The Lady's Chaos

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    The calm, serene look outside of the Oshiro house did not match the chaos that was currently going on inside. The home should have a full staff. From maids to cooks. A driver to a gardener. It didn't. Not for lack of trying. The Mistress of the house was always trying to hire new staff members to take care of her and her home.

    They never last very long.

    It wasn't because Miyu Oshiro was a mean mistress. To the contrary, she was a sweet, exuberant young woman. Kind and respectful. She treated people very well and paid them well on top of it.

    She was just a little strange. And strange things happened around her.

    Today Miyu was very excited. She was without a single staffer for the entire week, which meant she had been doing her own household chores. That resulted in the current mess. The laundry room was presently flooded with a mound of bubbles. The kitchen covered in splatters from some sort of concoction. In one of the bedrooms it looked like a vacuum exploded dust everywhere.

    But she was getting a butler today! Miyu paced in the foyer, back and forth waiting for his arrival. She was dressed simply in a pink splotchy dress (One that she tried to wash and now had dye all over from errant red things) and a pair of shoes covered with grass clippings and mud from her adventure in trying to garden.

    Her new butler couldn't get there soon enough.
  2. Feng was leaving his beat up old house at a decent time for once in his life. His family was starting to get their life back together with his income from his stripping job they knew nothing about. Now he was really about to bring the money with the new butler job he had just scored. He knew a little something about keeping a house clean and tending to gardens thanks to his upbringing. Feng stopped a taxi and before he knew it, he was on his way to the Oshiro house. The name sounded familiar, but he couldn't quite place his finger on it. There was something about that house he was supposed to remember. Ultimately he decided that he wasn't going to worry about it. He was getting paid enough money that he almost didn't care what was wrong with person who had hired him. As long as the money was good, he would do practically anything.

    Feng took a deep breath and brushed off his suit a few times to get rid of any visible dust particles. He flipped his hair and wore his most alluring smile yet. His disposition was that of someone who seemed to know what they were doing. His blonde hair glistened in the sun and his teeth were white as talc. Feng knocked on the door with his body perfectly parallel to the door. He had no idea what his Mistress was going to look like or how she was going to be. However, he supposed that was his fault for only half reading the ad and staring at the amount of money he could receive just by working there. His family would be living in a better place in no time at all. He waited for someone to answer the door hoping desperately that he wouldn't be sent away.
  3. Miyu stared expectantly at the door and waited for it to be opened.

    It actually took her a few moments to realize that her butler might not realize that part of his duty was to open the front door. She scurried over to it in a rush and flung it open. Feng was greeted by a warm, beaming smile!

    "Good afternoon! I am please that you have made it. Often I send for someone and they do not make it through the gate. Not because I left it locked, either, though that did happen once before." Miyu stood in the doorway, tilting her head to the side as she eyed him up and down. He looked very clean, dressed well, and butler-like.

    "I was expecting someone a bit older." she confessed. "But, now I am glad they sent me someone younger. Maybe you will not have a bad back and leave too soon."

    "Oh, forgive me, please come in." Miyu stepped aside quickly, allowing Feng the room to come inside her home. She was very curious about looking him over. His uniform was so nice. Once the door was closed behind him, the temptation to touch the fabric had become too strong and she was stroking his arm with a finger to see what the texture was like.

    "I am Oshiro Miyu. Would you like a tour?"
  4. Feng was very surprised by the lady's openness. The woman had beautiful smile to say the least. The lady began to go on about how people never make it through the gate. Why on earth couldn't people make it through the gate? Feng raised an eyebrow. He was curious, but not bold enough to ask. Perhaps that was another conversation for another time. He stood there for a moment before returning the smile. Feng was a little worried when she had mentioned expecting someone a bit older. Sure he was a little young, but that didn't mean he wasn't capable of handling the job.

    He finally stepped inside the house after he was invited. Feng raised an eyebrow as the lady began to touch the fabric of his sleeve. What was this lady doing? It took all of his strength not to ask that question. Not only would it be rude, but there was no way it wouldn't sound awkward. He took a deep breath and just focused on answering the question.

    "Uh, yes, I suppose a tour would be beneficial. Please show me around Oshiro-san," Feng said trying to keep his composure.

    He was getting an odd feeling about this lady, but he didn't know if it was the good odd or the bad odd yet.
  5. "Wonderful!" Miyu skipped ahead, hesitating in the foyer and tapping her chin as she tried to decide the first place to take him. She pointed right to head down a hall towards the dining room and kitchen. The furniture of her home was expensive and antique. An eclectic arrangement of pieces from all over the world.

