The Last Bastion: Bunker Chicago

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Best animal ever?

  1. Ferrets.

  2. Ferrets, unequivocally.

  3. Ferrets, absolutely.

  4. Ferrets of course.

  5. This poll is rigg-- FERRETS!

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  1. Are you interested in a complex narrative, dark themes, a post apocalyptic world with hints of science fiction, and having your character have a significant impact on the plot? If so, click here.

    Still not convinced?

    You can be...
    • A person who uses a tank and drones to fight enemies.
    • A person who uses mutant powers to fight enemies.
    • A person who uses sheer skill and experience to fight enemies.
    You can have cybernetics, and advanced firearms, and grappling hooks, and laser weapons!

    In terms of the narrative, you have three fleshed out factions right off the bat all vying to win the interest of the players to their side, with a couple of smaller side factions ready to destabilize the entire area. You have a rich world filled with history about the post apocalyptic aftermath of unknown super weapons from a modern world now only told about as fictional tales. Your every choice matters as to both your character, and to the world in which they live! All of your choices hold grave consequences, some immediate, some long term, that change how the plot is structured. There are dozens of endings all possible, and you get to make that choice.

    I'm an experienced GM and I've been doing this for years. This is one of my favourite role play universes, I've been developing it for years. If you join, you can expect something long term, and filled with depth. It features themes as broad as politics, "what measure is a non-human?" and morality, the unknown, freedom vs security, sexuality, sanity, and so on.

    Whether you're new to role playing or some old badgery bastard who swings his stick at the new kids on his lawn, you're equally welcome. I'd love to answer questions, and see as many people join as I can possibly fit.

    This is a meaty story. A complex, multiple choice narrative, headed by an experienced GM.

    If this is not your cup of tea, I understand, but I know plenty of people seem to beg for more of this kind of content, so I'm providing it.

    Whether or not you take interest, I hope you have a wonderful day, and best of luck in future role plays. Especially if they're mine. I'm egotistical like that. :ferret:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.