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  1. "The fleets are stuggling to hold off the Nevillian attackers. They are waiting for more support from the ground. My reports tell that three planets in our galaxy have already fallen to these merciless creatures. We don't know what our government has in order to keep this threat from our very door step. If you watch the sky carefully tonight, the experts say you can see the battle occur. Stay tuned to WYXR News for more information..." The news reporter announced on the war with the aliens. She then turned to sports and other news.

    Doctor Roberts was in an exam room with another patient when Zane walked into the clinic.

    "Well hello there Zane, and I have to say, you get cuter and more handsome every day i see you." Kacie, the desk nurse greeted, causing Zane to blush a little. The other patients gave a weird look at Zane and kept a close eye on him.

    "Hey Kacie, and thank you. Is the Doc in with a patient? If so i'm gonna jump on the computer to get this essay done." Zane said jumping onto the computer in Doc Roberts' office and began typing away. He wanted to get his essay done so that he could attend the Boarding Competition tomorrow. Chery, the Doc's daughter was taking him, and had entered him in already, of course without the Doc knowing. The cover story was to go to the library to get research done and type the essay up, but he really wanted to get it done. Zane wasn't a very tall lad, only being five foot four inches, three inches shorter then the other boys in school, and he weighed about one hundred fifteen pounds.
    "Hey Kacie, do you know if the Doc is working late tonight? I was just thinking about ordering some take out." Zane said, while working. Doc's office was next to the front desk, so they were able to have a conversation. Kacie nodded and answered with a yes, so Zane went ahead and ordered take out. Usually when the Doc worked late, so did Kacie, and Zane ate dinner with them and then headed off to go home for the night. While waiting for the food to arrive, Zane typed away at his 6 page research essay on the history of Earth. Though they have been on Ufera for 1500 years, they still taught about the history from Earth. After he was done with his essay and printed it, he slipped it into a folder and laid it on the Doc's desk to get after dinner. Kacie and Zane ate dinner with the Doc, and talked about school, which Zane hated. While at dinner, a nurse laid a similar folder down on the Doc's desk and walked away. Zane hugged Kacie and Doc, grabbed a folder off of the desk, and headed out.

    Zane began boarding in the park, heading home. After a few minutes a Law Enforcement officer stopped Zane. The officer was six feet four inches tall, and big, not fat, but built.
    "Oh hey Sergeant Behr. Why are you working today? You're suppose to be off." Zane said shocked. Sgt Behr was Chery's fiancee, and the only officer that ever caught Zane boarding in the park, since it wasn't allowed.
    "I work today so that I have tomorrow off. Do you think i'm going to miss my kid brother in law's big competition?" Behr said, grabbing Zane's shoulder and escorting him out of the park. "Get home safely, and I will see you tomorrow." Sgt Behr said, letting Zane go at the edge of the park. Zane quickly got home after a long day of school and homework. He was exhausted, and sat on the couch to watch some tv.

    ((it starts at evening time on a Friday.))
  2. Jaylin landed the repair shuttle easy enough, though the cargo she carried pulled on it's restraints and made her nervous. Command hadn't said a word to her, so she had no idea what to do after landing. The head honcho was the first to set foot onto the battle terrain, followed shortly by the rest of the trainees she was there to help. She stayed back, setting the shuttle into dormancy and preparing herself to join the rest.
    When everyone else had emptied out, Jaylin sat alone as she twisted both of her titanium bracelets, illuminating the bands with a dark blue and purple mixture of light. She swiveled her chair to the right, where there was a small storage nook.
    The automated door opened with a slight scratch, exposing Jaylin's prized possession. The fruit of all her labor over the entirety of her career as a bio engineer. A similar purplish light sought out the matching bracelet, a identifying buzz letting Jaylin know she was ready for the equipment stage. She held out her long slender arms, watching as the suit reached out to her, latching to her body and working it's way up. It attached to the markers she had created out of her own body- small tracking beacons within her skin that triggered the transformation.

