The land of Kankyo is calling for you...

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  1. Do you like Multi-Universes?
    Do you want a Multi-Universe that ACTUALLY has a story, conflict, drama, and romance?
    Do you want to see how a villain from one story fights a hero from a different story?
    Wanna see what it's like to combine Disney Characters with VizMedia Entertainment Characters?
    Do you want a Multi-verse Story where even OC's are allowed to play?
    If you said Yes to at least one, then the rp called The Land of Kankyo will be just for you!
    This story is about how villains and heroes have to fight for the goddesses that have summoned them, to continue a bloody war that had lasted for ten years. People who consider themselves neutral are forced to take sides so that they can live.
    Too bad you can't just escape from the lands in order to go home. The only way you can escape Kankyo is if you win the battle, or die a horrible death. No one is spared from this conflict. It is up to you and the group you have to stay with in order to go on home.
    Oh, and of course, People that do not come from a Series/Movie/Comic/Videogames can be victim to this forced summons. Original Characters are not spared from the destruction the goddesses have to offer. So do consider joining the story...if you dare

    The Link to the RP will be down below
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