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  1. "Alaska, "The Last Frontier" or so they say, a place once peaceful and serene. We had a front row seat to the end of the world. No matter where you were, you could see them streaking overhead. Tearing the skies open before impacting earth. From miles away we heard the explosions and perhaps too, the thousands of the screaming and dying. From miles away we felt the after shocks which rattled our ho,es and our bones. Fire, like the mouth of hell had opened up; spewed skywards blotting out the very light of day. Radioactivity rolled over the earth, contaminating everything it touched like a poison. Vegetation wouldn't grow, animals had metamorphosis into something unnatural. We never saw the sun again after that day. Our world now black and hazy, snowed a perpetual snow of ashes. Our monuments once great and lustrous, now stand vacant and empty. Symbols of who we once were are buried beneath the ruins of yesterday."

    This roleplay will take place in Anchorage, Alaska. The role-play will happen several years AFTER the nuclear bombs fall upon several major U.S and Russian cities.The land, water and air are all heavily polluted, there will be no such thing as clean drinking water, not unless you scavenge for it. Radiation will play a role in this, you will have a set amount you can have per day. Anything over that will make you sick, or even kill you. I will be working on a table, and will implement a dice roll system that is even and fair.

    Other dangers include pockets of other survivors, which can be very armed to just barely protecting themselves. If you decide to attack them, the blood will be on your hands and should play a role in your character's growth.

    -Ghouls which are zombie-like creatures. These beings are mutated humans, having lived in heavily irradiated locations. Their skin is falling off and they will attack without hesitation, or remorse. Ghouls can run, and because they no longer have the sense of pain, can run far longer than most ordinary people. They shamble when walking, and eat human flesh.

    -Wildlife too has been altered, bears and wolves have become more ferocious and willing to attack humans. Elk, moose and deer still provide a natural meal but at the cost of being irradiated themselves, will increase your radiation level.

    -I will only be accepting adult members. 18+

    -There will be specified roles within the group. Notice: You are not an expert in these fields. You just have more knowledge in them than the rest of the group. However, as this story unfolds, you can begin to make your character more experienced.

    -Only three people may join making the group of five.

    -Group Roles are as follows. One to a role for the time being, though you may be called upon to help a more experienced character in another capacity with their responsibility.

    Security- Calamity- GM

    Medic- Silver- Co GM


    Hunter- Eric Lance


    Character Sheet (By Silver)

    Speech Color: First come, first serve
    Appearance: At least one paragraph (Or five complete sentences) of a written description
    Distinguishing Physical Features: Optional
    Pictures: (Photo realistic, No cutsy or anime pictures. Doesn't have to be a real person could be a photoshopped drawing.)

    Radiation level:
    Weapon(s): Be realistic!
    Gear: Again, realism please!
    Pets: Optional.

    Personality: At least a paragraph, or a solid list of descriptions.
    Sexual Orientation:
    Relationships: (If any)
    Strengths: Three minimum
    Weakness: Three minimum
    Notable Skills:
    Background: Three paragraph minimum.


    1.) No godmod.
    2.) No arguing with the Dice system.
    3.) The OOC is a friendly zone, no arguing or swearing towards one another.
    4.) If you're going to make a sexualized post, make sure it is in spoilers.
    5.) Two solid paragraphs minimum.
    6.)Have Fun.

    This role-play has an intermediate-adept writing expectation. It will include mature themes. Content warning has been posted.
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  2. Aiden Kingsley Character Sheet

    Name: Aiden Zaine Kingsley

    Speech Color: #666699

    Sex/Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Appearance: Aiden is six-four with a built physique any former Marine would have, having kept in-shape even after being discharged. Not too big, but never too small either. His hair, once short, now is long and thick and brown. He has rusty, copper colored eyes and a five o'clock shadow. A long slender nose that ends to a point.Features that make him decidedly handsome, but at the same time make him look soberingly serious all the time. Most of the time he wears a cotton/linen button-down shirt that is blue with a black 22-pocket ScotteVest overlapping it. His pants are black Kitanica GEN 2's which have an additional 14 pockets and black tactical combat boots which are water proof and has a composite toe.

