The last of the Dragon knights. (open)

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    Once upon a time; an era void from the history pages. Great warriors rode upon the backs of dragons. Raining spears of lightning from the heavens as they purged ancient evils from the realms. A tale thought as but myth and fabled stories uttered by bards to enthrall their audiences. These Dragon knights were said to have a spiritual bond with their mounts. The fate of one tied with the other; some accounts boldly claim that the two were actually one. That these dragons were nothing more then a physical embodiment of their own souls.

    Legends tells of an ancient struggle; when the age of light was due to succumb to the evolutionary seeds of the coming era...that being darkness. However the candles of hope were kept alive by these fierce and almost mystical warriors. Through their sacrifice they manage to stem the swarthy tide. Putting an end to the corrosive darkness which like a cancer ate away at our plane of existence. However it is believed that by the end of this struggle...the dragon knights themselves became instinct. Offering themselves as tribute so that those which feared and labeled them as monsters could have a chance to endure. However people claim many stories to be true...most of which end up being bullshit.

    For deep within the misty peaks of the Alaroth mountain ranges; the last of the true dragon knight resides. Living in peace through an almost reclusive lifestyle. She would watch with diligence from afar; waiting for the next great storm to brew. Word had spread of a silver scaled dragon with a woman clad in cerulean and gold trimmed plated armor resting on it's back. With will alone she supposedly coursed throughout the heavens; occasionally lending aid toward those towns and villages unable to defend themselves from various monstrosities which plagued them. Most would think of such tales as utter foolishness. The idle bantering of a drunken and delusional man.

    However in this case truth could be found. Though one would seldom find proof. There is a reason why such a being has remained hidden from the modern world's gaze for so long. She was cautious and knew how to cover her tracks. And though many search parties with various motives were forged under the blind hope of finding her. None had returned with any success; other then a handful of unreliable eye witness accounts.

    Even now; as the sun had begun to peek it's radiant head above the horizon. The Dragon knight could be found; her steed perched against a rather large yet firm boulder. Her eyes peering through the morning mist as she witnessed the birth of yet another day. With spear thrust into the moist earth, she would rest with her back against it. Her plated gloves brushing against the dew kissed blades of grass as the orchestra that is of the birds tickled her ears, thus serving as a sort of muse.

    The armor did little to reveal her feminine physic; her face masked by her helmet as even her eyes were guise by a sheet of shade. The arches of her luscious lips would curve; as a smile hidden from the world crept on her face. Silently the dragon with silver wings unfurled stretched. Yawning as it curled into a ball. It's eyelids closing shut as it dreamnt it's dreams when their kind once raced through the clouds in great numbers. However such glory days are long since gone. Living through her memories, and her memories alone. Save for a few inaccurately posed limericks and rhymes.

    There in the saddle of a valley they could be found. Surrounded by a lush array of wild flowers; that somehow flourished despite the poor soil and cold temperatures which normally encompassed this region.

    After the passing of a few brisk moments the dragon knight would rise from her seated position. Removing the tip of her spear from the grasp of the earth. Twirling the spear effortlessly as she shifted from one attack style to the next. Her footwork was elegant; resembling that of a dance. A style known as the waltz of death when translated into the common tongue.

    For hours she would practice her techniques with no signs of fatigue. With clench fist a fiery black flame would engulf both her and her dragon. The beast of burden turned to ash, dissipating under the touch of a soft breeze. Scattering across the vast mountain ranges. Her armor would shatter like glass; fragments twirling toward the earth before melting away from sight. Her spear would become engulfed in a silver light before simply vanishing without a trace.

    Her once armor clad form now adorned in a simple white button up dress blouse as well as a black skirt with white trimming. Exhaling to herself the woman would simply disappear. Appearing within the foliage right outside of a small mountain town's gates mouth. Stepping from the brush she would enter it's walls. Making her way toward a local bar where she worked part-time as a bouncer. However today she was off yet still sought the warmth and vodka provided inside those walls. Silently the Bicolored eyed woman would nest at an empty booth. Enjoying her warm glass of vodka as she eavesdrop on the locals as they described the fabled dragon knight as a male.