    "GO GO GO!!!" She heard the Commander yelling, laser shots echoing over the radio as she heard the missionaries in simulation training outside.

    "Great... they're already started" Jaylin complained to herself as her suit had reached her neck, covering the rest of her body completely. From the back of the neck, a small connector wire suddenly lodged itself into a personal port that she had inserted into her own spine- with the help of the AI assistance at her lab. The shock of the connection never got any less painful, though as the suit connected to her body, she began to feel more at ease. She reached out to the shelf of the small storage closet, grabbing her helmet and slipping it over her head. All systems were go.

    Jaylin exited her ship, opening up the hangar door and looking out at the training simulation field. There were soldiers of all experience levels, all trying to get their clearance for their next mission or battle. She stood there, looking out over them, until walking back inside to get her repair tools.
    Jaylin watched the trials as the failures came to her with broken parts and bruised egos. She buzzed around the field like a bee pollinating flowers; if only it were that easy. Jaylin retrieved broken gear and salvageable bots from the area, bringing them back to her station for repair.
  3. Sitting Inside of a small area, Fye ran her fingers along the edges of one purple window about the size of her torso. Blinking slowly a few times, she breathed in deep, exhaled slow. Odin moved his large arms a little, Rubber veins wriggling as the mech made slight movement as though in attempt to look at her. "What is it, Fye?" His voice was mechanical and deep. Fye didn't answer him, looking out of the window on the Military base she felt like a caged animal, Safe but stagnant. She didn't know where to begin looking for these children, Being Crystallian she would spot them right away. Swallowing this overwhelming lachrymatory feeling, she shuffled into her seat within Odin and clasped her slender fingers about the belts and strapped herself in. "Odin," A voice came in through his speakers," Scan the area again, I do not wish to stay on this base much longer."

    Odin began walking across the base, He wasn't as large as the other mechs there. He moved more like the Humans did, even losing his balance now and then and catching himself. He began to emit a faint blueish glow and scanned the area, Fye's eyes dead fixed to the radar waiting for a sign. Waiting for the bloop to indicate the direction for her to go. Hours pass as she sits, Odin finally fixes and narrows in. Fye watches as the view rushes in through buildings and walls to a child sitting on a couch watching TV. Her emotionless eyes darken as she sits forward.

    "Due West, 4 miles, 19 yards. Race: Crystallian, Age: 12, name: Zane." The words flashed on the screen and she looked up into the west. "Finally, Odin it's time to leave." She said feeling the most relief she had in months. Odin put out his arm and his glow faded. From his back, long Black Wings slid up and out. They fluttered like a humming bird as the Mech began to hover, Men came shouting for her to land. Fye ignored them and as Odin came back down to the ground lightly and suddenly shoved off into the air straight up and to the west. Whirling, Fye looked up smiling wildly at the stars. Odin gave her a "^_^" face across his screen.

    They landed quickly in a brush of trees hidden away from sight. "Odin, Activate Invisible mode."She ordered through the speakers." His censors gave way and she almost floated in mid air. Unstrapping herself she stood and Odin placed her to the ground gently at his feet. Her violet eyes looked up at him as he bent and she placed a gentle kiss at his window. "Be quick" He said.
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  4. Zane grew more tired as the night went on. He wasn't sure what time Doc would be home, probably late as usual. He turned the tv off and grabbed a book to read. He laid on the couch reading "The Hobbit, by JRR Tolken". He was a little less then half way through the book, having only started it about two weeks earlier. Zane's eyes grew heavier as he read, and soon fell asleep. The book laid gently on his chest as he slept on the couch. Zane had been asleep for a couple of hours when the Doc came home, and found the lad asleep on the couch. Doc took the book off of his chest and set it on the table, and then pulled a blanket over Zane so that he'd stay warm. It wasn't uncommon for Zane to have fell asleep on the couch. The doc walked into his room and went to bed.