    Distinguishing Physical Features: A very rugged looking face. Has an intimidating gaze. Has a robotic right limb attachment.

    Radiation level: 0%


    Gear: Gas Mask, Tactical Vest,

    Pets: K-9 Dog- German Shepard/ Timber Wolf ("Sarge")

    Personality: Realist, doesn't like to fantasize about the past nor does he regularly have "grand dreams". He's a survivalist; can make the most of very little. Not a big people person, doesn't trust many if at at all due to an incident when he was younger which involved the loss of his arm.

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Relationships: Sonya McKlaine (Complicated--Ex-Girlfriend)


    1.) Perceptive during fights

    2.) Has robotic limb; stronger and faster than a flesh and muscle limb.

    3.) Level headed; never panics.


    1.) Can be very unsympathetic; cold-blooded.

    2.) Robotic attachment is connected directly to nerves, so if damaged severely will hurt worse than damaging the flesh and blood arm.

    3.) Cynical; has or having showed a deep distrust of human beings and their motives after his accident that cost him his arm.

    Notable Skills: Firearms training (advanced), Martial Skill, Mechanical, Hacking.

    Background: Aiden was nineteen when the bombs fell and blackened the world into a dismal, radioactive wasteland. He was born to a physicist and a psychiatrist. so before things went from bad to worse, he had to live under the near constant scrutiny of his parents ever watchful gaze. Their expectations of him were high, and so he grew up never trying to disappoint them. Things changed however, when the bombs dropped. Their brand of intellect accounted for jack when the world became unhinged and unglued at the seams.

    For all their intelligence and "wisdom", Aiden's parents were ill prepared for a world that was anarchic in nature. They were too soft to kill when it needed to be done and in the end, were killed by looters who were desperate. So desperate in fact, they ate his parents keeping him alive only until they needed to kill him. Watching them butcher and 'clean' human bodies had a profound effect on Aiden. After months of captivity,Aiden's psyche went into survival mode. His inhibition to kill was no longer present. His memories, regurgitating the moments where his dead parent's heads with their rolled back eyes and twisted faces staring at him, had transformed the teenager into somewhat delirious and feral person.

    This half-mad human being, hacked up his captors with a hatchet. Drenched in blood, it was a moment he let himself feel. This was the way of the new world. Kill or be killed. Do or die. From that point on, Aiden was weary of strangers and their intentions. Nevertheless, the badlands weren't a place for a single person to roam--least of all for those ill equipped and inexperienced to say the least. Though the bombs had hit places far away, their catastrophic fallouts were nonetheless felt. Human beings were rapidly becoming like feral animals with a lust for flesh. Their reasoning diminished and only left survival as the root to their existence.

    These creatures became known as ghouls, partly for this and partly for their ghoulish appearance in that they always looked like lumbering husks of rotten meat--and smelled like it too. It came as no surprise that they would often be infested with live maggots, eating away at them even as they ate others or themselves. Hence the term for a large group or congregation were called "Infestations". It was because of this threat, and others, that Aiden was to again join the ranks of human 'civility'. Though by the time he rejoined humanity, it had been four years and not a very good four years. From scavenging from dead bodies for the meagerest of morsels to drinking from irradiated water puddles. He was in a tough spot.

    However and expedition team began to gather together in the town he had hopelessly wandered into. New Vegas. Because who knew how far gone Las Vegas was, so let there be another one. Mankind could never have too much debauchery. Aiden at the time however, had no combative skills to speak of. He'd seen and been around firearms prior to the desolation, but had never actually used one himself. Needless to say, he felt like he wouldn't have been of any use, and the idea of the reward; fresh water, a warm meal, made his mouth water and his will to dissipate.