    A common misconception considering the lack of curves of feminine feature her armor displayed. Couple that with the sexism and stereotypes when it came to females as warriors such a deduction seemed inevitable.
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    What started out as a normal boring day would become anything but just that. As Iris sat at her lonely booth and enjoyed the flavor and burning sensation of her warm vodka; something insidious by nature was stirring. Within the world of void it conspired. An alternate space shrouded in mystery and lore. Under much guise it weaved a web of conspiracy; the likes of which not even Iris could fathom. A once small and peaceful town would find itself ensnared by it's vicarious will. But what could anyone want that would be worth the energy and time to muster an attack?

    With eyelids shut; Iris would listen to the local bards and idle bantering of the local populace. Coldly turning away anyone who sought to intrude on her serenity. No matter the guise or front they used to justify such an act. However she knew the true reason...most eyes were littered with a sexual thirst. The likes of which she had not the time nor interest to quench. Partly due to the code she swore to live by. Just as she finished turning away a local nobleman a loud crash could be heard. Shattering the glass as a thick cloud of dust coursed throughout the scene. Debris would be sent hurling in the air as it came down, crashing through nearby roofs.

    Without hesitation or fear Iris would rise from her nested position. Bi-colored eyes galloping across the scene. Outside she could hear crying and coughing; no doubt the locals which survived the impact. "Great..." She'd whisper to herself as she reached into her pocket. Pulling out a single toothpick, sliding it into her mouth as she nibbled on it. A rather bad habit of hers.

    "Such worms....all of you garbage. Flee and live; your blade isn't worthy to stain my fist!" The unknown entity would bellow. It's form still engulfed by the cloud of dirt birthed by it's rather dramatic entrance.

    Fear had engulfed the town; everyone was panicking and trampling on their own as the need for self-preservation kicked in. A small girl; no older then 8 was frozen in fear. She was powerless to avert her eyes from the monstrosity within the cloud of dirt. Quivering out of fear as tears began to roll down her face. Their eyes would lock...,

    "Do not look at me child! For such arrogance you shall be punished!" The entity would declare as if enjoying the sound of it's voice.

    Raising it's fist on high the monster would take a few steps toward her; the ground shaking under the influence of it's stride. As it closed the distance between them, the creature would send it's fist hurling down toward the child with full force. "Damn...there goes my cover." Iris thought to herself as she witness this scene from the window. at this juncture in time she had two choices; either let the girl die but keep her secret. Or get involved and find herself on the run looking for a new home. And this had to happen just as she had finally begun to settle down and intermingle.

    A loud crashing sound could be heard as a shock wave of wind rushed through the town. Knocking people over as well as dispersing the blanket of dust which obscured it's frame. a sinister grin plastering itself on it's beastly face as it peered into the cloud of smoke. "Pathetic..." The monster would state; it's eyes widening as the smoke had begun to clear. Not only was the little girl alive...there also seemed to be a second figure. "What vile sorcery is this? No human could of endured that attack!" Even questioning itself; it's arrogance still seemed quite thick.

    Iris had blocked the blow using her forearms. The beast fist still resting on her arm as she stared up at him. Offering him but a grin as she grabbed his wrist; tossing him over her hip. The creature would bounce against the ground multiple time; leaving impact marks before finally able to regain control. It's feet sliding against the dirt kicking up various foliage which decorated the street.

    'Little girl run..." Iris would order; the child more then willing to comply. "You...I don't know what you are nor do I care to. But let me clarify a few things. Firstly you fucked with the wrong town. secondly you fucked with the wrong woman and thirdly...I am not your typical human." Iris replied wagging her finger condescendingly at him. The toothpick still on her mouth.

    "I see...Now things finally get interesting." The monstrosity retorted with a maniacal chuckle.
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    Iris stood firm, unphased by the creature's over infatuated sense of confidence bordering on sheer arrogance. The likes of which thickened the atmosphere around them. She knew not what manner of beast he was; nor did she care. Such details were trivial in her mind's eye. However it was clear that the time for diplomacy wilted long before her arrival on the scene. In fact she could deduce that this sudden intrusion was nothing more then the old magicians trick. A diversion conceived in the attempt to keep everyone focused on the right hand so they wouldn't notice what the left was doing. An effective strategy.

