The Komodo and the Canine.

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  1. Another auction was about to be held in the small town in the middle of Russia. The town was know among those interested in buying themselves a "special someone", or slaves, as they were usually called. And it was so, because this town was placed nicely in between Asia and Europe, allowing for a big range of slaves being brought in to town. And now, one of the many auction-houses was about to hold a specialized even, where only reptiles would be sold.

    The auctioneer was a siberian tiger in a white suit, matching his fur. One after the other, the reptiles were sold off, and before long, there was only one left. A big, dark green komodo dragon clad only in a pair of sweat-pants. He seemed to be uneasy, especially since he was the last to be sold. And it seemed that the only one interested in buying him was a female bear. "10 000 dollars!" She bid with a grin and a thick Russian accent, sure that none would out bid her. Komodo dragons were rather rare, which was exactly why she wanted him. To add to her collection. And the green scaly didn't like looks of the bear. He though she looked at him as a piece of costly meat, not to be used, just to be for show. Sure, it could be a good life, but he doubted it.
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    Nyati had been sitting in the back for quit some time. She was not used to such cold weather, and even as bundled as she was in multiple layers of clothing and her coat, still, her teeth chattered ever-so-slightly. Why had she come here again? 'Oh...that's right...' she grumbled in her own mind, '...Family business.'
    Her parents owned a rather large trading business that ran through Asia and Europe. They had merely made a stop in Russia to talk stocks and other boring things that Nyati would never understand. While she was mostly a loner, lived on her own, and even held her own position within the company...seeings how her parents still held all the family-fortunes within their grasp, she had to play it nice and come with them to learn the way of trade so that when they passed (which would not be long) she would inherit everything.

    Her coming across this place had merely been of accident. She had gone into the first bar she had seen...a hole-in-the-wall place where she was for sure no one would notice who she was (her family being so well known and all). While she took shot-after-shot of vodka, that's when she noticed the slave-traders talking about the auction, then she had seen the trucks being loaded with reptiles, and she knew then that she had to get involved.

    So far, she had mostly sit and watched...occasionally offering a bid, but never winning. Now she gazed upon the Komodo that stood on the stage, and even past the chattering of her teeth, her golden eyes glinted with interested, and she held up her fan. She would give this bear a run for her money," 12,000 dollars! "
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    The bear, the auctioneer and the komodo all turned to look at the woman bidding in the back. The bear was angered by someone actually out-bidding her. She had started at 10 grand, exactly because she wanted to not have a long and expensive bidding war, but by the looks of it, that was what it might turn out to be. "15 000 dollars!" She almost roared. Whoever this new person was, she wasn't going to let her get away with her dragon!

    The komodo was rather surprised that anyone actually would bid that much for him, but even more so that two someones would do so! He couldn't really see the details about the second person though, as she sat in the back, and he was short-sighted. But he didn't like the look of the bear at all, so whoever the other person was, she was probably the better option.
  4. "'re going to be a brute about this I see."
    Nyati chuckled as she finally stood up and removed her hood. Her olive eyes continued to glow with excitement as finally her features could be seen. Sharp-bright-white canines could be seen through her smirk, her muzzle was a light brown, the bridge of her nose had darker-colored fur. The hair on top of her head was a hazel-colored fohawk that spiked up only a few inches. She had her lip pierced in the middle, and a few eyebrow rings adorned her left eyebrow.

    By her voice and by her appearance, one could tell she was young...
    And by the spots in her fur, and the honey-brown color of it, mixed with the rather large dog ears that were now tilted upward in amusement, she could finally be identified as a Hyena.
    She let out a chittering cackle, which only verified her breed as she raised her fan again, this time pointing at the Komodo and saying," $20,000 --- only a fool tries to outbid the Grey Clan. "
  5. The bear growled angrily while she looked at the Hyena, almost as if she for a moment thought about mauling the little thing. "Fine, have this one. There are others of his kind. And hopefully, not any more annoying muts attempting take to steal them under my nose!" She growled loudly, before she angrily stomped out of the hall, glaring at younger woman all the way.

