the arrow traveling through the sky and slamming into the left side of the mans back. The one whom held her captive was next and before he could even glance up to see who was on the attack his deserved justice was on its way to plant itself into his skull. Caden hissed out his breath and then let the arrow go, hitting its mark just where he wanted it to stay. The man known as Harold, stumbled back as his head flicked with the rough entrance of cool steel splitting bone and striking brain matter. He was gone before he could even scream. The execution was carried out with no mercy or remorse, quick and clean. His deadly aim with a bow was hardly ever rivaled, which always confused him as to why he wasn't as skilled with a firearm. But for the moment those thoughts never touched his mind as he looked down at the woman, whom he saved.

    Her eyes were dark, nearly black as night while he hair was fiery and wild like the flare of the sun. She was slender but he could tell from her build she wasn't simply skin and bone. Under that clothing he was sure she was fit and healthy, well as healthy as one come be. Her lips were small but full for their petite size while her features were soft and alluring. There was no mistake, she was diffidently within the realm of attractive, but this wasn't the focus in which Cadens eyes were on. Instead he was over looking her form for wounds, anything that proved fatal or infected. There was another base not to far from here, she would relive this same situation once more but without his help. He wasn't going to let his efforts be all for naught so when he spoke he did so in a lower tone but loud enough to be heard, "
    You really shouldn't be wandering this city alone, much less out in the open. This place is raider territory. If you want to avoid them and get to the other side of the city I can lead you there." He didn't expect her to trust him automatically, hell if she did he'd question how she was able to survive this long. But if she were to turn on him he'd still have the jump on her with his shot. Her rifle was strapped to her back, in the time it would take to reach it and fire and possibly make a hit he'd already have strike her down just like he had with her foes. If she refused his help that was fine with him, he just rather avoid having to kill more people in return for the actions he was sure they would commit upon finding her. "If you want help then you're free to follow, if not then you're on your own. I will not return to aid you again, " he said, his voice oddly calm and slightly calloused. He didn't want to put himself in danger nor did he want her to find it. His statement reflected this and proved he was willing but not a fool. It was up to her to accept of decline and Caden wouldn't push if she said no.

    (Sorry for the wait guys, yall didn't have to wait anymore to post however. Everyone has posted all their first posts. You are free to continue the story.)
  13. Out of nowhere, the second guy was on the ground, holding his side. with an arrow sticking out. Vera felt the grip on her wrist loosen up slightly but before he could even react to his partner on the ground screaming, he was silent. Vera flinched as the arrow pierced his scull and he let go of her, falling to the ground. Then they were both silent and Vera was staring in amazement. This was the reason she didn't care about anything. No matter how close she came to death she always survived. Either it was a thing of destiny of she had the best luck ever.

    The first sound she made was a scoff, shaking her head. "Wow..." She turned then and saw a man. Her savior. Like she had with these two men in the beginning, she didn't judge. And so far, he could either be a good guy, or selfish enough to try and get her for himself. She looked him over. He was really tall, muscular. Really something nice to look at. She bent over and swung her arm, picking up the bayonet with one swift movement, then she turned to face him. She contemplated her options. She could go on her own again, maybe not see another human for another few weeks. Or she could enjoy this new stranger's company for long enough to have a nice conversation. If she did go with him, there was a chance she'd discover he wasn't actually a good guy. He looked strong enough to hold her down. But then again, she wasn't scared. If she was in danger again, she knew something would save her again. Just like always. Risking her life had never gone bad for her.

    Vera slid the bayonet into her sheath and took a few steps towards him, a friendly smile on her face. "Thanks, for that," She gestured to the dead bodies behind her. "And thanks for the offer, I'm definitely taking you up on that." She was only a few feet away from him when she stopped walking and held out her right hand, "Vera."
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  14. "I would beat you senseless for escorting her here if it wasn't for how much she's shaking... Why did you bring her here--? Is...Is it...? I'm going to kill him. I'll gut the fucking bastard!" Rose nuzzled her sister flinching back a bit when she heard the older girl curse. Derek, however, didn't flinch once. Instead he looked back at Eryn with a mask of disapproval. "You are the one who is in a place like this, you know the circumstances." Rose looked back at Derek and frowned a bit, they always argued and she wondered why on earth that was. Squirming to get down, she grabbed her sister's hand able to calm down a bit. Derek grabbed the bag from Eryn and walked ahead, the other people that idled around giving the obviously military man a wide berth.

    "Sissy, why are you outside the gate?" Pursing her lips she changed her mind, "Did you get anything good?" After her father's break down she didn't have any desire to return back to the place. Even if her older brother could fend off their father. Within the last six months, this has happened a total of 5 times. Robert would drink, and in a haze would go after Rose yelling incoherent rants about Sarah his dead wife. Rose would be forced to run out the window and to the military compound for safety. Her sister would arrive to pick her up, upon finding out it was their father once more. There would be a custody argument, and everything would be settled to Rose spending a meager three days with her sister before she had to go back home. It was a monthly occurrence, and Derek Moore had become quite used to it.

