The Land of Kankyo (Multi-Crossover Plotting)

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  1. I did this RP in Gaiaonline and I liked it, and I thought I would try again. The RP is like said in the title, a Multi-Crossover RP, which means characters that come from Disney to Horror Flicks, and from Shoujo to Shonen. So this is all existing characters only, but I do allow Original Characters (like only one original character, or else a multi-crossover genre would lose its point).

    What is the plot? Well here is the copy of what was on Gaia online:

    Everyone has always had the curiosity to see the world that they are not able to see. Another world where everything is foreign to them, in which they are not familiar either heighten their interests; whether it be an escape or not. One such world is the world which seems to have come out of a fantasy book, but it is not what it seems.

    An old tale from that world is of two goddesses who were biological sisters. One of them was the goddess of rebirth while the other one was of death. A small single dispute ended up becoming an all-time war onto the world that had millions and millions of people die from their violent attacks and the constant rebirths and deaths that they were tortured with just to create more bloodshed. It was a long 10-year war that ended up with 65% of the residence dead, and with no good fighter living, it would end right?


    Despite the goddess of rebirth hiding in the darkness, the goddess of death wants to win a war that they had started. Now the goddess of death is recruiting people from different dimensions who share the same bloodshed and desire for the battle to continue fighting the goddess of rebirth. The rebirth goddess was terrified so she too is recruiting people to be in her armies, but she is recruiting people with good hearts and will protect the remaining people of the world she had created.

    This is where you come in, the characters. Heroes, Heroines, and Villains have appeared within the dark world, no one knows how they got here but they cannot leave, it seems they can only return home if they unleash the temple's power (Goddess of Rebirth) or kill off the Goddess of Rebirth's plan (Goddess of Death) before their way home will be revealed. The question is can you survive the onslaught of the war and get to go home? Or will you join the warriors buried with the dirt by the bloody war?

    This RP was inspired by an Old RP from Gaia that used the same template of many existing characters from movies/tv/shows/animes/video games/etc. that are in a world they cannot escape from.

    But before I create this RP, I need to know if there are people who are interested. However, if you have suggestions/questions, do let me know. I will be happy to answer.
  2. Please let's make this happen. I need a crossover RP that works.
  3. I am so glad you are so interested. Have you joined many multi-crossover rps before that didn't work well?
  4. I'm not 100% sure I want to join - I've never been a super huge fan of playing canon characters - but I do have a question. Could we make OCs for video games where you create your own character?
  5. Yes you can. In my old RP, someone played as the 'Hunter' from Bloodborne and made it his 'OC' in a way. (He named it Ashton)
  6. Yeah, all of them. So yeah I would love to get into one that actually gets it's feet under it. There's a long long list of characters I could/would want to play. I mean I'd be playing just one.. but when the time comes I will need some help picking.
  7. Since you have a lot of possible characters to play, we better make sure the canon/OC is open in the future. If we get more people interested, I will be happy to open up the RP where it lists all the information needed for people who are curious.
  8. Sounds good to me! I'm all ready! Just let me know what I can do to help
  9. Well I will need to advertise this interest check (I just created an Ad and I hope it works), so for now, we just wait to see if there are more people interested.
  10. Well you've got me interested.
  11. I would be interested. I could play I bae, Vriska or something.

    Or I could play Kanaya and someone could play Rose.
  12. Thank you! I am glad to see someone really wants to play.
    Is Kanaya and Rose characters from the same series/movie?
  13. Yep Homestuck. I might have my friend be one of them or we could play Homestuck OCs. I think with Homestuck OCs are more common and expectable since the show revolve around alternate universes and a cyclic event that encourages ocs.

  14. Woo more peeps! I'm loving it! Cant wait to write with all of you!
  15. Well it seems like we have four (possibly five) people who are willing to play this multi-universe I am creating. So right now, I will create the RP in the group format. I will let you all know the link to the RP and hopefully, we can get more players before, or during the RP. This will be so fun!
  16. OMG can we play OCs from your universe? Shipped with another person from another universe?
  17. That is the thing I want to talk to you about. So the Universe of Homestruck seems to be mostly OC's. I think we will need to discuss this more in Pms so I can understand the world. Because since it's meant to use canon characters, I only allow one OC per person (with maybe a few exceptions if you are say, playing the hunter from Bloodborne or one of those videogames that customize your character in a way).

    And yeah, I can see how the characters can find romance with each could add a bit of drama as well since they come from different worlds. So yes, people from different universes can ship each other if the Rper's so desire it.
  18. The Rp has been formed. Here's the link to it. Let me know if you have any suggestions/questions on how to make the RP more appealing to People ^_^

    Land of Kankyo RP
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