    The hall was silent for a few moments, before the tiger spoke again, a bit baffled at the start, but quickly picking up again. "Uh... Sold to... The young Hyena in the back, for $20,000! Please step forward for the exchange!" He motioned for some of his men to ready the slave. It was made sure that his cuffs were firmly locked, before he was brought forward and got a raggedy coat put on his shoulders. A rat came with a simple leather collar and leash, offering it to the Hyena.
  6. Nyati looked at the old leather collar, almost with distaste. While this place did not so much state that anything here would be of good quality other than the servants sold, still, she would have go buy something more fashionable later. Still it did not begin to cross her mind how she would explain something like this to her parents at all...she merely whipped out her wallet and muttered,"You take checks? Or is this a cash only exchange?"

    While she may have been talking to the Tiger, still, her eyes were locked on that which she had just purchased. She did not know what (other than boredom and curiosity) had brought her here, and still, she did not even know why she had been so eager to outbid that Bear from before. Maybe it was because of the devious plans running through her head of all this Komodo could do for her...perhaps it was the fact that she had seen the look of dread that had crossed his face and had felt somewhat sorry for him. Not even she could tell if it was one or the other, or perhaps a little bit of both.

    Still, as she waited for the Tiger to respond, she placed a hand on the Komodo's chest and a chill ran through her. While his half-naked appearance was still rather appealing, she would also have to buy this slave some clothes. It was going to be a long, long day indeed.
  7. "We prefer cash. Many more people accept those, after all. And some of our... providers doesn't accept anything but cash." The tiger replied, brushing off his suit a bit. "If you wish, we can point you towards a few places that sell a bit finer clothes, collars and the like for him. Also owned by the family." He said with a fanged grin.

    The komodo hissed slightly in surprise at the sudden touch of Nyati's touch. He hadn't expected that, but it was far from a unpleasant thing. He was pleased that it was this girl, rather than the bear that bought him. She was rather known for what she used to do with her purchases, both those she kept in her collection, and the... others.

    The rat stretched up to attach the collar around the lizard's neck, struggling slightly as he was taller than him. After a bit of struggle, he grabbed his shoulder and pulled him down onto one knee, to finally be able to put it on. He held the leash out to the hyena. "Does Lady want to take collar now?" He asked, heavily accented.
  8. Nyati dug through her wallet quickly and not only handed out the $20,000 but also a small notebook at the mention of finer clothing. She muttered,"Can you write the store down for me? I will have to take a cab for I know not much of the area..." and then she turned her attention to the rat with the leash in his grasps.
    She had another look at the Komodo Dragon and dared for another touch, this time she was running a finger across his shoulder before she said,"I will take it for now. But I doubt it will be a necessary thing later..." and she was telling the truth. While here in the back alleys she was away from her resources, she was a woman of both power and money.

    Once she got home she had infinite tools at her disposal...and a leash would no longer be needed for she would not have to fear this prize running away. But, no need to scare the thing at all...she would leave it vague and play dress-up for the rest of her time here until they went back to her flat,"Will you be needing anything else of me?" she asked the dealer.
  9. The tiger purred slightly as he counted the money quickly, before stuffing it into a inner pocket of his suit. He took the notepad and started writing. "The Staylin, a fine establishment where they sell all sorts of fine clothes and accessories. I think most cab-drivers here should know of it." He said, before handing the notebook back to the hyena. "No, we won't be needing anything more from you. We do not keep records of who buys who, as that could compromise our clientell, which is something we want to avoid." He said, before turning and starting to walk away, towards one of the doors in the back.

    "Whatever lady say." The rat replied, as he handed her the leash. "We take no responsibility for what dragon do from now." He said, before he too scampered off.

    "So... You're my owner from now on. And what do you plan to do with me?" The komodo asked curiously. The little hyena didn't seem to be very muscled, but he wasn't planning on escaping. He had heard tales of slave hunters. And it wasn't pleasant stories...