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  3. Sonya McKlain Name: Sonya McKlain
    Speech Color: Red Violet/ #8B2252
    Sex/Gender: female
    Age: 24
    Sonya stands around 5'10ish in height. Her skin is a light tan in color and has scatterings of freckle in odd places. However, the most congested spattering of freckles is across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. There's a couple of scars lurking around her body, but none overly noticeable. She has a a tattoo of an intricate cross on her right shoulder blade. Sonya's hair naturally has a gentle wave to it and it hangs down to a point below her breasts. Most often, the brunette is seen wearing her hair up in a simple ponytail. The woman's eyes are a few shades lighter than her hair with flecks of gold an honey swimming around in the muddy depths.

    Before shit went to hell, Sonya could be seen wearing a wide spectrum of clothing. Now, she sticks to practical clothing. And layers. Alaska is cold. She wears a pair of thermal leggings under a pretty basic pair of jeans. On her feet there's usually two pairs of socks and good sturdy pair of boots. On her top she's layered even more. With a tanktop under a thermal undershirt, which is under a tshirt, which is under a thick flannel shirt, which in turn is usually under a good thick winter jacket. Although she hates wearing gloves, she usually has a pair of them in her pocket ready for use. She also has her hat and a scarf laying around somewhere in her bag.
    Distinguishing Physical Feature: Freckles

    Sonya is a good girl stuck in a mean world. She’s always been compassionate and kind, almost to a fault. By no means is she stupid. However, even when she knows full well that helping someone could possibly end disastrously for her, she’ll still do it. In her mind, she wants to be one of the rays of light in a world of darkness. Because of this, she doesn’t often let herself get angry or down. She feels that if she is then she’s betraying one of the only purposes she’s given herself. Sonya is a lover, not a fighter….if she can help it. She hates the thought of killing another survivor, but she will if she absolutely has to….and if they’re adults. She won’t hurt a child. She just won’t, it doesn’t matter if said child is coming after her with a chainsaw or something else. She won’t hurt them. She’ll try to run away or reason with them instead. Because of her nature, most people find it surprising that Sonya is still alive and fairly well for the most part. This is chalked up to one thing: sheer dumb luck. Or that’s what she claims it is.

    Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
    • Aiden Kingsley: Partner to be
    • Lilly Beaulieu: Ward
    • Gregory Clark: Mentor
    • Tom: Father (Deceased)
    • Skylar: Brother (Deceased)
    • Evelyn: Mother (Deceased)
    • Lucky as all hell
    • Stubborn
    • Quick learner

    • Compassionate/merciful
    • Not a fighter
    • Trusting

    Notable Skills:
    Medical knowledge

    Sonya grew up in Anchorage and had been aspiring to be a pediatrician since before she could remember. The brunette had always done well in school, finding learning to be easy all throughout her childhood. When she got into middle school, she began frequenting used bookstore and collecting old medical textbooks that were no longer useful to the local college. The girl read these off and on whenever she got the chance. She kept this up through high school, well, until high school became impossible.

    When things started to affect her area, it was slow at first. But soon, people began to change, then mutate into not so human things. Sonya became scared. Even more so when her mother and elder brother began to do so as well. When it got to the point where the two of her family members lost their humanity, Sonya’s father put them out of their misery before taking his daughter and heading to one of his hunting cabins. The remainder of the family stayed there for a couple of years before they had to return to town for supplies that they could no longer do without.

    While they were there, they came across another father-daughter duo. However, this duo was much younger. The girl wasn’t much older than toddler and her father was fairly young, low twenties. Sonya’s father brought the other pair with them when they headed back out to the cabin.

    The two families lived in the remote cabin for two years before what used to be wolves came, the girls escaped. But both fathers lost their lives, Sonya’s father was the first to go. He had tried to be the diversion for the other three to make an escape, and it worked. But not as well. Lily’s father was the next to go. Sonya almost joined the parents but survived with a fairly large gash until the teenager and the toddler hit the city limits and were saved by a small band of survivors.

    The two girls stayed with the survivors, and about six months after joining them, Gregory joined the small group as well. Gregory Clark was a nationally acknowledged doctor, he had come out to Anchorage to give a speech at the local college and then gotten stuck in the chaos. After talking for a while, the man offered to teach Sonya what he could. Sonya, and Lily, have stuck close to the man ever since. After New Vegas was established, Gregory became a staple to its survival, one of the few surviving doctors around. What made Gregory even better, he had been in projects experimenting with the use of robotics for medicinal purposes. Soon, the man was putting together prototypes of robotic limbs, he became very popular very fast and is one of the best “paid” doctors in New Vegas today.

