The Last of Toons

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  1. Welcome to Magic World! Where everything on the planet is filled with toons that were created recently! Within this world are five continents that live within their own divide.

    There is toon city, which is a place for all regular human cartoons that work by making children laugh in different ways, any toon is welcomed here.

    toon city.jpg

    There is Fantasy World, which is where all the magical creatures live! Only creatures with power can come here unless they are welcome by the princess of Fantasy, princess Lydia.

    There is Frontier Swamps, where all the cartoons that cannot afford Liberty land live at. The place is basically wooden houses built on a swampy tree, the only proper way to travel is by boat or through mud. This place is one society.

    There is Casper Forest named for Casper the friendly ghost, this is where all the dark mythical creatures live including vampires, wearwolves, flame people, ice people and ghosts. They are all trapped within the forest so they wont cause any mischief to the other continents, the spell can only be broken by the person who created it, Queen Lydia.

    There is Tommorowland, which is a city for only the most gifted inventors and people with vast knowlage they have to present. Of course anyone is welcomed there but unless your a scientist, inventor, archeologist or any of the big boys then you would be stuck being their secretary or their maid.

    One day, one of the spooky inventors that were stuck within Casper's forest was so tired of being stuck there that he decided to make all the other continents suffer once and for all, he made his first zombie and within the invention promised Satan his soul in exchange to make his zombie undead. With the man who invented the first zombie gone, the zombie roamed out of the forest biting innocent people and turning them within three days.
    The infected spread from the forest to Frontier Swamps to Toon City and so on, the only places left standing are Fantasy World and Tommorow Land.

    (If you want to join this role play then please give the following information below before writing, thank you!)

    My Character

    Name: Queen Lydia
    Looks: purple.jpg

    Toon Powers: She can cast spells, talk to animals and she's a master of martial arts

    Personality: She is sweet and kind to everyone, she is lawful good and will do anything to protect her kingdom. She is loved by all her civilians and does her best to think of everyone.

    Bio: She was raised by an evil aunt who wanted the throne and tried to take it by killing Lydia, her prince charming would never come because he was bitten so she did the only sensible thing, escape herself and was taught how to fight by the most famous martial artist Shung Wu who also taught her how to do spells since she was gifted with locked magical abilities.
    Ever since, she ruled the land by herself with no king besides her which is a very lonely thing.

    Lydia sighed as she paced around her room, she was wearing cargo pants, combat boots, a white shirt and her firey red hair was tied back into a ponytail. So far, the kingdom worked together in order to keep the zombies away by building a 50 foot long brick wall around the kingdom, but that was only keeping them at bay. Every day citizens were reminded of the Apocalypse by the noise of scratching, moaning and banging against the walls.
Thread Status:
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