    "Are you scared little girl? You haven't moved or said a word in quite a while?" The creature sought to evoke a reaction from her. However it's ploy would fall upon deafen ears.

    She had not the time nor energy to waste on this one. Not when those in the shadows were free to do as they pleased. With eyelids shut and a heavy sigh parting from her luscious lips. Iris would extend her right hand. The bandage which clung to her forearm would become traced in a silver lining which glistened gloriously. The wrapping would come unfurled as it slithered in the air; drifting toward her empty palm before she closed it shut. Her prowess and signature becoming much more relaxed and refined. It's potency exceeding that of any ordinary human.

    "What's this? A tissue? How sweet!" The creature jested.

    Iris would suddenly open her eyes; they seemed to burn with a passionate fire. As if her heart and mind were set on a single objective, unified and dedicated toward a single cause. Resolve...that was the best word to describe what it is that over came her.

    "Screw this! If you're not going to attack then I will!" It bellowed out of anger as it rushed toward Iris like a savage rabid beast.

    With eyelids shutting once more Iris would follow the flow of it's energy. Granting her an uncanny sense of perception despite her lack of sight. Like strings she could feel it's energy tug at each limb moments before the limbs themselves moved. The flow of it's life force had become clear to her. For it's signature and mapping proved to be painstakingly simple. In fact she found it almost insulting...clearly whatever this thing was it was weak and inexperienced. Which often went hand to hand with arrogance and pride in her opinion.

    "Rest in peace..." Like a serpentine her words oozed venom. their fangs parting from her lips and latching on to the creatures mind. She was confident, unafraid and calculative. Her demeanor and stance was that of tranquility.

    A testament regarding her sheer fortitude and will of mind. It was as if the chaos was stemmed and tamed. It's banter fading into the void that is silence. The fires it once wrought were snuffed out. This one could no longer hurt her...but for the sake of the locals she would insult herself and squash this flea. As the beast lunged toward her for the final strike. Iris would merely step to the side. Just enough to elude the coming blow. shock plastered itself on the beast face as time seemed to mentally slow down for both parties. The unfurled cloth would dance and twirl to her song. Her will alone conjured it and her spirit created a barrier around it. Making the fabric nearly impossible to tear as well as razor sharp on the sides and edge.

    This was an ancient technique; in truth the bandage was a physical manifestation of her own soul brandished as the most unique and unexpected weapon. With a twirl of the wrist the cloth would wrap itself around the creature like a snake. covering every inch of the beast, causing it to fall to the ground. And though it struggled and muffled under the bandage. It's efforts proved futile and it's words flaccid as ever.

    "Be gone." Frigidly her words would stain the creatures soul. Such simple yet stern words would be the last symphony to muse it's senses.

    With but a simple tug the bandage would tighten, squeezing the creature as the sound of snapping bones and tearing flesh parted from the fabric. Suddenly it unraveled at nearly unfathomable speed and elegance. Crimson would erupt from the creatures body. The carcass which remained bared no resemblance to the beast. It was nothing more then a massive pile of snapped bones and grounded flesh. A gruesome scene. The bandage itself was still snow white. Not a single drop of blood stained it. And as quickly as it slithered from her forearm; it would recoil itself back around. Adorning her once more. This was an ancient and forgotten technique. And though most would assume that a dragon knights spear was their main weapon. In truth the spirit cloth was their true author of devastation.

    Mostly unknown due to the fact that most who saw it ever lived to spread word of such a peculiar and elegant weapon.

    "Now if I were a mastermind where would I be?" Iris questioned out loud to herself; her eye lids remaining shut as she used a spirit sonar technique to transmit her own frequency and watch as it bounced off of other spiritual frequencies. The greater the resistance her frequency met; the stronger her opponent. This would also serve as a beacon. For like most techniques it was a two edged sword. It granted her prey the ability to sense her whereabouts as well. Still considering the circumstances she was left with little choice.