    Sonya could never quite keep up with Gregory’s robotics, but she took quickly to the medical knowledge he shared with her. She ate it up like it was the air she breathed. Even Lilly took to learning some of the very basics when she became old enough. Sonya is still Gregory’s favorite pupil in these new times, and one of the most advanced for the situation.

    Radiation level: 0%

    Weapon(s): A knife inside of her boot and a small handgun(don't ask her what it is, she wont be able to tell you) with a half of a pack of coordinating bullets.

    Medkit (similar to this but some things are replaced with items relevant to the setting, bandages would be scraps of cloth, ect., or missing altogether), clothes (variety of), water bottle, duffle bag, she keeps a couple of medical books on her alot....they give her knowledge and they're good blunt force weapons!

    Lily Beaulieu
    Name: Lily Beaulieu

    Speech Color: Plum

    Sex/Gender: female

    Age: 8

    Lilly is an eight year old girl with a thin body of average height and light skin. Her fine hair is strawberry blonde in color and when undone falls straight to her midback. However, the girl’s hair is often kept up in a ponytail. Lilly’s eyes can’t ever seem to decide if they want to be blue, green, or somewhere in between the two colors. Lilly doesn’t have any major scars, just small ones scattered around on her body, most commonly on her hands and knees. Lilly’s most trademark clothes are a dress and shirt combo, however, Sonya usually makes her layer much more than that and the child usually winds up in a coat, underwear, a tank top and a pair of spandex shorts, thermal underclothes, two pairs of leggings, two pairs of socks, a tshirt, and then finally a long sleeve button down blouse, her favorite (and only) black dress, and a pair of midcalf boots. If the weather permits, she usually winds up shedding layers throughout the day. Lilly, like Sonya, also has a pair of gloves, a hat, and a scarf….all of which she hated to wear and only does so if she get’s fussed at or her teeth begin to chatter.

    Distinguishing Physical Features:
    Young age and eyes

    Radiation level: 0%

    Weapon(s): Lilly dosen’t really have much for weapons, just a knofe that she keeps inside of her boot in case of emergency.

    Gear: Clothes (variety of), a basic first aid kit (nowhere near as stocked as Sonyas), a water bottle, backpack, an old color book and worn down color pencils, a book of bedtime stories.
    Pets: a stuffed unicorn she’s had since she was a baby.

    Lily, at first encounter is a quiet child who would rather observe someone for a while instead of jumping right into interacting with them. Because of the world she’s grown up in, she’s naturally cautious of almost everything, and everyone, she dosen’t know. After she deems you safe, however, she lets herself rela around you. Her demeanor is often pretty sweet. She loves to learn and wishes that there were still schools. For a child, she is often more perceptive than what most would expect. She’s also a lot more reserved about helping people and often finds herself pointing out to Sonya things, that she thinks the adult should know, that aren’t safe. The girl is never far away from Sonya’s side, and does not like when her older partner is out of her sight. One of Lily’s greatest fears is losing people she loves and can sometimes be a little clingy around people she grows close to. Her pet is a stuffed unicorn shes had since her first days in the world, she keeps it with her or someplace safe.

    • Sonya McKlain: Caretaker
    • Gregory Clark
    • Alexander: Father (Deceased)
    • Rose: Mother (Deceased)
    • Perceptive
    • Hiding
    • Cautious
    • Small
    • Childish
    • Not a fighter
    Notable Skills:
    Basic First Aid

    Lily was born in Washington, but her family moved up to Anchorage before the young girl turned one. When it happened, none of Lilys small family was affected, but one of the ghouls took out her mother early on in the chaos. Her father managed to take his one year old and hide out in their apartment. For once, the man was glad that he had been a zombie apocalypse nerd. They had water stored and enough food to last for a bit. But when that ran out, he would lock his little girl in the closet and run out to find supplies as quickly as possible and try to get back to Lilly.