    In the morning, Zane stretched and yawned, after having a decent night sleep. He looked at the clock and jumped up, he had an hour to get ready and be at the competition. He ran into his room and changed into some clean clothes. After he was dressed, he put his shoes on and left a note for the Doc, telling him that he'd left to go to the library. Grabbing his board, Zane left the house and began to make his way to the competition. He knew he'd get yelled at for it later, but Chery was the one forcing him into it. Zane made it to the competion just in time, Chery and Andrew (Sgt Behr) was standing there with his number. "Hey, sorry i'm late." Zane said.
    "Your number is 986, you're a walk on. So make sure you have fun, and do what you do." Chery said as she helped to put his number on his shirt. She kissed his cheek and nudged him to go watch until his number came up. Zane was amazed at everyone's tricks.

    A mech had sensed that there was danger lurking close, and that there was a Crystalian that would be it's pilot. The mech began to force it's way out of the stone tomb that incased it. The mech was tall and thin, carrying a large battle axe in it's right hand. The battle axe was almost as tall as the mech itself. A red cloak swayed in the wind, was it scanned, finding it was still several hours away from the respected place it should be. The mech began to make it's way to the area it needed to be.
  5. As she worked at mindlessly repairing a cadets arm cannon, she watched the rest of the trainees, taking down the obsticals with ease. She rolled her eyes, even getting a cocky sense of self absorbtion from the group. She'd seen may like them before, and she knew they wher dependant on her gear and inventions, having been using them for so long. The engineer shrugged as she thought to herself, wondering what group she would end up working with, not that it mattered.

    Jaylin had been behind a curtain of sparks, repairing yet another grunt who lost his temper after failing his trials. She had been busy, but still managed to keep one eye on the commotion, curious about the ass kicking going on between both bots and hand to hand. It seemed almost unfair how difficult the higher-ups made the training. Apparently the Commander was not so fond of the course either, scowling to himself as he stood up high on metal scafolding.

    The battle was entertaining enough, everytime she was around, excitement would tend to find her, no matter where on the grounds she was stationed. Jaylin simply smiled at the going's on, putting the welding tool back to the grunts armor.
  6. Staking out the arena she waited until morning, her eyes scanned the arena for the boy, He would be her age shortly. A voice rang in her head, "Something is coming" Odin transmitted and Fye's eyes raced around until she spotted him, standing there in awe of the Arena's Ballet of battles. Having got a good sight Of him she turned away catching Jaylin, from the corner of her eyes, Only to keep moving, and fast. Picking up her pace, she spotted something else now moving around her with great speed.

    Blowing a quick breath of air through pursed lips, a piercing whistle ripped through the chaos as Fye ran along the road like lightening. Fabric flowing behind her, she heard him come at her call. Odin ripped through the trees as Fye sprung into the air, caught by the Living mech's arm to be neatly tucking into the cockpit, wings humming as he took off. Hunters close behind.

    "Did you make contact with he target" The mechanic low humming voice asked Fye, "Visual contact confirmed, Physical contact compromised" responded a crackled vocaloid through the speakers.

    "Two Hunters" He glitched

    "Commence fight or flight, ready the blades, Keeping moving to a remote area. We will come back later"

    "Commencing fight or flight, Systems are 100%, Fye 100%, Remote location detected, Fight or flight , enganged."