    Rose was terrified of what would often wait for her at home after school, and she could only breathe when Robert wasn't home. Until the 9 p.m mark would pass and Robert would swagger through the door until midnight. The young girl would then have to pretend to be asleep less her father decide to hunt down the dead Sarah. Digging her toe in the dirt she thought about Sarah, the only picture of the woman owned by their father. Rose had only ever gotten a single glance at the blonde hair woman with kind blue eyes. But how could she really care about a woman she never even met? Eryn had been more of a mother to her than anyone.

    "Grandma is dying sissy, I don't know if she is still breathing or not. But she told me that I need to help you!" Rose looked up smiling, trying her best to ease the situation. The girl could sometimes find something to smile about in the most morbid things.
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  15. Eryn
    Marksmanship Prodigy

    Derek didn't flinch, she narrowed her eyes as if to make herself more intimidating and show how serious she was and all he did was look at her with a mask of disapproval. She felt like she was being scolded for something petty such as taking a cookie from the jar.
    "You are the one who is in a place like this, you know the circumstances."
    She remained quiet after he spoke, not wanting to antagonize him prior to re-enetering the city, they didn't have time to linger about. In any case justifying her actions was pointless, she had her reasons, he knew this, and yet the boy still found ways to make her feel guilty. She could feel Rose shifting uncomfortably in her arms and silently requesting to get down, Eryn let her down and the younger girl claimed her hand as Derek grabbed the bag from Eryn and walked ahead. She sighed as she watched him go, his walk was confident, shoulders broad and his facial features were sharp, though the two had graduated from the Academy together he still treated her like a child. He was always there to help, though she didn't understand why he bothered getting in the way of the Family's problems, because she was an important friend? That was bullshit, as were most of the other reasons she came up with, though some were more plausible than others...

    "Sissy, why are you outside the gate?"
    Eryn's thoughts cam to an abrupt halt, inwardly she froze but the younger girl moved on quickly to another subject, much to her relief
    "Did you get anything good?"
    She glanced at the girl and smiled, masking away her thoughts
    "You bet I did. There's a chocolate bar in the Bag. I'll get it for you when we get close"
    She promised, squeezing her hand lightly as they approached the gate.
    "Grandma is dying sissy, I don't know if she is still breathing or not. But she told me that I need to help you!"
    Rose spoke up yet again, and Eryn paused at these words, a look of pain crossed her features but she stifled the flickering feelings as Rose looked up to smile at her. This girl truly was like the sun when she shot a grin in any direction. Though Eryn felt the urge to ask just how a little girl would be able to help her in anyway she restrained herself, Rose would do whatever she could for her, that's all she could ask of the innocent child.
    "Grandma Soph huh....."
    She said, thinking the name aloud. It was a miracle she was still alive, the fact that she'd survived this long was based solely off the influence her son had. That was all she said, Eryn finished the walk home in silence, thinking. As she did so her brow furrowed slightly, a habit of hers when her brain was going into overdrive.

    Grandmother Sophie was dead, or as good as dead it seemed... this could be an opportunity... there was nothing holding her back now... Eryn arrived at her apartment building, going in and taking the stairs, she rounded the corner only to look down the filthy carpet flooring and peeling painted walls and find Derek waiting outside the door. Eryn pulled the key out, walking down with Rose's hand clutched in her own, she opened the door but didn't go in just yet.
    "Make yourself at home Rose. You know where everything is."
    She paused, lightly letting go of her hand and nudging her inside, Eryn looked up at the dark hair boy with steely grey eyes and midnight black hair, his recently shaven stubble covered parts of his face and he smiled half hearted at her. She paused, taking and shouldering the bag before looking at him again.
    "Thanks Moo-- Derek" She corrected herself with a sigh and a tired lopsided smile, though she had a tendency to call everyone but family by their last names Derek often insisted she label him by his first. She glanced inside, watching Rose for a moment before leaning over, gripping the doorknob and closing the door most of the way so the two could have a moment of privacy
    "...I suppose now is a good a time as any to let you know. I'm going to request a compound transfer."
    She said solemnly.
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  16. Malachi continued on his path. The sounds of a struggle were nearby and he made his way in that direction. He didn't know if it was hunter's baiting a trap, or if someone was actually in trouble. What he did know was that he had to check it out. He could handle a small group of hunters, and any supplies they might have would be highly valuable. If it was someone needing help, he might have to help depending on the situation. He wasn't going to senselessly play hero though.

    As he got closer, the struggle sounds disappeared. Were they taking a break? What was going on? Quickly, he increased his pacing, until he arrived near the scene, keeping himself hidden. He saw two men dead on the ground, one standing nearby, and a woman offering a handshake. He didn't quite know what to make of the situation. For the safety of himself, he observed from a distance, creeping closer slowly, keeping his dart at the ready. They weren't hunters, that much was obvious. If they were, they would've been looting the bodies. That left them as victims.

    He paused for a moment, before making a decision. With his hand clasped tightly on the Sheng Biao, he stepped out into the open. "Hey there, no harm" He said calmly, left hand raised in the air, both waving and signalling non-aggression, while simultaneously making it obvious that his other hand was on a weapon if it was necessary. "Either of you have anything to trade?" He asked. "I'm nearly out of food, but I've got some stuff that might be valuable to you." Normally, he wasn't so open to strangers, but he did need food, and there was no guarantee that the Quarantine Zone was open for trading. He had to take a chance. Death was the alternative if he failed to get some food anyway.
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