    "Everything will need a regular dusting until I can find a maid that will stay. Sometimes things will get a bit temperamental if you ignore them for too long. You will want to be particularly careful with Sir Edward's Knight Armor I think he is still in it." she gestured towards the armor as she passed it.

    Miyu opened a pair of doors in to an simple dining room, the furniture was scattered around like a tornado had blown through the room. Miyu herself also looked surprised by this. "Oh. Hmm. This wasn't my doing. Through here is the kitchens!" She brushed off the scene as if stumbling over these sorts of things were perfectly normal for her.

    In to the kitchen she went, where dishes were piled on to the counter and strange splotches of food-like things were covering the walls and ceiling. "This one WAS my fault. I tried to make a soup, but I must have used the wrong sort of blender and everything exploded everywhere. I did laundry for you, however, so that at least is clean."
  6. Feng was impressed by the collection of items that were from different parts of the world. He had never been outside of Japan. Even though his father was Chinese it didn't mean he got visit his grandparents. He found himself admiring the place until she said something about objects getting temperamental. Objects were inanimate things. They couldn't get 'temperamental'. What on earth was this woman talking about? Things only got weirder when she said that Sir Edward was still in his armor. That made no sense. Did someone actually sleep in there or what? Feng was beginning to think that the woman was entirely crazy. Or at the very least lonely. No one actually talked to things they own. That was outrageous.

    "Excuse me Oshiro-san, what exactly do you mean when you say it's not your doing? Aren't you the only one that lives here?" Feng asked her suspiciously. He made a silent note to himself not to let this lady cook if he could help it. How does one get food on the walls and ceilings. The place was an absolute mess. At least the woman would be getting her money's worth whenever he did start his work. There was a lot to be done here. In fact, Feng was beginning to think he had bitten off more than he could chew with this job.
  7. Miyu bounced over to the stove where something was still simmering. She picked up a spoon to stir the contents, took a taste and - promptly covered her mouth and tried to swallow in an inconspicuous and lady-like manner. Afterwards she looked a bit green, but seemed to think adding some more spices to the pot would do the trick and left it to resume simmering.

    "Yes, there is only me. The rest of the staff left quite some time ago. I have had temporary staff here and there, but I suppose working in such a large house is too much for most people." Miyu cast him a peculiar look as if the question he asked was odd. But it finally dawned on her what he meant.

    "Oh, you mean the dining room? I haven't quite figured it out myself yet. I was of the mind that it might be a poltergeist, but I haven't found anything particularly negative of malevolent in the house. So it might be something silly like gremlins or especially intelligent mice. I tried to ask them about it, but mice aren't very talkative."
  8. (OOC: Iwaku didn't give me a notification for this =[ )
    Feng wasn't absolutely sure what to make of the situation at hand. This woman had to be crazy. He didn't even want to know what she was making. It couldn't have been very tasty because she looked rather sickly after just trying the concoction. Adding more spices didn't seem like it would make whatever that was less toxic. Clearly Oshiro-san needed someone to cook for her and advise her to never to touch cooking ingredients. Ever. Remember, she is paying you good money to be here. Feng took a deep breath. How on earth would he manage to see the rest of the home? At least he was working for his money.

    "Excuse me, but did you say gremlins? Intelligent mice? You can't be serious?" Feng said with an eyebrow raised.

    This woman was crazy. She was truly a piece of work. She didn't have to lie. Being unable to keep the house clean and needing a butler is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything people would be envious that you could even afford a butler. Feng shook his head in disbelief. What had he really gotten himself into? He was beginning to think that things couldn't get much worse or messier for that matter. He was eager to get out of the kitchen to say the least. He was really beginning to feel uncomfortable.
  9. "Oh, I am very serious. Although, I suppose it does sound a little strange. Mice don't normally talk! But then they haven't yet, have they? That WAS the problem!"

    Miyu wiggled a finger to have him follow her to the next part of her tour. There were several more rooms down stairs, but the upstairs was likely to be more important. Perhaps. If she ever had anyone to come be her guest. Once they had returned to the foyer, she began climbing the stairs.

    In fact, as they were climbing, there was a very loud CRASH of broken glass heard from one of the upstairs rooms. Miyu paused on the steps, frowning. "You see? Mind you, there is no telling what we will find once we go looking. Sometimes there isn't anything at all."
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