    Alexander was able to keep this up for awhile but soon, raiders began to ransack the apartment complex the little family was hiding out in, so the young man packed as many of his supplies as he could, grabbed his toddler, and evacuated the building. He was looking for another place to hide when he ran across Tom, Sonya’s father. After some hesitation, the young man teamed up with the other father daughter duo and moved out into the sticks. At first, this was difficult, however, Lilly seemed to like not being cooped up in a closet now, and she took to Sonya quickly. Alexander relaxed and let himself settle into routine, learning what he could from Tom so as to be a better help.

    The mutated wolves attacked around when Lily was five. Alexander had run with the girls, leaving Tom there to try and buy the small group time. But it was to no avail and Alexander lost his life not long after, entrusting his babygirl to the teenaged Sonya and hoping for the best for the two of them

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  5. Eric LanceName: Eric Lance.

    Speech Color: #FF0000 / Red.
    Sex/Gender: Male.
    Age: 24.
    Appearance: Eric is of average height and weight: 5'8" and 120lbs. His hair is black, slicked back and he has been known to tie it into a long tail. Eric's eyes are dark (brown) and piercing. His nose is thin, his chin pointed. Much of his face is narrow and sharp, but still handsome and very much "boyish" rather than manly. Eric's body is the same: Lean and slender but lacking definition. He lacks physical strength, though is fairly fast and lithe. Eric wears a lot of fur and heavy clothing as he has not left Alaska in the seven years since the falllout.
    Distinguishing Physical Features: Sharp facial features. Thin.

    Radiation level: 0%
    Weapon(s): Marlin Model 60 and 4 .22 LR cartridges.
    Gear: Winter clothes.
    Pets: None. Afraid of dogs.

    Personality: Eric is still in shock since the bombs fell. At first he seemed fine, for many years in fact, until his uncle died and left him alone. Since then Eric has survived all alone. He manages, barely, but it has taken his toll on his mind. Also Eric is yet to experience how dangerous other humans can really be. Despite all of this he is quite smart. Though he is liable to freak out or break down when things go wrong. Before the bombs fell Eric was an astute and quick person who made fast jokes and witty comebacks. Some of this still lingers in him but only when he is relaxing or feels safe. Otherwise he will be doing his damnedest to keep it together and stay alive. Other people are likely to make Eric cautious and even after getting to know them he will still be very reserved.

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
    Relationships: None. Missing father.
    • Basic survival skills.
    • A descent-ish shot with guns.
    • Physically weak.
    • Hasn't killed another person (yet).
    • Afraid of dogs.
    Notable Skills:
    • Survival experience.
    • Shooting practice.

    Background: Before the devastation and anarchy Eric lived a happy but boring life. He grew up without a mother, who left when he was three. With no siblings it was just Eric and his father. Not very often his uncle (a big game hunter) would visit but he lived further north in the state of Alaska. Eric was raised to take over his father's business. His father, being a chemist, taught Eric many things about drugs and their uses.

    Eric was seventeen when the bombs fell. His father had sent him north, up to Alaska a week before. At first he thought that living with his uncle in Anchorage would be terribly boring. After the world was reduced to ash and ruin Eric stayed in Alaska with his uncle, waiting for his father to come, building the house into a small fort. It was during this time that his uncle taught him to shoot. After three months his father never arrived. Both he and his uncle decided that the best thing for them to do was move on. Eventually.

    Eventually more survivors came and drove them out of the fort: Forcing them to move on. This happened about a year after the fallout. They traveled together for some time (around four years) until Eric's uncle fell and broke his leg. Compound fracture. They could not reset the bone and the wound quickly became infected. Finally his uncle decided that enough was enough. Gangrene was beginning to set in and his uncle declared that he "would rather die than live as cripple in this screwed up world".

    Eric has barely managed to survive alone. He has managed to last two years alone by drinking puddles of irradiated water. His travelling has lead him through much of Alaska and, like many after the fallout, he has become a good enough hunter to not starve.

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