    They flew through the area, miles away from the arena it what looked like a clearing surrounded by tall trees, the green grass for the land and began to scan the trees. Two long blade slowly protruding from Odin's Metallic hands, flashing in the light of the sun, In them the reflection of the two hunters for the face off.
  7. Zane waited at the competition for his number to be called. He was really excited about the whole thing. Zane watched all the boarders do their tricks. Then the moment he was waiting for was up, his number was called. Zane hurried to the starting platform to do his thing, and then wait for the results. Once the buzzer sounded, Zane started, he was doing all kinds of tricks, some tricks that he shouldn't been able to do, having only seen them once or twice that day. Time was ticking down and Zane wanted to finish big, so he began to get in the rythume of the tricks.
    Zane was starting to get up high, which excited the crowd even more. He was about ten feet about the ramp when a sharp pain struck him. He quickly grasped his right leg and fell. He hit the ramp and rolled down it, holding the leg. He was feeling a very strong burning in his leg and couldn't figure out why. Chery jumped up and ran onto the ramp, trying to get to Zane. "I'm a nurse, let me in." Chery called out as security tried to push them back. The security let Chery through and she knelt to him. "Zane what happened, are you alright?" She said as she noticed that he held his right calf. She moved down and rolled up his pant leg. There was a mark that was burned into his leg. "OH MY GOODNESS! Zane what happened to you?" Chery said. She reached into her bag and pulled out some gauze and an ace bandage. She did he best to wrap it up and gave him some motrin to try and ease the pain. Chery helped Zane up and they walked off the ramp after retrieving his board.
    "ATTENTION: EVERYONE OUTDOORS NEEDS TO MAKE THEIR WAY TO EITHER A BUNKER OR THE NEAREST BUILDING! STAY INDOORS AND DO NOT LEAVE FOR ANYTHING." an announcement said just before the alarms began to sound. Black spots appearred in the sky as the Nevillians broke through the defense forces around the planet. They were heading straight for Fort-Stone (the town that we're in now.). The fighter jets came in first and started shooting at whatever they could. After that the Nevillian mechs were dropped in. An explosion knocked Zane away from Chery, and when she looked over, Zane wasn't moving. Andrew jumped over and grabbed Chery and pulled her to safety. His first thought was get Chery to safety, then go back for Zane.
    Zane slowly sat up and got to his feet. The town was being attacked, his leg was burning, and Chery was no where in sight. Large explosions grew closer to where Zane was. A large mech stood in front of him, and began to put a lock on his signature. The mech was a Nevillian seek and destroy style. Just before the mech could do anything, something cut the head in two, and the cut into the main energy core. A tall greyish coloured Mech holding a battle axe stood behind Zane. The mech wrapped around Zane and covered him as the damaged mech exploded. The mech didn't budge and didn't allow anything to happen to Zane.
    The Battle of Fort-Stone raged on, with every unit, training or not, in the area being called up to battle. The comms on Jaylin's ship began to go off as reinforcements were being called up. The group she was with was one of them.
    [​IMG](the mark that is burned on Zane's right leg.)
  8. "Locked on targets"Odi'ns voice crackled through the speakers as Fye flipped a few switches, and slowly ran her pinky down a censor and held in there.

    Her eyes fixed on the screen, illuminated her face, she released and and took hold of the control station. They moved. the space between the three closing. Suddenly the clash of metal rang through the trees, the clearing seemed to get smaller as the hunters flew through the air around them. Odins arm catches one, slicing through the collar and flings him behind into the tree line. Fye brings down the oculot ((a deevice meant to cover the eyes and allow you to see through your mech's eyes)) and now looks around, Odin turning in tandem with her vision. Sparks erupts from the meeting of metal as the other hunters dagger slid across Odin's arm and with a quick rip, cut into his arm, thick black oil-like liquid came gushing out. Withing Fye gritted her teeth as her arm began to bleed, slamming her palm down, she turned the control stick and gave the assailant a good whack sending him flying into his hunter friend.

    They helped each other stand and a long pause they stood shaking themselves and their weapons of, Fye smiled slightly "not today" she quipped. again their weapons met in a dance of flailing sparks,Odin's feet digging up the dirt as he moved, a dust cloud rising around them. Fye locked in as one of the hunters lifted his arm and she seized the opportunity and swung Odin's arm low striking to slice him clean in half. The second hunter landed upon Odin's head and drew up his arm to strike, but Odin responded with tenacity and dropped himself forward, throwing the hunter to the ground. As he tumbled away Fye moved them forward stomping one foot down after the other just missing the hunter as he rolled himself away, with a unseen movement the hunter struck into Odin's foot. Fye yelped from within the cockpit, Odin began to hop and grabbed hold of the injured foot, each time gravity forced the mech to met, the ground shook.

