The Labraze Trials (2DCV First RP)

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  1. This is the first game posted by me, The President of 2DCV, in the roleplaying universe. This is something that I am beyond excited about and hope that you all will join me in this game. This game is taken from my first novel Saberz: Rise of the Vampire King which is due to come out this fall. The Labraze Trials is a mixture of a Maze and a Labyrinth. It is a game that will pull from various universes into one awesome game filled with challenges and betrayals! You will be separated into three teams at the beginning.

    The goal of The Labraze Trials is to come into possession of one of the three Gems: Body, Soul, and Mind! These three Jems are guarded by three bosses of my own choosing. These bosses will have to be taken down in a time frame or that Jem is lost forever....rapid posting is advised! Don't think you're safe and free to roam about, the Labraze will challenge your very soul to the core as you will be faced with many minor bosses throughout the trials.

    The team that is able to secure the Jem(s) will be able to advance towards the finale which is the final boss of my choosing. The final boss, if defeated will drop an awesome prize that will allow you whatever you want....oh, but there is a catch...Traitors amongst you will try to deceive you. It's perfect. The rules for the games are simple! No talking out of character, this is all about believablilty, so let's make this fun. The objectives are simple...make your team survive...find the Jem of your choosing or what you can...beat the final boss...and claim your prize!

    Please join my group if you are interested! This is only the first of many awesome roleplaying games that I have in mind. If you're interested, submit your interest and we will do this! Thank you for your time and happy posting! This is scheduled to start in a week!
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  2. Isn't a maze and a labyrinth the same thing?
  3. Actually they are two different objectives. The Labyrinth is a simple straightforward task that has you enter and by following the path you will wind up in the center, however large it may seem while a maze gives the walker a choice or two within to make them confused or even lost.
  4. Oh. I never knew. Fascinating. I'll announce my interest. a speed based RP could be fun.
  5. Thank you :D it's exciting because it's my first RP that I am doing. So if you want you can join the group as well and I'll accept you in as a Recruit :D it will be fun. I know it might not seem awesome like the Murder group, but it will be free from corruption
  6. Can I get a link for that? I'm new. I don't know my way around very well yet :D
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