    The hunter stood and began to reap the excess salvage of his fallen comrade and ran off into to trees, deciding and one on two wasn't a fair fight. Odin spoke,"Shall we Pursue?"

    "Negative, We need shelter, our injuries are too drastic" Fye said, the annoyance was felt through her vocaloidic voice that sounded through the speakers. "Withdraw, They will be back..."

    Fye Directed Odin to the young boy, Zane's home and parked behind the house, she sat and began to go over the wounds on the system and pulled out a first aid kit from beneath fer fluffy seat. She began to wrap her arm in a bandage keeping her eyes on the screen as Odin continuously scanned the area for any on lookers. Her eyes were heavy and a weariness began to run through her.
  9. As the smoke cleared, the mech known as Axe was wrapped around Zane keeping him safe from harm. Zane slowly looked up to see a gaint metal bot wrapped around him. The mech slowly sat up, and the chest armour moved forward and then up, while the bottom part moved down. There, in the open space was a cockpit. On the right shoulder of the mech was the same mark on Zane's leg. "Hey! what are you doing? Put me down!" Zane yelled as Axe grabbed Zane and loaded him into the cockpit. A few moments after the cockpit closed, a missle landed and exploded where Zane was standing. Axe fell backwards. "Zane, I am Axe. I have waited a long time for you. I will explain everything, but first I need to keep you safe. Please strap in." A voice inside the cockpit said. Zane was shocked, and wasn't sure what to do. He listened and buckled himself in.

    Axe slowly stood up while grabbing the large battle axe laying next to him. The Nevillians changed their targets from the town and humans, to the new mech with the axe. The mech lunged at the enemy, slicing and dicing his way through, while at the same time, trying to push the threat away. A Nevillian bomber flew out of the skies and headed right for the town. The boosters on the back on Axe lit up, launching th mech in the air. Once Axe was high enough and close enough, the battle axe blade began to turn red. Axe swung the axe side ways, into the bridge of the bomber, and sliced as far as he could, leaving a major gash in the bomber. The bomber flew out of control and crashed outside the town. The Nevillians began to retreat, and left the area.

    "What are you? Why did you grab me? Why are they here?" Zane asked, not knowing what to do or say. Axe simply looked around and started to leave the town. He was wanting to get Zane to a same place so that he could explain everything. He stopped around two miles outside town, his sensors picked up something strange, an unknown mech behind Zane's house. "I am Axe the Soul Machine. This is my territory, you are not Crystalian, Nevillian, nor Kedallian. Announce yourself and state your reasons for this trespass!" Axe called out to Odin, not sure what it was, nor why it was in the area. He did not pick up the pilot Fye.
  10. I find speaker emitted a strange unknown signal locking on to him, Due flicked a few switches and hovered a finder over a button as Odin locked on to Axe. His eyes watching the mechanism as Fye observed him through the screen, she started up a scan, remaining silent for now. They were invisible how could this mechanism see her and Odin. She picked up that Zane was within this mechanism and raised her brows. She pressed and held down the button to send the transmission to Axe.

    "My name is Fye, I am crystallian, sent by the elder to locate and educate four crystallians of the happenings of their people. My friend is Odin,....." She paused thinking of how she would describe him,"An unknown alien technology that has bound itself to me."

    Odin remained silent as most of his energy was being used to transmit and stay locked to the mech.

    "Odin and myself are injured, please, can you cover us to safety?" She pleaded with Axe. She looked into he screen as Axe flew over head.

    "If any more nevallians find us in this state, I am sure to perish."

    She waited hearing no response, her gaze fell away from the screen. Odin Sat still listening and began to beep loudly his fuels were leaking and needed repairs as soon as possible.
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